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The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

Author: Brian Williams, MSNBC

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Join Brian Williams as he delivers the latest updates on evolving news stories and places the major political events of the day into context.

6 Episodes
Joe Biden's historic pick of Kamala Harris as his running mate has won the approval of Barack Obama and earned the ire of Donald Trump. We discuss that with Peter Baker, Alexi McCammond, Dr. Irwin Redlener, Donna Edwards, James Carville, and Michael Beschloss.
With the nation hitting another grim coronavirus milestone with over 5 million confirmed cases, the president used his latest briefing to attack efforts to vote by mail and dismissed election meddling by Russia instead hitting Democrats. Plus, Joe Biden's vice presidential pick is reportedly 'imminent.' Joining the program is Ashley Parker, Nancy Cook, Dr. Mercedes Carnethon, Michael Osterholm, Tim O'Brien, and David Plouffe.
Trump called a surprise “news conference” at his private golf club in Bedminster, NJ this evening. He blamed Democrats for the Coronavirus relief talks collapsing in Congress, while signaling he's ready to move ahead with executive orders. Susan Page, Jeremy Bash, Anne Rimoin, Lynn Deutsch, Jason Johnson, Randall Lane, and Steve Schmidt all join.
Dr. Fauci says a vaccine before election day is unlikely. Also, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tested positive and then negative for COVID-19. Kimberly Atkins, Sam Stein, Carol Leonnig, Dr. Vin Gupta, and Stuart Stevens all join.
Florida tops 500,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and Joe Biden announces he will accept democratic nomination virtually. Ashley Parker, Robert Costa, Frank Figliuzzi, Dr. Jose Vazquez, Dr. Irwin Redlener, Eugene Robinson, and Michael Steele all join.
On the even of his memoir 'Permanent Record' being published, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden talked at length from Moscow with MSNBC's Brian Williams in an exclusive interview. Here is their full discussion, including portions of the interview that did not air on The 11th Hour because of time constraints. This is their discussion in its entirety in podcast form, edited down slightly for clarity.
Comments (44)

Chris Iapetus

Thank you Brian Williams for your clarity and empathy. Our honest journalists are currently as important as our honest health care workers.

Aug 11th

Curtis Miles

Don't pretend you never heard of Thighland. On Tuesdays there's a two-piece special for it.

Aug 7th

Marie Kennedy

že e z roku to Freemasons GB CZ angel k ich hd f do HK po iné jjj

Jul 23rd

Jacob Bruce

Property damage is not ‘carnage’

Jun 1st

Gregory Campbell

I was wondering if you could help me i bought some bouts with Vince mchamon and Paul heman whichever air I need the Navy

Apr 23rd

Syl Grant

It is so very clear that Trump has invested in some way, directly or indirectly in that anti-malaria drug. Why am I not surprised. The news will break eventually and he will start some sort of drama so everyone will forget. I am more interested in how he will cancel the election and make himself a kind of King. He knows he is going to prison once he is out of office.

Apr 9th
Reply (1)

Roberta Proctor

)==rp we 4q guys 1qaw Z a8c ggv gfe FC's re tree ferry

Feb 18th

Nonya Bizness

note to trump: you remember the other day you said that if it ever snowed on the border you would believe in climate change? well i was ~80 miles from the border that same day and it snowed all day long, 5-6" total. close enough? because i know you're old as dirt, but our kids and grandkids need our planet to be more importamt thsn your money and power.

Feb 17th
Reply (12)

Pete Jackson King


Dec 25th
Reply (1)

Susan Myers

Mike Murphy is a funny guy. Hilarious.

Dec 6th

Ben Forinash

a firm Griff exactly

Nov 23rd

Pete Jackson King


Nov 2nd

Diane Grillo

MSNBC is wasting a perfect opportunity to educate viewers about the upcoming election and its candidates yet every single show except for Rachel Maddow is exactly the same show with a different panel. how many opinions on the same topic do you think we can stand in one day. shame on you

Sep 21st


I belive Edward Snowden was right in his actions. hopefully he will get to come home soon

Sep 20th

Rich Berry

where is the 2nd hour? are there time limits or something? they extend for other things. I don't understand 😵

Sep 6th

Nonya Bizness

trump squandered his father's riches, negated all his father's hard work, trampled his legacy. now he is squandering america's riches, negating america's hard work, trampling our legacy.

Sep 5th



Jul 20th

Cynthia Williams

I ii

Jun 20th

Nonya Bizness

mark my words: trump is fearmongering a reality show cliffhanger on healthcare in preparation to re-brand the aca to trumpcare. he is a sociopathic tv personality and self promoter- not a businessman, not a politician- and we have to view him and his actions through that lens. i think his sole goal to emblazen his brand on our institutions and structures. i never watched his reality show but i feel like i should go back and examine his methods, because he is using them in the whitehouse.

Mar 27th

Veronika Fimbres

I am stunned that he is "projecting" everything about himself, onto John McCain! He, DJT, is the one destroying our nation, our International policies, and the respect that we once held on the International Platform. As a Vietnam Era Veteran, you can't hold a shred to the measure and caliber of a man who was a War Hero, and respected around the World! You are a spineless, ignorant, skinsuit! Vacuous and void of any honesty, dignity, empathy, sympathy, and humanity. It is true that anything he touches dies, just look at what was once the Republican Party! They are now the Trumpublican Party, and they are complicit in this Crime Family Administration. He really is a MORON! UGH! 💔😭😱😰🤬👎🇺🇸

Mar 22nd
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