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Join co-hosts Tom Goldsby and Ted Stank for a supply chain discussion about consumer spending and sentiment, the West Coast labor situation, and a holiday supply chain forecast.They’re joined on this episode by Pfizer Vice President of Global Clinical Supply Dr. Michael Ku, who explains the race to develop a COVID-19 vaccine and the mindsets that carried his team to the finish line.Related LinksSpecial Guest Dr. Michael KuPfizer, a GSCI Supply Chain Forum and Advanced Supply Chain Collaborative partnerDelivering Hope video by Dr. Michael Ku, required for students taking the Intro to Supply Chain course.More information about GSCI's Advisory Board Contextual Intelligence: the ability to understand the limits of our knowledge and to adapt that knowledge to an environment different from the one in which it was developed. Drive Innovation with Better Decision-MakingFDA coronavirus announcement (Aug 31, 2022) 
We're switching it up in this episode! GSCI's Executive Director Shay Scott joins Tom Goldsby as co-host and guest this week to discuss GSCI initiatives, executive education, SCM rankings and more.Show Notes and Resources:Special guest, Shay Scott - Executive Director, Global Supply Chain Institute; Professor of Practice; Benz Supply Chain Leadership Fellow.Shay Scott named one of DC Velocity’s 2022 The RainmakersUT Haslam’s Graduate Supply Chain Programs Climb to No. 1 in Premier RankingUT’s Haslam Undergraduate Supply Chain Program Rises to No. 2 in Distinguished Gartner RankingMessage from Shay Scott - We’re proud of our highly ranked programs. Still, we measure ourselves primarily through the practical and relevant impact we have on the hundreds of businesses and the thousands of individuals we interact with through GSCI.Compare Graduate Programs - Our classrooms are enriched by GSCI’s network. Students have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and globally ranked faculty in our No. 1 graduate supply chain programs. Compare Talent Development Programs - A primary focus of GSCI is helping our corporate partners develop supply chain leadership internally. We take great pride in helping our partners foster supply chain knowledge and innovation.Supply Chain ForumBuilding Tomorrow’s Supply Chain (The Purchaser, 2022)Theodore Stank and Thomas Goldsby, 1998, “Bridging the Gap Between Academic Responsibilities and Practical Application in Logistics,” Journal of Transportation Management, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 1-9.
Inflation is here and a recession could be on the horizon. Co-hosts Ted Stank and Tom Goldsby are joined by Executive Director of the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy Dr. Marianne Wanamaker to discuss the business cycle of the U.S. and how the economy and supply chains could fare in the coming months.Topic #1: Beware the bullwhip effectTopic #2: Consumer spending trendsTopic #3: Is inflation tempering?Topic #4: Where is the labor and will there be a recession?Resources and Links:UT’s Haslam Undergraduate Supply Chain Program Rises to No. 2 in Distinguished Gartner RankingCommentary: Caution - Bullwhip Effect Ahead (The Wall Street Journal, 2021)Special guest, Marianna Wanamaker
Our next episode is all about retail. Ted and Tom are joined by Wal-Mart's ex U.S. CEO Bill Simon to discuss retail demand and how the response to COVID is still affecting supply chains. What does a new normal look like in supply chains and what does the future hold for inventory planning and demand? 
Ted and Tom are joined this episode by UT Knoxville Ryder Professor in Supply Chain Yemisi Bolumole. They'll tackle tough transportation topics, all highly relevant to many of today's supply chain challenges.Topic #1: Trucking DemandTopic #2: Chinese COVID ShutdownsTopic #3: Russia-Ukraine Supply Chain Fallout
Recorded live at GSCI's spring Supply Chain Forum, Ted and Tom sit down with Forum Mega Session speakers Lance Saunders (UT Knoxville Professor), Todd Caywood (Eastman Chemical Company), Caroline Jones (BP) and Chris Qualls (DENSO) to discuss how prepared they felt when entering the supply chain industry, share advice on the transition and how to avoid pitfalls as a new employee. You won't want to miss our first ever in-person recording!
In this episode, Ted and Tom discuss the possibility of a new world order, domestic trucking trends, and Chinese manufacturing in response to covid variants. Special guest Dr. Andrea Sordi, UT Knoxville Professor and Director of the Executive MBA for Global Supply Chain, shares his perspective on risk management, diversity & inclusion efforts in supply chains and much more!
In our fifth full episode, Ted and Tom discuss good news in the world of supply chain,  provide a travel update, and an outlook on inflation and rising gas prices. Special guest GSCI Fellow Alan Amling provides insight into the latest developments in e-commerce and last mile delivery as well as a sneak peak of his new book.
In our first bonus episode, Marianne Wanamaker Professor of Economics and Executive Director of the Howard H. Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy at UT Knoxville and former member of the President’s Economic Council, joins Ted and Tom again to discuss the economic impacts of the war in Ukraine and its affect on supply chain.
04 - Is LEAN Dead?

04 - Is LEAN Dead?


In our fourth episode, Ted and Tom discuss the current media spin on supply chain, supply chain planning and demand, and an update on the current bright spots in the future of supply chain. Special guest Robert Martichenko, author, speaker and strategic advisor, will have a lively discussion with Ted and Tom about criticism surrounding Lean, how supply chains can adjust to current realities, and why we need to make supply chain jobs more meaningful. Plus, find out if Ted got that car he ordered. 
In our next episode, Ted and Tom recap the holidays and their affect on supply chain. They'll discuss demand shaping, car manufacturing backlogs, and more. Special guests President and CEO Jim Newsome and COO Barbara Melvin, both of South Carolina Ports Authority, weigh in on the the current ports situation and what the future might hold for east coast ports.Topic #1: Demand Shaping and Holiday RecapTopic #2: Car Backlog and InflationTopic #3: Freight Rates and Port Congestion
In our second episode, Ted and Tom discuss transportation and labor shortages and the impact of the the Omicron variant on supply chains. Special guest, Marianne Wanamaker, Professor of Economics and Executive Director of the Howard H. Baker Jr Center for Public Policy at UT and former member of the President’s Economic Council, weighs in on economic impact of covid.Topic #1: Update on Supply Chain BottlenecksTopic #2: Transportation ShortageTopic #3: Enhanced IT and Analytics ImpactTopic #4: Long-Term Impact of Covid Disruptions on the Economy
In our first episode, Ted and Tom discuss supply chain disruptions and what the upcoming holiday season might look like. Special guest, Wendy Tate, William J. Taylor Professor in Supply Chain Management and Ray and Joan Myatt Faculty Research Fellow, weighs in on the financial impact of business decisions across the supply chain.Topic #1: West Coast Port Snarl Will moving to 24/7 operations make a difference?  Will the National Guard be called in?Topic #2: Will Santa Deliver this Holiday Season?Hear Ted and Tom’s holiday season supply chain predictions. Topic #3: Influence on PricesIt seems like everything is going up (wages, freight rates, warehouse rents, fuel, etc.). Are companies expected to absorb these costs?Topic #4: Long-Term ForecastThe long-term question is, "Will this have an impact on global network design and where we source from in the US?" Wendy Tate, Ted and Tom's good friend and colleague who spends a lot of time working with procurement executives, shares her insights. 
Welcome to Tennessee on Supply Chain Management with co-hosts, Ted Stank and Tom Goldsby, a podcast brought to you by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville's Global Supply Chain Institute. Listen in as Ted and Tom prepare to leap onto the ships of supply chain, crowd surf into the long lines of meeting holiday demand, and wade into the depths of warehouse inventory buildup. Subscribe to join us in our pursuit to prove that supply chain management is more fun than you’d think.LinksUT's Global Supply Chain Institute - A hub for supply chain management thought leadership and talent developmentUT's SCM Faculty Experts - Ted Stank and Tom Goldsby are two of Haslam's renowned SCM faculty, ranked No. 1 globally for academic research
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