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Conversations (Convos) inspired by tennis.

Appreciation • Education • Elevation

City of Love

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Leadership and roles, young and energetic with JB. Looking forward to see bigger and better things from Melbourne University TC.
Osaka - Brady showdown. Women's tennis today and tomorrow. Thanks for 🎧
Serving you the best part of the convo. We went down the line of some issues impacting youth. Enjoy 🎧. City of ❤️
Welcome back Nima. Clean and solid convo about coaching and starting an academy in Melbourne east. Thanks for listening 🎧. City of ❤️
As the title, listen while you commute to training, after tournament or while you are going for your work. * Apologies in the last few minutes, due to tech issues.
Made in Melbourne, Wheelers Hill. Conrad's experience from China for 15 years, Japan and now at the States. Dive into his stories, both fun and valuable. City of ❤️
Thanks for 🎧 City of ❤️
Minor issue halfway, apologizes. Thanks for listening 🤗🎧
Thanks for 🎧 & Sharing City of ❤️
New career ! Deliver the pun like fun in the sun. Jihee mentioned few times before the convo, her English is very limited, since just moved to Melbourne. Stories are definitely worth exploring and shared. Enjoy. City of ❤️
Cheers to Matt for sharing. City of ❤️
Thanks for 🎧 & Sharing
Basketball love for Melbourne ❤️🎧 Thanks for 🎧
Convo after dinner with AK. Beautiful person, highly focused fighter on the court. Adjusting to new chapter to become a chiropractor. Open your mind to a wonderful convo with Arthur. Thanks for sharing & listening.
*Convo made in early 2019. Apologies for background noise. Recording took place outdoor, while we were watching tennis. Great content and convo, quality needs to improve 😉. City of ❤️
A deep cut to junior tennis and issues we tend to look away. Blind spots and pain that is tackling tennis community in recent years. Lewis uses history to serve on modern topics, which lead to amazing rallies ! Sit back, ready to take some serious notes. Thanks for sharing and listening. City of Love
Spot on prediction by the boys. Sliced the games like a sandwich. Bring on game 4 & more. Thanks for listening 🎧
Zoe's energy is what Melbourne needs. Super positive and fun to have a convo with. Identical twin gives her the edge and confusion from time to time. Thanks for sharing. City of ❤️
Proud Argentinian here in Melbourne. Pleasure talking to Ignacio's tennis journey, and becoming the latest Australian citizen, father, husband and coach. Thanks for 🎧 and sharing 💓 City of ❤️
Loving sports with Jai. NBA, Collingwood fan and family of Virginia Tech. Did we get our predictions right ? City of ❤️. Thanks for 🎧 & sharing 👊
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Amazing player!

Jun 12th

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good player

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