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Author: Eric Twiggs and Ted Fells

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2 experts in various fields such as business, politics, motivation, and advertising come together to talk about various topics and add their unique perspectives.
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Maimah Karmo is the Founder/CEO of the Tigerlily Foundation and a fourteen-year survivor of breast cancer. As a leader in the women’s health and disparities field, she works on with local, national and global health, policy, advocacy organizations to transform the lives of girls and women. She has been featured on Fox 5, ABC 7, CBS, the Oprah Winfrey Show, OWN, Good Morning America, the Today Show and more. Her TED talk – “Leading Through Surrender to Soul Purpose” – was powerfully received. Maimah is a life coach, hosts The Pure Bliss podcast and hosts the “Manifest” events to inspire people to live the life they were born to manifest. What she shared during our interview, will inspire you to surrender to your purpose.
Are you the type of leader that YOU would follow? Dawn Marie Bornheimer posed this question during episode #62 of The 30 Minute Hour Podcast! Dawn is a published author and industry leader with a unique combination of interpersonal communication skills and partnership development with a focus on education and social impact. In her 18 years of professional experience she has worked at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in their Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program, she taught for five years in the Baltimore City Public School System, and facilitated business development initiatives for Kaplan Test Prep, Capella University, and NYU Langone Health  Joining the Kognito Team in March of 2019, Dawn serves as the Regional Director of Education Partnerships overseeing clients in both PK12 and Higher Education. What she shared will inspire you to become the type of the leader that you would follow!
"View your set back as preparation for your ultimate destination!" Have you ever felt like you were in a pit after being overlooked for an opportunity? Genesis Amaris Kemp is the author of "Chocolate Drop in Corporate America" where she has chosen to speak up for not only minorities but also anyone who has been slighted on the job in any way. From her personal testimony, you will learn how speaking up brought awareness so that long-lasting change could be made. What she shared will inspire you To Move From The Pit To The Palace!
“What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you.” — Anthony de Mello Dr. Ynge Ljung is our Guest on Episode #61 of the 30 Minute Hour Podcast! She's the creator of The Allergy Kit, and she believes that the root cause of many life problems can be traced back to allergies. Born and raised in Sweden, Ynge graduated as Chemical Engineer, but nobody at that time hired women engineers, and she moved to Bangla Desh, then to Venezuela. In 1990 she came to The United States, where she went to The Traditional School For Chinese Medicine in Miami from 1992 - 1995, when she graduated as a Acupuncture Physician. In 1998 she started treating for allergies with the system called NAET. It was an excellent protocol and she had great results, but it took a lot of time and many visits, so many patients didn’t finish their treatments due to lack of time and money, and many families had more than one child, and allergies themselves. In 2006 The Allergy Kit was born and launched on the internet! With one DIY kit a family can treat their whole family, thus taking the power of their health back in their own hands and this is the mission and passion of Dr. Ynge! Our interview can help you to discover the remedy for your success allergy!
Have you ever been afraid to... * Asking your boss for that pay raise? * Do your weekly FB Live video? * Launch your podcast? * Jump on stage during open mic night? Our interview with Walter Maxfield Jones will inspire you to do the thing that scares you and position you to reach your full potential! A native of Sacramento, California, Walter Maxfield Jones has been performing since he was a child. Singing, dancing and acting from the time he could walk, Walter gravitated to the stage winning numerous talent competitions and landing lead roles in plays and musicals He has hosted and is available to host a range of show types from Talk Radio and Television to R&B and Neo Soul Concerts to Spoken Word and Hip Hop Battles. Press the play button below to listen to episode #60 of The 30 Minute hour Podcast!
The Gym is closed and you can't work out like you used to. What Now? Nancy Waring is our guest on Episode #58 of the 30 minute Hour Podcast, and she has the answer to this question! Nancy is a personal trainer, certified corporate wellness specialist, and the founder of Fitness at Work In Baltimore Maryland, with the mission to train and empower adults to lead a healthy lifestyle. She will provide you with some tips, tools and techniques to help you Improve your fitness during the pandemic!
"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." Rachel Zoe Rosetta M. Wright and Adisa Bomani are our guests on episode # 58 of The 30 Minute Hour Podcast. As the founders of The Coco Collectiv clothing line, they were forced to make a major business pivot. Instead of panicking in the face of the pandemic, they asked, "What Now?" Listen to our interview to discover "How To Pivot Your Business With Style"
"You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great" Dr. Barrett Matthews is a productivity expert who's known as "The Get it Done Coach" Dr. Matthews is also the author of several books, including, "Why Didn't You Get it Done?", "50 Shades Of Wealth", & "A Call To Action", which he has used to help elevate the productivity of the high level business people he works with. He is committed to showing executives how to start and grow any business productively, with any product, and any service, by utilizing media with his creative insight and unique way of seeing the larger picture. Our interview will inspire you to improve your productivity during the pandemic!
"The problem with winning the rat race is that at the end of the day, you are still a rat." Our guest Lane Kawaoka, helps people to Move Beyond The Rat Race and achieve financial freedom . He owns over 3500 rental properties and is The host of The Simple Passive Podcast which ranks in the Top 50 for Investing podcasts! What he shared can help you to Move Beyond The Rat Race!
Have you ever felt like you were stuck? As the head of her own Title Company for more than 30 years, Connie Fuksa  experienced the challenges that you face as a business leader, that cause you to feel stuck. After selling her business in 2018 she transitioned to coaching, training at seminars, hosting like-minded entrepreneur collaborations and working directly with teams and owners to strengthen and grow their businesses. She also hosts a regular broadcast that shares advice and information on lots of subjects including leadership, team building and growth, identifying team members, developing how passion fits into purpose, personal growth and so much more! Listen in and discover What To Do When You Feel Stuck!
Improving Your Mental Health

Improving Your Mental Health


Andrea Lopes is our guest on Episode #54 of the 30 minute Hour podcast With over 25 years of mental health experience as a psychotherapist, Andrea helps her clients see beyond the self-limiting beliefs that hold them back, and brings creativity to helping them find their strengths and turn their goals into reality. Throughout her professional career she has had a strong belief in the mind/body/spirit connection. This belief inspired her to open Flourish Counseling and Wellness Center in November 2017 and shift to Coaching Listen in as she shares ideas that can Improve Your Mental Health.
Are looking to start a "pandemic proof" business? Do you wish to move from being a part time business owner to having full time freedom? Have you been looking for strategies to monetize your passion? Ash Shuklar, our guest from episode #52, is back by popular demand and has the answers to your questions! He's helped over 5,000 entrepreneurs as a business consultant, speaker, and bestselling author. He is hosting a special Q&A session this week on The 30 Minute Hour Podcast!
Ash Shuklar is our guest on Episode #52 of The 30 Minute Hour Podcast! Ash. came to the U.S. from India in 1989 with $20 dollars in his pockets and unable to speak English! Today's he's helped over 5,000 businesses, received a congressional honor, run a successful financial planning business, and published The Amazon best-selling book: "Sell Like Crazy" Tune in as we discuss "How To Prosper During A Pandemic!"
Cledra Gross will be our guest on Episode #51 of the 30 Minute Hour Podcast! She's an author, speaker, master coach, and proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc Cledra has been elected as one of Atlanta's top 10 over 40 for inspiring others to live their best life. In 2019 she was the recipient of Coach of the Year award for her signature Thought Tree™. She will help you to discover The Key To Living Your Best Life!
Joanne Victoria is the author of 7 books including Lighting Your Path - How To Create the  Life You Want and Vision With a Capital V - Create the Business of Your Dreams. Her consistent ability to clearly communicate to an audience of 10, 100, or 1000, with humor, style and a direct, yet sensitive approach, enables her to relay a message that is well understood and long remembered. Joanne Victoria is the host of the "The Sanity Project Podcast", and partners  with  Leaders & Entrepreneurs  who want better Life/Work Harmony, more clarity, more confidence, more fun and more success in their lives. For more information visit
Dr. Vanessa Perry is our guest.  She's the founder of Health Resources Solutions LLC.     Dr. Perry is  a psychologist, relationship expert, author, and public health practitioner who will help you to Make The Best Out of a Bad Situation!  So, wash your hands, put your mask on, and tune in as you practice social distancing!
As I reflect on this question I am reminded of an interview I saw with former Ohio State University Running back Ezekiel Elliott.  .  During the interview, the reporter asked him why he chose Ohio State over the other universities.  According to Elliott, it all  came down to his encounter with the head coach Urban Meyer.  He recalled his first visit on campus where he met the coach in his office.  They shook hands and before Elliot could take his seat, Meyer surprised him with the following question: “So Ezekiel, when we’re on the victory stage and I’m handing you the national championship trophy, what will you do next?” To which Elliott replied “Uhmm, I guess I will kiss it and raise it in the air with both hands.” Well, two years after the meeting with coach Meyer, Elliot was on the victory stage after leading Ohio State to the National Championship!  Meyer handed Elliott the trophy and he raised it in the air with both hands after kissing it! Here's the big takeaway:  If you can view it, you can do it. Coach Meyer was a man of "Vision & Purpose." As long as you have "Vision & Purpose", You can get what you want in life! Our guests today are The founders of Vision & Purpose Magazine............
Our guest Professor N. Jeremi Duru teaches sports law, civil procedure, and employment discrimination, and he is among the nation’s foremost sports law authorities He represents the Fritz Pollard Alliance of minority coaches, scouts, and front office personnel in the National Football League and has previously represented sports industry professionals in employment matters involving other leagues, including the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball Professor Duru received his undergraduate education at Brown University and then completed a joint-degree program at Harvard University, receiving a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School He is a frequent media contributor and has provided commentary for numerous media outlets, including CNN, BBC, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, ESPN, NPR, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. During this episode, Professor Duru will help you to unleash your prosperity by embracing diversity!
Imagine that you're planting a Chinese Bamboo tree.  You plant the seed, water and fertilize it for an entire year, but nothing happens!   You repeat this process the second year, and still don't see any results.  Year three, you begin the same steps of watering , and fertilizing,  but see no evidence of a tree. Frustrating right?  Fast forward to year five and it starts with you continuing to do the right things to grow your tree with no visible progress.  Have you ever felt like you were planting a bamboo tree? Then halfway through the fifth year, everything changes.  Suddenly, the tree sprouts and grows ninety feet in six weeks!  So how do you maximize The Law of The Bamboo Tree: Trust the process. If you keep doing the right things When its your due season, you'll get that promotion! When Its your due season, you'll launch that business! When its your due season, your book sales will pick up! The key is to trust the process.  Our guest today has written a book that helps people to trust the process...........
The Only Way To Grow

The Only Way To Grow


Its been said that you should avoid discussing politics and other controversial topics on an inspirational podcast. Since it was episode #45, we went there anyway! On this week's episode,  our guests Okey Enyia and Christopher King discuss topics ranging from Gayle King to the upcoming 2020 elections. WARNING: This was NOT your everyday podcast! If you are looking for political correctness, this is not the show for you!
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Genesis Amaris Kemp

It was such a pleasure to be featured on this podcast segment. Great conversation and chemistry between Eric and Ted. It felt so natural and as if I knew them for a century or longer. I would definitely love to do another collaboration and work on future projects. Both of these men are gifted, talented, and have a vast knowledge of expertise.

Jun 28th
Reply (1)

Nancy Waring

Thanks Eric for allowing the opportunity to share my passion and commitment to helping adults feel amazing!

Jun 8th
Reply (1)

Linette Michelle Howard

Mannn!!! This podcast is so incredible! Being on this podcast has truly enlightened me on how I have been sleeping on podcasts, I never really took them serious before being on this show, and now because I am so highly impressed with Eric, Ted and Britt, I am motivated to be on more shows. The range of topics mixed with their intelligence and laughter was EPIC!

Apr 27th
Reply (1)

Tinasia King

Great show! Definitely not your everyday podcast!

Oct 21st
Reply (5)
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