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Author: J.K. Slaughter

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The Xero Hour is a Culture-War Podcast about Politics, and Theology from an irreverent Christian perspective. Uploads (Very Late) Sunday Nights.
90 Episodes
Powered by Everything is about race these days. So I did an entire episode talking about race and critical race theory, and how it actually, personally affects my life. I hope you guys find this informative and useful for discussion.
Opening thought from the news this week My trip to Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids Spiritual Warfare is HERE Sponsor: Fifine Microphones
everything we've been saying, is now being proven to be true!
Andrew Cuomo is a MURDERER his Staff are Enablers there are at least 3 more Govorners doing the same thing he did The Media finally admits what we already know
NF Releases a new Mixtape, and the CHH Crowd is buzzing Bryson Gray is getting mobbed on Twitter for his beliefs Why Christian Music is dying, and more
(From a Livestream)  First Segment - Progressive Pastor Receives Racist Letter, Is SHOCKED that Racism Exists Second Segment - I talk about my thoughts (and attraction to) Cyberpunk Aesthetics and Philosophy based on pop cultural references I've enjoyed in my life.
(From a Livestream) I talk about my name changes online, and struggling with online identity. I pivot into my thoughts (and attraction to) Cyberpunk Aesthetics and Philosophy based on pop cultural references I've enjoyed in my life.
On January 6th Trump Supporters gathered in DC to show their support for the President, and to outcry their grievances about the election results, as they felt they were cheated due to fraud. Their argument was not heard in court, and they insisted on raising their voices in hopes that the senators inside the Capitol Building would hear them, and support their arguments in debate. That never happened. As the debates were ready to begin, Rioters breached the Capitol and interrupted the debates. After the storming of the Capitol Building, the Inauguration proceeded without debate, and Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election. I'll spend the first 20 minutes or so condemning the breaching of the Capitol on Jan. 6th, and then I'll get into the REST of the story. Get show notes at visit
All you have to do is go to the news search tab and type in Dr fauci, and you'll immediately get the latest and greatest on what's going on with coronavirus. This man can't resist an opportunity to go on TV and tell us what he thinks. The problem is sometimes what he says isn't always what he intends to tell us. Good thing the media is here to defend him.
Rep. Cynthia A Johnson doesn't want certain opinions floating around out there, and she's willing to fight and bully people in order to silence them. I want to tell this story of Rep C. A. Johnson using her own words and facebook quotes to show how there is a certain kind of mind that only approves of OFFICIAL voices and opinions, favoring the form OVER the substance of a statement or story. Show Notes -
Some people like to pretend that they don't want ice cream, that they aren't interested in it, or that they don't even like it. But these are all lies. We all scream for ice cream. 00:00 Intro 06:04 We all Scream for Ice Cream 18:16 The Ice Cream Parlor of Life 29:46 Leaving Facebook and Twitter 32:54 Stop supporting outlet s that are against our own interests 37:21 Alternative social media platforms 37:32 Minds 38:46 Gab (EMAILS HAVE BEEN GETTING FROM GAB) 40:44 Parler 42:13 Odysee & LBRY 45:19 Thinkspot 49:47 Discord 53:03 This 1 Activity Destroys Your Emotional and Physical Health LINK - Get Show Notes at The Xero Hour
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