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Hosted by Matt Moriarity, Chandler Fendler and Jon Reed we are about everything related to being a Homeowner! From buying a home, insuring, financing, decorating, landscaping, painting, renovating, 2nd Homes, Rentals etc. We want to be your one stop shop for everything related to owning real estate!
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Obviously when you own a House there are always responsibilities that come along with that key. When you rented... the landlord hired maintenance company to make sure the lights were changed when they went out, the filters on the AC were changed etc. If you are the landlord (long term and short term) you typically also hire a maintenance company to keep everything running correctly and so you dont get the 3 am call about a water leak. Why is it there is no maintenance company that caters to homeowners? Well now there is! Soteria is a service company that specializes in preventative maintenance for Homeowners. The owners, Levi Randall discusses who this service can especially help and why this is a business model that is taking off all over the nation! Support the show (
In this episode we discuss several challenges posed to families during the COVID19 Lockdowns. There are estimates that there have been a 25-30% rise in divorce caseloads over the past several months since lockdown measures have begun to ease. We wanted to know why that is... so we brought back Family Law Attorney Kelley Rider Goodwin from Rider Goodwin Law Law Offices, LLC. Kelley not only discusses the how and the why but also gives tips on what families can do to avoid this fate. Matt, Chandler and Jon discuss the impact a divorce can have on Insurance, Real Estate and Loans as well. This is an episode you DO NOT want to miss! Kelley Rider Goodwin Matt Moriarity Chandler Fendler Jon ReedSupport the show (
Are you wanting to learn how to "Fix" the Lock down aches and pains? Well the Home Team Podcast has got you covered! Today we our guest is Andrew Fix - Director of Physical Therapy at Physio Room.  We discuss the importance of staying active during lock down and some of the physical, medical and psychological threats to your health while in quarantine. This is one episode you don't want to miss!! Matthew Moriarity Chandler Fendler Jon ReedSupport the show (
COVID-19 has really made people start to analyze their own health and are wanting answers about how to live a more healthy lifestyle. The problem is that there is not a "One Size Fits All" solution for everyone. That is the biggest difference between Conventional Medicine (treat after you are sick) vs Functional Medicine (preventative approach). There are so many people who look "Healthy" on the outside but are a ticking time bomb on the inside. We bring expert Meghann Feldmann, CEO of Triveda Functional Medicine, to help answer questions on what they do, how this approach can benefit you and she also gives plenty of tips along the way. A MUST LISTEN! Support the show (
We bring back legal expert Stephanie Dahl from Dahl Fischer to discus the importance of creating or updating an estate plan. The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly brought this topic to the forefront for most Americans. It is so important to make sure that you, your loved ones and your assets are protected should something happen. Our goal on this podcast is to help you better understand the process and the options available to you so that you don't have yet another thing to worry about. As always, we try an keep things light and hopefully you can learn about an important topic and still smile. There is enough "Doom and Gloom" out there. So sit back, relax and get ready to learn! Support the show (
Episode 33: In this Episode Matt, Chandler and Jon discuss what is going on in the Home buying world (Insurance, Real Estate and Mortgage) since the COVID-19 outbreak and how if impacts Home Owners today and moving forward. Lot's of great information and as always... a little fun along the way.Jon Reed Chandler Smith FendlerYou can also WATCH our podcast Here: PageSupport the show (
We get it! You are BUSY! In a perfect world you would have time to work, shuttle the kids sports and still have time to cook a healthy meal for your family. Unfortunately, most nights there is no time... and if there is... you are tired and the last thing you want to do is spend an hour preparing a meal. What happens? Frozen Meals, Door Dash or worse... Fast Food! That is the reality for many working parents/homeowners. What if there was a better way? Enter Morgan Kanaber, the owner of Your Whole Meal - A Personal Chef. Morgan and her team will do the grocery shopping, prepare meals for the week in your kitchen and put them in your refrigerator ready to heat up and eat! Services like Morgan's are popping up all over the United States so we wanted to bring her on to the Home Team Podcast to learn more about it! This is a MUST Listen to if you are a working parent! About Your Whole Meal: Support the show (
New Year, New You? Almost everyone makes New Year's Resolutions. However, studies show that only 8% of Americans who make New Years Resolutions actually keep them all year and 80% have failed by the start of February! The majority of these resolutions involve health and so over the next several podcasts we are going to have experts on to help our listeners become Healthy Homeowners! Today's episode features Personal Trainer Lizzy Dragne from Embodies Movement Training Systems located in Centennial, Colorado. Lots of good tips to help you crush your Resolutions in 2020! Support the show (
In this episode we continue our conversation with Home Automation expert Michael Murdock from Time Direct, Inc. to tell us all of the cool things that we can do to make our homes... and our lives more efficient! Whether you are a tech geek or just looking to learn more about Home Automation... this is the Podcast for you! Support the show (
For most Homeowners, Their Energy bill is probably their largest monthly Home expense other than their Mortgage. Between having their AC blasting during the Summer months and the Furnace heating their home in the Winter months... it can cost a fortune! What if there was a better, cleaner and more energy efficient way to heat/cool your home and save money in the process? There is... Solar Panels! We brought in Andrew Ehrnstein, owner of Solar 4 Planet A to answer all of your questions related to Solar Energy and discuss how Solar Panels can not only save you money but is also a clean, renewable source of energy that will make a significantly positive environmental impact! About AndrewSolar 4 Planet A Website Home Team Podcast Facebook Page Support the show (
"Smart" is a big buzzword these days. From Smart TV's to Smart Homes... people are enjoying the benefits of automation. Forgot to lock the door to your home? Didn't turn off your lights? Forget to turn the thermostat down? 5 years ago you would have had to drive all the way back home from wherever you were to accomplish theses tasks that you can do now remotely with an phone app. Today you can answer your doorbell while on vacation and actually see and speak with the person on the other end! You can set your oven to turn on or off remotely, you can have your washing machine send you a notification when the cycle has ended and you can even have your lights, AC and television turn on 10 minuets before you arrive home so that you can just walk into the home and relax. Honestly, what will they think of next? Well we brought in Home Automation expert Michael Murdock from Time Direct, Inc. to tell us all of the cool things that we can do to make our homes... and our lives more efficient! Whether you are a tech geek or just looking to learn more about Home Automation... this is the Podcast for you! Support the show (
One of the biggest fears people have is their home being overrun with insects, pests and rodents. We brought in husband and wife team Sean and Michelle from Guardian Pest Management to give some tips and tricks to keep these uninvited guests out of your home! Guardian Pest ManagementProtecting you, your family, business and your pets.Guardian Pest Management has been owned and operated by Sean and Michelle Meade since 2000.  We have always strived to run our business with integrity and provide personalized service for each persons home or business. With over 30 years of business experience we have seen and dealt with a variety of pest problems ranging from homes to health care facilities. Restaurants to office buildings. We specialize in large estates homes and work with estate managers, house keepers, care takers and nannies.As a local small business we support other local small businesses where we live, shop and our three kids go to school. Look for us at the garden store, the hardware store, church, or on our way to a school event. the show (
A lot of Homeowners are faced with this dilemma. They love where they live but their house is outdated or doesn't have enough square footage to support their growing family. They start doing some research and discover that the features and size that they want are available in new builds... but that would mean uprooting their family to a new community 10 miles away and adding a 20 minute commute to their jobs. They love their kids schools and adore their neighbors. They do not want to leave, but what choice do they have? While some may embrace moving as a new adventure, there is an option for those that would like to stay. In this episode Matt, Chandler and Jon interview David Thomas with Thomas Architecture. David is one of the most respected Architects in Denver with almost 40 years of experience. David and his team can do anything from a simple remodel all the way up to a home additions and/or tear down and rebuild. If you are someone who is currently facing this dilemma... this is the episode for you! Support the show (
Have you ever seen the movie "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long? Its about a couple who purchase a million dollar distressed sale mansion for $200,000. The property looks great from the outside and they believe they are getting a heck of a deal! Unfortunately... only after purchasing the mansion and begin to move in do they realize that almost everything that could go wrong with the house will go wrong! This movie is a comedy and is obviously fiction... but what would have happened had they just had the home inspected? Yes, they obviously wound not have purchased the mansion and thus... we would be robbed of seeing this hilarious 80's movie. What is an inspection and why is it important? How is it different from a Home Inspection? We brought in expert Derrick Sova from Columbine Property Inspections to find out! Make sure you listen to this podcast so that you don't end up buying your own #moneypit! About Derrick -> the show (
Today, Matt, Chandler and Jon sit down with Michelle McElroy- Moriarity from Carla's A Classic Design. One of the most important aspects of turning a "House" into a "Home" is interior design. Interior design is a process that provides a set of aesthetically pleasing but also efficient solutions... managing the space available and improving the look of a room(s). This can be a daunting task for a non-trained professional. More and more homeowners are realizing the importance of hiring a professional to do the job right! Hiring a professional can not only lead to a more happy family life but can also increase the value of your home! Home Team Podcast Facebook Page:'s Website: Carla's: Our StoryABOUT CARLA’SFrom the time she was a child, Carla McElroy loved design.  She was constantly rearranging her mother’s furniture and accessories to get that “just right” look.  One day, she skipped school to paint a room in the house. Carla followed her dreams and, a few years later, landed her first job as a commercial interior designer in Texas.  Her passion continued to grow and, as she gained more experience, Carla opened her own interior design business in her Dallas, Texas, home.After years of doing residential design in Dallas, her husband’s job transferred the family to Florida.  Again, Carla was able to still have the business in her home and learned a whole different style of design – Coastal.A few years later, her husband was transferred to Colorado for another position.  For a short time, Carla worked for a local design firm.  After being told her “Dallas style” would never sell here, she decided to go out on her own again.  She believed Colorado would embrace this style, and she was right!As the in-home business kept growing, it required more and more employees to keep up with the demands of what had become a million dollar business. At her husband’s urging, Carla soon opened a storefront in Highland Ranch showcasing her services. The storefront allowed Carla to show the quality of furniture and accessories that she sold.  The added square footage also allowed her to hire more designers to support her growing firm!After years of growth, the business outgrew the Highlands Ranch location, and it was time to start looking for something bigger.  The search led them to Southglenn.  The old mall had been demolished, and a larger outdoor mall was under construction. In February 2010, Carla opened her doors at The Streets at Southglenn with a new name CARLA’S: A CLASSIC DESIGN.The company continues to grow and has served customers in homes all over the country and in Canada.  Clients include restaurants, dentists, doctors and other businesses around Colorado. Carla still loves what she does, and you can still see the passion she brings to every designAWARDSNamed Finalist twice for the ARTS award (Accessories Resource Team) for the best Home Specialty store in the Midwest/SouthwestReign Magazines Top 40 Designers in ColoradoParade of HomesNumerous Genesee Model HomesTwo modeSupport the show (
Matt, Jon and Chandler sit down with Restoration Expert Craig Jacobs from Electronic Restoration Services. ERS specializes in Residential Electronics Recovery, Data Recovery etc. Obviously nobody wants to have to go through a catastrophic loss... but Craig takes you through all of the steps that are taken to make sure you get whole again. Great, Informative episode! Support the show (
Is your Home really complete without a pet? Sixty-eight percent of US households own a pet and 43 million Americans own Dogs. There is a reason that our Canine friends have earned the title of "Man's Best Friend". However, many struggle with properly training our Dogs/Puppies when we first bring them into our home because of several factors including kids, work and other commitments. This can lead to several problems and aggravations. This is why we have brought in expert Michael Connors from Connors Canine Behavior Academy, LLC to talk about how to set your furry friend up for success leaving you with more enjoyment and less stress. This is a must listen to episode if you own a Dog and especially if you have just gotten a new puppy or are thinking of getting one!  Michael’s story:Connors Canine Behavior Academy was founded by Retired Staff Sergeant Michael Connors, a combat veteran who enlisted in the United States Army in 2006. He deployed to the Middle East multiple times in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, and Operation Enduring Freedom Spartan Shield. During Michael's military career and multiple deployments, he experienced a number of events that changed his life forever.  He was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, chronic migraines and vertigo, significant hearing loss, and many other disabilities. During his last deployment, he was medically evacuated from the combat theater due to injuries sustained.  He spent eighteen months as a patient at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. During his recovery, he was introduced to service dogs.  He began training service dogs for other veterans as a form of occupational therapy. Through this therapy he found his life’s passion; working with dogs to serve his country, when he could no longer serve in the US Army.When Michael medically retired from the army in 2016, he founded Connors Canine Behavior Academy.  The academy’s goal to help of dog owners help find the solutions they need with their canine companions. Since that time, he has worked with over 50 clients and trained puppy obedience, adult obedience, behavior modification (reactivity, aggression, anxiety, etc.), professional therapy dogs and professional service dogs. His experience includes three plus years of training professional service and therapy dogs with two organizations.  Both organizations hold Assistance Dogs International certification.  He attended Animal Behavior College to become a Certified Canine Obedience Trainer.  Michael also holds certifications in Canine First Aid and Canine CPR. Connors Canine Behavior Academy is proud to provide service dogs to veterans free of charge in addition to offering training programs for obedience, behavior modification, and service dog training for civilian clients. We look forward to hearing how we can serve you!Support the show (
Today Matt, Jon and Chandler sit down with Credit expert Alexandra Erlich from My Credit Guy. So everybody knows that they have a credit score but how many of us actually know what that score actually means? How is it calculated? What is a good score vs a bad score? What raises and lowers the score? Well, there are a lot of misconceptions out there which is why we brought an expert in to find out! This is Part 2 where we go over how you can repair your score if you are trying to purchase a home. So sit back, relax and get ready to learn (and laugh)!Support the show (
Today Matt, Chandler and Jon sit down with Adam Courchaine, PA-C, MPAS, the owner of NuMed Direct Primary Care.  Have you ever had to wait days, weeks or even months to get to see your Health Care provider? Do you hate the costly office visits or worse yet... having to go to Urgent Care or the ER for after hours visits? You may want to look into Direct Primary Care. Under this model, patients may pay a combination of visit fees and/or fixed monthly fees which grant them access to a set of medical services, including same and next-day appointments, which may take the form of office visits and/or house calls.[2]Typically a direct primary care arrangement is paired with either:A high-deductible health plan, as DPC alone will not cover catastrophic health care such as most surgeriesA health savings account, or health reimbursement account as the associated tax-benefits can generally be applied to DPC and other medical expenses.This is not an endorsement of DPC, we are just interested in giving facts and options to our listeners :) Support the show (
In the episode... Matt, Chandler and Jon sit down with Garry Manchulenko, owner of GMBA Advisors Group. Most people use a 30 year mortgage to fund their purchase of a home. In order to assure that they are around to make the payments for 30 years... they want to make sure that they are healthy and have good Health Insurance. However, there is so much confusion when it comes to Health Insurance options that we brought in an expert to help us figure it out! Support the show (
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