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Author: Rob Vining, MSPT

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The Telehealth 20 Podcast is sponsored by - This podcast provides information about Telehealth Physical Therapy and is aimed at an audience of PTs/PTAs/Physiotherapists who are using Telehealth in their practice.
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90 Episodes
Upcoming November 16th - Best CEU (16) R.O.I. money can buy in the Physical Therapy field - specifically related to Telehealth PT. Join today at or
Rob Vining and Jerry Durham, PT discuss everything related to Telehealth Physical Therapy Sales and the details that no one asks and everyone needs to know! Start the entire course with Jerry Durham, PT at Feel free to watch the entire live video session at
Telehealth Physical Therapy Sales + Telehealth Physical Therapy Marketing with Jerry Durham, PT and Irene Luc, DPT share the difference and overlap of marketing and sales. Totally nerding out on how to make an impact on the community as part of a successful business! Irene's course can be found at and Jerry's upcoming course will be found at
Telehealth Policy Manual: Policies and Procedures for Your Digital Practice - On today's podcast, we discuss Telehealth Policy and Procedures with Physical Therapist and CEO of Angela Phillips. She has created the ultimate tool for defining your Telehealth treatment compliance, this up-to-date procedures packet provides key operational and compliance policies addressing the rapid changes in technology and regulations currently supporting therapy practice. The video walkthrough component emphasizes the importance of applying a complete, customized procedures manual to any Telehealth physical therapy practice. Angela Phillips, PT, and CEO of MedDocs.Biz has been in practice for over four decades, and has consulted with clinics and hospitals nationwide to create this Telehealth-specific policy manual for providers offering Telehealth services. Developed as regulatory guidelines for Telehealth treatment under both existing laws and State and Federal COVID-19 waivers, the manual and video walkthrough are crucial aids for operating a compliant Telehealth practice. All polices are provided in PDF format for easy printing, plus Word .doc format to edit language specific to your own practice, and/or future changes in law, regulation, and accreditation standards.* * and make no real or implied warranties related to use of the actual or modified documents, or any modifications thereof. See full legal disclaimer below. † NOTE: Due to content restrictions and copyrights, there are no refunds available for any reason after purchasing this product.
Proven Telehealth Physical Therapy Marketing Strategies with course participant Angela Scott discussing the Telehealth Marketing course by Irene Luc, DPT and Rob Vining, MSPT. The next round of the Telehealth Marketing course opens up shortly and is available at
Proven Telehealth Physical Therapy Marketing Strategies with Irene Luc, DPT and Rob Vining, MSPT. Discussion all about Telehealth Marketing and a summary of the information available at
Patrick Toy and Rob Vining discuss the updates with Medicare/CMS now coming out with reimbursement for Telehealth PT/OT/SLP practitioners! Make sure to register for the new educational series "Telehealth Billing for PT/OT/SLP: Billing Concepts and Procedures for Insurance Reimbursement for Out of Network and In-Network" located at This evergreen content will help the rehab professionals who own or are starting their own private practice and are looking to understand and start billing insurance for in-network or out of network.
Patrick Toy and Rob Vining discuss the new educational series "Telehealth Billing for PT/OT/SLP: Billing Concepts and Procedures for Insurance Reimbursement for Out of Network and In-Network" located at This evergreen content will help the rehab professionals who own or are starting their own private practice and are looking to understand and start billing insurance for in-network or out of network.
Patrick Toy and Rob Vining hop back on a live call to update everyone about the most recent changes and updates for Telehealth Physical Therapy Insurance coverage as of 4/3/2020. Make sure to check out the free information pack at for tons of free Telehealth Physical Therapy material including how to get started asap. Full Live Video version of this episode and all episodes can be found on
During this episode originally recorded on April 1st, 2020, we discuss Telehealth insurance billing and claims processes with Physical Therapist Patrick Toy, DPT. This episode is best viewed on the YouTube page at
Zoom Security Update Walkthrough for Telehealth Physical Therapy using Zoom as your live video platform, this will help you secure your account. Remember, having a zoom link without a password would be similar to having an email address with zero password... Anyone could see all your emails. This is the same - Use these steps to secure your Zoom live video sessions! Also on in the Everything You Need Package at
This episode is one completely filled with GOLD! Rick Gawenda, PT of came onto the show and presented inside the Telehealth Physical Therapy providers group at and will have helped out hundreds if not thousands of PTs by the time this episode reverberates through the profession! Rick broke down billing and reimbursement for Telehealth Physical Therapy at this moment in time and completely laid out how each practice owner should approach the individual insurance company to find out if Telehealth will be reimbursed.
Facebook Live into the Telehealth Physical Therapy Providers Group on Facebook at on Saturday March 21st. Feel free to grab the free information on for the "Everything You Need" package by using any code that works - Everything20 Everything21 Everything22 Everything 25 Everything30 etc (try +1 to the Everything## code you tried if that one doesn't work) We're giving away thousands of information packages and will continue to do so to help the Physical Therapy - Physiotherapy professions!
Originally aired on March 15th, 2020 for the PTonICE Daily Show - This is the Telehealth PT State of the Union for 2020!
Today's podcast is an interview with one of the leaders in the Mobile PT space, David Bayliff, DPT. We discuss how Telehealth can add to a Mobile PT practice and be of benefit when the weather turns, traffic becomes an issue or a temporary illness (patient or therapist) comes about. Find out more from the Mobile PT League Facebook group at Watch this entire live video episode at our YouTube channel at
Today's podcast features a conversation with the two hosts of PT TechTalk Rob Vining and Dave Kittle! Dave helps lead the way with Ron Miller, DPT at and this conversation took place inside their 3,100+ member Facebook group at Watch a full video version of this podcast at our YouTube page at
On today's episode of the Telehealth 20 podcast, we chat with the founder of Portal PT - - Kyle Waugh! Kyle and Rob discuss the operational side of setting up the business and how this happened and was launched all for under $100. Kyle is also extremely unique as a PTA with a strong entrepreneurial drive to create a sustainable business in the Telehealth space well before many others even imagined it could be possible. Watch this video version at our YouTube channel at
Sarah Haran, DPT of came on the show to talk all about Out of Network as the business model that many Telehealth Physical Therapists can take advantage of in their brick and mortar, mobile physical therapy or digital practice. She is launching her 2nd year of the "Out of Network: Step by Step" course on January 13th at Watch this live video recording at
This episode is best viewed on the Telehealth 20 YouTube channel for the video version at This episode walks through exactly how to use and consume all of the free and paid content on and you can sign up for the Telehealth $10k Challenge now at YouTube Videos of all our podcasts are available at
Rob Vining, MSPT and Dustin Jones, DPT of had a great conversation about Telehealth and the older adult population. Many myths and generalizations were discussed and dismissed during this episode! Feel free to join Dustin's group at and he is a part of an amazing upcoming couple of online courses at and as well as upcoming in-person courses seen at Catch this live recording on YouTube at
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Juan Michelle Martin

well said. we need to be more progressive as a group and as an organization.

Jun 11th
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