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Author: Kate Brownfield

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Join Kate of ADHDKidsCanThrive, LLC as she explores and learns more about ADHD from thought leaders, experts and advocates. Kate hopes to engage parents, educators and the general community to help ADHD people reach their highest potential. Kate is a parent, author of How We Roll -A Parent’s Journey of Raising an ADHD child, founder of and former media executive. Have a question or topic you’d like to see covered on this podcast? Go to
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My guest is Krissy Pozatek, MSW, a seasoned parent coach and author of the landmark book The Parallel Process. Krissy will discuss the concept of balanced parenting and share her expertise on how parents can grow alongside their struggling adolescents or young adults, particularly those with ADHD. We delve into the pitfalls of enmeshed parenting, where parents often take over their children's responsibilities, leading to codependency and apathy. Chrissy explains how balanced parenting, with healthy emotional boundaries, can help children develop essential life skills and self-regulation. Chrissy also introduces four key principles for effective parenting: maintaining parental authority, emotional attunement, holding behavioral boundaries, and valuing struggle. These principles can transform the home environment, promoting a child's independence and self-esteem. Additionally, Chrissy shares her experiences from wilderness therapy programs and offers guidance on when such interventions might be necessary. She emphasizes the importance of integrating these changes back into the home for lasting impact. Tune in for a conversation filled with practical advice and hope for parents navigating the challenges of raising struggling adolescents and young adults. Learn more Krissy Pozetek, MSW: Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening! Please share and leave a review!   #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic            
My guest is Dr. Russell Ramsey, an expert in cognitive and behavioral psychology, to discuss the benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for ADHD teens and young adults. Dr. Ramsey, the author of six books on adult ADHD, delves into what CBT is and how it can be a game-changer for those with ADHD. In this episode, Kate and Dr. Ramsey explore CBT's ins and outs, its effectiveness compared to other therapies, and how it can help individuals with ADHD manage their symptoms better. Dr. Ramsey explains the importance of structured plans, realistic expectations, and the role of cognitive strategies in improving executive functioning. They also discuss the differences between CBT therapy and ADHD coaching, the potential for addressing comorbidities like anxiety and depression, and the importance of readiness for change. Practical advice is given to parents on how to advocate for their children and what to look for in a qualified therapist. Don't miss this insightful conversation that provides valuable information and resources for anyone looking to support an ADHD teen or young adult. Learn how CBT can help build better habits, improve academic performance, and foster a more positive outlook on life. Learn more about Dr. Ramsey: Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #cbt          
My guest is Dr. Laura Honos-Webb, a clinical psychologist and author specializing in ADD and ADHD. She shares her expertise on the innovative Bonding Health app, designed to improve ADHD parent-child relationships through research-based exercises. In this episode, learn about the interconnectedness of ADHD, executive functioning, and emotional dysregulation. Discover practical strategies for parents to help their ADHD children build essential executive functioning skills. Dr. Honos-Webb also discusses the challenges of managing screen time for ADHD kids and provides valuable tips for creating a balanced and healthy digital environment. Gain actionable advice on fostering positive communication, setting goals, and developing self-talk skills to empower children with ADHD. This episode is a must-listen for parents seeking effective ways to support their neurodiverse children. Learn more: Bonding Health _____ Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up —------ Thank you for listening! Please share and leave a review!   #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #bondinghealth #screentime  
My guest is Dr. William (Bill) Dodson, M.D., LF-APA, a board-certified adult psychiatrist who has spent his career helping patients achieve the best possible outcomes from ADHD treatment, which earned him international acclaim. Dr. Dodson has been instrumental in advancing the field’s understanding of ADHD medication optimization, ADHD-related sleep disorders, and the emotional component of ADHD, most notably through his recognition of Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (“RSD”) as a core feature. His work with patients with highly complex psychiatric needs has earned him international acclaim.  Dive into the intriguing and often misunderstood world of ADHD in this enlightening podcast episode featuring Dr. Bill Dodson. As a board-certified adult psychiatrist and a pioneer in adult ADHD treatment, Dr. Dodson brings an array of knowledge and expertise to this comprehensive discussion with Kate from This episode explores the often-held fears and anxieties parents have when selecting a medication regimen for their ADHD-affected children. Dr. Dodson demystifies ADHD treatments and underlines the vital role medications play in managing ADHD. He also sheds light on ADHD's distressing aspects, such as impulsivity, internal hyperarousal, emotional dysregulation, insomnia, and rejection sensitivity. Listeners will learn about the different classes of ADHD medications and how they can alleviate these challenges. Topics like the impact of ADHD symptoms on a child's personal relationships and school performance, the disorder's gender-specific effects, the crucial role of correct medication, and the importance of aerobic exercise as an alternative treatment are also addressed. The episode concludes with guidance on determining accurate dosage control, medication continuity, and developing empathy and understanding towards those diagnosed with ADHD. Laden, with Dr. Dodson's professional wisdom, this conversation serves as an invaluable resource for parents grappling with the decision to medicate their ADHD children. Tune in today to gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and its management. Learn more: _______ Topics Covered in this Episode: -Why is medication a standard protocol of intervention when diagnosed with ADHD? - Why do some people with ADHD need medication and others do not? - What symptoms does stimulant medication treat when ADHD is involved? - What symptoms does non-stimulant medication treat when ADHD is involved? - How does a parent or person determine if an ADHD medication is helping or not? - What role does aerobic exercise play when a person has ADHD? - What are the best types of professionals who can treat ADHD? - Dr. Dodson’s words of wisdom when it comes to ADHD medication. _____ Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening! Please share and leave a review!   #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #adhdmedication      
My guest is Mindy Hudon, a speech-language pathologist, author, and creator of innovative educational tools. She has dedicated herself to empowering children and adults alike to overcome communication challenges and develop essential life skills, such as executive function skills. Mindy has created a series of innovative and engaging educational tools. This episode digs into her creation, the "Be a Timekeeper Clock", aimed at helping young children to grasp the concept of time enjoyable. Moreover, we discuss her award-winning graphic novel, "Cody's Adventures, How I Learned to Defeat the Time Snatchers," crafted to appeal to teens while serving essential executive function strategies. Engage with Mindy as she takes us through her personal and professional experiences, yielding valuable insights. She lays bare her experiences as a speech-language pathologist, working with patients suffering from traumatic brain injuries or strokes, her transition into the school systems, and her endeavors to help her own child overcome executive function challenges.  Book on Amazon: Link to Buy Mindy's Book Learn More: —--- Topics covered in this episode: Mindy’s personal and professional journey working with kids who struggle with time management. Why time management is hard for kids with ADHD? Strategies to put in place to help support time management How can her children’s book teach young teens about time management? Mindy’s words of wisdom. —------   Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #kidsbooks #timemanagment  
My guest is Dr. Elisa Song, a Stanford-, NYU-, UCSF-trained integrative pediatrician - and she is on a mission to revolutionize the future of children’s health! In 2005, the New England Journal of Medicine predicted that for the first time in history, our children are expected to have a shorter lifespan than us, their parents. Fast forward almost 20 years, and things aren’t much better. She does just that with her groundbreaking new book, Healthy Kids, Happy Kids: An Integrative Pediatrician’s Guide to Whole Child Resilience. Creating a resilient, thriving microbiome is the key to raising resilient, thriving kids from the inside out. In Healthy Kids, Happy Kids, Dr. Song shares her proven and practical plan for creating Microbiome Magic every day—for your whole family! Learn about the significance of gut health in children and understand its profound impact on overall wellness, particularly for neurodivergent children. Dr. Song educates on the role of food, diet, and lifestyle in maintaining children's health. It sheds light on the gut-brain connection and how nurturing this dynamic can regulate children's moods, mental health, attention, and focus. Listen in to unravel how gut microbiome issues can cause allergies, asthma, and behavioral problems, and understand the power of 'psychobiotics' in regulating neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. This episode is a perfect blend of critical insights into achieving better health for children through conscious nutrition and lifestyle choices, building stronger gut health, and understanding the role of the gut in overall physical and mental health. Dr. Song helps parents chart a course for healthier environments and shares guidance on tackling common childhood ailments naturally. Learn More: —--- Topics covered in this episode: How are our brain and our gut connected? What does our skin indicate about our health? What does our poop indicate about our health? How can a child buy into their own health? How are ultra-processed foods hurting an individual? What role can antibiotics play in disrupting our gut health? How do we use natural remedies to support our health? A suggested protocol of supplements if ADHD is involved? Dr. Song’s words of wisdom for parents raising neurodivergent kids? —------   Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #foodismedicine #rootcausemedicine
My guest is Jim Rajan, an international seer. He started his professional life working in film and TV and then moved to study world healing methods, including shamanism, reiki, Traditional Chinese medicine, and Daoist training. Jim grew up struggling with attention and learning. He was highly sensitive and a feeler of rejection. As a child, they thought he was autistic. He failed to thrive as a baby, and they put it down to transmitted anxiety. Receiving anxiety from others was painful and confusing for Jim. Now, he does deep healing work for others. Listeners are given an intimate peek into Jim's journey of self-discovery through his own struggles. The conversation illuminates the art of raising highly sensitive children while navigating the accompanying fears.  This episode engages in educational critiques, calling attention to the educational system's failure to appropriately address the needs of children with emotional fluxes. Despite the pitfalls of parenting, Jim emphasizes the unique 'mission' it offers. He draws upon Buddhist beliefs and personal motivation, discussing the role of suffering in instilling growth and resilience. Learn More on Jim Rajan: —--- Topics covered in this episode: What is a Seer? Jim shares his own journey growing up and struggles with going to school. Jim shares his definition of a highly sensitive person. How does Jim’s family support him? How did Jim build resilience in his life? His words of wisdom for parents. —------   Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic
My guest is Dr. Katja Fredriksen, a reputed pediatric neuropsychologist and the co-author of the informative new book Different Thinkers: ADHD. Her book aims to clarify the ambiguity around ADHD for both children and adults, offering practical coping strategies while celebrating their potential. In this illuminating conversation, we dissect the intricacies of ADHD—an often-observed neurodevelopmental condition in children. Dr. Fredriksson guides us through various challenges: recognizing symptoms, difficulties in diagnosing ADHD, especially in girls, and the influence of digital screens on ADHD. She further highlights the importance of understanding the exclusive developmental traits of children with ADHD and how early identification can foster a healthy mindset and address self-deprecating beliefs. We then explore the inspiration behind 'Different Thinkers: ADHD.' The book hopes to embolden children with ADHD, equipping them with knowledge about their unique cognition and honoring their distinct ways of thinking. Don't miss out on this insightful episode loaded with valuable insights for your ADHD journey. This episode further illuminates the experiences of children with ADHD and underscores the need to empathize with their unique worldviews. It suggests coping mechanisms, emphasizes recognizing their strengths, and discusses the transformative power of child-friendly resources to encourage discussions about neurodiversity. It underscores children's need for self-advocacy, teaching them to stand up for themselves, fostering self-esteem, and enabling them to navigate social and academic landscapes successfully. This episode celebrates the positive traits of ADHD, including augmented creativity and innovation. Parents and caregivers are advised to acknowledge their child's developmental stage and abilities. This encourages compassion and patience. Moreover, the episode extols the critical role of self-care for parents and caregivers—indispensable to their wellness and critical for their ability to care for and nurture their children effectively. More on Different Thinkers: ADHD by Dr. Fredriksen and Dr. Rothman: —--- Topics covered in this episode: What is ADHD, and how is it diagnosed? What to do when suspicious of ADHD but school isn’t on board yet? Is ADHD being overdiagnosed? Why are girls so tricky to diagnose? How can a child be a part of the process of diagnosis? Why write a children’s book? What are the strengths of ADHD? Dr. Katja Fredriksen's words of wisdom for parents. —------   Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic
My guest is Dr. Mark Bertin, an acclaimed developmental-behavioral pediatrician, assistant professor at New York Medical College, and author specializing in ADHD management. We delve into the world of ADHD, breaking down its complexities and how integrating mindfulness can transform the lives of families grappling with it. Dr. Bertin extensively elaborates on the concept of ADHD as a developmental delay in managing daily life skills such as attention, organization, planning, time management, emotion, and effort. He reaffirms the effectiveness of mindfulness and self-compassion in managing ADHD-related stress and building resilience. Taking a closer look at mindfulness, we explore how being fully present can help parents and children navigate the hurdles that come with ADHD. With mindfulness, parents can become more patient, responsive, and resilient, improving both their own well-being and their child's behavior. We consider the complexities of modern life and school pressures, discussing how a mindful parenting approach can significantly enhance family life. Focusing on the importance of balancing our inherent negativity bias with gratitude and mindfulness, Dr. Bertin shares insights on elevating our general happiness amidst our digital age distractions. As we delve deeper into the trials of parents dealing with ADHD, we examine societal pressures, misunderstandings, and the value of incorporating self-compassion into mindfulness practice. Self-compassion can improve our overall well-being, change our interactions with others, and boost our persistence and patience. Finally, Dr. Bertin advocates for parents to prioritize their needs, be it through mindfulness practices or daily activities that maintain sanity. Parents need to be patient, resilient, and mindful in navigating the unique challenges imposed by ADHD. More on Dr. Mark Bertin: Dr. Bertin’s Mindfullness Resources: —--- Topics covered in this episode: What is mindfulness? What is it about ADHD that makes life for parents more stressful? How can you be mindful in a fast-moving world? What are the types of mindful practices? What is a self-compassion practice? Dr. Bertin’s words of wisdom for parents? —------   Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic
My guest is Nathan Clarkson, a celebrated actor, best-selling author, and filmmaker who takes us through his remarkable life journey. Nathan, best known for his vivid creativity and a member of the esteemed Clarkson family, grew up facing numerous hurdles that included ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and learning disabilities. His thought-provoking experiences form the basis of the best-selling book "Different: The Story of an Outside-the-Box Kid and The Mom Who Loved Him," a collaborative effort with his proud mother, Sally Clarkson. Nathan details his journey from feeling out of place as a youth to a self-assured adult. The discourse underscores the paramount role of parents in providing for physical needs, engaging in meaningful conversations, demonstrating compassion, and showering unconditional love. Nathan's story serves as a beacon of hope to everyone dealing with mental health and learning challenges. It underscores the possibility of a resilient, fulfilling life filled with self-love, acceptance, and overall wellness. "Different: The Story of an Outside-the-Box Kid and Mom Who Loved Him" is Nathan and his mother's joint effort to narrate their inspiring tale of perseverance. His story is significant for individuals feeling out of place, indicating hope and strength in unconventional journeys. Nathan emphasizes his deep sense of spirituality and its pivotal role in his resilience. He credits his belief in a purposeful divine design for his strength, making it his anchor in uncertain times. Coming into his own as a thriving adult in the creative industry, Nathan delights in his roles as an actor, filmmaker, and writer, bearing testament to his inspiring journey. He concludes the episode with practical tips for parents and educators on appreciating and enhancing the uniqueness of children with ADHD. Join Nathan to explore the beauty in uniqueness, the strength in accepting one's self, and the power in erasing societal molds to reveal our true selves. More on Nathan Clarkson: Link to his book “Different” on Amazon: —--- Topics covered in this episode: Nathan Clarkson gives us some history on the type of kid he was growing up. Why did he write the book with his Mom about his journey? The arc of his life from a child to a young adult? How does Nate’s spiritual life play a role in his own resiliency? What Nate is doing now as an adult? What are Nathan’s words of wisdom for kids and/or parents who feel like out-of-the-box kids? —------   Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic
My guest is Dr. Lori Desautels, author and Assistant Professor at Butler University since 2016 where she teaches both undergraduate and graduate programs in the College of Education. Lori was also an Assistant Professor at Marian University in Indianapolis for eight years where she founded the Educational Neuroscience Symposium that has now reached thousands of educators and is in its 15th year. Lori’s passion is engaging her students through the social and relational neurosciences as it applies to education. She does this by integrating the tier one trauma accommodating Applied Educational Neuroscience framework, and its learning principles and practices into her coursework at Butler. Lori is the author of several books such as Connections over Compliance, Eyes are Never Queit, Body and Brain Brilliance coming in 2024, and more. In this profound episode, we present a comprehensive discussion with Dr. Lori Desautels, unraveling the complexities of behavior management in a changing socio-educational landscape post-COVID-19. We explore where behavior management is more about the adults, highlighting the imperative need for understanding and managing neurodiverse children with traumatic backgrounds. You'll understand the influential role that an adult's nervous system plays, and the paramount importance of adults being emotionally safe and available. Listen as Lori critically examines the state of our society, the stress it places on our collective nervous systems, and the effects on homes, communities, and schools. Learn the necessity for coherence between families and schools and get unique insights on building a triadic connection between parents, school, and child. The episode narrates experiences of triumphs and challenges as a parent of a neurodiverse child, illuminating the importance of open communication between parents and teachers, and the transformative power of validation. We offer invaluable advice on writing influential letters to educators and the need for sharing information about your neurodiverse child; while elucidating on the role of Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals in fostering a sense of connection and emotional control. You'll also learn about viewing accommodations through an Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) lens and its significance to the neurodiverse child. In closing, the discussion highlights the need for parents to be attuned to their nervous systems, the importance of providing a safe emotional space for children, and the value of self-care. This episode delivers a thoughtful conversation on behavior management underpinned by empathy and understanding. Tune in for insights you wouldn't want to miss! Learn more fromt Dr. Lori Desautels: : Links to Resources mentioned in this podcast: IEP goals focused on connection —--- Topics covered in this episode: Overall, how are kids doing in school post-Covid? What role do phones play in kids' dysregulation? What do schools value in their students? What are the symptoms of dysregulation? How do we create alignment between family and educators? Creating IEP goals that focus on connection? Dr. Lori’s words of wisdom for parents raising neurodivergent kids? —------ Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #neurodiversity    
My guest is Chris Wegner, the acclaimed 'Speech Dude'. Wegner, a school-based Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) and a nationally renowned presenter helps us unfold the essentials of speech and language therapy and its significance for neurodiverse children. Drawing from his 20 years of educational experience and his personal journey with ADHD, Chris delves into the diverse communication modes of neurodivergent learners and the role of SLPs. Listen as he underlines the need to provide neurodivergent students with the right tools and support, rather than forcing them into conventional molds. This enlightening conversation invites the audience to explore the intricacy of sensory experiences common among neurodivergent learners. Learn why sensory regulation is crucial for effective learning and how settings can be modified to create a conducive environment for language development and social interaction. Discover how to strike a balance between sensory support and language learning for a profound understanding of speech and language pathology in aiding neurodivergent children. Finally, the episode encourages self-advocacy skills in students and embarks on the discussion of the optimal age for children to start advocating for themselves. We advocate for a strengths-based approach and share insights on raising neurodivergent children, emphasizing the need to understand each child's intrinsic goodness. Listen in to foster a better understanding of every child's individual needs without changing their authentic self. For even more insights, feel free to reach out to Speech Dude on Instagram with the word "bananas" for a treasure trove of helpful resources and support. Learn more from Chris Wegner aka SpeechDude: Links to Resources mentioned in this podcast: Loop Earplugs —--- Topics covered in this episode: The role of SLPs working with neurodivergent kids? Chris’s journey growing up with ADHD? provide neurodivergent students with the right tools and support, rather than forcing them into conventional molds. How sensory therapy supports dysregulation What are loop ears? Support for fidgety kids? When a neurodivergent child should be included in the IEP/504 process? Chris’s words of wisdom for parents raising neurodivergent kids?   —------   Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #neurodiversity #spl #speechdude  
My guest is Nicole Laurent, LMHC. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who helps people use ketogenic dietary therapy as a treatment for mental illness and neurological issues. She uses a variety of nutritional and functional methods of treatment in her work and provides evidence-based psychotherapy modalities in adult client populations. ​In addition to specialized training in clinical skills, including Behavior Therapy (BT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), she is trained in nutritional and metabolic therapies for mental health. Through our discussion, Nicole engages listeners about the emerging field of metabolic psychiatry, including the significant role the ketogenic diet plays in improving mitochondrial function. We also delve into the reported advantages of the ketogenic diet for treating diverse neurological disorders and mental health conditions. Nicole skillfully explains the particulars of utilizing the ketogenic diet as a tool for managing ADHD symptoms. She covers the importance of stabilization of the neural networks and the enhancement of brain energy metabolism, particularly in impulse control and focus areas. However, Nicole also emphasizes that not every child with ADHD may need a ketogenic diet, as there could be simpler ways to manage micronutrient deficiencies. We venture to explore the underexplored nutritional dimensions of ADHD and mental health and discuss the critical role of essential nutrients in maintaining mental health. We challenge the prevailing psychopharmacology viewpoint and call for an urgent and nuanced understanding of the nutritional component of various mental health issues. This episode is a valuable resource for every parent wishing to navigate the challenging waters of ADHD management and understand the implications of nutrition on their child's health. It emphasizes the potential benefits of dietary changes and the need to explore beyond stimulant medication. We also critique the American diet culture and its implications on mental health while offering practical suggestions for making healthier eating choices.  We conclude the importance of proper nutrition in managing ADHD effectively and underline the vitality of educating oneself to ensure the best for a child's mental health.  Learn more from Nicole Laurent: Links to Resources mentioned in this podcast: Change Your Diet, Change Your  Mind by Dr. Georgia Ede Finally Focused by Dr. James Greenblatt & Bill Gottlieb CHC Sacred Cow by Diana Rodgers and Robb Wolf Hardy's Nutritionals —--- Topics covered in this episode: What is metabolic psychiatry? What is nutritional psychiatry? What is a ketogenic diet? Options to consider when the standard practice of care isn’t working? How a standard American diet is working against mental health? Nicole’s words of wisdom for parents raising ADHD kids? —------ Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up —------ Thank you for listening!  #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #keto
My guest is Kirah Johnson. A loving mom to four kids and as a teacher, Kirah shares her comprehensive insights on raising children with ADHD which she has openly documented on her Instagram page, We Have to Go Through It. She dives into her top five pieces of advice for parents raising children with ADHD. From building your team, implementing visuals, and maintaining routines, to embracing the wonderful chaos these children bring and nurturing their creativity, Kirah emphasizes the importance of tailoring parenting styles to the unique needs of each child. This gripping conversation includes essential tips for fostering a positive and accommodating environment at home, instead of fighting off their high energy and perfect creativity, providing an outlet for all the enthusiasm these kids bring. You'll love hearing Kirah's personal experiences and practical wisdom on handling the challenges and appreciating these children's unique strengths. Her number-one piece of advice: parent the child you have. Discover why she believes every child is wonderful, and why you are the best parent out there for them. Don't miss this enlightening episode. Learn more from Kirah Johnson: —--- Topics covered in this episode: Countdown Kirah’s top five insights on parenting children with ADHD —------ Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up —------ Thank you for listening!  #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #neurodiversity #momadvice
My guest is Amy Pagett, a trauma-informed coach, and an elementary school teacher. As a trauma survivor who suspected she had ADHD in adulthood, Amy shares her unique perspective on the intricate relationship between trauma and ADHD, the mirror-like symptoms between both conditions and her journey of overcoming the confusing overlap. We analyze the high susceptibility of those with ADHD to develop PTSD post-traumatic events and emphasize the crucial need for awareness, understanding, and support for such individuals. Further, we reveal Amy's invaluable insights on her role as a trauma coach, her divergent approach from regular therapists, and the power of adopting client-centered methodologies for managing trauma in the present. Amy expounds on the practice of breathwork for self-regulation and as a tool for centering oneself in the body, exemplifying its practical usage with her students. She emphasizes the importance of empathy and compassion in dealing with those affected by trauma and ADHD, underlining their role in enhancing the healing process. Learn more from Amy Pagett: —--- Topics covered in this episode: Amy’s journey as a trauma survivor who suspected she had ADHD in adulthood. What is a trauma-informed coach and how can it help a person Amy expounds on the practice of breathwork for self-regulation  High susceptibility of those with ADHD to develop PTSD post-traumatic events Teacher advice on shared regulation strategies in the classroom? Parents co-regulating and self-regulating guidance Amy’s words of wisdom for parents raising ADHD kids. —------ Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #neurodiversity #trauma    
My guest is April Rehrig, M.Ed., BCEA, LEP, PPS, CASDCS, seasoned school psychologist and founder of RISE Educational Advocacy and Consulting. In this episode, we explore the intricate world of Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and 504 plans for children with ADHD.  It's a treasure trove of insights and advice for parents and caregivers of students who are experiencing academic difficulties. Touching every spectrum of the topic, we aim to empower you with the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure your child's academic success. Learn more from April Rehrig at —--- Topics covered in this episode: What is the difference between a 504 plan and an IEP? Is a 504 plan or IEP better than the other? How parents can navigate informal suspensions? What to do when an ADHD child is struggling but is getting good grades? What do do when an ADHD child is failing in school and the school isn’t taking action? Does the “wait and see” approach work? April's words of wisdom for parents navigating the world of IEPs and 504 plans? —------ Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #neurodiversity #IEP #504  
My guest is Kayvon Afsarifard , a clinical team leader at  This insightful discussion dives into how ADHD affects not only the individual but the whole family system, emphasizing the crucial role parents and families play when a child is dealing with ADHD. Kayvon shares effective strategies on how parents can keep their child focused and organized, discussing developmental stages and ADHD symptoms. He urges parents to adjust their parenting techniques as their children grow and highlights the importance of teaching them self-reliance and independent decision-making skills. offers programs that include a continuum of youth and parent coaching combined with family therapy that is customized to families' needs. We work with a wide spectrum of behavioral and emotional challenges, including struggles with anxiety, depression, failure to launch, school refusal, learning and social differences, ADHD, ASD, executive function challenges, self-harm, suicidality, gender identity, and adoption. We support relationship healing in wounded families and help teens and young adults reach goals in school, vocation, personal growth, and community engagement. Learn more at —--- Topics covered in this episode: How parents and family system is impacted when a child has ADHD? Importance of staying regulated with a child is dysregulated? The independence vs. interdependence dichotomy battle parents face? Communication tools parents can use? Video gaming effects on ADHD kids? Advice on interventions families can implement at home? Words of wisdom for parents who are raising neurodiverse kids.   —------   Stay connected to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up   —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #neurodiversity      
My guest is Jonathan Mooney - acclaimed author, passionate advocate, and an example of triumph over adversity. Living with ADHD and dyslexia, Jonathan’s inspiring journey from a struggling student to a successful author and speaker is brilliantly chronicled in our heart-to-heart conversation. Jonathan Mooney is a dyslexic writer, speaker, and do-gooder who did not learn to read until 12 years old.  He faced a number of low expectations growing up—was told he would flip burgers, be a high school drop out and end up in jail. Needless to say those hopeful prophecies didn’t come to pass. Opposed to being a high school drop out he became a college graduate from Brown University with an honors degree in English lit; instead of flipping burgers he ended up writing books titled Learning Outside The Lines, The Short Bus: A Journey Beyond Normal, and Normal Sucks.   And instead of becoming an inmate he became an advocate creating organizations and initiatives that help people who get the short end of the stick. Learn more about Jonathon Mooney: —--- Topics covered in this episode: What type of kid was Jonathan Mooney growing up? How did he get through school in what felt impossible with ADHD and dyslexia? The strategies that worked for him getting through school? How he advocates as an adult for neurodiverse kids? How the dynamic nature of the current educational system effects kids? His words of wisdom for parents who are raising neurodiverse kids. —------ Stay connected by email to Kate at ADHD Kids Can Thrive: ADHD Kids Can Thrive Sign Up —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #dyslexic #jonathanmooney #neurodiversity #normalsucks
Join renowned clinical psychologist and ADHD specialist, Dr. Sharon Saline, in this enlightening episode by Kate Brownfield from Dr. Saline, the award-winning author of "What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew," offers a deep-dive into the complexities and challenges of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children, teens, and young adults. Learn more at In this stimulating discussion, Dr. Saline elaborates on the biological basis of ADHD, its characteristics including hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity, and the possible executive functioning deficits that kids with ADHD may encounter. Throughout the conversation, the prevalence of co-existing diagnoses such as anxiety and learning disabilities also takes the spotlight. Additionally, the episode explores the immense stress levels endured by parents raising children with ADHD and emphasizes the crucial need for supportive environments, understanding, and appropriate therapies. The lifelong journey of dealing with ADHD, particularly as afflicted children grow into teenagers and young adults, underlines the significance of an integrative approach in managing ADHD. Further into the discussion, Dr. Sharon Saline shares her "5 Cs" of effective parenting. These involve self-control, compassion, collaboration, consistency, and celebration, each playing a crucial role in raising kids with ADHD. Insightful typography concepts from her book and invaluable parenting advice conclude this must-listen episode. —--- Topics covered in this episode: What is ADHD and how it effects an ADHD child? What is it about ADHD that makes it so complex? How does ADHD change as a child grows into their teen years? Dr. Saline’s  integrative approach  to raising an ADHD child? Dr. Saline’s words of wisdom for parents raising ADHD kids?         —------ Sign up for Parent Support Group, we use the latest episode of The ADHD Kids Can Thrive as the topic for discussion.  Sign up link here: Parent Support Group —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #executivefunctioning #Dr.SharonSaline #5c’s  
In this compelling episode, Kate Brownfield interviews Jesse J. Anderson, a renowned author, social media influencer, and ADHD advocate. diagnosed with ADHD himself, Jesse takes us through his personal experiences, focusing on triumphs and struggles, and analyzes techniques that can work for those with ADHD. More about Jesse J. Anderson at —--- Topics covered in this episode: -Jesse’s shares his personal journey of growing up with ADHD - How he ended up penning the highly influential book 'Extra Focus’ - Why toxic productivity doesn’t work for an ADHDer? - How to use the 4 C’s to help an ADHDer? - How to use pomodoro time to help a with time blindness? - Jesse’s words of wisdom for parents and educators supporting an ADHD child? —------ Sign up here to join Parent to Parent Support Group: Parent Support Group Free Weekly meet- up Topic will be centered around the most recent ADHD Kids Can Thrive podcast —------ Thank you for listening!    #adhd #adhdkid #adhdparent #adhdkidscanthrive #adhdparentsupport #adhdsupport  #specialed #parenting #ADHDkidhealth #brainhealth #anxiety #depression #learningdisabilities #dyslexia #jessejanderson #extrafocus