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Author: Alan Nathan

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Tired of the usual liberal/conservative treatment that strangles most media debates? Fed up with positions ignored unless they meet their pigeon-holed agenda? Then tune in to Alan Nathan, the centrist with teeth, as he advances a more biting aggressiveness to both sides of the political spectrum.
461 Episodes
Saturday Show - Best of
Saturday Show - Best of
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1 Can government use Covid-19 to against of our 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble.
Hour 1 Memorial Day Show
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1 We are tired of the ulterior motives and bad-faith justifications given for resisting the reopening our economy
Hour 1 Are forced vaccinations coming
Hour 1 The first step to standing up for Liberty is to recognize when it is under attack
Hour 1 Evidence now shows that hard-left Dems manufactured evidence to commit a coup against this Presidency
Hour 1 District Judge Sullivan overturns his own judicial precedent to continue the partisan hit job on Lt Gen Flynn
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1 District Judge Sullivan PROVABLY violated his own Appellate Court 2016 ruling against Judges usurping the prosecutorial discretion of the Executive DOJ
Hour 1 Former CIA Director John Brennan suppressed intelligence on Russia wanting Hillary Clinton to win in 2016
Hour 1 District Court Judge is letting third parties weigh in on opposing DOJs dismissal of the Michael Flynn case
Hour 1 Why is there such a drastic difference between the way Democrat and Republican Governors are handling the coronavirus
Hour 1 Is there a connection between the the Deep State and a mostly harmless virus as an excuse to impose socialism and communism on an unsuspecting public
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1 What other revelations will continue illustrating laws broken by Obama loyalists
Hour 1 NYT gets roasted for mis-characterizing a Johns Hopkins idea sheet
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