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You spend a lot of time producing your podcast, shouldn't you make money for your effort?The answer is yes. Yes, you should monetize your podcast, but the question is what is the best route?This month, in the Podcast Savant Mastermind community we're tackling monetization this month. One of the most popular ways to generate income is with sponsors.  (Join here: where to start? Don't you need thousands of listeners?Billy Thorpe is here to explain how he generated big dollars before his podcast even launched. This episode is a deep dive into how you can get a sponsor for your podcast todayTopics covered:- How to find sponsors- How to pitch sponsors- How to create a media kit- How to develop a sponsorship packageBilly Thorpe is the CEO of he is also an expert at creating sponsorships, especially for podcasting.
Your podcast needs to generate income. There are many ways to monetize your podcast, and often they can feel elusive and impossible.It doesn't have to be. Today, Deb Schell and I discuss how you can launch and grow a paid community that delivers massive value to your audience.Deb Schell is a community building expert and founder of Find Calm Here LLC. She specializes in the Mighty Networks app.Topics covered:- How to stabilize your income- Mighty Networks vs Patreon vs Circle vs Facebook- How to grow your group- Empower your members to leadGet More from Deb Schell Right Here! doesn't need to be complicated. Get simple, actionable steps + community support starting at $25 a month:
Trevor Turnbull is a businessman with 15 years of experience, he's also a lead generation expert, podcaster, entrepreneur, Co-Founder - Of The SOURCE Collective, and more!This episode is really relevant. Many podcasters (myself included) struggle for years before finding a way to turn the podcast into cash. Let's face it, your time is valuable!Trevor brings real, genuine recommendations on how you can leverage the podcast to build leads and generate income.Topics covered:- You don't need thousands of downloads to make money from your podcast- Lead generation has evolved. You can too- Your mess is your messageGet More from Trevor Turnbull Right Here!https://trevorturnbull.com doesn't need to be complicated. Get simple, actionable steps + community support starting at $25 a month:
Podcasting got you down? Not getting the podcast subscribers you want? Maybe you've grown and want to increase your impact on an audience.Sounds like it's time for a podcast rebrand.Today's questions comes from mastermind member Lionel Bailey host of the NeXEvolution Podcast: is looking to niche his podcast down without losing listeners. This is how I tackle relaunches:Get your audience involved in the process1. Ask questions2. Get emails3. Run polls4. Share different images and ask for opinions5. Speak the language of your audience6. Put together a Venn diagramGet your Brand Identity Guide:
Seth and Melanie Studley host the mega successful marriage podcast "Anatomy Of Us". The show boasts millions of downloads and over 1 thousand i-tunes reviews!In this episode, we get into their journey, the ups and downs, and how they've been able to grow such an engaged audience. I really appreciate learning the different strategies they use to drive engagement, and keep people interested in the show. Get ready to some laughs and actionable tactics you can use to grow your show!Other topics covered:- Focus on your audience's problem- Demonstrate Authority and Express Empathy- Create 3 step frameworks- Use words that attract your ideal clientGet More from Seth and Melanie Studley Right Here! doesn't need to be complicated. Get simple, actionable steps + community support starting at $25 a month:
Paul Smith spent 20 years working at Proctor and Gamble. He's written 4 best sellers and is one of the most respected storytelling experts in the world.If you're having trouble getting listeners to latch on, it's simple. Tell better stories. In this episode, Paul breaks down 10 stories every good leader should have. Start building your story portfolio today!Other topics covered:- How to build your list of stories- How to tell if your story sucks- How to get someone to listen to your story- How to get guests to tell storiesGet More from Paul Smith Right Here! doesn't need to be complicated. Get simple, actionable steps + community support starting at $25 a month:
Want to grow your show? You need to tell better stories. That's why I brought in expert Sean Garner.Sean Garner is a Storybrand certified business coach and founder of Entrefit. He's been featured in Men's Health magazine and is recognized as one of the top business coaches in the world.He's also an avid podcaster, and I connected with Sean several years back. He's awesome.Today, we're talking about story telling. Sean has used storytelling to great effect in building his businesses. If you want to attract more clients and listeners, Sean's model converts.Top highlights:- Focus on your audience's problem- Demonstrate Authority and Express Empathy- Create 3 step frameworks- Use words that attract your ideal client episode with Sean: is better in a mastermind:
Podcasting has ups and downs. If you don't have the right mindset and game plan, you're likely to fail.I recently join Tiphany Kane and David Sais on their podcast and just loved the way the show turned out. I get the chance to explain the way I tackle podcasting, and how it's saved my life in many ways. If you're doing it right, and have the right mindset, podcasting will change your life as well.It's storytelling month in the Podcast Mastermind, so I'd also like you to pay close attention to the storytelling in this episode. The group and I are really making this a priority. In this episode, I try to pepper in a lot of short stories to paint a great episode.Enjoy!David and Tiphany's links:Join our FREE Facebook community: Mastering the Podcaster Mindset Support GroupGet the Guide “The Biggest Mistake Podcaster Make and How to Avoid It”:  DM us on IG: @podcastermindset
What's up action taker!Last week I challenged you (and myself) to take action and get comfortable with discomfort.This week, I did, and want to share an interesting result. Part of the entrepreneurial journey is embracing difficult times. We all go through them. It's inevitable.I hope this brief episode encourages you and let's you know we're in this together!Email me to chat: contact@marksavantmedia
Tim Ash, author of Unleash Your Primal Brain knows marketing. Many people think marketing is about selling, but Tim understands that marketing is about connecting on a psychological level.Achieving this level of connection, we need to implant our ideas in our audience's head. Let's face it, boring lists, presentations, and aggressive sales techniques aren't convincing anyone.Instead, we can use storytelling and other tactics to  really make in impact. It's not about convincing someone to take action, it's about helping them convince themselves to take action!Tim Ash, author of  a bestselling author, & marketing advisor, entrepreneur, former co-founder and CEO of Site Tuners, and more!Today we're covering!➡️  Emotion is more powerful than logic➡️ Hero's Journey➡️ Origin Myth➡️  People make decisions to avoid pain➡️  Storytelling is crucialTim Ash, author of  a bestselling author, & marketing advisor, entrepreneur, former co-founder and CEO of Site Tuners, and more! the Group:
There are 2 types of people in this world; those that take action and those that talk about action.  Those that do and those that do not.In today's episode, I'm sharing several personal stories to help illustrate my own fears. I haven't always been a doer. For many years, I just sat back and relaxed. Even if you're not taking massive action now, that doesn't mean you can't change.It's not easy making the change, but it's certainly possible, and the results are worth it.Let me know how you handle the challenge!
Want More Podcast Downloads? Well you're in the right place!This question comes from Mastermind community member Mark Newsome., please understand there's no easy button to gets thousands of downloads. The better you serve your audience, the faster your show will grow. There are key fundamentals you need in place. What your show is about, who it's for, why they should listen, what makes you different,etc.BUT...In this video, you're going to get some great ideas you can use to get more downloads. Here's a breakdown.1. Guest or swapcast with other shows.Alex Sanfilippo founded Podmatch which is a great resource. ➡️ Link to the Alex Sanfilippo episode!➡️PodMatch2. Create short engaging clips, that solve a problem your audience is facing.3. Create carousels or sliders for Instagram and LinkedIn4. Find stages to speak onWant to really build a strong core audience? Join my coaching program for just 1 hour a week and $25 a month.Join➡️
#206 There are so many amazing female entrepreneurs. For International Women's Month, we're highlighting 3 of my favorite interviews.Alex Fasulo grew her freelance copyrighting gig into a 6 figure + income. We discuss - Taking the leap from corporate to freelance- Create the same content over and over again if your audience loves it- Taha left Disney and started her marketing business YAP Media, which is growing like crazy. Today she shares:- Many failures led to success- How to grow on Social Media, DM engagement- Getting engagement from the ground floor- Star started as a photographer and built out an online social media software company by herself! today she shares:- Building a parachute with one arm after jumping out of an airplane- Your uniqueness Matters to spark your podcast- And get engagement- these top moments from the show!
#205 Do you want to start a podcast, but not sure where to start?You are going to need some essential programs!In this episode, you'll be introduced to programs to: host your podcast, edit your podcast, get transcriptions, and record your podcast!Shout out to my mastermind member LIONEL BAILY for this question! check out his podcast: Get your questions asnwered: ➡️ (code friendsofmark to save $$$)Audacity to record and edit audio: ➡️ ✨HostingBuzzsprout ➡️📃TranscriptionsDescript ➡️
#204 Want to grow your podcast with ads? In this episode, I ask some of my favorite podcasters how they would spend a $500 ad budget. You're going to love these ideas.Shout out to mastermind member Rachel Giordano for this question! www.sexliesandparenthood.comFirst off, remember, marketing is about knowing your audience and where the underpriced attention is. The majority of podcasters don’t run ads, but focus on creating great content and building communityExpert opinions:Heather Osgood - Spotify targeted marketing $250 minimumBen Leavitt - Tik Tok AdsJulian Espinosa - Tik Tok AdsAdam Podcast Business School - Podcast AddictTravis Brown - Instagram story ads - How show can help them, link to showAdam Adams - mix of targeted Facebook ads and Direct messaging campaignAdam Schaeuble!➡️ Heather Osgood Episode!➡️ Evan Carmichael Episode!➡️ Travis Chappell Episode!➡️
#203: Starting a podcast can be a challenge. Growing a podcast that serves your goals is really tough! Over the past 200 episodes, I've experience special moments from creators that really stick with me.In today's episode, we're going to hear from the best in the business. Apply these strategies, and your podcast will soar! Pat Flynn on why podcasting is a key to growing community. - Adams - Keys to starting a podcast. Use this checklist! - Sanfillipo - How to be a guest on more podcasts - Slate - How to be a better guest on a podcast - Ravenscraft - The power of the mastermind principle - lost and need clarity? Join the Podcast Savants Mastermind today.  What do you get for only $25?- Coaching- Clarity- Focus- Networking- Promotion- ResourcesJOIN HERE!
#202 Want your podcast to sound better?Manny Cabo from the Voice joins the podcast to give simple, actionable tips to improve your audio quality.Every time I'm in a public room with Manny, he gets compliments and questions. I want to highlight some simple mistakes to avoid, and some practical tips to sound better.Manny Cabo is an award-winning vocalist, branding photographer, writer, singer, podcast host, public speaker, and more!Today we're covering!➡️How To Make Your Podcast Sound Better?➡️ What are some of the best Mic Techniques?➡️ How to record on the go?  Get More From Manny Cabo Right Here!🎙️ the exclusive podcast community today:
#201 Marissa Romero is a Youtube Sales Coach with over 200 thousand subscribers, but it hasn't been an easy rode.As an entrepreneur you're going to get punched in the gut... repeatedly. In fact, when life goes wrong, it's not 1 thing, but 7 things that fall apart.Marissa is no stranger to the challenges of building business. She's struggled with self-confidence, hackers, and unexpected pregnancy.Marissa overcomes.That's one of the things that attracts me most to Marissa Romero. Not only does she talk the talk, but she walks the walk.This episode is an open, honest discussion about the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the mindset needed to overcome. We cover:➡️ Evolving your online business➡️ Shifting from Affiliate sales to your own product➡️ Overcoming the heavy challenges life throws at business owners➡️ Pregnancy and entrepreneurship🌐Website🔥Masterclass of your podcast falling flat? It's time for your podcast to work for you TODAY. Let's hop on a call and find solutions:
#199: Derral Eves is perhaps the world's top YouTube Coach. YouTube is still a fantastic place for you to host a show or podcast. The platform is ever changing and in this episode, Derral explains what works, what doesn't, and how you need to evolve.Derral has helped thousands of people reach millions of views.He hosts one of the largest video conferences with Mr. Beast.He raised $10 million in crowdfunding for his TV series The Chosen.Most of all Derral knows how to achieve goals with YouTube.Today we're covering.- Should your YouTube channel have different formats with the same type of content?- How does the Metaverse change YouTube?- Creators crowdfunding with NFTsMembership: of your podcast falling flat? It's time for your podcast to work for you TODAY. Let's hop on a call and find solutions:
#199: The world is changing. Web 3 is impacting our lives more every day. As podcasters, we are really feeling this!You need to be evolving. Today's guest David Meltzer has been evolving his massive sports marketing business for decades. If you want to be ahead of the curve, this episode is for you.David Meltzer is founder of Sports 1 Marketing, renowned public speaker, and visionary.In this episode we cover:- How Cryptocurrency is changing marketing - How NFTs are going to change everything!- Why David is putting his show on Apple TV?- How David turned a 100 million dollar loss into his greatest lesson!And more!Get More from David Meltzer Right Here!➡️➡️Twitter, Instagram, YouTube: @davidmeltzer➡️Facebook:➡️LinkedIn: Community: (949) 298-2905BTW: Going it alone is a huge mistake join me and your fellow action takers in the podcasting mastermind today.➡️ out to Mastermind member Dave for a great question:
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