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Tired of the usual liberal/conservative treatment that strangles most media debates? Fed up with positions ignored unless they meet their pigeon-holed agenda? Then tune in to Alan Nathan, the centrist with teeth, as he advances a more biting aggressiveness to both sides of the political spectrum.
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Hour 2 How do we fight back on these assaults of our freedoms
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1 The Cancel Culture overreach on GA election laws
Hour 1 These times are separating the men from the boys
Hour 1 Why are Democrats so petrified of Georgia Election Law
Hour 1 Open Borders Biden claims the Border Crisis is Trumps fault
Hour 1 Dems continue attacking GA new accountability-based election law
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1
Hour 1 How can Biden defend his immigration stance when half the time he can not remember what comprises it
Hour 1 Why are Dems welcoming billionaires directly paying the people conducting our elections
Hour 1 Feckless Democrats struggle with self-made border crisis
Hour 1 In Bidens 120 years as a Senator - he never met a press conference so challenging
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 1 Dem-led House passes HR1 to torpedo all enforcement of laws meant to protect us from election fraud
Hour 1 Best of
Hour 1 Do we accept the media narrative that everything is about race and leads to more violence
Hour 1 DHS Secretary Mayorkas incoherently insists that our Border is closed
Hour 1 How do Conservatives make a case that the Left claims moral superiority and thinks it can tell the rest of us what to do
Saturday Show - Best of
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