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Author: Frank Bria

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The 6 to 7 Figures Show is dedicated to helping consultants, coaches, and other experts transform their 6-figure practice into a 7-figure enterprise. Crack the code to 7-figures and live the life you were meant to live. Allow your business to free you to focus on the things that really matter to you.
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I talk to Keegan LaMar about his athletic background and how it shapes the work he now does with high performers. We did into the concept of high performance in this interview and break it down into its parts. He discusses how his sports background allows him to connect with his clients as they suffer setbacks and overcome challenges.Keegan LaMar is a certified professional coach and performance dynamics specialist who helps people create an unstoppable mindset in sports and business.
In a unique take, this episode focuses on technology. I talk to Steve Waite of Simplii about the power of communication in your business. VoIP has transformed our ability to interact with prospects and customers. I ask Steve some of the best practices in phone communication and how a small business can leverage telephony to get a strategic advantage.Steve Waite is the director of business development at Simplii. He's been at Simplii for 7 years, originally from Portland, Oregon. Now he lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. He's married and has four children.
In this episode, I talk to Mandi Ellefson about scaling consulting services. She is one of the experts on how to grow a service business with done-for-you services. We talk about the big mistakes CEOs make when trying to scale their service businesses. She shares her process on productization and scale.Mandi is the creator of the Scale to Freedom Scalable Service growth model. She leads consulting agency owners to have lives with greater freedom and success. Mandi has consulted with over 100 consulting agency CEO. And helps them immediately free up to 20-50% of their work week to focus on accelerating profits.Her clients have added 5 figures of net profit every month, added millions of dollars in sales, and have exited the day-to-day so they can scale growth. Some have even sold  their business.Mandi is a published author and host of The Hands-Off CEO Podcast. As a committed Freedom Fighter, a percentage of business profits go to rescuing enslaved victims of child sex trafficking. Mandi is a mother of 2. And enjoys mountain biking and exploring the outdoors with her husband.
I interview Damon about the power of coaching executives. He discusses the process he uses to drive change and goal attainment among his clients. We also discuss how he lands new clients and how to accelerate "referral marketing."Damon is a performance specialist working with two types of leaders: corporate C-Suite executives and founding teams of venture-backed firms. His work focuses on: mindset, resilience and storytelling.He has worked one-on-one with hundreds of CEOs at Fortune 500 brands. His experience spans Wall Street, Hollywood and consumer brands.Damon is a global keynote speaker, serial founder, board member, investor and adviser to multiple international companies.
I interview Kyle about the power of video storytelling. Kyle talks about how he uses video to transform the story around brands and individual people. We also discuss the importance of aligning the story around the thing that's most important to you.Kyle Lasota helps 7 figure entrepreneurs become the category king in their niche using video storytelling.
Thom Shea is a former Navy SEAL and now runs a leadership consulting firm. We discuss how the lessons of the SEALs translate into the corporate world. We discuss how he leads leadership teams through the steps they need to take to accomplish their most important goals.Thom Shea is a retired, highly decorated Navy SEAL Senior Chief, author of UNBREAKABLE: A Navy SEAL’s Way of life, which was originally intended to be collection of lessons to his children in the event that he did not survive combat in Afghanistan
In this episode, I talk with Michael Griffiths about using strategic partnerships to grow your business. He talks about a number of different kinds are partnership opportunities along with how you know when your business might be ready to use them.Michael is the founder of referral marketing guru and is the #1 authority on referral marketing training for service providers around the globe.Michael shows people are to generate 10-15 warm qualified leads and referrals a day by using referral sources, their networks and partnerships.
Amanda and I talk about how to leverage the personality type of your prospect to sell better. This episode talks about the B.A.N.K. code. We dig into the different ways your prospect may be hearing what you're saying when you sell, and how to adjust your pitch.Amanda is a proud Mama of three boys, (11, 9 and 7,) and two rescue dogs who lives in Tempe, AZ. Amanda has a Master’s in Education and is a Certified Trainer in BANKCODE. She is the Founder of Abundance On Purpose – whose goal is to coach clients in intentionally creating a life of consistent abundance, freedom and flexibility. Amanda trains entrepreneurs and small businesses on the B.A.N.K.® methodology and uses the training and technology daily in her professional and personal relationships.
In this episode I interview Bob Clark, the host of the 808 Podcast. He and I discuss the incredible networking power of podcasts. In fact, he and I met first as I was a guest on his podcast. Bob gives several tips for using podcasting for networking and lead generation rather than audience building and ego building.Bob Clark is the host of the 808 Podcast with over 359 episodes. A value bomb with a smirk. The creator of an original system, to start conversations, build relationships, and get more referrals and add clients faster. 
In this episode I talked with Ryan Miller about working with high performing salespeople. His objective is to achieve "alignment". We dig into what that means for Ryan and his clients. To make it even more interesting, he does this work with corporate clients as well.Ryan Miller is a coach to high performers and a consultant to industry leaders. Through great tragedy, he learned the importance I've getting clear on who he was in order to help other people do the same and achieve all they have been created
I talk with Haley about her explosive growth and scale. She and I discuss the challenges of launching an offer and getting it up and running when you're doing most of the work. She talks about her team and the work they do together to create an amazing culture with amazing processes that keep the train on the tracks.Haley Burkhead quit her job and went from 0 to $36,000 months in 6 months at the age of 24. But when you rewind time, you’ll see that her story wasn’t too pretty. Running her own business felt like being on a hamster wheel. Exhausted from seeing no results from the countless hours she put in. Then she hit a wall. Her health failed and she was forced to re-evaluate how she ran her business and her life. Learning from those mistakes, she now specialize in the art and science behind growing a simple automated business that creates consistent income, all while allowing you to have the freedom to work when you WANT to and not just because you HAVE to.
In this episode I discuss the final of 12 projects to get to 7 figures in your service business. How to build a live conversion event to drive people into your Ascension Offer. We discuss what you should and shouldn't do while planning a live event your audience.
In this episode I interview John Corcoran to discuss the power of podcasting. He talks about his and his clients' experiences with creating profitable relationships through podcasts. We talk about the big mistakes people are making when they create a business podcast and John outlines how to avoid those missteps.John Corcoran is a former White House Writer, speechwriter, an attorney, an author and a podcasting and lead generation expert. He started his career as a Writer in the Clinton White House, and today is cofounder of Rise25, LLC with Dr. Jeremy Weisz, who is the longtime host of the top rated INspired INsider podcast, and former senior producer for the groundbreaking Mixergy podcast. Rise25 helps B2B businesses to connect with their ideal clients, referral partnerships and strategic partners using a combination of a done-for-you podcast and content marketing combined with LinkedIn. In both cases, Rise25 provides strategic advice and counsel aimed at helping clients to get great ROI by building proactive relationships with their ideal clients, referral partners and strategic partners. He is a recovering attorney and the creator of Smart Business Revolution and the Smart Business Revolution podcast, where he shares strategies for using intentional relationship-building to grow your network and your income, and since 2012 he has interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs about how they have used relationships to grow their businesses and their careers.He is the author of 3 books about relationship building and client acquisition, and has been profiled in Forbes and in the books Entrepreneurial You (Harvard Business Review Press 2017) and Stand Out (Portfolio 2015) by Dorie Clark, The Connector’s Advantage (Page Two 2019) by Michelle Tillis Lederman, Success Is In Your Sphere (McGraw-Hill Education 2019) by Zvi Band, and The Successful Mistake by Matthew Turner, and his writing has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Art of Manliness, Lifehacker, Business Insider, and numerous other publications, blogs and websites.
This episode is project #11 of the 12 projects to scale to 7 figures. Again, here we do not teach about how to deploy retargeting ads, but instead talk about how to manage an ads project. As the CEO, you need to understand where and when to use these important tools. You also need to know when they're successful or not. We cover that in this episode.
In this episode, I interview coach Jeff Keim who discusses the practice of manifestation in your business. Jeff and I discuss some of the misunderstandings behind the concept of attraction and he shares amazing case studies of his clients who have achieved remarkable results using his process.Jeff Keim, also known as "Quantum Jeff," is a Quantum Leap Coach who specializes in sharing with clients how to make dramatic increase in their results without taking all the logical steps. Rather than conventional thinking and gradual improvement, he focuses on a breakthrough leading to an explosive jump in your personal performance. It's a formula for stunning achievement and the realization of your dreams.http://jefflinkedin.com
In this episode, I cover project #10 you need to scale to 7 figures. This episode isn't about learning how to create audience building ads, but instead it covers how to manage that project as the CEO. I go through the training you need to make sure this project is a success in your business.
In this episode, I talk to Dr. Bunmi Aboaba about the critical issue of food addiction. She talks about what's behind food addiction and the powerful work she does with wellness and health coaches to help them in turn help their clients break the cycle, so they live longer and healthier lives.Dr Bunmi Aboaba is a Food Addiction Specialist , training Health and Wellness Coaches in what is becoming a fast growing epidemic. It's Dr Aboaba's belief that the way health professionals deals with issues such as obesity could be positively impacted by this concept.
This is project 9 of the 12 projects you need to implement to scale to 7 figures. And it's a big one. We discuss how to implement the operations and back-end systems in your business to grow profitably.
Does happiness have anything to do with business? Mieka Forte will tell you yes. I interviewed her on this episode and she explains why this is so important in your business. Mieka is the author of the recently published book the Many Sides of Happy. She works with leaders in corporations implementing strategies for a more positive, productive and successful work environment. She also coaches people one on one helping them to overcome adversities and challenges in their life fostering more happiness and success. She is a wife, a Mom of two boys, 2 dogs and cat.
In this episode, I describe the systems you need to have in place to management talent in your company. From recruiting, hiring, training, retaining, and separating, you'll need a full blown HR system - except just for your small business. I talk about what you need and what you don't. We cover interviewing, having tough conversations, and solving tough employee problems.
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