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The 'Tarsh Talks' Podcast

Author: Tarsh Wendt

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Are you new to triathlon? Ever wondered what it would be like to travel overseas to race? Are you interested in starting your own side hustle or are you already running your biz? Are you wanting to learn more about an entrepreneurial journey? Or simply you know Tarsh, she loves to talk and you're interested in what she may have to share!

Introducing 'Tarsh Talks'!

A podcast where I will be sharing all my experiences and knowledge in Triathlon, running my own business and all the behind scenes of Stomp the Pedal, my relationship journey from being married to being a single warrior again!
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This was the second camp for Stomp the Pedal that founder, Tarsh Wendt has run. This year's camp definitely had some issues and it highlighted many areas for improvement. If you want to hear an honest review of her own camp, give it a listen. If you're listening via Apple Podcasts, please leave a review. It would be great to read what the audience thinks of this very sporadic podcast.
You're in for a treat. This is such a great fun, light hearted and insightful conversation on my couch with Ruth. She recently launched her own YouTube channel You can follow her on Instagram @rastle50 Please follow her and watch her journey as she progresses from Top Age Grouper to Professional Triathlete.
Firstly, Happy New Year/Decade. It is incredible how we perceive time to fly by so quickly. In this week's episode, I talk about goal setting and I share my 5 steps to defining and choosing my goals for 2020. There are also show notes that you can here if you would like read over my 5 steps. If you don't already, please give @tarshtalks a follow on Instagram or on Facebook. If you enjoyed the show or felt it could helps others, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Every little bit helps. Thanks for listening. 💋 Tarsh xx
Thank you for listening to Tarsh Talks - Copenhagen Race Report. I originally recorded this back in August 2019 and via video, which I then posted on my personal IGTV. I also wrote a detailed race report. If you are keen to read it, please click on the following link - As you may have come to notice my podcast is far from perfect. I'm a firm believer that one must start and never wait for perfection, otherwise one might be waiting a lifetime. I am so grateful for your listening to this episode. I would be so pleased if you were able to leave a review. It really does help with the rankings and others being able to hear it aswell. Till next week. Head over to Instagram and check out @tarshtalks
Welcome to episode 7 of Tarsh Talks. In this episode, I'm addressing a request by a follower from my social media about how to get in front of the camera and show up. Getting in front of the camera for videos etc is difficult for many but in today's society and they way social media is connecting us all is very much they video. Video is also a place where Instagram is focusing heavily on. In this episode I share some of my own tips on how to brave and show up on Instagram Stories. During the episode I mention two pieces of equipment that I sometimes use, especially when recording for IGTV, these are the Joby Gorilla Tripod and the Manfrotto Universal Clamp, both of which can be located on Amazon. I hope you find the episode helpful. Please leave a review. This podcast is in its infancy, so any help with ratings or subscribes is greatly appreciated. Also feel free to follow @tarshtalks on Instagram. Thanks for listening.
Random life update

Random life update


In this very short episode I am basically bringing you up to date on where I am at right now. This is quite a weird space for me. I feel like I am in limbo. I don't think it helps that I'm suffering from jetlag after a really cool couple of weeks away in the sun with friends. Also coming back to the UK where it's grey, wet and dull. Really hoping we have some more lovely autumn days. That always brings me joy. The episode is a short one. I felt like in owed you all an update, as I have no been consistent. I'll be looking to engage with guests that my followers have requested that I have a chat with. So stay tuned for more. Thank you for listening to date. These will get better, I promise.
In this week's episode I share with you my favourite places to eat drink and be merry in Kona Hawaii. You will find all the links to all the places I have mentioned in the show by clicking the following link This will take you to the show notes where you will be able to read about each place and click on the link to be taken directly to the restaurants website. Enjoy the show. Please share, subscribe and leave a review.
This week you are lucky as this is a bonus episode. As I have just completed my 12th Ironman branded race, and the details so fresh in my mind, I just had to share my experience. Now you will notice I refer to video in this episode and that is because I have extracted the audio from my videos I did for my IGTV channel under @irontarsh_lifestyletriathlete I hope you enjoy this episode. This race, this place, what a weekend! Social media references @stompthepedal on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Website is and you can find me @irontarsh_lifestyletriathlete on all platforms too. Website for Tarsh Talks will released soon.
🎙️In this episode I talk about the story behind the name, Stomp the Pedal. 🗣️I share with you all how the brand came to life, and some behind the scenes information on how I started. This brand would have seen the light of day, if it wasn't for tragedy striking my family at the time. It is also important that I share with you today the story of the brand, because it is the 2 year anniversary since the brand launched. STP went live at 9am on the 9th September 2017. 🎧 I hope you enjoy the episode. Feedback, reviews, downloads are always gratefully accepted. ❤️
In this episode I am sharing with you my top 5 female entrepreneur business podcasts. I personally have found these podcast to be very helpful while I've been learning all about social media, new tools and resources plus learning about myself as a business woman. I hope you find them helpful too. ➡️ If you are enjoying my podcast, please subscribe and even leave a review. It all helps and you know what, it costs you nothing except a moment of your time. 🥰
In the this episode of Tarsh Talks, I am sharing my experience and tips for those going to Kona for the first time, for this year's Ironman World Championships. ➡️ Over the next few weeks leading into 2019 Ironman World Champs, I will be sharing everything from my favourite restaurants, coffee, and the hype that is Kona baby! These episodes have been created to help first timers and maybe on the odd occasion those who have been before. I hope you enjoy it. Happy listening!
Going live! Intro!

Going live! Intro!


I decided that I needed to just launch. Screw perfection and having all the amazing show notes and graphics etc perfect. That will of course come later. But seriously timing is everything and I wanted to introduce myself, and give a quick summary of my what show will be about. 🎙️ I will be talking about everything from race reports, places I've travelled, life, running a business, my experiences in running my business, all the highs and lows. Plus I will do my best to share and educate you all on what I've been learning! I hope you will give this podcast a chance and if not, that's cool, cause I'll still be talking and sharing ❤️
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