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Author: Luke Elliott and Duncan Ing

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From Memphis to Bristol, from the legislature to the backroads. Bar-room banter on all things Tennessee: the finest state in the union.
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This is the wildest/saddest story in recent Tennessee political history. For years, State Senator Steve Dickerson (along with his partners) operated about 60 crooked pain clinics at one point seeing nearly 50 thousand patients per month. The damage it caused families all across the south is immeasurable. This is our story of our involvement. Links below to support our claims. (We do not intend to discuss politics often on this podcast, but it was hard to to avoid on this one.) If anyone has had an experience with CPS, we would love to hear it. Primary Race Intro Ads Haslam’s War Chest of Justice Suit Accuse Dickerson of $25 Million Fraud Pain Clinics Close Loses in Prison Pardons CEO
Today we discuss crooked Adelphia Communications, the original namesake of the Tennessee Titans stadium. We also briefly discuss the tragic murder of Steve McNair. P.S.- sorry for the delay in posting. Duncan and I have been very busy at work. More to come shortly. Merry Christmas!
Recent development: we discuss the connection between TN Governor Ray Blanton (elected in 1975) and mafia boss Jimmy Hoffa. Hint: our governor had one of his close associates killed. Also, he pardoned a double murderer. We told you Tennessee politics was rough. Tune in.Credits:Nashville Bar Association[Opening Audio] CBS News[Interview] Carol Marin WSM-TN (NBC)[Closing Song] The Gitch Your Own Band: “Pardon Me Ray”
A man got stabbed with a samurai sword in Belle Meade. Duncan sold out to TikTok and became famous. Tennessee recently celebrated its 225th birthday.
Today we discuss former Nashville Mayor Bill Boner (unfortunate and fitting name). He shocked the city with his shameless affairs and carefree attitude. Duncan had bad luck with his Kentucky Derby picks per usual.
Today we discuss the infamous Butcher Brothers: East Tennessee banking titans and coke dealers. Duncan has been making mint juleps again.
Today, we discuss the 1998 murder of Senator Tommy Burks by his opponent. His wife took his place and became the first write-in candidate in the TN State Senate. Duncan’s brother got in trouble for wearing an earring to church.
A discussion on Wild Ole Dyer County Sheriff Tommy Cribbs. We also ramble on some about Tennessee per usual. Watch the attached video for background information.
Duncan had a casino Christmas. We discuss the Battle of Athens and how it relates to today. Stay tuned.
Here we are joined by Nick Crawford. We will learn about what's ahead this year in the state legislature. It has been a wild year for those involved at any level of government.Duncan still doesn't know how to work his computer! His microphone was far too loud and the audio required a great deal of editing.Join us in future episodes as we break down some of the more bizarre political tales throughout Tennessee's history.
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