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The ARK Crypto Podcast

Author: Justin Renken

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The ARK Crypto Podcast features news and insight regarding the ARK Ecosystem, a Blockchain based network running on ARK Core Technology. You can find out more at
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The time has come to make a special announcement and also announce the winner of the ARK Crypto Podcast Episode 100 Contest! There were so many fantastic entries. Thank you everyone, for being a valued listener and submitting an entry! 100 episodes is a huge accomplishment. Double thanks to the great sponsors who helped make this contest amazing! Catch me on the ARK YouTube channel at and ARK Discord at, as well as the new YouTube channel for MarketSquare and MarketSquare Discord server at! And a message to the winner: expect an email from me with your next steps before Saturday! Enjoy!
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It's time for another Blockchain Legal Roundup with Ray, Strategic Partnerships Manager of In this episode we revisit the EARN IT Act with an update, as it has a new companion bill that has been introduced in the US House of Representatives. The EARN IT Act is an attempt to combat the exploitation of minors online, but its vagueness brings big implications for Internet users' privacy as well as end-to-end encryption. Ray gives us all the details we need to know, and even highlights a large multinational case where Blockchain technology helped directly combat child exploitation online. Hit the podcast archives for more on the EARN IT Act from Ray. Enjoy!
The 96th episode of the ARK Crypto Podcast is here! This week, we go over everything you might have missed that happened recently for ARK. This episode is made easier by the community resource, a site following all ARK achievements and accomplishments since its inception in 2016. also has interactive features like sorting, filtering, and searching achievements. Catch up fast using this helpful community-built resource. Enjoy!
With the ARK Migrator annouced to be coming soon, a simple way for developers to facilitate a token migration from ERC-20 to ARK-based blockchain, as well as DeFi recently wreaking havoc on Ethereum gas fees, there's no better time for an ARK vs Ethereum episode. It's packed with research, thought topics and sound bytes. What else needs to be said? Enjoy!
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