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Author: Michelle Nipko

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Trying to make a big life decision? That One Decision Podcast is for you! I talk with real people about the One Big Decision they had in their life, what they chose and the real outcome. We are all on this journey called life....let's learn from each other. You can find me on Instagram at @ThatOneBigDecision
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Dr. Kevin Hoffarth and I discuss all of those questions you’ve wanted to ask your Doctor: Why did he become a doctor? What’s it like to be a doctor? Is the current health care system broken from a doctor’s perspective? And we discuss his One Big Decision to become a functional medicine doctor, and change...The post Doctor is HEALING patients by changing the rules of healthcare: Hear Dr. Kevin Hoffarth’s One Big Decision appeared first on That One Big Decision.
  Chris Oosthuisen is an entrepreneur to look up to with three companies, two of them using AI to help both children and pets. He is also an award winning hand-gun shooter with top international rankings. He has accomplished all of this at the age of 21…you’ll be sorry if you don’t listen to this...The post 21 Year Old Entrepreneur Uses AI to Help Children and Dogs Learn: Hear Chris Oosthuisen’s One Big Decision appeared first on That One Big Decision.
  I sit down with good friend and tennis pro Ryan Vega to hear how to never work a day in your life. So excited about his new venture, Vega Tennis: Listen to hear his secrets!The post How To Never Work a Day in Your Life: Listen to Tennis Pro Ryan Vega’s One Big Decision appeared first on That One Big Decision.
  Michelle goes through five data driven talking points on whether or not going to college is worth is today or not. Costs are quickly rising, and students can be saddled with debt coming out of school. Does the cost/benefit make sense? Listen and find out.The post Decision: College is so expensive these days, is it worth it? Michelle goes through the data. appeared first on That One Big Decision.
  Glenn Dagian started out without much money, but the gift of story telling and a love for the game of chess. He used these gift to become an impactful lobbyist and was able to have a strong positive impact on the environment. Hear how his meeting with Mother Teresa changed his life.The post Scolded by Mother Teresa: Hear Glenn DaGian’s Big Decision appeared first on That One Big Decision.
  I sat down with Coach Angela Beck to hear her amazing decisions. Whether coaching at the young age of 22 to taking University of Nebraska at Lincoln to a Big 8 Conference Championship Title to coaching in the professionals, she consistently transformed struggling programs in to winning programs. Hear her winning secrets!The post Winner! From Head Basketball College Coach at 22 to Coaching the Pros – Hear Coach Beck’s Big Decision! appeared first on That One Big Decision.
  Learn how Dr. Joseph Nipko (my handsome hubby) made his life decision to pivot from being a Saxophone player to earning a Ph.D. in Physics and working as a Chief Data Scientist for leading companies. I enjoyed talking to Joe about his amazing of not a bit convoluted journey, I think you will too.The post Saxophone player to PhD in Physics, listen to Dr. Joseph Nipko’s Big Decision appeared first on That One Big Decision.
  Thane Ringler and I discuss the trials and tribulations of being on the pro golf circuit and what personal strength it took to reinvent himself as a young entrepreneur and best selling author.The post Former Pro-Golfer reinvents himself as Bestselling Author: Listen To Thane Ringler’s Big Decision appeared first on That One Big Decision.
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