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Politics. Policy. Polling. Pop Culture.

Explore what America's thinking with two of the country's leading pollsters-the bipartisan team of Democrat Margie Omero and Republican Kristen Soltis Anderson. In this weekly podcast we take a fresh, friendly look at the numbers driving the week's biggest stories in news, politics, tech, entertainment and pop culture. Along with the occasional interview with pollsters, journalists, and other industry leaders, we'll lift the hood on the numbers revealing the hidden secrets of the public's mind.

243 Episodes
Trump, “racially infused” tweets, and Democratic CandidatesTrump Approval (RealClear Politics)Republican support for Trump rises after racially charged tweets (Reuters)2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)Beto O’Rourke and the Value of PollingPolling is not evil voodoo magic (Kristen Soltis Anderson in the Washington Examiner)Polling Faux PasIncomplete polling for the Democratic Primary (St. Anselm College)All The Problems With This Anonymous Poll About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (HuffPo coverage of a poll reported in Axios)More General Election PollingHuge Turnout Is Expected in 2020. So Which Party Would Benefit? (New York Times, “The Upshot”)Trump Faces Tough Challenge From Top Democratic Candidates in Election Matchup (WSJ/NBC News)ImmigrationSlim majority supports deportation raids (POLITICO/Morning Consult)More on Presidential TweetingViews of Trump’s Twitter Attack on Four Congresswomen Highly Partisan (Ipsos)State of the Union and Conspiracies (Economist/YouGov)LadysportsDo you think if you were playing your very best tennis, you could win a point off Serena Williams? (YouGov)We Need To Stop Comparing Serena Williams To Men’s Tennis Players (HuffPo)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2020 Presidental ElectionDemocratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)General Election Matchups (RealClear Politics)Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus (RealClear Politics)The State of the Democratic Primary (Morning Consult)The Economist/You Gov PollCalifornia Voters Wanted Kamala Harris to Drop Out of Presidential Race (Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies for The Times)ImpeachmentTrump Approval (RealClear Politics)Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump? (FiveThirtyEight)UK ElectionEurope Poll of Polls (Politico)The key findings from our MRP (YouGov)Poll Reveals Record-Breaking 30 Percent of Public Plan to Vote ‘tactically’ in General Election (ERS)Giving TuesdayGiving Tuesday poll: The causes Americans support (Axios)‘All I Want For Christmas’ tops most annoying song poll, still tops Billboard’s Holiday 100 (Huawei)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2020 Presidental ElectionDemocratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)General Election Matchups (RealClear Politics)Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus (RealClear Politics)CBS News Battleground Tracker (CBS News)ImpeachmentTrump Approval (RealClear Politics)Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump? (FiveThirtyEight)Impeachment Hearings (ABC/Ipsos)Multi-Party DemocracyWhat if the U.S. Were a Multi-Party Democracy? (Echelon)British ElectionGeneral Election 2019: The polling average might show a Labour surge, but the polls themselves don't (iPolitics)Have you decided yet? Who will win the debate? (Lord Ashcroft)Medicare For AllBlue Wall Voices Project (KFF/Cook)Majority of likely Democratic caucusgoers shy away from 'Medicare for All' (Des Moines Register/CNN/Mediacom Iowa Poll)ThanksgivingMore than 165 million people expected to shop over five-day Thanksgiving weekend (NRF/Prosper Insights & Analytics)Turkey Day Exposé: How Americans Really Feel About the Big Dinner (Instacart/Harris Poll)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Bloomberg for President?

Bloomberg for President?


2020 Presidental ElectionDemocratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)General Election Matchups (RealClear Politics)Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus (RealClear Politics)Poll: Bloomberg's Potential Run is a Flop With Voters so Far (Politico/Morning Consult)Biden Holds Slight Lead In New Hampshire Dem Primary (Quinnipiac)ImpeachmentTrump Approval (RealClear Politics)Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump? (FiveThirtyEight)Framing the Next Step on Impeachment (Navigator)Immigration/Supreme CourtImmigration/Border Security (Monmouth)Immigration (CNN/SSRS)Poll Finds Confidence in U.S. Supreme Court Overall, Though More Pronounced Among Conservatives  (Marquette)VeteransGo Beyond the ‘Thank You’ (Cohen Veterans Network)The American Veteran Experience and the Post-9/11 Generation (Pew)New Poll of U.S. Troops and Veterans Reveals Their Thoughts on Current Military Policies (Smithsonian/Stars & Stripes)Anxiety Over the HolidaysThe worst thing to talk about during the holidays is not politics (YouGov)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Fishy Attraction

Fishy Attraction


2020 Presidential ElectionDemocratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)General Election Matchups (RealClear Politics)One Year From Election, Trump Trails Biden but Leads Warren in Battlegrounds (The New York Times Upshot/Siena College)Poll: Biden Holds Significant Lead over Warren, Sanders in Nevada; Top Issue is Electing Someone Who Can Beat Trump (The Nevada Independent)Kentucky Governor - Bevin vs. Beshear (RealClear Politics)Trump Approval (RealClear Politics)ImpeachmentDo Americans Support Impeaching Trump? (FiveThirtyEight)Partisan Opinion on Trump Digs in (Monmouth University Poll)Trump Approval (Washington Post/ABC Poll)Fish PicturesLove at First Bite? (Fishbrain)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Red Dress for the Win

Red Dress for the Win


2020 Presidential ElectionDemocratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)General Election Matchups (RealClear Politics)Trump Approval (RealClear Politics)ImpeachmentDo Americans Support Impeaching Trump? (FiveThirtyEight)Partisans Dig In On Impeachment, but Majority of Americans Say Trump Administration Should Cooperate With Inquiry (CBS News)Worst Impeachment Questions (Mclaughlin & Associates)Trump Approval Foreign PolicyTrump Approval Foreign Policy (RealClear Politics)Foreign Policy Approval(Navigator)Support for Impeaching Trump Soars Among Independents (Reuters/Ipsos)Syria (CNN/SSRS)Job Approval Dips, Unfavorable Feelings Climb for President Trump (Grinnell)BaseballIs It True Fandom Or Just Rude To Stand During The Entire World Series Game At Nats Park? (DCist)HalloweenSocial Media Influencing Near-Record Halloween Spending (NRF/Propser Insights & Analytics)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2020 Presidential ElectionDemocratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)General Election Matchups (RealClear Politics)Biden's lead in Democratic primary hits widest margin since April (CNN)Iowa Caucus (RealClear Politics)Trump and ImpeachmentTrump Approval (RealClear Politics)Increased Support For Trump Impeachment in Wisconsin (Marquette University Law School)Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump? (FiveThirtyEight)Impeachment Views in 6 Swing States (The Upshot)Issue of the Week: Religion and PolarizationWidening Partisan Polarization and Key Issues in 2020 Presidential Elections (PRRI)In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace (Pew Research)Groundbreaking Pew Research Study Finds Pews Are Uncomfortable (The Babylon Bee; satire)MillennialsMajority of Americans Say Parents Are Doing Too Much for Their Young Adult Children (Pew Research)More work, more sleep: New study offers glimpse of daily life as a millennial (Washington Post)TwitterSmall Share of U.S. Adults Produce Majority of Tweets (Pew Research)Team Meghan! (YouGov)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Baseball Makes D.C. Normal

Baseball Makes D.C. Normal


2020 Presidential ElectionDemocratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)General Election Matchups (RealClear Politics)Trump Approval (RealClear Politics)Who Won The Fourth Democratic Debate? (FiveThirtyEight / Ipsos)ImpeachmentDo Americans Support Impeaching Trump? (FiveThirtyEight)How To Talk About Impeachment (Navigator)Issue of the Week: Unskew the PollsFox News Pollster Misrepresented Impeachment Poll (Fox News)Democrats Hold Edge in U.S. Party Affiliation in 3rd Quarter (Gallup)Everyone Hates EveryonePartisan Antipathy: More Intense, More Personal (Pew Research Center)Americans Feel Divided On Core Values (Monmouth University Poll)SyriaMost Americans Do Not Approve of Trump's Move in Syria (YouGov)Nat's Baseball Isn't BoringWashington Nationals Fan Confidence Up Heading into NL Wild Card Game (SB Nation FanPulse)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2020 Presidential ElectionDemocratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)General Election Matchups (RealClear Politics)Trump Approval (RealClear Politics)Bullock the only Dem to beat Trump in MT (U. of Montana)ImpeachmentImpeachment Tracker (FiveThirtyEight)Voters Remain Divided On Impeachment (Quinnipiac)Public views Ukraine charges as serious, but half say Trump shouldn't be removed (NBC News / The Wall Street Journal)Majority of Americans say they endorse opening of House impeachment inquiry of Trump (Washington Post / Schar School)House Republicans show no signs of abandoning Trump on impeachment (Public Opinion Strategies for NRCC)Issue of the Week: Socialism, Capitalism and GovernmentBehind Americans’ Views of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Capitalism’ (Pew Research)Public Expresses Favorable Views of a Number of Federal Agencies (Pew Research)Vegetables!Quarter Of Americans Have Never Eaten Vegetables ( more about your ad choices. Visit
2020 Presidential CampaignsGreat Society on Broadway, the poll2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)Monmouth Poll numbers Twitter South Carolina Democratic voters strongly support Joe Biden (Winthrop University)Trump approval (RealClear Politics)Issue of the Week: Impeachment (again)Do Americans Support Impeaching President Trump? (FiveThirtyEight, tracker) Impeachment Support Up Slightly (Monmouth University)Support for impeaching Trump rises among independents and Republicans (SSRS for CNN)Support For Impeachment Grows (Quinnipiac)Public Support For Impeachment Grows (HuffPost/YouGov)Majority of Americans and Democrats approve of Trump impeachment inquiry (CBS)NPR/PBS/MaristSupport for impeachment jumps in new poll (Morning Consult / Politico)Candy Land!Favorite Movie Candy Tweet (Lights, Camera Pod)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Odds & EndsRichard Madden’s T-Rex!Inside Fox News’ polling ‘nerdquarium,’ whose numbers don’t lie whether Trump likes them or not (Los Angeles Times)2020 Presidential CampaignsDemocratic Primary (RealClear Politics)One Republican Party, Different Democratic Parties (Echelon Insights)Trump Job Approval (RealClea Politics)Latest National General Election Polls (RealClear Politics)Issue of the Week: ImpeachmentImpeaching Trump On Russia Was Unpopular. Will Ukraine Be Different? (FiveThirtyEight)Voters largely unswayed by House Dems’ push for impeachment (Politico)Would you support or oppose impeachment in this scenario? (YouGov)National Poll, use of words “removal from office” (Quinnipiac)Focusing Debates on Trump’s Honesty, Tax Fairness, and Government Shutdowns (Navigator)President Trump and the Trump Administration (Quinnipiac via Americans have heard of the situation with President Trump, Joe Biden and the president of Ukraine (Reuters/Ipsos)The Steaks are HighHow Americans order their steaks and hamburgers (YouGov)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Work It!

Work It!


2020 Presidential Campaign2020 Democrats (RealClear Politics)Iowa Voter Survey (David Binder Research for Focus on Rural America)Iowa Voter Survey (Civiqs - Iowa State University)The Third Debate Influenced Those Who Watched … But A Lot Of People Didn’t (FiveThirtyEight)Steve Kornacki Tweet of Crosstabs (NBC News/WSJ via Steve Kornacki)Trump Approval (RealClear Politics)Issue of the Week: The Workplace10 facts about American workers (Pew Research)Do Workers Discriminate against Female Bosses? (Institute of Labor Economics, Germany)Despite challenges at home and work, most working moms and dads say being employed is what’s best for them (Pew Research)Union Approval Near 50-Year High (Gallup)The Art of BananasThis study is bananas (YouGov)This drawing explains a surprising amount about your political views (YouGov)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2020Trump Approval (RealClear Politics)President Trump trails potential Democratic challengers in 2020 test (WaPo/ABC News)Latest CNN/SSRS Poll2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)Issue of the Week: 9-11 and its ImpactAriel Edwards-Levy tweet of Sept. 2001 CBS PollPublic Overwhelmingly Backs Bush in Attacks on Afghanistan (Gallup, Oct. 2001)Bush Job Approval Highest in Gallup History (Gallup, Sept. 2001)Iraq - Getting In Was Wrong; Getting Out Was Right (Quinnipiac, July 2014)After 17 years of war in Afghanistan, more say U.S. has failed than succeeded in achieving its goals (Pew Research, Oct. 2018)Pew Research Polling Data (2018)Polls on Afghanistan ( of U.S. veterans, public say the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth fighting (Pew Research, July 2019)UFOs and Government TransparencyAmericans Skeptical of UFOs, but Say Government Knows More (Gallup)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2020Democrats Are Divided On What’s Dividing The Party (Huffington Post/YouGov)President Trump Job Approval (RealClear Politics)Issue of the Week: GunsPoll: Most Republicans support assault weapons ban, despite Trump saying 'no appetite' (Politico/Morning Consult)Trump Approval (Fox News)What Percentage of Americans Own Guns? (Gallup)Majority Of Voters Say Climate Change Is An Emergency (Quinnipiac)Too early for pumpkin spice?Pumpkin Spice Survey (Accelerant)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2020 Climate2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)3-Way Lead as Dem 2020 Picture Shifts (Monmouth)John Anzalone tweetTrump Approval (RealClear Politics)Latest 2020 General Election Polls (RealClear Politics)Issue of the Week: The EconomyConsumer Confidence Index (The Conference Board)Poll finds a pessimistic America despite current economic satisfaction (NBC News / Wall Street Journal)All Top Dems Beat Trump As Voters' Economic Outlook Dims (Quinnipiac)Roughly Half of Trump Voters Would at Least Partially Blame Him for a Recession (Morning Consult) Most Important Problem (Gallup) Back to School!2019 Back-to-School Shopping (Deloitte) How Did You Feel On Your First Day Back To School When You Were A Kid? (News Center Maine)This episode of The Pollster was sponsored by The Election Ride Home podcast.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Trump and Democrats 2020Trump Approval (RealClear Politics)Democratic Candidates (RealClear Politics)Elizabeth Warren Had Another Very Good Debate (HuffPo)Warren Up, Harris Down, But Biden Leads Among U.S. Dems (Quinnipiac)Gun LawsWho's to blame for mass shootings? On that, some bipartisan agreement (USA Today/Ispos)Presidential PowerRepublicans Now Are More Open to the Idea of Expanding Presidential Power (Pew Research Center)Trust in ScienceTrust and Mistrust in Americans’ Views of Scientific Experts (Pew Research)Fun Poll: Are these cities midwestern?David Montgomery wonders how people think Jacksonville, Florida is in the Midwest (and Kristen blames it all on College Football)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
2020 Presidential CampaignsTrump Approval (RealClear Politics)2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics)Interest still high in second Dem debate (POLITICO/Morning Consult)Shifting Democratic Lines (Echelon Insights)Conflicted About Trump: The Americans Disapproving of President Trump While Giving Him Credit on the Economy (Navigator)Black and Latinx ViewsViews on the economy aren’t monolithic (Groundwork Collaborative)TechAmericans have become much less positive about tech companies’ impact (Pew Research)Song of the Summer!Song of the Summer Rankings (LyricFind, with Billboard)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Trump & The SquadTrump Approval (RealClear Politics)Trump’s Electoral College Edge Could Grow in 2020, Rewarding Polarizing Campaign (New York Times / The Upshot)Most Americans disagree with Trump's "go back" tweets (CBS News / YouGov)Majority of voters say ‘send her back’ chants were racist (POLITICO/Morning Consult)Mueller TestimonyDemocrats becoming increasingly skeptical of fairness of Russia probe (POLITICO/Morning Consult)Trust in AmericaMany Americans think declining trust in the government and in each other makes it harder to solve key problems (Pew Research)Boris JohnsonHow do you feel about Boris Johnson becoming leader? (YouGov)Boris Johnson has support of two thirds of Tory voters (Opinium / Observer)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Trump and 2020 DemocratsTrump Approval (RealClear Politics Average)General Election Polling Average (RealClear Politics Average)2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination (RealClear Politics Average) POLL AVERAGE Joe Biden Isn’t The Unequivocal 2020 Democratic Front-Runner Anymore (HuffPo)CNN has new standards for reporting on pollsCNN's transparency questionnaire for polling standards (CNN)Personal Finances pollsMore Optimism about Personal Finances (AP/NORC)1 in 4 don’t plan to retire despite realities of aging (AP/NORC)Tariffs and TradeDivided Country Wary of Tariffs, Trade, Tech (RealClear Opinion Research)VeteransTrump Draws Stronger Support From Veterans Than From the Public on Leadership of U.S. Military (Pew Research)Women’s World Cup!Polling: Megan Rapinoe for President? (Public Policy Polling)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Trump ApprovalTrump ApprovalPost-Democratic Debate PollingIpsos Poll Conducted for ReutersHarris and Warren rise and Biden slides after first Democratic debates (SSRS for CNN)Kamala Harris surges in Iowa as Bernie Sanders suffers after debate (Suffolk University/USA TODAY)Data from the Suffolk University/USA TODAY PollHarris Gets Big Debate Bounce While Biden Sinks (Quinnipiac)Harris Surges After First Democratic Debates (Morning Consult)Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris Looked Like Winners At The First Debates (HuffPost/YouGov)Washington Post-ABC News pollCrisis on the borderThree-quarters of Americans say there's a crisis at the border (SSRS for CNN)Perceptions of LGBTQ PopulationAmericans Still Greatly Overestimate U.S. Gay Population (Gallup)Is America Great Again?American Pride Hits New Low; Few Proud of Political System (Gallup)Trump’s July 4th plansFew Aware of Trump July 4 Speech Plan (Monmouth)Trends in Fourth of July FoodsWhat’s In And What’s Out For Fourth Of July Celebrations (Open Mind Strategy for Food Network)Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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