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Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1 Left justifies their totalitarian censorship
Hour 2 A parent sues Virginia schools for politically indoctrinating her son
Hour 2 Buffalo shooter not associated with any party
Hour 2 WH Press Sec Jean-Pierre demanded that the Electoral College deny Trump the Presidency in 2016
Hour 1
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 2 Will Biden catch on before mid-terms
Hour 2 Another FBI whistleblower tells Project Veritas that the Bureau is breaking laws
Hour 2 Seems one side has entire industries and government agencies dedicated to manufacturing lies for them
Hour 1 Is it impossible to have an honest debate on any issue
Hour 1 What would the Left have done if Conservatives doxed John Roberts after he voted to uphold Obamacare
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 2 The Biden Admin unambiguous assault on our 1st Amendment Rights
Hour 2 Treasury Secretary Yellen admits that Biden Rescue Plan did feed inflation
Hour 1 Why is it so easy for the Left to pivot back and forth between contradictory narratives
Hour 1 Is SCOTUS planning to overturn Roe-v-Wade
Hour 1 Why are we still running around in masks
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 2 Dems keep shooting themselves in their mid-term foot - Part II
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