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Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Author: Stephen J. Dubner and Stitcher

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Journalism wrapped in a game-show package. Host Stephen J. Dubner (of “Freakonomics Radio”) and a celebrity co-host invite guests on stage in front of a live audience to tell us something we don’t know. The co-hosts — a mix of leaders in science, academia, sports, media, and comedy — grill the guests, and by the end we’ve all gotten a bit smarter. Each episode has a new topic, a new co-host, and new guests. There’s also a real-time human fact-checker to keep everyone honest. Think of the most crackling dinner-party conversation you’ve ever heard. Produced in association with Stitcher.

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Dustin Chasse

I'm listening to extra 7 corossive energy drinks and the subject of prison occupation came up and something along the lines of, don't prisoners essentially give there ability to work or sustain high level jobs. as I don't find the question offensive but interesting that u say that. I was locked up for almost three years for robbery 1st degree and before that I held employment as a property manger with good befits, a company car of my choice,(either a BMW or m.benz.) and was in charge of managing a crew of 14 employees across 3 company's. thought you may want to know there's allot of guys just like me that are in the same boat. as I am responsible for my own actions, the trigger to all this was a car accident,being prescribed opiate pain killers, gaining an addiction, then that lead to a robbery.

Dec 11th

Sean Wilkes

So entertaining. Freakonomics meets QI, great concept and love the show!

Dec 8th

Malaki Mike

Love the format! Keep on keeping on

Nov 2nd


First thing to do is STOP putting people into categories. Just do your thing and be you and stop building these fences around people!

Sep 24th
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