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Fun investing in good people. :-) --- Support this podcast:
Fun fun conversation with the babygirl. --- Support this podcast:
They were so grateful for the music!! We had a great time serenading them. --- Support this podcast:
Creating a Facebook group around your interest is one of the most productive things you can do for your goals. Here I continue to share with the group the insight that I've learned over the years around this subject. --- Support this podcast:
Stop Playing The Game......Pt. 1 --- Support this podcast:
They were feeling the Funk Blues piece from note one! Much fun serenading this community! --- Support this podcast:
This persons porch we were on was the BEST stage for the block. It was totally viewable by the entire street! --- Support this podcast:
This was one of the most serene night serenades I've done. And I LOVE to serenade at night! Especially with the singing of the crickets! --- Support this podcast:
Don't play the game with emotionally manipulative people.....Part 2 --- Support this podcast:
Musicians, Artists! Somebody PLEASE take this idea and run with it! --- Support this podcast:
Are you Fake or Real? --- Support this podcast:
I was just in a mood for some chill vibes.ย  --- Support this podcast:
I enjoy supporting others by helping to show them their gifts and applying it to creating a legacy! --- Support this podcast:
Shedding with friends! --- Support this podcast:
Musical fun in Charles Village Baltimore. --- Support this podcast:
I've often said all we need is a "Little Green Man" to visit us in order for us to become more connected and realize the insignificant nature of our "perceived differences". We are now living in a time that is direct proof of that..... --- Support this podcast:
So much fun playing music in Ellicott. City :-) --- Support this podcast:
Focusing in and nurturing the people who are showing you or your content attention is important for keeping yourself attuned to what matters most. Creating valuable content that matters to you, not for numbers. If you nurture the 5 you'll be flowing in a way that will naturally acquire you the "500" because your motives are in the right place.ย  Try these techniques and drop a line to let me know if/how it works for you! --- Support this podcast:
Much fun playing in Catonsville.... Let this audio Serenade you... --- Support this podcast:
Gary Vee is one of my favorite people on earth..... Here's why.... --- Support this podcast:
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