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A24 in your eardrums. No host, no ads, no rules. From the people behind Midsommar, The Farewell, Eighth Grade, Hereditary, Lady Bird, Moonlight, The Witch, The Lobster, Ex Machina, and more.
15 Episodes
Bergman Mission Accomplished. Here's the extended version of last week’s Deep Cuts with Ari Aster & Robert Eggers.ROB & ARI'S WATCH LIST (in order of appearance)The Servant (1963) dir. Joseph LoseyThe Sacrifice (1986) dir. Andrei TarkovskyCries and Whispers (1972) dir. Ingmar BergmanAutumn Sonata (1978) dir. Ingmar BergmanPersona (1966) dir. Ingmar BergmanThe Master (2012) dir. Paul Thomas AndersonThe Virgin Spring (1960) dir. Ingmar BergmanShame (1968) dir. Ingmar BergmanWinter Light (1963) dir. Ingmar BergmanFanny and Alexander (1982) dir. Ingmar BergmanScenes from a Marriage (1973) dir. Ingmar BergmanSmiles of a Summer Night (1955) dir. Ingmar BergmanAndrei Rublev (1973) dir. Andrei TarkovskyThrough a Glass Darkly (1961) dir. Ingmar BergmanIvan’s Childhood (1963) dir. Andrei TarkovskyHour of the Wolf (1968) dir. Ingmar BergmanFrom the Life of the Marionettes (1981) dir. Ingmar BergmanCarrie (1976) dir. Brian De PalmaThe Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989) dir. Peter GreenawayThe Snowman (1982) dir. Dianne Jackson, Jimmy T. MurakamiBlue Velvet (1986) dir. David LynchA Clockwork Orange (1971) dir. Stanley KubrickMary Poppins (1964) dir. Robert StevensonConan the Barbarian (1982) dir. John MiliusLegend (1986) dir. Ridley ScottStar Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) dir. George LucasRaiders of the Lost Ark (1981) dir. Steven SpielbergNosferatu (1922) dir. F.W. MurnauThe Bostonians (1984) dir. James IvoryMaurice (1987) dir. James IvoryThe Seventh Seal (1957) dir. Ingmar BergmanLost Highway (1997) dir. David LynchThe Dark Knight (2008) dir. Christopher NolanA Life in Suitcases (2005) dir. Peter GreenawayThe Falls (1980) dir. Peter GreenawaySawdust and Tinsel (1953) dir. Ingmar BergmanThe Silence (1963) dir. Ingmar BergmanSeventh Samurai (1954) dir. Akira KurosawaLast Year at Marienbad (1963) dir. Alain Resnais
Topics covered include: chasing the Bergman closeup, preferred aspect ratios, why Hereditary is unabashedly a horror movie, talking to press while intoxicated, the “trick” of Midsommar, the scene from Carrie that still gives Ari nightmares, dealing with the consequences of an A24 marketing stunt you did not consent to, the silver lining on a ‘D’ Cinemascore, why films are meant to be watched more than once, and the magic of being in dialogue with other filmmakers across history—and becoming more yourself in the process.
Topics covered include: lies we tell our families, the gift of cold hard cash, visiting Disney as an adult, pet monkeys (dream versus reality), Murakami, the Malcolm X watch, LA car culture, universality through specificity, connecting the dots, and the longing to know the places our parents' parents once called home.
Topics covered include: Bob Fosse's influence, the magic of Singing In The Rain (1952), strategies for evading journalists' questions, sequels that aren't really sequels, the CGI challenge of youthifying De Niro, Pesci, and Pacino in The Irishman, and the piece of advice from Arthur Penn that Marty will never forget: “Don't lose that amateur status.”
Topics covered include: shooting a prison movie in space, the dark romance of L.A., good bread, why Claire went crazy working for Wim Wenders, films that must be viewed in the dark, shooting with yellow light, the romanticization of film stock, Tarkovsky’s Stalker, and the alchemy of cinema.
Topics covered include: the surreal experience of overnight fame, Spanish movie marketing, establishing boundaries, theater people, drinking beers with Elaine May, Jonah's fear of winged animals, on-demand pushups, degenerate gambling, and why everyone should own a digital copy of Mid90s.
Topics covered include: the process of scoring a film, growing up in a house filled with music, cinematic rhythm, cheesy scores, creating the sounds of an urban nightmare, and why electronic music is the best game ever.
Topics covered include: the highs and lows of being a young actor, Elsie’s audition for Eighth Grade, Bo Burnham’s Vine career (RIP), why social media should have stopped at Myspace, the impossibility of not saying “Um” and “Like,” Dungeons & Dragons, the Golden State Killer, coming-of-age on screen, and why we never stop craving connection—regardless of age.
Topics covered include: the nuances of American Sign Language, Icelandic stand-up comedy, fairies, trolls, superhuman athleticism, archaic medical treatments, and what Fred would do if he could travel back in time without altering history.
Topics covered include: their new film Blaze, summers in Nova Scotia, art that tells the truth, the beauty of beginner’s mind, Alia’s painting, career advice from Steve McQueen, and the importance of giving it all away.
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please do a lulu wangxbarry jenkins podcast!

Jun 2nd

Sonny Chaudhry

I’m loving this so far!

Mar 12th

David Bowie Fan

I love me some Michael Cera.

Jan 11th

Steve Glenn

hey a24

Jun 20th
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