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Sometimes, a single moment can change a person’s entire life. Like when documentary filmmaker Ken Burns saw his father cry for the first time, or when Sal Khan, a hedge fund analyst, decided to tackle the impossible and educate people around the globe. Host Alicia Burke talks to doers like Ken Burns, Arianna Huffington and Sal Khan about the powerful moments that inspired them to make an impact.

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Civil rights activist Janet Murguía joins ‘That Made All the Difference’ to discuss her upbringing as the daughter of immigrant parents and how that experience informs her life’s work advocating for Hispanic/Latino civil rights and battling systemic inequality.
Filmmaker Ken Burns returns to "That Made All the Difference" to reflect on the past few months, and talk about why he believes that society has an opportunity to turn this 'completely unique moment' in history into meaningful and positive change.
Lisa comes back to “That Made All the Difference” to share how necessity transformed her neighborhood bakery into an essential hub for community support – and why sourdough makes her dance
Sal Khan returns to That Made All the Difference to discuss how he, his family and Khan Academy are managing through the crisis — and to share a bit of his vision for the future of education.
Dr. Frederick joins That Made All the Difference to discuss how his career as a surgeon has influenced his work as an educator, administrator and champion of underserved communities, and why he believes we may be on the cusp of the next "golden generation."
Host Alicia Burke connects with notable guests like Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, the president of Howard University, and Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, to explore how they are responding to the events of today and what they're doing to better themselves, their community and the world.
Arianna worked around the clock on her company HuffPost until she collapsed on the floor. This “wakeup call” launched a new mission: To help people avoid burnout. 
When Sal tutored his young cousin long-distance in math, it sparked the inspiration for a non-profit that would provide a free world-class education for anyone, anywhere.
Loretta and Mary Davis, CEO of Special Olympics, discuss how Loretta moved past her disabilities – and her critics – to become a repeat gold medalist.
Lisa explains the inspiration behind her much-loved Detroit bakery, which has a hyperlocal vision, a broad influence and pies with buttery, flaky crusts.
Ken Burns, Filmmaker

Ken Burns, Filmmaker


Ken opens up about the emotional moment with his father that inspired him to become a filmmaker — and how choosing New Hampshire over New York helped him make a bigger impact.
After Dan had an on-air panic attack, he realized he had to stop chasing the adrenaline he was accustomed to as a war correspondent and find healthier ways to attain happiness.
Sometimes, one moment can change everything. In this new podcast, premiering Sept. 9, host Alicia Burke explores the defining moments that inspired achievers to make a difference.
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