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Author: Doug Bopst

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The Adversity Advantage with Doug Bopst is a podcast that runs weekly that will feature Interviews from people of all walks of life as well as from Doug to help inspire you to turn your trials into triumphs.

Doug Bopst used fitness to save his life from the depths of despair while incarcerated on felony drug charges and now has made it his life mission to help others overcome hardship.

Doug combines his wisdom along with knowledge from experts around the world to allow you to use failures, obstacles and ADVERSITY to your advantage.
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Today’s guest is Jonathan Fields. Jonathan is the best selling author of multiple books as well as the host/executive producer of the extremely popular podcast, The Good Life Project. Jonathan’s work has been featured widely in the media, including The New York Times, FastCompany, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, Forbes, Oprah Magazine, Elle, Allure, The Guardian, and many others.   Much of our discussion in this episode revolves around his latest book “SPARKED: Discover Your Unique Imprint for Work That Makes You Come Alive” which is designed to help you discover what actually lights you up personally and professionally. The book is largely based on Jonathan’s revolutionary “Sparketype” assessment that has helped over 500,000 people experience meaning, joy, purpose and fulfillment in the work that they do.  Our chat begins unpacking a few pivotal moments of adversity for Jonathan that have led to where he is today. Early in his life, he was forced to leave his financially stable job as an attorney after he literally nearly worked himself to death. He then went on to work in the health and wellness space and ended up opening a yoga studio the day before 9/11 in NYC. We talk about how Jonathan got through these unfortunate situations and how they shaped what he’s doing today. We get into certain ideas from his latest book including why it’s not always smart to leave your job and pursue a passion project and how to discover what drives and challenges you the most. Jonathan shares his thoughts on why experiencing the full spectrum of both good and bad emotions is actually beneficial to living a happy life. We also chat about the most common and least common Sparketypes and how each of them can have a dark side. Jonathan also shares how he deals with overthinking and impatience which is part of the dark side of his Sparketype. This episode is going to leave you feeling both inspired and empowered to embrace self-discovery and unpack what drives you to be your best.   Buy Jonathan’s latest book here:   Take Sparketype Quiz:   Connect with Jonathan:   Website:   instagram:   Podcast:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order
Today’s guest is Kat Stickler. She is one of the fastest-growing content creators and TikTok stars out there. You may recognize Kat from her hilariously viral videos on TikTok where she has nearly 8 million followers. Her videos are not only meant to help others laugh but also to provide hope and inspiration for her audience to become the best version of themselves.    Our convo today dives deep into some parts of Kat and her journey that you may not be as familiar with.     She and her husband built an enormous social media following and brand after having their daughter MK last year. Kat faced a huge setback when her marriage started to unravel and their separation went public. She shares the lessons that she’s learned and how she developed the courage to make a comeback. Kat discusses how she now handles discomfort and uncertainty and we also get into her innate gift of optimism. We chat about why she is dedicated to keeping the promises she makes to herself and how it transfers to other relationships. Kat also unpacks what she says to herself when she starts to experience self doubt and her advice for those that are not feeling “enough” and more!   Connect with Kat:    TikTok:    Instagram:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   Sponsors for Today’s show:   Earth Echo Foods/Island Bliss:   Click here to receive 15% off your order of Island Bliss   Or go to and use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order     Organifi/Immunity:   Receive 20% off your order by going to:      
Today’s guest is one of the world’s leading experts on the neuroscience of addiction and recovery. Anna Lembke MD is Chief of the Stanford Medicine Dual Diagnosis clinic and Professor and Medical Director of Addiction Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Lembke has testified before Congress and consulted with governors and senators from Kentucky to Missouri to Nevada. You may also recognize her from her appearance on the hit Netflix movie “The Social Dilemma.” Aside from this, Anna has also written two books: “Drug Dealer MD” and her latest book, The New York Times bestseller “Dopamine Nation.”    Our conversation covers an array of important topics to help highlight the REAL connection between science, addiction, and recovery. Anna explains the neuroscience of addiction and how it affects the brain and decision-making. We get into how to prevent addiction, what to do if you are addicted and the different recovery options. Our convo gets into the subject of relapse including why so many fall back into their addictive behaviors even after sustained abstinence. We chat about how to thrive in early recovery and how to prevent relapse. We also cover how technological advances have impacted the current epidemic and discuss hidden addictions that you may be unaware of. Anna shares how she helps her patients with anxiety and depression and why using drugs to treat such things can actually backfire. Our discussion gets into current hot topics like the opioid epidemic, cannabis use and advice for parents when they have a loved one who’s struggling.    Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order  
Today’s guest is Mike Johnson. You may recognize Mike from his appearance on Season 15 of The Bachelorette or perhaps from Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. You have also listened to his new hit podcast “Talking it Out.” I must say what most intrigued me about Mike wasn’t his reality television career, it was his backstory and how well he articulates the exact steps he used to get him out of one of the darkest moments in his life which we can all relate to.   Mike quickly faced some unforeseen adversity as a kid as he was sexually abused and what came to follow was years and years of turmoil as he found himself becoming a bit of a rebel as he burglarized homes as a teenager and had unhealthy relationships with women. Mike then joined the Airforce and worked as an IT specialist for years before becoming a financial advisor    This is where things took a bad turn for him. Although financially, he was crushing it,  a relationship that ended with a woman that he was madly in love with broke his heart and led him down a path of self-sabotage, misery and depression. Mike’s path out of this rut was largely due to his obsession with personal development and self-discovery. He began working on his identity, his mindset, reading books, being of service to others, and exercising.    Today, Mike shares it all. He will walk you through step by step as to how exactly he transformed himself from someone that was completely heartbroken and hopeless to starring on one of the biggest reality shows that have ever existed. We also chat about a universal formula that can work for anyone who is struggling to get out of a rut and get motivated again. Mike highlights the process of being on the Bachelorette and our convo also gets into financial planning and Mike gives some of his top tips to become financially fit. We also discuss why adopting a lifestyle around something is much more important than having discipline and more!    Connect with Mike:   Instagram:   Podcast:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   Sponsors for Today’s show:   Earth Echo Foods/Island Bliss:   Click here to receive 15% off your order of Island Bliss   Or go to and use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order   Organifi/Immunity:   Receive 20% off your order by going to:
Today’s guest on the show is Cheryl Burke. You might recognize her from reoccurring role as a professional dancer on Dancing With the Stars which she will make her 24th appearance on in just a few weeks.   What really inspires me about Cheryl is her recovery journey and her willingness to share so openly. She has gone through and overcome a lot. The trauma started by witnessing her parents divorce and being molested all before she entered Elementary school. This led to more debauchery as she found herself in and out of toxic relationships, not going to college and developing unhealthy habits around things such as alcohol. With all that said, there has been one constant in her life and that’s been her ability to dance. Her talents in dance led her to landing her spot on Dancing with the Stars roughly 15 years ago. Cheryl has won 2 mirror balls and was the first female professional to win on the show.   Cheryl’s journey with alcohol, unfortunately, stayed with her throughout most of this process which included drinking before going on television.  3 years ago it all changed for her when she decided to get sober after her Father passed away. She was able to strong-arm her way through sobriety until this past summer when she hit a crossroads that led her to join the 12 step community to further her recovery journey.    Today we talk about it all. Cheryl opens up about what happened that made her enter AA after 2 1/2 years of sobriety and how it has helped her. We get into her back story and what led her to use alcohol as a way to numb the pain. Cheryl shares why even reaching the pinnacle of her career as a dancer left her feeling lonely and miserable.   We discuss her comeback journey and what types of things have helped her transform the pain into purpose. Cheryl chats about why it was crucial for her to open up emotionally and how it has led to massive growth for herself and her marriage. She opens up about her struggles with body dysmorphia and of course we also get into Dancing With The Stars including why this season will be different for Cheryl and more!    Connect with Cheryl:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   Podcast:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order  
Happy Labor Day! Y’all have seemed to really enjoy the previous masterclasses on the podcast so today I have another for you. In honor of Labor Day, it’s going to be focused on “work” and not just any work, I am talking about “doing the inner work” so that you can heal from pain and trauma. The discussion today is going to focus on developing self awareness, healing trauma, boundaries, breaking free from old toxic patterns and creating new healthy ones. To do that, I have 3 of the best healing experts on the planet to provide insights on these subjects so that you can heal from your past and become your absolute best. You will hear parts of 3 previously released episodes with Dr. Nicole LePera, Dr. Shefali and Gabby Bernstein.   The first part will feature a section from my previous chat with clinical psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Nicole LePera aka The Holistic Psychologist. You will hear us chat about why therapy alone won’t heal you and why you might get stressed or anxious for no reason. We also discuss self-awareness, understanding what trauma actually is and how to rewire your brain with healthy patterns and behaviors. We also get into buzzwords such as ego, boundaries, triggered, and more…   In this next section, you will hear from clinical psychologist and NY Times best-selling author Dr. Shefali. We will discuss her best practices for healing including a step-by-step process on how to develop self-awareness around unhealthy patterns and create new healthy ones. Dr. Shefali explains how to actually know if you are healing. We also chat about boundaries, how to get get out of the victim mindset, and more.    The final part will feature a section from a previous episode with thought leader, personal development powerhouse, and NY Times best-selling author Gabby Bernstein. We discuss different parts of Gabby’s story including some of her more recent struggles and how she overcame them. Gabby and I chat bout how she deals with uncertainty and our convo also dovetails into a step-by-step process on how to shift negative thinking and create new belief systems. We also discuss how to align with your highest self and what you really must do to manifest what you want in life and more.   Links to full episodes featured in this conversation: Dr. Nicole LePera Dr. Shefali Gabby Bernstein   Connect with Dr. Nicole LePera Website: Instagram: Facebook:   Connect with Dr. Shefali: Website: Instagram: Facebook:   Connect with Gabby: Website: Instagram: Facebook:   Connect with Doug: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Island Bliss: Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order
Today’s guest is world-renowned gastroenterologist and neuroscientist Dr. Emeran Mayer. Dr. Mayer is a distinguished research professor in the Departments of Medicine, Physiology, and Psychiatry at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He has over 35 years of experience studying how the mind and gut interact and how it all pertains to health and disease. His work has been supported by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and has published over 370 peer-reviewed scientific articles. He has also written two books of his own including The Mind-Gut Connection and his newly released book the Gut Immune connection.   I felt like I could have spent all day talking with him as this subject is something that is extremely fascinating to me and it’s also very timely given the times we are in. Our conversation today is super informative and tactical and I can promise you that you will feel empowered to take action on your health after listening. We get into the nuts and bolts of it all. We discuss the mind-gut-immune system connection and why it is so important to take care of them all.   Dr. Mayer shares why chronic stress is one of the most destructive things for your brain, gut health, and immune system and how to fix it. We chat about what else is at the root cause of poor brain and gut health and immune function and you will find out why what you eat plays such a pivotal role in all of this.   He talks about what you can do to improve your gut health, brain health, and immune system and how to know if each of these is not functioning properly. Our convo also gets into probiotics and if in fact, they are actually useful as well as what you can do when your body begins to feel off balance. Of course, we get into how to know if all the systems are running smoothly if it’s ever too late to address your brain and gut health and so much more!   Connect with Dr. Emeran Mayer:   Website:   Instagram:   Facebook:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order        
Have you ever cheated on your partner? Or flirted with people that you didn’t like or using people for attention? Or perhaps you continue to bounce from relationship to relationship? Maybe you feel like you can’t be happy unless you’re getting attention or in a relationship?     If you answered yes, you MAY classify as being a sex or love addict. But don’t worry, the conversation today will help you better understand if you really are one and what you can do about it.   Today’s guest is Brianne Davis. Brianne is an actress. She’s a podcast host. She’s an author. But, her real claim to fame is that she is a recovering sex and love addict. Her addiction to love began when she felt a euphoric rush after cheating on her 8th-grade boyfriend and quickly evolved into years of debauchery. She has been sober from sex and love for nearly 12 years and ironically her then-boyfriend and now husband was the one to help her find some local meetings to start her transformation.   We unpack it all today. Brianne shares her incredible story of overcoming love and sex addiction and the convo gets into who Brianne was in her past compared to who she is today. We discuss what it actually feels like to be a sex and love addict, what’s underneath all of it, and her response to those that think love addiction is an illusion. Brianne and I chat about the differences between sex and love addiction and how to know if you would classify as an addict, this actually might surprise you. We get into attention-seeking and social media and the role it plays in all of this as well as how she currently sets boundaries and handles her relationships of today including her marriage. Of course, we chat about how to do the work without going to meetings, if you should date during this process and how to have healthy relationships moving forward. Brianne opens up about the moment she knew her love was real and so much more!   Connect with Brianne:   Website:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   Join Marisa Peer's 21-day abundance challenge by clicking here:   Use promo code “Doug” at checkout to receive 25% off.   
Could you ever dream of living to 100? How about 150 or even 200? My guest today Sergey Young is on a mission to help you do just that. As a matter of fact, he wants to help ONE BILLION people live to 100. Sergey is a chemical engineer turned venture capitalist who founded the Longevity Vision Fund. His fund invests in companies that are making groundbreaking products, technologies and developments in the longevity space. Combine this with his passion for research and science and you get his book “The Science and Technology of Growing Young” which was released earlier this week. It’s an absolute game-changer.   Filled with tools, tips, and tactics to help you live longer, healthier and happier his book is a must-read. When living longer gets mentioned there is a lot of pushback because of things like money, quality of life, and people’s level of happiness. If someone isn’t happy when they are 40, how can they be happy at 95? There is a lot of truth to that. This is why I am excited to share this episode with you today as we address just that. While living past 100 can definitely be very exciting, the focus of our convo today revolves around what you can do in real time to improve all facets of your health.   Our discussion gets into Sergey’s backstory and what inspired his obsession with longevity, health, and aging. We get in-depth about his research on longevity and chat about things that take years off of your life and things that extend your life. He unveils the 5 longevity buckets that you must pay attention to live healthier, happier and longer. Sergey shares some shocking stuff about longevity including why and how your psychological age influences your physical age. We chat about nutrition, fasting, movement, and mental health and why they are so pivotal to reversing your biological age. Of course, Sergey debunks the common obstacles that people think about when they think about living longer and our convo also dovetails into the enticing subject of technology and which ones you can take advantage of right now as well as the one's you can look forward to that might help you live to see age 150 or 200.   Buy Sergey's book "The Science and Technology of Growing Young"   Connect with Sergey:   Website:   Instagram:   Facebook:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:        
By now I am sure you have heard of Jake and Logan Paul and how they are taking the sport of boxing to a whole new level. As you know, I have the utmost respect for anyone who puts themselves out there to achieve what they want in life and this is no different. With that said, Jake will face by far his toughest opponent yet, former UFC champion Tyron Woodley this Sunday. Tyron is a seasoned striker and much more experienced than any of the others that Jake has defeated. How does he prep for this? How does he take his training to the next level?   Insert Anthony “Pretty Boy” Taylor who is also today’s guest. Anthony is an up-and-coming fighter and has won his last five fights. He is Jake’s full time sparring and training partner and they have a special relationship. A relationship so special that Jake gave Anthony an opportunity of a lifetime to fight boxer and “Love Island” star, Tommy Fury as an undercard fight the same night that Jake fights Woodley. To make things even more interesting, Taylor has a story of his own. Anthony is a former stripper turned fighter and hit rock bottom just a few years ago after losing a boxing match. He found himself on the verge of homelessness and was experiencing thoughts of suicide. With the help of a mentor and coach, he was able to revamp his mindset, get back on his feet and win a few fights.    Our conversation today gets into it all. Anthony shares his comeback story and how he made different choices and revamped his mindset to get to where he is today. We talk in depth about his incredible relationship with Jake Paul including how they met, what it’s like training with him, and lessons he has learned from Jake. Anthony reveals who he thinks will win this Sunday and what’s next for him whether he wins or not and so much more!    Connect with Anthony:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order    
One of my favorite conversations to have on the show are those that amplify incredible stories of recovery and hope. Jen Cutting has one of the wildest and most inspirational stories I have ever come across. Today Jen has been sober for nearly 4 years, is a recovery warrior, and works closely with the prison system to help other women.   This would have seemed nearly impossible not long ago as Jen has been incarcerated multiple times for drug-fueled felony charges. In fact, she even had and raised her daughter while she was in prison.   Today she will walk you through her shocking and moving journey that is filled with many highs and many lows.    Jen grew up in Staten Island and like many, was raised in a very financially stable home with two parents. But, she found herself being smothered by their protection and control and began to question her self worth.   Shortly after high school she met a man that was nearly 10 years older than her and that relationship gave her a taste of what manipulation, addiction and artificial love felt like.   After breaking it off with him, she used his credit card to buy a plane ticket and move to Florida where she quickly got a job as an exotic dancer at a local strip club. On her 21st birthday she was introduced to cocaine, and that’s where things took a turn for the worst, as it quickly turned into a lifestyle. It got so bad, that she moved back to Staten Island before her 22nd birthday.   While she thought it could be a catalyst to help her get her life back together it actually had the opposite effect. She met another man, began to strip at another local club and was prescribed Vicodin after an injury. Jen was prescribed Vicodin for months and months after her initial script and found herself in the depths of opiate addiction. After her doctor left, she was forced to get her fix illegally. So, she found men at the club who could get her pills and eventually this lead to her trying and shooting heroin.   The debauchery continued and her and her then boyfriend were caught stealing to support their heroin habit. She was arrested on a grand larceny charge and sentenced to time in prison. She does her time, gets out and begins right back where she left off. She catches yet another grand larceny charge and ends up in a diversion program where she was able to kick the opiate addiction for good. Shortly after her release, she fell in love with another convicted felon and became pregnant.   After violating her parole, she found herself back in prison again but this time facing a much more challenging stint as she was pregnant and her due date was during her incarceration. Not only does she successfully have her daughter, but she was also able to properly raise her with the help of other inmates and the prison’s nursery program.   You would think that after all of this, Jen would finally throw in the towel. Well, she didn’t. She was arrested for selling meth and found herself incarcerated once again. To make things even worse, she lost custody of her daughter.    Today, she has full custody, has been sober for nearly 4 years, and is giving back by helping others in recovery and in the prison system. She is here to tell you the story of how this all happened and more.    Connect with Jen:   Instagram:   YouTube:   TikTok:   Connect with Doug: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:   Join Marisa Peer's 21-day abundance challenge by clicking here:   Use promo code “Doug” at checkout to receive 25% off.   
Today’s episode welcomes Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, a leading technology executive and entrepreneur, board member, and investor with twenty-five years of experience in founding and helping to scale companies, including Google, Amazon, and Yodlee. Most recently, she served as president of StubHub, which sold in 2020 for $4+ billion right before the pandemic and thrived under her leadership. She has been profiled in Fortune, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and The New York Times, among others. She has been named one of Elle’s Power Women, one of the Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, and one of the Top 100 People in the Valley by Business Insider among many other accolades.    Our discussion today center’s around several topics that many struggles with failure, risk taking, and changing direction. If you listen to this episode in full, I guarantee you that you will feel more confident when facing these challenges. We chat about Sukhinder’s unexpected and abrupt departure from StubHub and how she handled that and used it as an opportunity for growth.   Sukhinder and I get into the in’s and out’s of all things risk-taking including why you must take them, how to know if it’s the right one and how to do it the right way. She also talks about why proximity and protecting the downside are CRUCIAL when taking chances.   We also chat about the different types of failures that you will experience in life, how to plan for them, overcome them and why you can actually learn and grow more from unplanned setbacks.   Sukhinder unveils what must happen in order for someone to make the choice to take action and make a change and if she thinks that some of us are wired to be bigger risk-takers.    Our convo also gets into how to surround yourself with the right people, common risk taking myths and how to become fulfilled and impactful long term.    Buy Sukhinder's book "Choose Possibility: Take Risks and Thrive (Even When You Fail)   Connect with Sukhinder:    LinkedIn:   Twitter:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order
Today on the show I have TikToker, Podcast host and Netflix star Harry Jowsey . You may recognize Harry from the hit show, Too Hot to Handle, or Perhaps you may also have seen his viral social media content or listened to his thriving podcast, Tap in with Harry Jowsey.    Harry has also been featured on a few of the biggest podcasts that exist including Call Her Daddy with Alex Cooper, BFFs with Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy and Impaulsive with Logan Paul.    Today I try to I take our convo down a slightly different path and get into parts of Harry’s journey that you may not be as familiar with.   We talk about how remaining authentic has helped him transition from being a reality TV star to a content creator, entrepreneur and podcast host.   Harry reveals why he didn’t go the influencer route and why he stopped getting involved with scandals and drama.   Our discussion also gets into how he healed from a very public breakup and things that he discovered about himself during that process.    Harry and I also talk about what keeps him grounded, how he handles fame at such a young age and the role that fitness plays in his life.   He shares how manifestation has helped him become a millionaire and why getting what you want in life starts with how you feel about yourself and so much more!   Connect with Harry:   Instagram:   TikTok:   YouTube:     Podcast:   Connect with Doug: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:   Join Marisa Peer's 21-day abundance challenge by clicking here:   Use promo code “Doug” at checkout to receive 25% off.   
Today on the show we have Jason and Colleen Wachob founders of mindbodygreen. mindbodygreen is essentially a health and wellness conglomerate that reaches millions of people worldwide through their website, social media and podcast.   mindbodygreen has been around for over a decade. I believe this is a result of their continued commitment to community and addressing all pillars of health. I also believe it’s a result of their incredible panel of contributing experts,   In today’s chat, Jason and Colleen share each of their own health scares and how they led them to create mindbodygreen. They share why they believe their site has made it so long and the health trends that have made it through the test of time.    We get into mental health and why that needs to be a focus for their brand as well as the most eye-opening health info they have learned lately. Our conversation gets into what Colleen and Jason’s personal self-care routines look like as well as what’s next for mbg.    Our convo also dovetails into the trendy topic of supplements including which to take, why MindBodyGreen started formulating their own, and what sets their supplements apart from the rest.   Connect with Jason and Colleen:   Website:   Instagram:   Facebook:   Podcast:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order
Today’s episode is another masterclass and one that is also timely like the last one. But the topic of this discussion centers around neuroscience, stress and anxiety something that we all can relate to. Today I have three of the top neuroscientists on the planet to help you better understand and manage your stress, anxiety and brain health. You will hear parts of 3 previously released episodes with Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, Dr. Jud Brewer, and Dr. Andrew Huberman.   The first part will feature a section from my previous chat with Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph.D. She stands among the top 1% most cited scientists globally for her revolutionary research in psychology and neuroscience.  Her TED talk on emotions has been viewed over 6 million times. In this section, she explains the science and evolution of your emotions one reactions as to how to change them.  You will also learn the real function of the human brain and what stress actually is and why it scientifically leads to weight gain. Dr. Barrett will share how words affect our brain chemistry and how to change how we respond to anxiety and other struggles.   Then, you will hear from Dr. Andrew Huberman. Dr. Huberman is a neuroscientist and tenured Professor of Neurobiology ophthalmology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is also the host of the highly popular podcast, The Huberman Lab podcast. In this section, we take a deep dive into the neuroscience of the different reward systems of the brain, how they function, and how they relate to addiction. We also chat about cell phone addiction and the dangers of excessive screen time. You will also learn in depth about the stress response, how to use stress to your advantage, and science-backed tools to decrease stress immediately.    Finally, you will hear a section from a previous episode with Dr. Jud Brewer. Dr. Jud is a renowned addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist whose Ted Talk ”A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit” has over 16 million views on YouTube. Dr. Jud shares in depth about what anxiety actually is and how it can be directly related to your habits. You will also discover science-based, actionable steps that you can immediately take to understand, manage and mitigate anxiety. You will also learn some common anxiety myths and the important role that things like awareness, mindfulness and curiosity play into all of this and more...   Links to full episodes featured in this conversation: Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett Dr. Andrew Huberman Dr. Jud Brewer   Connect with Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph.D. Twitter: Website:   Connect with Dr. Andrew Huberman: Website - Instagram -   Connect with Dr. Jud Brewer: Website: Instagram:   Connect with Doug: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:   Join Marisa Peer's 21-day abundance challenge by clicking here:   Use promo code “Doug” at checkout to receive 25% off. 
Today on the show I have actor Vinn Sander. Vinn plays the lead role in many of the films that are created and produced by Dhar Mann. For those who aren’t familiar with Dhar Mann, he is a mission-driven entrepreneur with 52 Million+ followers, 22 Billion+ views & one of the highest viewed content creators in the world. A good portion of these views come from his life-changing purpose driven films that address various topics that are relevant in society today. Vinn has been with Dhar Mann since nearly the beginning. He comes on the show today to chat about his acting journey shares how he met Dhar Mann and why the roles that he plays are different from traditional media and film. Vinn shares how he deals with uncertainty and the mental and emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a young actor. We talk about the power of fitness, how to deal with haters, and what the future holds for Vinn. Vinn also gives some tips on the do’s and don’t’s of creating content and advice to those who are looking to start something new and so much more!   Connect with Vinn:   Instagram:   Tiktok:   YouTube:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:     Join Marisa Peer's 21 day abundance challenge by clicking here:   Use promo code “Doug” at checkout to receive 25% off. 
Today’s guest is John Wolf of Onnit. Onnit is an Austin, TX-based health and wellness brand focused on encouraging a peak level of performance through the best in nutritional supplementation, health-conscious foods, and unconventional fitness equipment and training.    John Wolf is Onnit's Chief Fitness Officer, and an expert in unconventional training methods such as kettlebell, steel club, and suspension training. With 16-plus years of experience in the fitness industry, he has worked with rehab clients and athletes of all levels including Joe Rogan. He moves like Spider Man and can deadlift more than 500 pounds any day of the week.   Our discussion today digs deep into John’s story and how fitness saved his life from the depths of addiction. John was hooked on different drugs including meth, alcohol, and cocaine. To overcome these addictions he completely transformed his habits and used exercise and martial arts to channel his negative behaviors into something positive. This all couldn’t have been done without the help of an unsung hero who found him on the side of the road drunk and drove him home. That can ride was the moment that ultimately led to him making the transformation for good. We talk about the ins and outs of his journey including what caused him to use the drugs and how he crawled out of the darkness.   John shares more in-depth about Onnit and Aubrey Marcus including how they met, what Onnit’s mission is and how it’s different from other fitness companies. We chat about different mindset subjects including goal setting, overcoming plateaus, and the importance of the inner dialogue. Our convo also gets into different fitness topics like programming, how to stay consistent and how to know if your workout program is actually effective.   John also talks about what it’s like to train Joe Rogan and more!    Connect with John:   Instagram:   Website:   Facebook:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order
Today's guest is Nadine Artemis. Nadine is an author, aromacologist/formulator, and a thought leader in the health and wellness and beauty space.   Nadine is also the founder & CEO of Living Libations which is a luxury line of serums, elixirs, and essentials oils for those seeking the purest of the pure botanical health and beauty products on the planet.    I have been wanting to have a conversation for some time on the show with regards to toxic beauty and household products and felt that given her expertise, experience, and compelling story Nadine was a perfect fit for the dialogue.    We chat about how she rebuilt her life after losing EVERYTHING after a fire burned down her home. Nadine shares how important gratitude was during that and how she was able to remain optimistic despite her horrific circumstances. She also provides some advice for those who feel like their life has fallen apart.    Nadine and I talk about some traditional household and hygiene products that you may want to avoid including certain types of toothpaste, soap, deodorant and mouthwash. Along those same lines, she also provides some holistic alternatives for you to consider that will help you improve your dental care, skincare and hygiene long term.    Our discussion also dives deep into essential oils and why quality matters. Nadine shares their tremendous healing power and how they can be used to help with sleep, stress, and anxiety.    Connect with Nadine:   Website:   Instagram:   Facebook:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order      
Today on the show I have the dynamic and charismatic Brad Lea. He is the founder and CEO of LightSpeed Vt as well as the host of the highly listened to podcast, Dropping Bombs. Brad is known for being one of the top sales trainers on the planet and for providing no BS advice on life and business that will make you think twice about the choices you make.    Our conversation today gets into Brad’s 5 factors that will guarantee anyone success as well as how to let go of old friends and create new connections. Brad also unveils his 6 step process to hack and optimize your mindset so that you can become the best version of yourself.   He shares the 5 life gauges that you should pay attention to and we also chat about his upcoming book “The Hard Way” and more.   The theme of this convo revolves around choices. To get what you want in life it boils down to the choices that you make. Your choices and responses to your circumstances can either make or break you. So hopefully this discussion inspires you to choose wisely so that you can be your best and experience success.     Connect with Brad:   Website:   Instagram:   YouTube:   Podcast:   Pre Order Brad’s book:     Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Facebook:   Website:     Support today's sponsor:   More on Legion Athletics: and use code "Doug" at checkout for 20% off
Today’s episode is not only timely but truly one of the most impactful and informative conversations you might hear. This conversation is about drug addiction. A report recently released stated there were over 93,000 drug overdose deaths in 2020 which is nearly a 30% increase from the year before.    My fear is that these numbers will continue to climb. This episode is going to be a masterclass on drug addiction and recovery. It is going to feature different parts from three previously released conversations surrounding these topics. We will talk statistics, causes and solutions. You will discover contributing factors and also hear a few transformation stories.   The first part will feature renowned interventionist and hostage negotiator Heather Hayes as she provides some staggering statistics on what we are facing, what’s causing the epidemic and how to know if someone is having addiction issues. Then you will hear from health and wellness influencer Arielle Lorre and Internet personality Mike Majlak as they both share their riveting stories of overcoming addiction. The episode will then become more solution-oriented as you hear from Heather again on practical steps to take if someone is suffering with addiction as well as advice from Arielle and Mike.    My hope is that after listening to this conversation you will feel educated, hopeful, and inspired to take action or be prepared to take action if you or a loved one are ever suffering from addiction.    Links to full episodes featured in this conversation:   Arielle Lorre:   Heather Hayes:   Mike Majlak:   Connect with Arielle Lorre:    Website :   Instagram:   Facebook:   Twitter:   Podcast:   Connect with Heather:    Website :   Instagram:   Facebook:   Connect with Mike Majlak:   Instagram:   Youtube:   Twitter:   Buy Mike Majlak's book "The 5th Vital":   Listen/Watch Impaulsive Podcast: Youtube:   Apple:   Spotify:   Connect with Doug:   Instagram:   Twitter:   Facebook:   More on Earth Echo Foods/Cacao Bliss:   Use Promo code "Doug" at checkout to receive 15% off your order
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The best podcast online that deals with how to turn adversities into a propelling force that could pilot you into tons of successful outcomes in your life. From the various guest, I have truly seen that adversities in any form are not limitations unless you let them be. Doug has done quite well in bringing guests to deal with other life's issues like health, entrepreneurship, entertainment, motherhood etc. This is a complete podcast and I always look forward to it every week.

Jan 7th
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