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Hour 1 Once again Senate Democrats demand more gun control
Hour 1 Biden administration subordinating US healthcare crisis management and gun policy to the WHO
Hour 1 6th Appellate Court tells Big Tech that it cant have its cake and eat it too
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 2 WH Press Secretary only talent is to define all opponents as racist
Hour 1 Uyghur dissident leader claims a Chinese spy set him up to be arrested by the FBI
Hour 1 Contrary to Dems beliefs - Buffalo shooter a Socialist
Hour 1 WH Press Sec Jean-Pierre demanded that the Electoral College deny Trump the Presidency in 2016
Hour 2
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1 Polls show Americans reject Biden scapegoating
Hour 1 AG Garland gets slammed by Republicans for lying to Congress
Hour 1 Is it impossible to have an honest debate on any issue
Hour 2 Seems one side has entire industries and government agencies dedicated to manufacturing lies for them
Hour 2 FDA now says the public should treat Covid like the flu
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1 Jan 6th defense attorneys file motions with video-driven evidence demanding identities of 80 suspicious actors
Hour 1 DHS Secretary Mayorkas admits the Administration has likely released terrorists
Hour 2 Could the leak on the SCOTUS draft help the pro-life side of the equation
Hour 2 DoJ Voting Section has provably become brazenly aligned with liberal organizations
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