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Author: J. Slaughter

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The Xero Hour is a Culture-War Podcast about Politics, Music, and Theology from an irreverent Christian perspective. Uploads (Very Late) Monday and Friday Nights.
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This weekend was eventful and heavy as the death of RBG set the country into a frenzy of push and pull tactics and policy arguments, mere hours after her death, and before mourners even had a chance to truly put her to rest. The timeline displayed in this article has been transposed into EST time, in order to keep clarity in timing of responses.
Intro 00:00 Netflix Cuties 00:24 Everyone is talking about the Netflix film "Cuties", but not everyone is saying the same things. Parents, Congressmen, and all the other adults in the room are disgusted by this. But, the media is saying we should watch it because of the message, and that we "might like it". I think the media is just reflecting and trying to normalize pedophilia. 14:15 What happens when you share horrible things! 20:57 The ENTIRE dance industry is messed up, My experience 24:26 Leftist Bingo Cards 27:16 Libations 29:59 Are you ready to fills your kid's head with Anti-Racist Baby poems? Because you can get the books on Amazon.  39:10 How to Be an Anti-Intellectual: A lauded book about anti-racism is wrong on its facts and in its assumptions by Coleman Hughes written on October 27, 2019 49:10 We also look at some racist quotes by the man Himself, Ibram X. Kendi.  This what BLM supporters are enabling. 52:29 "The Mark of the Beast", and How it applies to BLM.
BLM: summoning the dead for social justice, and stuff...
what's been bugging me, and why I'm taking a break this month.
Jordan Sovis guest hosts as we discuss the ways of Covid-19 Cures, Mail-in Ballots, and Trump's Tweet to trap them all.
00:00 Intro 1:48 6 Questions about Racism  15:52 The Cure for Covid 37:51 A Worthless Faith 45:31 Question from a listener  51:24 Tentmaker Music: CLUB 55:03 Outro
00:00 - Intro 02:22 - Seattle Man threatens to Kill everyone on Plane 06:48 - Is Seattle Man Demonized? 10:56 - Cage Stage/Immature Preachers (more About Demons) 22:38 - Nick Cannon Anti-Semitic/Anti-White Comments 28:55 - Is Mariah Carey Black? 31:28 - Talking About the Jews and stuff 37:26 - Cults, Cult Language, and BLM 56:27 - Outro Watch the Sincerely Sarcastic Youtube Channel For Culture and Apologetics Topics
nothing special to report :-/
05:55 Minneapolis Entertains the idea of Defunding the Police 08:50 Mayor Skinny Jeans gets booed after his Platitudes Fail  21:47 Bob Woodson - Defunding The Police 27:02 Thomas Sowell - Incentivizing Failure 30:29 Stacy Abrahms  continues to Fail Up 36:41 STOP Funding Liberals who contribute to Protester Bailouts 43:18 Trump Rose Garden Speech and Photo Op 53:22 Joe Biden STILL Can't Talk
It's understandable that we have to wear masks in public sometimes. But, since when is it something that we were happy about it? Why is it suddenly a value? Also will hear a little bit about the barbershop in Michigan that stood up to the governor, and an interview about what happens when small businesses fall through the cracks of a broken system.
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I start with a rant about Emeror Whitmer and her crazy new rules, and compare her to Karen Whitsett. Then and Interview with Sincerely Sarcastic's Hannah Williams.
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