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Author: Ginny Yurich

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Childhood is finite at just shy of 9.5 million minutes. We only get one shot at it. One of the biggest decisions we make is how we will use that time. Research has confirmed time and time again that what children are naturally and unabashedly drawn to, unrestricted outside play, contributes extensively to every area of childhood development. The importance here cannot be understated.

Every year we aim to match nature time with the average amount of American kid screen time (which is currently 1200 hours per year). Have a goal. Track your time outside. Take back childhood. Inspire others.
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In this episode of the 1000 Hours Outside podcast, host Ginny Yurich invites guest Melanie Wegener to explore the importance of outdoor experiences for families. The conversation covers a range of topics, including minimalism, gear and clothing considerations, and the benefits of cultivating side hustles. Melanie shares her insights on winning over $40,000 in prizes through free competitions and provides some tips for those looking to try it out. The discussion delves into the challenges of getting small children outside, emphasizing the difficulties of simply getting out the door. Melanie highlights the positive impact of outdoor activities on both mothers and children, emphasizing that being in nature contributes to better regulation for everyone involved. The episode explores practical tips for making your yard more enticing than screens and the importance of habit stacking to incorporate exercise while spending time outdoors with kids. Listeners gain insights into the concept of "nature takes away the overwhelm" and discover ways to add bits of nature to everyday life. The conversation also covers the benefits of risky play for children and how it can be managed in a controlled environment. As the episode progresses, Melanie shares tips on handling laundry when outdoor play inevitably leads to dirt and explores the idea of making real-life experiences more enticing than digital alternatives. The discussion concludes with practical advice on throwing an outdoor party and Melanie's favorite open-ended toys for encouraging deeper play, including Duplo/Lego, train tracks, and Magnatiles. Tune in to discover how embracing the outdoors can lead to happier, more connected family experiences. Learn more about Melanie here >> And on Instagram @savvymamma
I've been looking forward to this episode for a long time because I absolutely love Tom Hall's new books, Brain Drive and New Arridor. They are fascinating works of fiction that really get you thinking about the role of technology in our life... plus the books are page turners and they are clean! They're great options for tweens, teens, and beyond. Amazingly Tom is both an author and an optometrist! In this episode we discuss his new books as well as eye health and the impact of outdoor time on eyesight and eye functioning.  Tom reflects on childhood experiences that may have ingrained the belief that certain accomplishments are out of reach, emphasizing the power of imagination. He shares a personal journey of seeking productivity in his time and highlights the nerve-racking feeling of releasing your creative work into the world. The episode concludes with a nostalgic reflection on the bygone era when outdoor play was the norm, and children stayed outside until the streetlights came on. Join Ginny Yurich and Tom Hall as they unravel the intersections of creativity, productivity, technology, and eye health on the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast. ** Order your copy of Brain Drive here >> Order your copy of New Arridor here >> Learn more about Tom here >> Download the Book Club questions for Brain Drive here >> ** Head to Good Ranchers and use code "1000hours" when you subscribe to get your free 10LB holiday ham. Don't settle for the same old holiday fare; elevate your feast with Good Ranchers this year. Good Ranchers: American meat delivered. Shop here >>
Zan Tyler joins us to talk about parenting and her unexpected journey into homeschooling. Zan is a story weaver and you will be encouraged by her path that started with her initial reluctance to embrace teaching or motherhood, only to find herself as a stay-at-home mom later on... fighting battles in the legislature for homeschool freedoms.  The conversation touches on the resilience needed in the face of societal skepticism, illustrated when Zan recounts how friends hesitated to let their kids play with hers due to their unconventional choice to try homeschooling. Despite opposition, Zan emphasizes the richness and depth that homeschooling brought to their lives and relationships. The episode explores the heart of homeschooling, highlighting the powerful combination of love and commitment parents invest in their children's education. Zan advocates for a child-centric approach, putting the individual needs and pace of the child at the forefront of the educational journey. To combat parenting and homeschooling burnout, Zan introduces the "Stop, Drop, and Roll" analogy, offering practical advice for rejuvenation – whether it's taking a break or stepping outside. The podcast concludes by addressing the challenging days of homeschooling, emphasizing the importance of recognizing when to pause and recharge. ** Learn more about Zan here >> Listen to Zan on her own podcast >> The Zan Tyler Podcast
In this episode Colleen Kessler passionately discusses the need to preserve the resilience and confidence in boys, exploring the fascinating physiology of their brains and the value of allowing them to take risks. The conversation unfolds into a deep exploration of emotional intelligence and resilience, emphasizing the role parents play as the primary examples of healthy adulthood for their kids. Discover the power of free, self-directed play and its profound impact on fostering lifelong learners. Colleen shares insights on the benefits of letting kids be free, encouraging parents to set the stage for a future where their children never forget how to play, ensuring a life filled with joy and continuous learning. Tune in to uncover practical tips on navigating the challenges of parenthood, creating a supportive environment for your children to bounce back from adversity, and ultimately, raising resilient individuals who contribute meaningfully to the greater whole of the family and society. This episode is a masterclass on intentional parenting and a celebration of the boundless potential within each child. ** Learn more about Colleen here >> You can also find her on the Raising Lifelong Learners podcast!    
Mike Lanza, author of Playbordhood join us! In a world where screens dominate and structured activities consume children's time, Mike shares his journey from being astonished by the lack of independent play to becoming a catalyst for change in his neighborhood. Discover the challenges of modern neighborhoods, the impact of a lack of outdoor play, and the circular network effect that keeps kids indoors. Mike explores innovative solutions to make neighborhoods exciting again, from front-yard play areas to creating spaces that appeal to a broad age range. Learn about the crucial role of multi-age items, fostering independence in children, and the delicate balance between facilitating and controlling. The conversation delves into the importance of risk-taking as a skill, the shift from child-led to parent-led interactions, and the need for parents to invest in their children's independence. Gain valuable insights into creating vibrant, child-centric communities that empower kids to play with abandon, take risks, and ultimately lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Tune in to explore practical ideas for transforming your neighborhood into a haven for children's play and discover how empowering kids to embrace independence can shape a brighter future for them and the communities they inhabit. ** Learn more about Mike Lanza here >> Purchase your copy of Playborhood here >> ** Save an extra 10% on every order from Good Ranchers with my code "1000hours" and get free shipping, plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No stress, no risk, just America's best meat delivered. Shop here >>
Johnna Holmgren (@foxmeetsbear) joins us!!!!!  In this episode we explore the beauty and value found in the motherhood role, challenging the notion of mothering drudgery and delving into the rich joy that comes with the responsibilities. Discover the power of establishing seasonal rhythms for authentic rest, home stability, and lifelong kinship with our children. From the importance of a rooted system that anchors both parent and child to the transformative benefits of predictable hikes and bedtime rituals, Johnna shares her insights on creating a family rhythm that fosters emotional intelligence and deepens the connection with nature. We also talk about the fascinating ethos of forest school, embracing cold therapy, and the simple nothingness of childhood. Learn the art of saying no to extracurricular activities and the surprising benefits of cold training in preparation for both winter and summer. Discover how less clothing in the fall and more clothing in late spring can educate the body and mind toward resilience. Johnna's experiences with cold showers, wild swimming, and the profound impact of intentional language on our posture towards life offer a unique perspective on building appreciation and joy for the cold. Tune in as they explore the ways in which our posture towards life, motherhood, and the cold influences our children and how committing to speaking positively can shape their outlook on the world. This episode is a celebration of embracing unconventional approaches, finding joy in simplicity, and fostering resilience within ourselves and our families. Don't miss it!! **  Learn more about Johnna and all she has to offer here >>
Welcome to the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast! In this episode, host Ginny Yurich engages in a captivating conversation with the brilliant Scott Barry Kaufman, author of "Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined" (and nine other books). Together, they explore the multifaceted nature of human intelligence and the limitations of assessing it through a single number. Kaufman challenges the conventional use of IQ tests, advocating for a more holistic approach that encourages the activation of one's full potential rather than limiting it. The discussion delves into the importance of childhood play and the foundation it lays for imagination and empathy. Kaufman emphasizes the need to avoid a victim mentality and shares insights on defying expectations. As the conversation unfolds, topics range from self-actualization and dyslexia to the power of discipline and the diverse paths to success. Kaufman sheds light on "twice exceptional" kids, urging for a more empowering approach that recognizes and nurtures their unique gifts and voices. Amidst the thought-provoking discussion, Kaufman shares personal anecdotes, including his favorite activities and even his American Idol auditions! The episode concludes with insights into a human-centered education manifesto and the value of infusing a little more fantasy into our lives. Tune in for a journey through intelligence redefined, embracing the complexities of the human mind on the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast! ** Learn more about Scott Barry Kaufman here >> And on social media >> @scottbarrykaufman ** Purchase your copy of Ungifted: Intelligence Redefined here >> ** Check out SBK's podcast The Psychology Podcast— the #1 psychology podcast in the world, with over 20 million downloads.
Join us on this empowering episode of the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast with the incredible Crystal Paine, founder of Money Saving Mom, host of The Crystal Paine Show, and NYT bestselling author. Crystal shares her wisdom on how to juggle the demands of life, find joy in every moment, and focus on what truly matters. In a world where time is fleeting, Crystal's insights on prioritizing and embracing the power of prayer provide a refreshing perspective. Discover the 6x2 priority system, learn to let go of perfectionism, and find inspiration in making life simpler. Crystal's personal journey, from overcoming anxiety to thriving through daily challenges, will inspire you to view stress as a warning flag and find the good in every day. Don't miss this episode packed with practical tips and heartfelt wisdom to help you not just survive but truly thrive in the midst of life's chaos. *** Learn more about Crystal here >> www.MoneySavingMom.Com Order your copy of The Time Saving Mom here >> Find Crystal's printables here >> Find Crystal on social media here >> @themoneysavingmom  
It really is The Food Babe!!!!  Vani Hari, also known as The Food Babe, joins us to discuss her transformative health journey. From battling childhood health issues to hitting rock bottom in her early 20s, Vani shares her powerful story of overcoming adversity. Tune in as Vani delves into the concerning realities of our food supply, revealing the addictive chemicals added to our meals. Uncover the impact of MSG on our health and explore how the food industry manipulates our palates, hijacking our taste buds. Discover practical insights from Vani's newest book Food Babe Family, a unique guidebook and cookbook, offering tips on cultivating a love for vegetables in children amongst many other things! Learn how the food industry's deceitful tactics affect kids' eating habits and contribute to picky eating. Join the conversation as they tackle the importance of getting kids outside and its positive influence on food choices. From picnics to less rushed dinners due to outdoor play, find out how reconnecting with nature can enhance your family's well-being. Don't miss out on intriguing discussions about standing up for your child's nutrition, the truth about processed foods... and the pizza saga. Plus, discover how getting your child's buy-in with school lunches can make a significant difference in their overall well-being. Join us on the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast for an enlightening episode that empowers parents to make informed choices for their children's health and well-being. ** Check out Vani's newest book here >> Learn more about Vani here >> and on social media @thefoodbabe
Renowned author and psychologist Gay Hendricks is here!!!!!!! His book "The Big Leap" was a life-changing read for me. I read it this past year. In this conversation, we explore the intriguing concept of the "Upper Limit Problem" and how it manifests in various aspects of our lives. From the fear of outshining others to the deep-seated worry about our own potential, Gay  shares powerful anecdotes and strategies to break free from self-imposed limits. Discover the distinction between the Zone of Excellence and the Zone of Genius, and learn how embracing your true passion can lead to a life of fulfillment and purpose. Throughout the episode, Gay provides practical advice on nurturing positive feelings, savoring success, and making small adjustments that can result in major life changes. Uncover the truth about worry, criticism, and blame as addictions, and explore the liberating potential of stepping into your genius zone. This conversation is an invitation to examine the fears that hold us back, the lies we tell ourselves, and the incredible potential that lies within each of us. Don't miss this episode that could be the catalyst for a life-changing transformation. ** Order your copy of Ginny's new book Until the Streetlights Come On here >>  ** Learn more about Gay Hendricks here >> Purchase your copy of The Big Leap here >> ** Get $15 off and your choice of free protein for a year at Good Ranchers when you use code "1000hours" and subscribe to any box. The four options to choose from for their free gift for a year are Top Sirloin Steaks, Salmon, Chicken Breasts, or Bacon. Shop here >>  
It's almost book launch day and I hope you'll tune to this message from my heart - including a little behind the scenes peak into the lead-up to a book launch. There's also a story about the beauty of timing and the ways in which our lives intersect with the lives of others. Purchase your copy of Until the Streetlights Come On here >> It is already a best seller! It will be a fantastic addition to your family. Check out some initial reviews on Goodreads here >> Grab your pre-order bonuses by filling out the form here >> Submit your tracker for the tracker design contest here >>
Lana Stenner joins us again!!! Maybe the third time she'll join us with one of her goats :). In this explore we explore the pursuit of a simpler life through the lens of outdoor culinary experiences. Lana shares her insights on the joys of al fresco dining, turning cooking into a cherished gift rather than a chore. Dive into the world of edible flowers, including lilac, violas, pansies, daisies, echinacea, and red buds, as Lana adds a touch of magic to her recipes. Discover the transformative power of seasonal transitions, where the changing seasons prompt a pause for reflection and foraging. Lana encourages a playful approach to food, making cooking an enjoyable and memorable experience for families. Explore the significance of food photography and the art of creating personal cookbooks, preserving recipes for future generations. The episode unfolds with discussions on summer potlucks, the simplicity of homemade versus store-bought, and Lana's favorite combination of jam over goat cheese. In the "FARMACY" segment, Lana shares her recipes for elderberry syrup, kombucha, and sourdough bread. The episode concludes with Lana's heartfelt advice on documenting personal recipes, fostering lasting traditions, and creating meaningful culinary memories. Tune in for a delightful journey into the world of "Garden-to-Table Tales," "Floral Feasts and Family Traditions," or "Savoring Simplicity: Outdoor Culinary Adventures." Purchase your copy of Lana's new cookbook here >>   Learn more about Lana here >>   Follow Lana here ⬇️   IG and FB @lanastenner TikTok @lanastennerandgoatgang Pinterest @lanastennerhomestead  
Brian Tome is such a phenomenal podcast guest!!!!!  The topics we discuss in this episode range from the crisis of modern masculinity, to the restorative power of challenging outdoor activities, to the critical importance of play (in childhood and beyond), to friendship, and more. I've been talking to all my friends about several of the main premises in this conversation.  In a culture where digital screens often replace human connection, Brian and Ginny discuss the importance of building meaningful relationships and the transformative impact of fostering genuine friendships. Plus, don't miss the insight into Man Camp, an initiative to help men connect and grow. If you're looking to rediscover your sense of adventure, deepen your connections, and make the most of your life, this episode will inspire you to embrace the great outdoors and invest in the things that truly matter. Join us for an eye-opening conversation that challenges the status quo and encourages you to make the most of your time outside. ** Purchase The Five Marks of a Man here >> Purchase The Five Marks of a Man Tactical Guide here >> Purchase the Move Devotional here >> Check out Brian's Podcast The Aggressive Life here >> Learn more about Brian here >> ** Pre-order Until the Streetlights Come On from Baker Books here >> Claim your pre-order bonuses here >> ** Get $15 off and your choice of free protein for a year at Good Ranchers when you use code "1000hours" and subscribe to any box. The four options to choose from for their free gift for a year are Top Sirloin Steaks, Salmon, Chicken Breasts, or Bacon. Shop here >>  
Welcome back the financial guru, Rachel Cruze!! Rachel has a brand new, adorable and meaningful children's book launching this November called "I'm Glad for What I Have." We discuss the ever-evolving expectations set by social media, the pressure to keep up with a certain standard of living, and how these factors can lead to a never-ending cycle of chasing material possessions. Rachel shares her insights on the importance of contentment and the realization that acquiring everything we want might not lead to the happiness we expect. Discover the true cost of debt and how it can ensnare us in a never-ending cycle. We also explore the power of minimalism and the things minimalists never buy, shedding light on the concept that a budget isn't a restriction, but rather permission to spend wisely. Our conversation delves into the transformative nature of generosity and the idea that money serves as a magnifying glass, amplifying our true selves. Join us for an insightful and heartwarming discussion that will help you find balance, contentment, and financial success. Check out Rachel's newest book for kids called "I'm Glad For What I Have" here>
Cuddly as a cactus and charming as an eel, he’s your new favorite snarky talk show host. Join The Grinch (and his faithful dog Max) each week as he rants against Christmas cheer and roasts celebrity guests like chestnuts on an open fire. Starring Saturday Night Live’s James Austin Johnson as the notorious curmudgeon and broadcasting straight from Who-Ville, will The Grinch send these famous folks back down Mt. Crumpit, or will they soften his stance against Christmas and grow his heart three sizes? Grab your hot cocoa and cozy slippers and listen along to find out! Listen to ‘Tis The Grinch Holiday Talk Show:
The inspiring and heartwarming Elsie Iudicello, a true pioneer in the world of homeschooling and education, joins us! In this episode, Elsie, also known as @farmhouse_schoolhouse, takes us on a captivating journey from her upbringing in urban Miami to her unconventional approach to teaching her own children. Her experiences as a daughter and granddaughter of political exiles have shaped her worldview, emphasizing the importance of family and nurturing young minds. Elsie's narrative is a testament to the power of imagination, resourcefulness, and embracing the beauty of simplicity. She shares her personal experiences of growing up without extravagant resources and how her father's dream-chasing entrepreneurial spirit left an indelible mark on her. As a former preschool and substitute teacher, she witnessed firsthand how the conventional education system often fails to accommodate the unique needs of boys and girls. Her mission? To help her own children chase their sparks and dreams, fostering an environment where learning is an adventure, and every moment is an opportunity for discovery. Listen as Elsie discusses the profound significance of allowing children to play freely, revealing the depths of their personalities. She highlights the importance of observing and connecting with your children through play, uncovering their interests and passions. In a world of overwhelming expectations, Elsie shares her wisdom on prioritizing and excelling in what truly matters. Elsie's journey has been deeply influenced by the principles of Charlotte Mason, particularly the idea that "Children are born persons." She elaborates on unmeasured growth in childhood and the immeasurable moments of beauty, emphasizing the importance of an education that transcends checklists. The podcast also explores the pivotal role of family as a powerful tool for education, love, worship, and glory, reminding us that there's nothing quite like the bond between parents and children. Don't miss this extraordinary conversation with Elsie Iudicello, a passionate advocate for alternative education and the unquantifiable treasures of childhood. Her story will inspire you to embrace simplicity, chase dreams, and create lasting connections with your loved ones. ** Follow Elsie on Instagram at @farmhouse_schoolhouse and check out her website here >> ** Get $15 off and your choice of free protein for a year at Good Ranchers when you use code "1000hours" and subscribe to any box. The four options to choose from for their free gift for a year are Top Sirloin Steaks, Salmon, Chicken Breasts, or Bacon. Shop here >>
Ken Coleman joins the podcast and you will be so inspired!! Tune in as we explore the art of nurturing childlike wonder in our children's lives. Ken shares insights into finding a fulfilling career, moving away from the pressure to perform, and protecting the innocence and creativity innate to every child. Discover how the educational system impacts our children's development and learn how to guide them toward their true talents and passions. Ken also delves into the power of saying "yes" to opportunities, dealing with rejection, and the importance of showing gratitude. If you're a parent or an individual looking to inspire the next generation, this episode is a must-listen. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation with Ken Coleman, a guide to helping your children unleash their true potential. ** Learn more about pre-order bonuses for Until the Streetlights Come On here >> Purchase your pre-ordered copy for 40% off plus free shipping here >> ** Get $10 off the Get Clear Assessment with code “1000hours” Check out the Adult Assessment here >> Check out the Student Assessment here >> ** Active Skin Repair - Use code “1000hours” to save 20% ** Purchase your copy of One Question here >>
Founder of Homesteaders of America Amy Fewell is here!!  From dealing with a childhood asthma diagnosis to her deep passion for self-sufficiency, Amy shares her incredible journey into the homesteading movement. Discover how the desire for better health and food led her to embrace a simpler way of life. Amy also emphasizes the importance of community and experience in homesteading while discussing topics like infertility and the benefits of raw milk. In this touching episode, Amy reveals the beauty of homesteading's connection to faith and nature, and her dedication to teaching others about this fulfilling lifestyle. Tune in to learn about the upcoming bills in 2024 that concern homesteaders and farmers. Amy's insights on the awakening happening in America regarding food and health are a must-hear. Whether you have acres of land or just a small space, Amy's message is clear: start where you are and steward what you have well. Don't miss this episode with a remarkable homesteader and advocate for a healthier, more self-reliant way of life. ** Find Amy on social media: @amy.fewell  @homesteadersofamerica @refugeofliberty Find Amy online: Check out Amy's books: BOOK #1 - The Homesteaders Herbal Companion - The Ultimate Guide to Growing, Preserving, and Using Herbs  BOOK #2 - The Homesteader’s Natural Chicken Keeping Handbook - Raising a Healthy Flock from Start to Finish ** Get $30 off and free express shipping on your Good Ranchers box with code "1000hours" at
Join us in this episode as we sit down with renowned nutritionist Robin Miller, who takes us on a flavorful journey into the world of quick and nutritious cooking. Robin shares her culinary inspiration, rooted in her mom's farm-to-table passion, where cooking becomes a heartfelt expression of love. Discover the secrets behind her famous "Round One and Round Two" concept, making dinner preparation efficient and delicious. Learn how to turn a handful of ingredients into a feast that feels like twenty, all without relying heavily on processed foods. With Robin's insights, you'll find meal prep made easy, utilizing a well-stocked pantry for efficient and delightful cooking. Robin also unveils her expertise in back-to-school lunch ideas and busy evening dinner solutions, emphasizing the importance of involving kids in meal preparation. Plus, we'll explore the daunting barriers that often deter us from making nutritious choices and how to overcome them. Tune in to unlock the culinary wisdom of one of the world's top nutritionists who not only advises but also writes cookbooks. Discover the flavors that connect families and make your kitchen a hub of health and happiness. Explore more at and let your taste buds savor the future of nutritious dining. Purchase Robin's newest cookbook here >>
Courtney Devich joins us to talk about the world of motherhood and anxiety. She opens up about the challenges of motherhood and how it can amplify anxiety, along with her own experiences of feeling the need to control everything. We explore the distinction between rational and irrational fears and why letting go of the pursuit of perfection is crucial for emotional well-being. Courtney shares her practical tips for managing overthinking, including the "put a pin in it" strategy and finding solace in her happy place. We also learn about the profound impact of her grandparents' house on her peace of mind. Plus, don't miss the insightful discussions on anxiety's effects on self-esteem and the struggles of comparing oneself to other moms. Tune in to gain valuable insights on how to cope with anxiety and embrace imperfect motherhood as Courtney Devich takes us on a journey to a place where anxiety won't boss us around. This episode is a must-listen for all parents and anyone dealing with anxiety. Check out Courtney's new book here >> Check out the Color Quest coloring books here >>
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Kae Showell

I love this podcast, but this episode they started doing cutesy sound effectsv every couple sentences. I lasted five minutes before I had to change it!

Jul 29th

Sky Newcomb


Jul 12th

Maggie Allyn

I love this podcast! It's so encouraging, not just to be outside (obviously it is that!) but just to cherish the time you're given with your children and to make each moment intentional ♥️ we've not yet hit 1000 hrs in a year (850 was our closest last year!), but this encourages us to keep getting out there and keep making memories!

May 14th

Ashlee Devereaux Stolworthy

Ginny is real and relatable (I'm also a homeschool mama to 5), and absolutely I love all the authors she interviews! It fuels me with essential reminders and new inspiration needed to live an intentional well rounded life!

May 12th

Tasha Bender

Love this podcast! it fun and motivates me to do more and GET OUTSIDE! Such great interviews and inspiration!

May 12th

Amanda Aubrey

One of the best podcasts out. It has changed me and challenged me as a parent and a person. So many great interviews and questions being asked. Ginny is a great interviewee. I love her thoughtful and on point questions. She really has a pulse for what parents are looking for.

Jan 18th

Shanna Toews

I enjoyed those poems and think it's really neat that Rachel included them in her book! Showcasing lesser known poets! 😊

Jan 11th

Shanna Toews

Love this!!

Jan 11th

Amy L

great episode!!

Dec 21st

Shanna Toews

Loved this!!

May 16th
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