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Awarded Best of iTunes, The $100 MBA Show is a podcast where you simply get better at business with our practical business lessons for the real world. These no fluff episodes are packed with only the pure business building training you want.

Omar Zenhom (@TheOmarZenhom) shares some of the best lessons, concepts, examples and insights from inside The $100 MBA training and community. Omar also calls upon some of the industry's top experts as guest teachers on the show. Again, no backstories or promotions, just solid business lessons from the best in the game.
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Thinking about hiring an agency to boost your business but worried about making the wrong choice? Hiring an external agency can be a game-changer, but it also comes with its own set of risks. How do you ensure you select the right agency that aligns with your needs and goals? In this episode, Omar guides […] The post MBA2484 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Agency appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Have you ever found yourself staring at your business metrics, wondering why growth has stopped and what you can do to turn things around? Experiencing the frustrating peaks and valleys of a feast or famine cycle? You’re not alone, and today’s episode is just for you. In this Q&A Wednesday episode, Omar tackles a critical […] The post MBA2483 Q&A Wednesday: What do I do when things aren’t working in my business? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Ever find yourself puzzled by human behavior and wonder what really drives people’s actions? Have you considered how a deeper understanding of human nature could transform your approach to business and life? If you’re curious about what makes people tick and how you can leverage this knowledge to your advantage, this episode is for you. […] The post MBA2482 Must Read: The Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Struggling to stay motivated in your everyday business endeavors? Finding your drive to achieve success wavering day in and day out? If so, you’re not alone. Join Omar as he delves into how to maintain consistent motivation. In this episode, Omar shares insights on the underlying reasons behind a lack of motivation, how to tap […] The post MBA2481 How To Stay Motivated Everyday appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Looking to expand your network and learn how to effectively ask for support or introductions from contacts? Want to navigate the fine line between seeking assistance and maintaining genuine relationships in your professional circle? If so, this episode of The $100 MBA Show is a must-listen! In this episode, Omar addresses a common concern raised […] The post MBA2480 Q&A Wednesday: How to ask someone in your network for something? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Have you ever wondered what the hardest part of becoming an entrepreneur is? In this episode, Omar dives into the toughest challenges that entrepreneurs face on their journey to success. Omar discusses the significant personal growth and transformation required to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. He shares his own experiences and practical strategies for overcoming the […] The post MBA2479 The Hardest Part of Becoming an Entrepreneur appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Ever found yourself trapped in the endless cycle of figuring out how to do everything on your own? Are you constantly asking yourself, “How can I make this happen?” only to find yourself sinking deeper into the rabbit hole of endless tasks and learning curves? It’s time to switch gears and shift your mindset from […] The post MBA2478 How To Switch From How to Who & Grow Faster appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Are you in the market for hiring a full-time developer and feeling stressed about making the right choice? Do you find the technical hiring process overwhelming, especially when you aren’t familiar with the intricacies of the role? You’re not alone, and today’s Q&A Wednesday episode is here to help you navigate this critical task with […] The post MBA2477 Q&A Wednesday: I need to hire a developer. How do I make the right hire without stressing out? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you consume daily? Do you struggle to remember and organize your ideas, tasks, and insights effectively? If so, you might be curious about a revolutionary method called the “Second Brain” approach. In today’s episode, Omar delves into the compelling book “Building a Second Brain” […] The post MBA2476 Must Read: Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Are you struggling to convert leads during your webinars, or perhaps feeling like your approach may be out of date? Now, well into 2024, the dynamics of digital sales are evolving, and it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. But how do you adapt and avoid common pitfalls that could hinder your success? In […] The post MBA2475 5 Biggest Mistakes When Selling on a Webinar in 2024 appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Is it possible to be too optimistic as a business owner? Kathy, one of our listeners, grapples with this question, wondering if a shift toward pessimism might actually pave the way to greater success. This episode delves into the balance between optimism and realism in the challenging world of entrepreneurship. Join Omar as he explores […] The post MBA2474 Q&A Wednesday: Do I need to be more pessimistic as a business owner? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Have you ever wondered how personal investments can significantly influence the growth of your business? In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, the most crucial asset you can develop is yourself. But what are the most effective ways to invest in your capabilities as an entrepreneur to ensure maximum growth and impact? In this episode, Omar breaks […] The post MBA2473 5 Ways I’ve Invested In Myself to Grow My Business appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Are you constantly struggling to decide whether you should be a perfectionist about the details of your business, or if you should focus on the bigger picture to keep progressing? This dilemma is a common hurdle for many entrepreneurs, leaving them questioning how much attention they really need to devote to every little piece of […] The post MBA2472 Should You Sweat The Details? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Are you struggling to get your first few customers for your new web app, especially one built around a SaaS model? Do you feel confident about your product but find yourself stumped when it comes to the marketing side of things? If these challenges sound familiar, you’re definitely not alone, and today’s episode is tailored […] The post MBA2471 Q&A Wednesday: How do I get my first few customers for my new app? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Have you ever wondered if there’s more to success than just financial gain and societal approval? In this must-read episode, Omar delves into David Brooks’ compelling book, “The Second Mountain,” which challenges the traditional perceptions of success and explores the pursuit of a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Omar shares his personal journey and the […] The post MBA2470 Must Read: The Second Mountain By David Brooks appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Have you ever considered the true value of your reputation in business? How it echoes through every deal you make, every product you release, and every interaction you have with clients and colleagues alike? In the fiercely competitive world of entrepreneurship, could your reputation be the silent ambassador advocating for your success behind closed doors? […] The post MBA2469 How To Build a Reputation That Serves You appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Are you working tirelessly to scale up your business revenue, only to find that your personal wealth isn’t reflecting the success of your sales figures? You’re not alone in this perplexing situation where the numbers just don’t add up to a growing bank account. Omar tackles a question that stumps many entrepreneurs: Why isn’t increased […] The post MBA2468 Q&A Wednesday: I am making more revenue than ever but I’m still not rich. Why? appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Are the people in your life fueling your success, or are they unwittingly holding you back? It’s time to take a hard look at the relationships that shape our personal and professional lives. In this episode, we’re peeling back the layers on the three types of toxic individuals who might be lurking in your network […] The post MBA2467 3 Toxic Types of People Stopping You From Growing appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Are you pouring your heart into content marketing but feel like you’re hitting a brick wall? Do you find yourself tirelessly posting on social media, crafting blog posts, or producing videos only to receive an underwhelming response? It’s a common frustration, and you’re not alone in your quest to figure out why your efforts aren’t […] The post MBA2466 The 3 Big Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Is Not Working appeared first on The $100 MBA.
Are you an entrepreneur grappling with how to grow your business without the financial means to hire a team? Is the dilemma of needing to expand but lacking the resources holding you back from transitioning from solopreneurship to a thriving business with a supportive team? If these challenges sound familiar, get ready to uncover some […] The post MBA2465 Q&A Wednesday: How do I hire a team with no money? I’m stuck in self-employment. appeared first on The $100 MBA.
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Reflect on your current job and identify the skills you possess and the tasks you enjoy doing the most. This will help you determine the type of business you want to start.

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Omar and Nicole! Just like you 'love it, love it, love it' when it comes to one of your favorite services and sponsors, I love it, love it, love it when it comes to your show! Always great nuggets of actionable wisdom helping me with my hustle, and relaxation recharge, too. Love the book recommendations, guest spots, and question episodes as well. It all helps me keep it real, feel like I'm not alone with my internet biz, and to grow. Love you guys, and thanks for doing what you do!

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Good Stuff. I listen all the time. Impressive how you're able to come up with all the different topics & your wife's editing is on point! Think it might be the best produced business one I've heard. Keep up the good work! Now if I can only find a wife that edits like yours...

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the team both of you make is positively AMAZING and it shows in this enlightening podcast. I'm so grateful for the time and effort give to each nugget. thank you for the direction on creating my rough draft to my Business!

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