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Two mothers, Denise Govendir and Eva Webel, both murdered in their homes 15 years apart. Both crimes appeared to be robberies gone wrong. Both cases remain unsolved. Now a Sunday Telegraph* investigation by Yoni Bashan and Claire Harvey has found the links and coincidences between the bashing deaths go even deeper. The women lived a short walk from each other, were both trying to finalise a divorce and in the quiet, peaceful suburb of Dover Heights they are the only murders ever to occur there . Even more strangely Denise and Eva's husbands had been friends for almost 13 years - and one provided the other with an alibi on the day his wife was murdered.

* The Alibi podcast series was first published by The Sunday Telegraph in July 2015.
4 Episodes
Four years after The Sunday Telegraph released The Alibi, the husband of murdered woman Eva Webel has finally spoken. George Webel sat down with reporter Yoni Bashan for an in-depth interview about his wife's murder.
Before his wife was bashed and strangled to death in her home, George Webel suffered ­another unfortunate turn of events. Yoni Bashan and Claire Harvey look at the evidence in the two cases and test whether George Webel had time to kill his wife in the missing 20 minutes inbetween alibi sightings. And a witness who claimed Aaron Govendir was buying cable ties before his wife was killed.
Part 2: The phone call

Part 2: The phone call


Sunday Telegraph reporter Yoni Bashan looks at the death of Eva Webel, who was bashed and strangled in her home and the phone conversation that gave her husband an alibi. Eva Webel's family speak about the enduring mystery.
Part 1: A very unusual robbery

Part 1: A very unusual robbery


The first of a multi-part Sunday Telegraph investigative series that unpacks the police inquiries into both unsolved murders of Eva Webel and Denise Govendir. In this episode reporter Yoni Bashan talks to family and friends of Denise, and uncovers new information about cable ties used in the murder.
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