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The Album Years

Author: Steven Wilson & Tim Bowness

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Music is finite, opinions are endless. On The Album Years podcast, long term friends, collaborators and music nerds Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness discuss and bicker about their favourite music released during the golden album years, which they reckon to be from around 1965 to the end of the millennium. Each episode focuses on a single year picked at random. At the end of each episode they pick their personal favourites and the album they think had the most long-term impact on music. Can you guess which albums they will pick?
14 Episodes
2001, a music odyssey! Tim and Steven venture into the 21st century and, against expectations, they like what they see. Good Lord, it might even be a Golden Age! Artists discussed include Radiohead, Opeth, Bjork, Tool, Elbow, Mercury Rev, Brigitte Fontaine, The Caretaker, Prefuse 73 and Prefab Sprout (with a special shout out to Paddy MacAloon's beard). --- Send in a voice message:
Giving overviews of the years that in the duo's opinion define the era of ‘the classic album’, Season Two opens with 1981. Taking in Post-Punk, Electro-Pop, Metal, Progressive, Jazz and more, in this edition Wilson and Bowness discuss artists as diverse as Japan, A Certain Ratio, Rush, Grace Jones, Rupert Hine, OMD, Pat Metheny, Iron Maiden, Magazine and others. Against all odds, they also make a valiant attempt to defend Phil Collins' masterwork Face Value! Launched at the beginning of the UK lockdown in 2020, The Album Years ended up being in the Top 5 music podcast charts in nearly 30 countries. --- Send in a voice message:
Tim declares 1974 the year of ‘Peak Prog’, while elsewhere Bowie the dog and Tim’s neighbour’s electric drill make debut podcast appearances. --- Send in a voice message:
In the latest episode the guys venture into the nineties. Extra fun can be had by joining in with a drinking game as you prepare to down one every time Tim mentions Robert Fripp or Steven mentions industrial music! --- Send in a voice message:
Tim even sounds like he's beaming in from a barn circa 1969 on this one, as the duo bring you more schoolboy errors in the third of their “9” trilogy. Oh, and it’s 69 minutes long, can you see what they did there? --- Send in a voice message:
Tim and Steven try to to figure out why they don't understand the appeal of an album that regularly appears near the top of greatest albums of all time lists. --- Send in a voice message:
Can it be that the album Tim and Steven finally agree is their unanimous favourite of the year is a 3 hour minimalist opera? Find out by listening to sides 3 and 4 of the double album that is 1979. --- Send in a voice message:
The guys have so many albums to talk about that they decide it's got to be a double! So welcome to The Album Years: 1979, record one. --- Send in a voice message:
The heyday of punk and disco music is just around the corner, but one of Steven and Tim‘s favourite albums from this year is the very antithesis of both; an obscure solo homage to the English countryside by the bass player of a progressive rock band! Elsewhere 1976 proves to be another golden year for the duo. --- Send in a voice message:
The duo make a case for 1967 being the single most significant year in the history of rock and pop, and discuss several genre defining albums, but conclude that Steven being born in this year actually eclipses them all! --- Send in a voice message:
Tim tries to explain the trauma of first hearing David Bowie’s career nadir album Tonight, but otherwise the guys find 1984 to be another very special year. --- Send in a voice message:
The guys can't find much in their collections that they unconditionally love from this year, with even some of their favourite artists releasing what are lesser works in their opinion.  They consider why that should be and admit indifference to the dominant grunge music scene of the time. --- Send in a voice message:
Steven and Tim struggle to get their list of great albums released in this year down from a shortlist of hundreds.  So much so that they forget to mention King Crimson's Larks Tongues in Aspic completely, shame on them! --- Send in a voice message:
Steven and Tim reckon this is a fantastic year for albums, with the explosion of creative music coming out of the post-punk crucible. There are also some older artists producing some of their very finest work in this year.  Plus Tim tries to enthuse Steven about an ex-Beatle's solo album and Steven tries to do the same with industrial noise music. --- Send in a voice message:
Comments (9)

zeynab jafary

you are amazing i can't say anything more you both are amazing thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Feb 18th

Chris Sowade

Can't believe you guys compared that Gene Clark dribble to DSOTM! Cheers 😀

Nov 24th

Robin Larocque Roy

I love The Album Years! Always a delight to hear Master Bowness and Professor Wilson discuss their science.

Oct 18th

Chris Sowade

Thanks for giving More and Ummagumma some love! I am a Floyd NUT and appreciate those two amazing works getting attention. It should also be noted that the Floyd also recorded the Zabriskie Point material in 69, so technically 3 albums that year? ;)

Sep 9th

Chris Sowade

Also, you are 100% correct that the lamestream music industry is terrible!

Aug 17th

Chris Sowade

Glad you mentioned The Guitar Lesson SW. That piece is truly disturbing! Great show as always guys.

Aug 17th

Chris Sowade

Born 6mo after you SW. I'm old too LOL

Jun 12th

Chris Sowade

When you guys do 1982, if you don't mention Midnight Oil's "10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1" I will personally hunt you both down and slightly raise my voice at you.

Jun 7th


Loved it ---- great to hear true muscians chat about albums that I grew up with and own ! The whole thing brought back memories of the wonderful John Peel. It's a pity you can't play some of the tracks that you love. Looking forward to the next one !! Nige

May 23rd
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