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Hour 1 Guns - abortion - constitutional rights - oh my
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 2 Supreme Court also overturns a 109 year old NY State law requiring conceal-carry permits
Hour 2 Leftwing pundits scold us for letting inflation be our voting guide
Hour 2
Hour 2 Dems laughably call that Capitol Hill breach a threat to democracy
Hour 1 Biden lashes out at oil companies over high gas prices after doing everything he can to raise them
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 2 Border Patrol Agents pissed over Biden wanting punishment over debunked claim of whipping Haitians
Hour 2 Dems send their children to private schools despite opposing private and charter schools for others
Hour 1
Hour 1
Hour 2
Saturday Show - Best of
Hour 2 Why does Pelosi remain in the clear
Hour 1
Hour 1 Capitol Hill Police report exposes massive security screw-ups by Pelosi office on Jan 6th
Hour 1 Have DoJ and FBI become the practitioners of a two-tier law-enforcement system
Hour 2 The Biden administration keeps capitulating to China
Saturday Show - Best of
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