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As promised, in this episode Seher and Kori tackle immigration narratives from several angles. Dominant culture expectation of utter assimilation, the long term effects coming to roost of imperial colonialism of "Western" powers across the globe, as well as how BIPOC are often ignored in conversations leading to pitting many "minority" groups against each other, instead of coming together to turn off the giant faucet way up top causing all of this to begin with.
Seher and Kori review recent/upcoming media centered on Muslim characters, as well as Kori's newfound obsession with the Turkish historical drama, Muhteşem Yüzyıl (Magnificent Century)!
That's... An Angel???

That's... An Angel???


As promised the episode is finally here where Seher and Kori go more in-depth on angels and answer one of your questions on whether guardian angels exist in Islam. Ramadan Kareem!
With Ramadan starting next month, Seher and Kori shifted their theology episode for April and decided to talk about a variety of topics for March, including Rules of the Game, The United States of Al, and why it sucks that minority groups are constantly held to account for unrelated matters by majority groups. Note: This episode was recorded before the revelations about The United States of Al. We have included a link to the criticism below. You Might Be Interested (There's a reason Muslim women struggle to make their voices heard) (That's Haram - East of La Brea) (Rules Of The Game Comedic Short Film In Post-Production) (Criticism Thread for The United States of Al)
Seher and Kori discuss the new film, Breaking Fast.
Haram for the Holidays

Haram for the Holidays


Seher and Kori watched way, way, WAY too many holiday movies to bring you this episode... about holiday movies. Haven't decided what to watch yet from this year's releases? You're in luck, we cover a LOT of them running the gamut from Hulu, Netflix, Tello, Lifetime, Hallmark, and more!
Fandom! That's Haram!

Fandom! That's Haram!


Seher and Kori talk about fandoms, the erosion of the fourth wall, treating fandom spaces and characters like idols, and why it's crappy to display those offensive caricatures of the Prophet (PBUH).
Just for Labor Day weekend, a bite-size episode of That's Haram! covering a few newsy bits and two Muslims galaxy braining on Halloween.
Seriously, go watch it. Seher and Kori spend this episode talking about everything they loved, and why they hope it gets another season.
The Hajj Episode

The Hajj Episode


Seher and Kori talk about what exactly Hajj is, what restrictions Muslims face in modern times with Hajj, and why some Muslims may find it ethically conflicting to go.
Seher and Kori talk about both Zaris, Behrad, and what did and didn't work for them in the latest season.
Ramadan Brain

Ramadan Brain


Seher and Kori try and talk about Ramadan experiences for reverts. But then Ramadan Brain happened
Quarantine Edition

Quarantine Edition


Seher and Kori talk about current situations, including how the world is adapting to having several major religious holidays (including Ramadan!) fall during a time when much of the population is isolated.
What, you thought we were done talking about this show or Yasmin Khan?
Halal Who

Halal Who


Seher and Kori visit season 12 of Doctor Who (Spoiler Alert!) and discuss what they've liked so far.
Seher and Kori are talking about anything and everything in the final episode of the year.
Seher and Kori talk about how we need to branch out beyond the same (dating) story told time and time again in media.
Seher and Kori talk about why there aren't really any media depictions of angels or demons in Islam as compared to Christianity (Good Omens), and explain just what Jinn are.
Ms. Marvel is a Go!

Ms. Marvel is a Go!


Seher and Kori discuss the recent news of Ms. Marvel getting her own series on Disney+.
Seher and Kori take a look at Yasmin Khan, her family, and the 11th series of Doctor Who
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