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The 6th Ring Streams tournaments all over the country for Legend of the Five Rings. Our podcasts discuss the game and it's tournaments.
25 Episodes
Meet the hosts of our new rpg-focused l5r podcast Alex Jacobs and Ian MacDougal, then listen has the have an interview with Chris Ward and Cory Mills, campaign administrators for the Heroes of Rokugan living campaign. (First episode cross posted, please subscribe to the Rolling in Rokugan feed to receive future episodes) Music credit to
I super apologize for the delay on this episode, but better late than never. This episode features Johnny Shen who placed 2nd at Worlds! We discuss his Worlds experience and his thoughts on the game overall. Music credit to
Several Podcasts got together at worlds to create this ultimate podcast collaboration! Check out all Podcasts at the following LinksThe Jade Throne: City Rollers: of Warcast: Focus Strike: Ring:
On this episode of The 6th Ring we have guests Tyler Parrot and Brad Andres on to discuss L5R design. We discuss a wide array of topics for Legend of the Five Rings and even some KeyForge discussion. Check it out! Music credit to
In this episode we speak with Alex Jacobs, a Dragon Hatamoto, elemental challenge winner and professional dance teacher. We talk about his L5R journey, the K-Pop Dance off and answer listener questions!
In this bonus episode we speak with Dan Dineen about Radiant Offline Battle Arena. We discuss the current Kickstarter and the future of the game. This is a game that we highly recommend and many of people working on this game are former and/or current L5R players. The Kickstarter can be found here credit to
In this episode we talk with Aneil Seetharam about his victory at GenCon with Dragon and discuss his thoughts about the environment now that the new roles have been revealed and as we get ready for Worlds!Music credit to
Excited for the first Legend of the Five Rings Novella? Well we have guest author Robert Denton III in to discuss his Novella as well as many other topics including beard wax and which L5R character looks like a KPop star! Listen in to find out!Music credit to
In this mini-episode we discuss the recent L5R Kotei Announcements with Steve Cameron of Cascade Games. We also learn how to become a certified L5R judge with Cascade Games!
In this episode we talk with Hatamoto Nick Soto about the Phoenix clan. We discuss his journey to become a Hatamoto and the new Phoenix clan pack.Music credit to
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