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Weekly show about current events and the madness around all of us. A fun and irreverent show. Also available as a video show on YouTube. Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

6 Episodes
We did a fun livestream for the first Christmas episode.  Pitch Meeting, Coronavirus Update, Medical Questions, USA I.C.U. Beds, Trump's Banker Quits, The Rat, High School Biology Class, Trump By The Numbers, Space Force, Year In Review, New Year Goals
We both had an interesting week with some good news and some stress but, everything turned out well in the end. We hope you enjoy watching!
Episode 4: The Cats Attack!

Episode 4: The Cats Attack!


This week we are back from a YouTube and Anchor vacation last week, and we missed it!  We hope you enjoy the episode. ** If you want to know why the audio sounds a bit different than usual, have a look at my explanation: ***  - - - - - - - Chapters - - - - - - - 00:00:00 Start 00:02:11 Pandemic 00:20:37 Farmers Market 00:18:05 Qantas Vaccine 00:25:46 Vertical Farming 00:31:46 Panic Buying 00:33:39 Bike Path Debacle 00:44:20 Fitness and Summer Cycle Tour 00:51:31 Christine's Yoga 01:00:35 Couple's Table 01:02:09 Stories and Voices 01:05:20 Three Things Livestream 01:09:04 Ending
*** This is a special episode with Hazza from the Keg Bar in Munich to talk about Coronavirus and the impact on Gastronomie in Germany. ***  Keg Bar:
We are back! In this episode we celebrate Trump's historic loss and meltdown from the perspective of a German and an American. Plus, some other stuff as it comes to us. web: twitter:  facebook:
First episode of The 29 Podcast. This is the audio version of the YouTube video. We discuss the pandemic, Trump overload, and German politics - plus deal with a few start-up wrinkles with the recording tech. Lots of laughs and good times! Visit us at: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Web:
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