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The After Hours Entrepreneur is for action takers leveraging innovative strategies to grow their side hustles and businesses. Learn industry secrets to podcasting, social media, and YouTube from Mark Savant and industry experts. These free masterclasses will give you the fuel to create better content, in less time, so you can get back to what you love. This show is produced by Mark Savant Media. Learn how to simplify podcast production at
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#194: Want to generate more leads for your business. You need to be guesting on podcasts. Nothing gives you more attention with less distraction.I find many guests, don't understand basic guest concepts. so I brought Jeremy Slate on to educate us on the best practices.Let's work smart, not hard.Jeremy Slate is an expert at podcast guesting. He founded his agency, Command Your Brand off the back of generating leads as a podcast guest. I've been watching Jeremy for months on Linked In, and been very impressed with his processes and wisdom. So he's here to share with you.3 key takeaways from this episode- transitioning from high school teacher to podcast, guesting agency owner- How he launched a podcast with 10,000 downloads in 30 days- How to be a great guest and build your business the MASTERMIND TODAY: #JeremyRyanSlate #entrepreneur #marksavant
193: Today's episode is a special one because, my team prepared a special birthday surprise!Typically, I'm your host and asking the questions, but today the tables are reversed. My team actually asks me questions about my journey, so I hope you enjoy hearing more about my business developmentTopics covered- Who is your Dream Guest for your Podcast?- What is Success?- How would you define 2021?- What's the biggest challenge of growing one's brand?- What are the 5 key elements that every thumbnail should have?And more!✨Angelo's Official Website and YouTube Channel✨#️⃣️⃣
#192: Want better leads? Want to get on calls with people that actually want what your selling? Want to build a community of raving fans?This episode is going to give you exactly what you need.AJ Cassata is an absolute genius when it comes to lead generation in 2022. He is the founder of Revenue Boost and has helped tons of people generate more leads.At it's essence a great business thrives when it identifies it's core audience. This isn't always easy. It takes time, it takes data, it takes empathy.In this episode, AJ Cassata is going to break down some key components to finding your niche and creating a unique offer that will speak to them. your Niche: on the Futur: to Sell Book:
#191: I've been watching Alex Sheridan on LinkedIn for a few years. I've been really impressed with the progression of his content.It seems like each video gets better and better. I recently saw Alex implementing green screens in some creative ways, so I said, "I've got to get Alex on the show"!Alex doesn't disappoint. We discuss the feeling of leaving his job to found Impaxs Marketing, then get right into video strategy for social media. Stick around till the end! Alex gives some very practical tips for creating edutainment. Total gold for action takers! 
My 2022 Goals

My 2022 Goals


2021 was full of mistakes, opportunities, and learning experiences.I think it may perhaps been the biggest growth year in my young life. I hope it was as transformative for you as well!But listen, 2021 is in the past, and it's time to focus on keeping momentum into 2022.There's a lot happening with my agency, and a lot of exciting changes coming, and this video is all about my personal, professional goals for 2022.PS: leave your goals in the comments, so we can look back at your progress next year!- Tell better stories- Sign 10 clients for monthly podcast production service- Level up studio - lighting - boom arm- Better book keeping- Read 1 book per month- Dive into Web 3         - Hop on trend early         - Leverage podcast infrastructure         - Blockchain         - Metaverse         - Crypto         - NFTs- Record Podcast in Metaverse
#189: It's always a long journey for side hustlers. Success rarely comes overnight. Alex put in effort for years, until he finally built the systems to turn his dreams into reality. I find the best businesses are built upon developing solutions for oneself (or by popular request). Alex Sanfilippo, is now building resources that help make podcasting simple. is his podcasting platforms which houses several solutions. for matching guests with hosts. to help podcasters build efficient systems.🎙️Link to Alex’s episode: how to leave your day job: ➡️ the episode? Leave a 5 star rating!
188: I love Christmas. It's a great holiday that brings us all together. The food, the family...the presents.Let's face it we all LOVE getting presents, but is that what it's really all about? As I've grown older, I've begun to realize it's not actually about receiving, but rather about giving. It's the law of attraction in motion.I can thank my daughter for reminding me of that.What do you think?Oh yeah, my free gift to you? My time. A free strategy me at to get your gift.
#187: Do you dream of turning your side hustle into your primary income source? David Perez is proof it's possible, and he made it happen through podcast production.David's podcast production company, Talking Silkworm  helps health and wellness coaches get their voices heard though podcasting. He also helps podcasters grow audience through his coaching program at episode is a really practical look at best practices in podcasting, and the mindset needed to take the plunge from employee to employer.We even get into proper Mic technique, which I think you'll find interesting!Thanks for leaving a 5 star review!
#186: Looking for the perfect gift for a podcaster in your life?Are you a podcaster with a gift card and not sure what to buy?In this holiday gift guide, I'm breaking down the top gifts for podcasters in 2021.Outside the box ideas: personalize gifts, paint, logo, hold an event, connect the podcaster to a great guest1. Mic - Dynamic       Sure Mv7 -       ATR 2100x - Green Screen       Wraps around chair -        Folds down -​3. Webcam       1080p -​4. Headphones      Avoid bluetooth only      Audio technica ATH -50x -​5. Oculus Rift 2 -​6. Riverside FM:​7. Boom Arm -​8. Swag with Logo - Hard Drive -​10. Micro SD card - These are affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, when you purchase, you're giving me a gift also :)
#185: The best companies create cult-like followings. companies like Apple, Nike, Toms... Chris Kneeland , founder of Cult-Collective has been studying this phenomena 25 years. Today, he's sharing tons of the common denominators of cult-brands while giving you ideas to execute as well.Here are some questions that we will be tackling in this episode!- How to improve your marketing skills- How can you develop super fans- How to make your customers happy- How to know what your customers wantAnd more!Get more from Chris Kneeland right here!
#184: Sometimes, the hardest thing to talk about is ourselves, but it can also be the most important thing to speak about.Humans connect emotionally with other humans, and the "about me" episode is a great time to connect.If you've been putting off releasing your "about me" episode, this simple framework will help you create an episode that really connects.Introduce yourselfexplain your mission, your visionTell your story highlighting 3 challenges you've overcomeWhat are your goals and focus now?What people should expect from your podcastCall to ActionPS: Don't be afraid to post! You can always go back and change! Done is better than perfect!
183: I've had the opportunity to learn from so many great creators over the years.Pat Flynn is definitively one of my favorite instructors. I've had the opportunity to chat with him several times over the past year, and his advice has been instrumental in the development of my podcast production agency.This episode, is actually from a guest appearance I had on Pat's podcast "Ask Pat". We dig into the topics of growth and community.I think the concepts are super valuable for any After Hours Entrepreneur, and I hope you enjoy!Pat's community:
#183: Web design got you down? It doesn't have to. Josh Hall has built a 6 figure business helping people build great sites, and today, he's joining the show to help us save ours.We start the conversation discussing entrepreneurship and business building, but quickly get into the nuts and bolts of creating a great website. These factoids are certainly going to help you improve yours.Here are some questions that we will be tackling in this episode!- How to get through hard times as an entrepreneur!- How to start and why you should start a podcast?- When and how much you can charge your clients?- How to build a Digital Present?- How to improve your Website?Get more Josh here: Coupon: AHE10Watch Video here:
#181: I love YouTube. While I don't consider myself a YouTuber, I do find YouTube to be a great platform to reach new audiences and leverage search.So, speaking of search and getting found on YouTube, I brought in an expert. Nick Nimmin is a full time YouTuber with over 800,000 subscribers. His knowledge of YouTube growth is unparalleled, and this episode doesn't disappoint.Here are some questions that we will be answering:- How to get monetized?- How to target your audience?- How to create the best quality videos?- How to get views and grow your channel?- Free audio solutionsGet more support from Nick here:https://nicknimmin.com
#180: Podcasting is one the main ways we communicate, but what will podcasting look like in the future?In this Clubhouse recap, Cliff Ravenscraft and other experts make bold predictions on the future of podcasting, and...The future is bright!Topics covered:Just think of the artist you wantLensesVirtual Reality MeetingsVirtual Reality EventsMedia RoomsGlassesYouTube > RSS ProductionRobot PodcastersSpecial shot out to our guests!Cliff:
#179: Adam Adams runs a successful podcast production agency. He's an expert in podcast launches, management, and systems.I've known Adam about a year, and I've been very impressed with the rate he's grown his agency to know 30 team members. He's a wealth of knowledge, and today's episode doesn't disappoint.We discuss podcasting at length. How to set it up your show correctly, how to grow, and monetization strategies.
#178: Clubhouse this week was LIT! So many great creators joined the stage to discuss how to improve your podcast quality.This episode is a new concept. Let me know what you think! email me contact@marksavantmedia.comDimple Dang - Cohen -  Pat Hazell - Himmelblau - Ken Walls - Chiasson - www.letsgetrealestatepodcast.comJulie Hood - to events to network, try new equipmentPodfestPodcast movementLevel up equipmentMicrophone ATR 2100RodecasterWebcam - 1080pMic placementKnow your micApprox 6 inches from mouthDon’t move headClipping - Watch decibel levelRiverside for remote recordingFree trial:Code: fansofmarkBetter GuestsBetter Show prepBrief notes during episodeOutsource tasksCreate checklistsImprove your systemsDon’t miss stuffListen to your audience
#177: When I look back at my first podcast episode... WOW. I'm amazed at how much I've grown. Have you done this recently? It can be a huge eye opener.Quality is starting to become more and more important to me. Sometimes, small changes can have huge impact. Today, you're going to hear a summary of last week's Clubhouse Room.Listen to the whole room here: concepts:Go to eventsLevel up equipmentMic placementClipping - Watch decibel levelRiverside for remote recordingFree trial: fansofmarkBetter GuestsBetter Show prepBrief notes during episodeOutsource tasksCreate checklistsListen to your audience
WARNING) You will not think of podcasts the same way after listening to this episode.#176: Cliff Ravenscraft has been podcasting 15 years, has 41 active podcasts, and helped over 40,000 people launch their podcast.Many people refer to Cliff as the Podcast Answer Man.Today, Cliff breaks down his Podcast Mini Series strategy to grow your network of shows.  This expert strategy has really intrigued me, and has me convinced podcasters are the new authors.We also discuss the power of masterminds, which I think you'll find compelling. the episode? Leave a review, and shoot me an email!
Can you Relate?

Can you Relate?


#175: The life of an entrepreneur is very unique. Over the last several years, I've developed an immense respect for the challenges that entrepreneurship bring.On Halloween while my kids and friends zipped around Trick or Treating, I had an epiphany. Can you relate? Email me:
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