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Author: J. Slaughter

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The Xero Hour is a Culture-War Podcast about Politics, Music, and Theology from an irreverent Christian perspective. Uploads (Very Late) Monday and Friday Nights.
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It's understandable that we have to wear masks in public sometimes. But, since when is it something that we were happy about it? Why is it suddenly a value? Also will hear a little bit about the barbershop in Michigan that stood up to the governor, and an interview about what happens when small businesses fall through the cracks of a broken system.
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I start with a rant about Emeror Whitmer and her crazy new rules, and compare her to Karen Whitsett. Then and Interview with Sincerely Sarcastic's Hannah Williams.
Xero Hour Podcast 33 - Who Cares If You Make It by Tentmaker Music
Xero Hour Podcast 32 - The Secret War Survival Tips by Tentmaker Music
Xero Hour Podcast 31 - Peter Schiff Needs To Calm Down by Tentmaker Music
Interview - Paul And Desiree by Tentmaker Music
Interview Edify

Interview Edify


Interview Edify by Tentmaker Music
Vaccine Disscussion w/ Jordan Sovis by Tentmaker Music
Satan Fallen - Discussion w/ Jordan Sovis by Tentmaker Music
Listent to The Xero Hour on the new Tentmaker Music: LIVE every night at 11pm and replay clips from 7am-10am
00:00 Leftist Buzwords 14:28 Jason Marion - The Monster's Voice 19:38 Words Have Meaning 41:41 Stop Conceding Language
Xero Hour Podcast 28 - Hyperbole, Bernie Sanders, And Vulnerability by Tentmaker Music
00:00 Democrats Rundown pt 2 44:26 LGBT Muppets and Sesame Street Characters
Xero Hour Podcast 26 - Swearing In Christian Music, Leaving Minds by Tentmaker Music
00:00 The Witcher (w Guest Ace Bandit) 30:27 Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter's Silver 33:48 - Tentmaker: EXPEDITION Promo 36:04 - Music Review: Jason Marion - Froggy Prince 45:00 - Interview - Eric Boston (Five Twenty Collective) SUBSCRIBER PORTION OF THIS PODCAST -
1 very long segment about how Black Purity Tests, Otherism, and Persecution are ruining any chance at Unity we have in America 02:11 - Livin' Large (Black Purity Tests) 06:04 - It all stared with a Tweet 09:58 - Problem 1, Use the right words, plz 14:25 - About Evangelicals 18:05 - Problem 2, The Priority of Worldview 19:45 - Liberalism and Marxism 20:07 - Persecution 25:59 - Theology vs Politics 32:47 - Social Justice is STUPID! 34:45 - Your words reveal your MASTER 37:01 - Fractures in the Church 39:36 - The Canaanite Woman 45:54 - Your Followers are Racist too 48:40 - Otherism 50:30 - Outro
00:00 Intro, New Mic 03:28 Kobe Dies in Helecopter crash, Media is awful about it 20:00 Dad Saves 28:39 Satan Falls with Jordan Sovis The interview portion of this show was trimmed down for time constraints. If you want to listen to the full conversation, you can do so by supporting my show over on and unlock full conversations (or click here -
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