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Shannan Martin is one of my favorite storytellers and she includes a never-told-before story in this episode. I cried while we were recording together and then again while editing (a first for me.) Shannan does such a beautiful job breaking down the essence of building community and reminding us of why it is oh, so important. Feelings of loneliness are becoming more and more common but we can start with the small seeds of a smile, wave, and short conversations. We talk about so much in this one and you will learn a tremendous amount through Shannan's touching stories. Don't miss this one! Learn more about Shannan and sign up for her newsletter at  And check out Shannan's newest book called "Start With Hello" here >>  
Make real life compelling. It is a tall order but one that's on our plate as parents and caregivers.  Andy Crouch is the author of a tremendous book called The Tech-Wise Family that is packed with stats and information but also with practical ideas for your family to give you hope. This episode includes ways to deal with our own technology use so our children don't have to compete so hard for our attention, a secret way to 'not' have the first day back after vacation be the worst day of your year, encouragement to develop skills in front of our kids and invite them to join us, the power of a candlelit dinner, the hope of neuroplasticity, and (as usual) so much more! Learn more about Andy Crouch at Check out The Tech-Wise Family here:
I adore Vanessa. She is full of life (and full of opera which you will hear a little bit of in this episode!)  Learn how a simple, touching story with Vanessa's youngest son brought her into the world of entrepreneurs where so leads a team of 150 who are helping strengthen families. In this episode we talk about the power of elaborate reminiscing, how to hold on to your stories, and how printed photos remind parents that they are good parents. Vanessa discusses research done in tandem with HP about the power of a printed photo. This is your reminder and inspiration to capture (and print) the magic of everyday moments and not to forget about the grandparents who, may be feeling increasingly irrelevant or struggling with memory challenges, delight in the stories that printed photos spur on. Learn more about Chatbooks here:
Rain or Shine Mamma, Linda Akeson McGurk is back to discuss friluftsliv - a form of slow nature. Linda Akeson McGurk is a Swedish American journalist and author who believes life is better outside. Her first book, the parenting memoir There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather: A Scandinavian Mom’s Secrets for Raising Healthy, Resilient, and Confident Kids (from Friluftsliv to Hygge), was published in 2017 to critical acclaim, receiving mentions in The Wall Street Journal as well as The New York Times. Since then, the book has become an Amazon bestseller and been translated into five languages. The Open-Air Life: Discover the Nordic Art of Friluftsliv and Embrace Nature Every Day is her second book. In this episode we talk about dealing with exhaustion, cultural differences surrounding time in nature, our soundscapes, dressing for the weather, and passing down a love of nature to our children. Everyone loves Linda and I know you're going to love this episode. Make sure you tune into Linda's last episode where we talk about how different types of weather help us develop grit and resilience (Episode #12).  Learn more about Linda here: Check out Linda's brand new book The Open Air Life here: This episode is sponsored by 1000 Hours Outside double hammocks! Get $10 off your hammock with code "PODCAST10". Shop here:  
Award-winning journalist and author of "The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort to Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self" joins us to talk about everything from whether our happiness depends on being comfortable, how to expand our sense of time, how much silence we need for our well-being, overcoming alcoholism, and why rucking is arguably the best exercise for women. There are SO many nuggets in this one! Learn more about Michael Easter here: Sign up for the 2 Percent Newsletter here: Order your copy of The Comfort Crisis here: Pre-order your copy of 1000 Hours Outside, Activities to Match Screen Time with Green Time here:   
You don’t have to own a big farm to have a slower, simpler lifestyle! In this episode we talk about guarding you slow living lifestyle and putting the brakes on hustle mode. Lana actually did this!! And she tells you how she did it and how she continues to do it during this conversation.  We talk about everything from gardening to goats, and food security to a peach-sized brain tumor Lana had removed not too long ago. She talks us through ideas about self-sufficiency and what to do when you feel like your world is falling apart.  Learn more about Lana here: Check out Lana's podcast here: Purchase Lana's new book here: This episode is sponsored by 1000 Hours Outside, Activities to Match Screen Time with Green Time published by DK Books!! It launches *worldwide* on December 20th and you can pre-order now! Here's the link to preorder: 
I don't even know where to begin with this one except that I've adored Mary Heffernan (of Five Marys Farms) for YEARS and then... I got a chance to talk with her. The Heffernans run a massive ranch in Ft. Jones, California where they raise Black Angus cattle, Berkshire hogs, and Navajo-Churro sheep as a family - Mary, Brian, and their four daughters who are also all named Mary!!  Mary self-describes herself as a serial entrepreneur so this episode weaves all over the place - from her first businesses as an elementary-school kid all the way through opening restaurants, moving to a ranch, writing cookbooks, offering entrepreneurship courses and more. We talk about how empowered kids feel when they are a part of the daily caregiving of home and animals. We talk about living in a small space (the six Heffernans lived in 700 sq. feet for seven years), the importance of having a family motto, squeezing in date nights when you have a lot of kids, eating outside, and feeding large crowds. This is a fun one! Learn more about what Five Marys Farms has to offer below and order one of Mary's cookbooks here: Five Marys Family Style: Recipes and Traditions from the Ranch >> Five Marys Ranch Raised Cookbook: Homegrown Recipes from Our Family to Yours >>
This is the question so many of you have! How do you camp with little ones?  Laura Bruner, founder of Radical Roots and co-host of The Modern Mamas Podcast joins us to talk about she's camped with a baby and a toddler and the things she does to make it work (including food ideas!) She'll also convince you why parenting is often easier outside and what she does when she's at her highest stress levels.  You can learn more about Laura at: Check out The Modern Mamas Podcast here: This episode is brought to you by Ginny's brand new book, 1000 Hours Outside that hits the stores December 20th but is available for preorder now wherever you buy your books. Preorder here:  Preorders are extremely helpful for authors and by preordering you can be assured that your copy will come just in time for a brand new year. 1000 Hours Outside is published by DK Books so you know it’ll be a family favorite. It is filled with exciting ideas, vibrant photos from the 1000 Hours Outside global community, activity instructions, and all the inspiration you need to keep hands-on experiences woven into your life. Preorder now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, or Find more information on our website,  
In an amazing turn of events I got to speak with Sally Clarkson!!!!!! Sally has been giving life and inspiration to mothers and families for decades. Her latest book, Giving Your Words carried the reminders that I needed to be more intentional about flooding our home with words because those will help with imagination and so much more. Sally gives practical idea after practical idea in her new book as well as in this episode. She's just SO encouraging. You will feel a little lighter and you'll have good direction after this one.  We talk about the power of home, the power of words, how words open up opportunities for our kids, the legacy we want to leave, giving people hope, imaginative play, walking and talking, and lots more.  It's a lovely thing that Sally has such a lovely voice to give her words with :). Enjoy! Check our Sally Clarkson here: Order Giving Your Words here:
He's back!!! And he's just as entertaining, endearing, and enjoyable as ever. Alastair Humphreys, author, keynote speaker, adventurer, film maker and blogger joins us to talk about the five books he's written that you absolutely want to have on your shelves for your kids. Through his writing, he hides education within grand stories of adventures. You'll learn about Alastair's experiences traveling around the world and then walking through Spain with nothing but a violin that used to play and make money (even though he could hardly play the violin at all!) Take the first step. Go. Alastair implores us to break down our adventures into small bits and step out of comfort zone and live full lives. You'll learn what project Alastair has coming next, you'll hear me tear up a bit, and you'll listen to Al commiserate on how hard it is (even for a pro-adventurer) to get his own kids off screens and out the door. We even have a little book club chat near the end.  This is one you may listen to twice and your kids will enjoy it, too! Subscribe and share with friends. Learn more about Alastair here: Shop Alastair's books here: Listen to our first podcast about Microadventures here:
Charlotte Mason meets John Muir Laws meets modern entrepreneur, Micah Pettes in this new episode that will spark ideas and warm your heart. The wonderful and talented founder of Juniper Grove Journals, Micah Pettes joins us to talk about the power of journaling (sketchbooks, calendar of firsts, phenology wheels, and more) as well as entrepreneurship, giving kids real world experiences before they have launched into the real world, process over product, scheduling in high-quality leisure time, how to lock in the things you've seen, encouragement to stay off your phone when you're outdoors with your kids, and how to equip your young creator.  Micah's knowledge of both Charlotte Mason and John Muir Laws will give you practical ways to include journaling of all sorts into your home.  I met Micah for the very first time at a conference earlier this year and her Juniper Grove Journals booth was just bustling with activity. As we head into the holiday season, the journals and accessories Juniper Grove Journals sells would make unique and delightful gifts for the special people in your life. My friends are all getting something from Juniper Grove Journals this year. They're already tucked away in my closet ready to be wrapped. (Sorry, friends for spoiling the surprise :) ).  Check out all Juniper Grove Journals has to offer here: If you purchase one and you think about it shoot me a picture of the fabric you chose! They're all so stunning. I have The Classic Juniper Strawberry Jam in Natural and I LOVE it!
We are so pleased to welcome SD Smith, author of the beloved Green Ember series back on our podcast for a second time. The first time he was on we talked about the type of childhood that prepared him to be a novelist. On this episode, he is joined by his teenage son AND co-author. SD (father) and JC (son) have started a new fantasy series together and the very first book, Jack Zulu and the Waylanders Key is available for pre-order now! Books will ship in November (a great holiday gift idea!!) This episode is about dreaming - dreaming up what is possible for your family and dreaming up what is possible in a story line. We talk about common things we all struggle with: perfectionism, parenting, risk, finishing things, and more.  Everyone RAVES about SD Smith. He is genuine and thoughtful and this episode where he is joined by his is both heartwarming and inspiring. SD Smith and JC Smith have combined forces to create an enchanting, mythical world full of the types of dangers that create daring heroes and heroines. Our souls crave meaningful stories and Jack Zulu delivers in a family-friendly way through memorable characters and fearless adventures. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with this brand new page-tuner, the first book of an entire series to come! Check out the podcast and then check out the new book which is available for pre-order (a signed copy!!) Pre-orders are SO helpful for authors. It's a great way to support the writers we love! Jack Zulu and the Waylanders Key - SD Smith - JC Smith - The Green Writer Course -  
This is a bold statement... the best parenting decision made to date!! Listen in to find out what it is and why you don't need to feel any shame about past screen habits with your family. We all were marketed one thing and it didn't pan out. Molly walks us through many ways to keep screens from ruling your household and reminds all of us of the tremendous influence we have as parents. There are lots of things that come in this episode and in her book that I didn't know... about conversation, about the impact of even just having your phone out, about the amount of micro-interactions necessary to build a strong relationship. Learn more about Molly DeFrank here: Check out Molly's book here:
Get ready for a unique episode with award-winning children's author, illustrator, and kindie musician Sara Ernst!  All of you with little ones need to know about Sara and the beautiful children's books she's written and illustrated as well as all of the darling music she has recorded to help all of us learn in nature and pique our curiosities.  Sara performs two of her enchanting songs in this episode and reminds us of the power of music to help us self-soothe, move, and give us deep feelings. Music is an amazing resource to use throughout childhood. Sara also talks about the process of writing and illustrating children's books, something that is a dream for many. Your kids will love her music!! And with titles like It Comes from a Seed, Constellations, Clouds, Firefly, My Cocoon, and Seasons they will learn things while they listen! Check out Sara and all she has to offer (many free things!) on her website: And on Youtube:
We need to end the corporate takeover of childhood. Dr. Susan Linn always has practical and pertinent information for today's parents. She's an expert on the commercialization of childhood, the values that companies are spreading that cause division in families, and the types of toys that undermine creativity. In a gentle, supportive, and empathetic was Susan helps us find ways to protect our children's intrinsic motivation to play and create. She gives insight into what is going on behind the scenes that is contributing to nagging and guilt.  I have gotten so much out of all three of Dr. Susan Linn's books, all published by The New Press. Her newest, Who's Raising the Kids? Big Tech, Big Business, and the Lives of Children is phenomenal. I was so thankful to get the chance to talk about the things she is continuing to learn as it pertains to the intentions of companies who are taking advantage of our need at times for convenience. Susan was on our podcast earlier this season (season 3, episode 26) talking about the loss of middle childhood (ages 6 - 12). Both episodes are fantastic. They'll leave you with lots to ponder and lots to discuss with friends and family! Check out Susan's brand new book here: Learn more about Dr. Susan Linn here:  
What's it like recording a podcast while frantically getting ready for the news to show up last minute? You'll find out here! LaNissir is highly sought after for her momma skills (she has seven kids plus two puppies) and for her advice on roadschooling, homeschooling, Myers Briggs personality types, leadership, and so much more!  Everyone loves LaNissir and I know you will too. Mamas who are in the early stages with little ones, you will find encouragement here. Mamas who are transitioning to new ages and stages, you will find wisdom and joy here. She reminds all of us to embrace the season that we are in right now. Check out LaNissir's Moms Manual here: Learn more about LaNissir here:
When you have young kids you are in the trenches, living moment by moment and trying to do the best that you can in those early years. And your kids get older, it gets easier physically but you lose the flexibility and wide-open schedules of early childhood. The point is that now is now and there won't ever be a perfect season to adventure with your family.  Jodi Mockabee, author of The Whole & Healthy Family has crafted a lifestyle of adventure for her five children and she joins us to explain the ins and outs but she also covers getting teens outside, the importance of stamina, the benefits of being barefoot, and she also gives some beautiful homeschool advice for those who are in need of that.  You can check out Jodi's new book, The Whole & Healthy Family here: Learn more about Jodi on her amazing website here: Jodi has so much to offer on her site!  
Dr. Nicholas Kardaras is an Ivy League educated psychologist, best-selling author, internationally renowned speaker and an expert on mental health, addiction, and the impacts of our digital age. We spoke last year in season two about his phenomenal book Glow Kids that came out in 2016 where he lays the case that technology is habit-forming. At the time it was ground-breaking and controversial though now it has been established that we live in an "attention economy" and that our devices very much operate like digital slot machines. Launching this week is a brand new book by Kardaras and per usual it is cutting edge and eye-opening. Digital Madness looks at what addictive technology and habituation is doing to our society. You don't want to miss this episode!  There's so much in here I don't even know where to begin. Kardaras is an addiction specialist and he has the answers that we need with the metaverse on the horizon and at a unique time in history when depression is outpacing prescriptions. Digital Madness is a total page turner! Check it out here:
Jon Acuff is paving the way. He's paving the way for his daughters as he just co-wrote a book with them (!) and he's paving the way for us with practical, relatable information that makes our lives better.  In 2021, Jon wrote Soundtracks: The Surprising Solution to Overthinking and he has this way of doling out information that sticks. It slides into your brain and rolls around in there and connects with your other thoughts and helps you make more heartfelt choices. It was an honor and a hoot to get a chance to talk with Jon about parenting topics like helping kids learn their "turn down" techniques for when life has gone haywire, like giving kids time to practice skills during childhood so that they feel prepared for adulthood, like being purposeful and present with today's relationships. We also talk about legos. And queso. And skittles and failure. Jon's daughters, L.E. and McRae wrote a sequel to Soundtracks that's geared for teens called "Your New Playlist" and Jon was their editor.  As a New York Times Bestselling Author and INC Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Jon packs it the good stuff while being entertaining, witty, and memorable through and through. Check out Your New Playlist here: Learn more about Jon, his other books, his courses, and his "All It Takes is a Goal Podcast" here:
Vulnerability, grit, courage, abundance, farming, belonging, how to slow down in a busy culture, embracing change, pushing through, starting fresh, visceral connection, stoking someone else's fire, abundance, and... farming!!!  Lovely topics with a lovely soul... Christine Marie Bailey reminds us through her book and her personal story, that it totally okay to change, and grow, and do something different with your life. We don't have to ask permission. You can find Christine's new book, The Kindred Life here: (it's beautiful and would make a great gift!) You can find Christine at as well as Christine is also on Instagram at @organicstine and @thekindredfarm
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