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Men must be better. Our mission is to help men improve relationships by changing their attitudes, actions, and attributes and by promoting the RED9 principles of being a grown-ass man:

> Responsibility
> Resourcefulness
> Reverence
> Energy
> Engagement
> Endurance
> Discipline
> Discernment
> Distinction

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Brad Singletary and Taco Mike finish the series on Alpha Responsibility with some ultra-valuable lessons about how men can admit wrongs, make amends, accept the things they cannot control and do the next right thing.   We discuss the language of responsibility: examples of words and phrases that men need to be comfortable with in taking ownership of their failures.  But first, Taco Mike describes how he became so comfortable with the language of responsibility by first getting right with who he is as a person and learning to be comfortable in his own skin, having an identity that was purely his own and not the template that others told him he should be. He describes one of the unlikely ways he did this: refusing to go along with something he once believed and taught others to do because it no longer made sense for him to continue. We discuss apologies and how they are more harmful than good if they come from a place of victimhood and how words are usually not enough. Taco Mike describes a moto trip in Mexico with a group of men that went terribly wrong as they became stranded on a treacherous mountainside, the surprising way he went about handling his responsibilities as the leader of the expedition and the outcome that required Alpha-level humility. Find out how things ended up and what he gained from this experience. 🔺 Alpha Quorum YouTube: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Private Facebook Group for Men: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Website: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Apple Podcasts: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Spotify: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Google Podcasts: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Instagram: 🔺 Alpha Quorum Show Facebook: 🔺 Brad Singletary's Website: 🔺 Taco Moto: 🔺 Taco Moto Youtube Channel: --- Send in a voice message:
Episode 73 of the Alpha Quorum Show with Taco Mike from TacoMoto. Mike discusses what he's been up to and drops WISDOM. We discuss how the Alpha accepts responsibility, never plays the role of a victim, and never victimizes others. Host Brad Singletary and Taco Mike call men out for their excuses and share some insights about how to Alpha Up and be a man who accepts responsibility.    PLEASE SUBSCRIBE and like and share our content.    This is for men to be better. We can and must improve. No Excuses, Alpha Up 🔺   ==========   🔺 Alpha Quorum Private Facebook Group for Men:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Website:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Apple Podcasts:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Spotify:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Show on Google Podcasts:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Instagram:  🔺 Alpha Quorum Show Facebook:  🔺 Brad Singletary's Website:  🔺 Taco Moto:  🔺 Taco Moto Youtube Channel:  ==========   The Alpha Quorum Show is produced by Evolved Worldwide, LLC. © 2021 Evolved Worldwide, LLC.  While we may feature professionals on the show, this content is meant to be educational entertainment and not to be considered professional advice or 'therapy'.  It's a podcast. But you're gonna love it. --- Send in a voice message:
This is the final episode of a 6-part series on our review of the book, "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover." We share some highlights and personal insights about how this information is helping us be better men and what we still need to be working on.   --- Send in a voice message:
This episode is about living life as a man with the energy of a LOVER. When we say “the lover” you may think we are talking about romantic and sexual love, but there a lot of different types of love. You love your homies differently than you love your woman.  You love your mom differently than you love your kids.  The ancient Greeks talked about agape, or non-erotic love, referenced in the Bible as “brotherly love.” They used the term eros to mean sexual love. The romans used amor which means the union of one body and soul to another body and soul. The Latin term libido doesn’t just refer to sexual energy, a general passion and appetite for life, or life energy. Moore and Gillette say that the Lover energy includes vividness, aliveness, and passion. The Lover is driven to satisfy basic human hunger for sex, food, well-being, reproduction, creativity, and a sense of meaning in life. This is about sensitivity to the external environment. This has to do with our five senses, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. It notices colors and shapes, the feeling of different textures, the beauty of sound and the power of aroma. It is also about the internal environment: changes in sensations of incoming stimulus and the feelings those things produce INSIDE us. We discuss the Lover in his fullness and share example of men living this way. We also discuss the bipolar shadows THE ADDICTED LOVER and THE IMPOTENT LOVER. This is one of our most important topics and most well-done episodes ever.  Check this out. **ADULT CONVERSATION INTENDED FOR ADULTS.  --- Send in a voice message:
Brad Singletary, Clint Albright, and guests Jim and Jay continue a 6-episode series on our review of the book “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, who describe the difference between 'boy psychology' and 'man psychology' and give a very effective model of healthy manhood by helping guys rediscover the archetypes of mature masculinity. In this episode we discuss the MAGICIAN. Topics:  > Magicians are masters of technology and are the ritual elders > They have special knowledge that is passed down > Initiation is important symbolism > They continue to share magic by giving it to worthy apprentices > They put themselves in sacred space and understand things both seen and unseen.  --- Send in a voice message:
Part 3 of 6 Men are faced with unique challenges and many of our failures come from operating with “boy psychology” instead of the mature and evolved “man psychology”. We often find ourselves asking “what kind of men should we be?”  There are many perspectives about healthy masculinity and even more widely varying ideas of what it means to “be an alpha.”  Today my 3 ALPHA guests and I continue a 6-episode series on our review of the book “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, who describe the difference between boy psychology and man psychology and give a very effective model of healthy manhood by helping guys rediscover the archetypes of mature masculinity: in this episode we discuss the WARRIOR. What is the WARRIOR archetype, expressed in its fullness? What are some relatable examples of men living this way?   What does it look like when a man is operating from SADIST energy? And relatable examples? What does the MASOCHIST act like? And relatable examples? How can a man fully access the WARRIOR energy within himself? Many people are pretty uncomfortable and uneasy about the “warrior” form of masculine energy. Most of the time, that is because they have only encountered the negative side of that...the abusive shadow side of the warrior in us has victimized far too many people.  If a man’s warrior energy is repressed, it just keeps flowing underground and unchecked it erupts into verbal and emotional and physical violence. The archetypes are patterned in us.  There is no ignoring it because eventually it surfaces.  The key is to understand which of these energies is present and mindfully choose the discipline of the warrior within. LINKS --- Send in a voice message:
Men are faced with unique challenges. And many of our failures come from operating with 'boy psychology' instead of the mature and evolved 'man psychology'. We often find ourselves asking what kind of men should we be? There are many perspectives about healthy masculinity and even more widely varying ideas of what it means to be an alpha today. My three alpha guests and I continue six episode series on our review of the book King warrior, magician lover, I Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. They described the difference between boy psychology and man psychology. If a very effective visual model of healthy manhood by helping guys rediscover the archetypes of mature masculinity. In this episode, we discuss the King. We're continuing the conversation about this book review and this isn't so much about the book, but just talking about issues related to men. The questions that we're going to answer today are what is the King archetype expressed in its fullness? What are some relatable examples of men living this way? What does it look like when a man is operating from tyrant energy? What does the weakling act like? And how can a man fully access the King energy within himself? This segment is about living life as a man with the energy of a King. One special thing about the King archetype is that he embodies all of the other mature masculine energy. He's also a warrior. He's also a magician. He's a lover. This episode is about leadership.  In this episode we discuss the archetype of the KING, and the dysfunctional, biploar shadows of the TYRANT and the WEAKLING. Special quote:  "In any moment of sadness, loneliness, emptiness, uncertainty, or discomfort,  ask yourself this.  What does my King say? The King is that gentle wise loving elder within you, who connects you directly to an all-knowing and all-loving source. To cultivate him, to know him, ask the question again and again, day in and day out.  Ask it regarding your relationship. Ask it regarding your work. Ask it regarding parenting. Keep asking until you get an answer. Keep asking until you know your King like a trusted guide and a good friend. Keep asking until you have confidence that you can stay true to yourself in all moments, when your light is bright and when it is dim. And when the desire arises to avoid what you fear, fill emptiness, eliminate loneliness, or cling to anything or anyone, ask the question. You will feel a fullness, a knowing, a wisdom within that was always there but unknown until now. And once you have cultivated yourself in asking, you will become the all-loving and all-knowing King yourself, with no neurosis, no self-betrayal, and peace within.  And you will notice he is you and you are him. So ask yourself now and in the days to come. Make it part of your daily practice.  What does my King say?  And listen deeply within."  (Stuart Motola) Buy the Book Alpha Quorum Website Brad Singletary, LCSW Private Facebook Group for Men --- Send in a voice message:
Men are faced with unique challenges and many of our failures come from operating from “boy psychology” instead of the mature and evolved “man psychology”. We often find ourselves asking “what kind of men should we be?”  There are many perspectives about healthy masculinity and even more widely-varying ideas of what it means to be an Alpha.  Today my three ALPHA guests and I begin a six-episode series on our review of the book “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, who describe the difference between boy psychology and man psychology and give a very effective visual model of healthy manhood and help guys rediscover the archetypes of mature masculinity: the KING, the WARRIOR, the MAGICIAN, and the LOVER.  We explore the dysfunctional shadow energies of the immature masculine in 'boy psychology.'  We talk about:  the highchair tyrant the weakling prince the grandstander-bully the coward the know-it-all trickster the dummy the mama's boy the dreamer We discuss what it looks like when men are still operating from an immature (boy) mindset and introduce the healthy mature archetypes in their fullness. Buy the Book Alpha Quorum Website Brad Singletary, LCSW Private Facebook Group for Men --- Send in a voice message:
One in five people have a diagnosable mental health disorder. Someone you love has a mental illness. Today we’re going to discuss common mental health disorders, how they look in everyday life, what causes them, and how men can respond to their own potential illnesses and support others so they can be successful in their treatment. We interview Matt Marx, LCSW, who is working as a mental health clinician in the Las Vegas area.  We describe four common mental health disorders including PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression and various forms of anxiety.  We teach men how they might recognize the need for further evaluation when the emotions or behaviors the see in themselves or their loved ones are cause for alarm. We discuss medical assessments, how to communicate with a prescriber who may evaluate you for medication, how to deal with loved ones who struggle, and other super helpful tips. *While we feature professionals on our show, the content is intended informational entertainment purposes only. --- Send in a voice message:
Meet the top five finishers in the first-ever Alpha360, a 60-day challenge consisting of difficult daily tasks requiring each man to stretch himself physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and with their loved ones.  Hear about why they were interested in this challenge, what kept them going, and how they learned to Alpha Up and improve their lives in 60 of the final days of the historically-difficult year that was 2020. All combined, the men in this show are fathers to 24 children.  One of these Alphas is a dapper dirt bike braaaper and process engineer for Intel, living and raising his two young children in the Pacific Northwest.  One is a therapist and life coach who has endured 27 surgeries and has been on forearm crutches for 40 years.  The fittest man here is a 56 year-old grumpy drama teacher and actor who adopted all five of his children and found a noticeably different environment in his home as he focused on what was right in his world, worked out with a buddy and read several non-fiction books on "how not to die."   One man owns a highly-successful catering company in Las Vegas, chairs AA meetings and listens to podcasts and audiobooks on multi-tasking walks every single day, even though he walks 15-20 miles a day in his profession. And lastly, the hog-hunting earth-mover Australian who won the Alpha360 challenge after inspiration from his doctor who told him he was "not obese, but FAT", and his biochemist father who convinced him to give up energy drinks and as a result now drinks only water. Hear how they changed their mood and their mindset about life by writing 30 words of gratitude every day, prayed or meditated, avoided addictions, journaled and more fully engaged with their families.  These men show what it means to make a commitment to leveling up by tracking and reporting their daily progress and using a tribe of brothers  to improve their attitude, actions, and attributes. --- Send in a voice message:
Why is it so hard to ask for help? In this episode we discuss personal limitations and the bravery involved in seeking outside help. Talking points in this episode: How can a man know when he needs outside help? Our own experiences in therapy and famous men who have been to therapy. What prevents men from being willing to seek help? Other topics discussed: Pushing ego, pride and fear away in order to find the different available resources for help and self improvement. Finding appropriate help and what to expect in a therapy setting. Also, how to get the most out of your experience. --- Send in a voice message:
This is the inspiring story of an Alpha who became that against all odds. Bill Schuffenhauer spent some of his childhood homeless and was in 17 foster homes because of his mother's addictions and prostitution. As he became a man, he made some Alpha decisions about who he was going to be and became a three-time Olympian. He is now a motivational speaker, an advocate for homeless families and coaches corporations and mentors men dealing with depression, addiction and suicidal impulses. This is such a big opportunity to learn from a guy who's been there and done that, from the despair that led to a suicide attempt, himself, to representing the USA in three Olympic Games and winning the first medal for the US in 46 years in four-man bobsled. Trust me, this will challenge you to reach for the Alpha in you. Questions answered today:  When did you first realize that you were special and had some gifts and talents?  You had every excuse in the book...why didn’t you fall into the trap of making excuses?  When was your athletic journey the hardest and what did you do then?  What was your motivation to succeed?  Of all of your accomplishments and successes, what single moment stands out the most as a defining moment in your journey? Describe that.  Do you or did you have haters?  What struggle are you the most proud of for pushing through?  What makes a man a real man?  What is the most 'alpha' thing about you and were you born with that or did you develop it?  What are you doing now? Links: --- Send in a voice message:
Alpha Nick joins the quorum with a super-charged and premier-value message for dudes who wanna level up as an entrepreneur. The change in thinking that will happen in you will boost you toward everything to which your heart is trying to guide you. This dude's a straight frigging ALPHA and needs to be heard. Nick lived in Asia for six years and has 10 businesses. He teaches that the ability to start businesses fast and cheap is a worthwhile skill to build for the evolving Alpha entrepreneur. Being able to ask uncommon questions has been a major key to his growing success. From his home in his flip-flops and board shorts, he operates Find Fakes, a highly-successful international counterfeit-defense company that last year removed over 600,000 online listings for counterfeit products on trademarked items like popular streetwear. He and his wife created a conversation starter card game for couples that is highly popular on He explains the method he used to start this business with zero of his own money. His resourcefulness will astound you as he motivates the aspiring business owner to take courageous steps in the direction of who they really are. Dig deep into YOU, but also do the research. He teaches that men should first truly come to terms with what is important to them and what they want, an absolute prerequisite to executing well as an entrepreneur or otherwise-Alpha out there who is trying to magnify his distinction. You will hear the voice of a well-read man, a dedicated father and community servant. He will teach you what it means to get on the other side of your ideas and make them happen. He shares the books and influencers that have had the most impact on him and teaches from his experience in the execution of multiple top-selling retail products and brand-protective services for small- to medium-sized worldwide corporations. Nick's charismatic swagger will enliven whatever is already good in you. Give this one a listen, brother. You need to be different. --- Send in a voice message:
Sometimes we are flat wrong and the things we thought we knew are way off base.  Today we’re going to be discussing how to know when you may be wrong and what to do next. My guest Jimmy Durbin teaches some high-value lessons about why men are so prone to having trouble admitting when they are wrong and outlines the steps he needs to take to grow into that kind of maturity.  This is the most valuable message in all of our 61 episodes to date.  Whoever you are, this will help you, trust me.  Questions we answer today: What makes us believe that we are right even though we are headed the wrong direction about something? What are some indicators that we may be wrong about something? What would an ALPHA do upon discovering that he is wrong? How can we approach life with the humility that we may be wrong sometimes? What about over-apologizing? --- Send in a voice message:
Host Brad Singletary interviews his father, Emory, in this Father's Day 2020 Special.  "Today, I'm interviewing a man that has shaped me more than any other man. He's been on this planet for three quarters of a century. He's been married for 56 years. He raised six children professionally. He's done everything from being an over the road trucker, a commercial fishermen, an international business executive, a hospital business manager, a practice manager for a surgeon, an administrative director of a hospice organization and owner of multiple corporations. He's volunteered with the Red Cross, the Boy Scouts of America, and he spent decades serving in his faith community and volunteer roles. He graduated from Florida State University, but of course holds honorary doctorate degrees from the school of hard knocks. Our guest today describes what it means to be a real man and how he has grown over 75 years of failures and successes." Brad's dad begins by sharing the example his father set about restraining emotional reactions when he broke his own father's tooth with a pair of pliers. Emory describes the problem with the 'faux alpha' who are too angry and self-oriented, leading too loud thereby pushing people away. He recounts mistakes he has made and what he might have done differently.  Taking supplements, drinking water, exercise and planking have kept him healthy into his 75th year, 23 years after an 8-vessel bypass which was previously thought to only have been remedied by a heart transplant. He teaches how an Alpha can bring life wherever he goes with friendly conversation and how strong negotiations begin with simple engagement. He shares a story of how he worked for free with a failing non-profit who was being evicted from their office building until he found ways to increase revenue sufficient to pay for a brand new multi-million dollar facility which was paid for in cash. Brad's father was an expatriate business executive and lived in Jamaica where he learned what it meant to be a minority, reversing some of his upbringing in a racist environment in the South.  He shares what he hopes for his sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons: that they live lives which reflect a relationship with God and enjoy a happy home life. In this Father's Day Special, Brad and his father get up close and personal about their own relationship and what they have learned together about being a good man.  Alpha Up.  --- Send in a voice message:
In another super-personal and starkly-informative episode, Brad Singletary discusses his own experience with suicidal thoughts and what he did to save his own life.  Brad describes the Alpha Quorum's intention with using the term 'alpha.'  We are talking about men who are strong, capable, reliable, getting things done, and are enjoying fulfilling lives.   The Alpha is concerned with LIFE.  He has a life. He preserves his own capacity and remains strong, saving himself first: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. He enjoys life and faces challenges in his own journey with courage and diligence.  He creates life. He brings life, not by fathering children, necessarily.  But where ever he goes he brings light and life and brings value to any situation he finds himself in.  He passes life on in his relationships to those close to him, and every human that he appropriately can.    He saves life. He lifts and rescues those in need, helping others preserve their own life.  Brad recounts a traumatic family experience dealing with the suicide of an American soldier.  He also describes some mind-blowing statistics about the duration of the crisis leading up to a suicide or an attempt, most often counted in minutes, not days.  Suicidal thoughts should be seen as a medical crisis, much like sudden blindness or pissing blood.  He shares tips for how to recognize suicidal risks and what to do when you or someone around you is feeling these things. Whoever you are, this information will prepare you for a situation that you will likely be affected by in some way or another during your life. Please listen and share. --- Send in a voice message:
Validation.  In its simplest form, it's recognizing your spouse or partner.  When you validate her, you see her - you get it.  That's what she wants and needs from you.  Today, we're going to talk about what validation is, how you can provide this need to your partner, and how being a high-value man is the ultimate validation. Questions to be answered today: What is validation, and why do we need to validate our partners? What is the ultimate source of validation in a relationship with a woman? How and when should I validate my partner? Do you know your partner and what kind of validation she needs from you? What is validation? Direct feedback - you see the actions and contributions Acceptance for who she is.  Her thoughts/feelings are valid. being with her without judging her What validation is not ? You don't have to agree or accept her ideas as your own. You don't have to give up your ideas to accommodate her. Not correcting her if you perceive faulty logic (just being emotional) (invalidation) Why do we need to validate our partner? Validation elicits participation - promotes communication, intimacy (better sex) Let's your partner know you are engaged (Red 9) and on the same page Maslow's hierarchy of needs - validation is a part of esteem, this makes her feel protected, less isolated, less vulnerable, and safe. You!  An Alpha is a high-value man. You are a leader- the kind of man she's proud to be with.  Be a WIN for her. High-value validation- it feels good when someone at work notices your contributions, but when the big boss notices you, it's on a whole other level. You meet and exceed her expectations - you get it. How does being a high-value man validate her? Not reactive, you're in control (exactly what she needs when she needs validation) Honest with her when you need to be (this adds value to your validation, she knows you won't just patronize her, your talk isn't cheap, it's genuine) You being with her is social proof that she's a high-value woman. Your self-validation makes you a high-value man. When you validate yourself, you lead by example.  The stronger influence you have in her life, the more she will mimic you (follow your lead through mirroring) Living by Red 9 principles makes you a high-value man An Alpha is balanced, he keeps her inspired, his words matter because he lives up to his ideals (he has validity). Sincerity Don't be disingenuous.  That will just make her suspicious (does he just want to get laid) Be consistent.  Consistency will prove your authenticity. Be truthful, say what you see. Other tenets of validation Be present, paying attention, not multi-tasking, really listening. Acceptance - there is no right or wrong, no judgment, no fixing When do you validate her? Good to be consistent, but don't make it something you check off a list each day, reserve it to when needed so it remains genuine. When she's not expecting it, be engaged enough to notice any changes in mood. Especially during a bad/stressful day, be discerning. --- Send in a voice message:
.An incredibly-deep dive into understanding stress and overcoming the potential negative effects of stress.  We are living through times of immense difficulty.  Most of us were already stressed to the max before the coronavirus stopped so many of us in our tracks. Today we’re gonna take a look at stress and how we can better understand and cope with the hardships in our lives. There's never gonna be a time in your life where you’re completely free of stressful situations or beyond pressures and difficulty. Life is nails and that’s not gonna change. What can change though is you. How you see, deal with, and feel stress. That’s what you have control over moment by moment. Alpha up and face your stress like an overcomer, like a survivor, like a man, like an alpha. Questions answered in this episode: Where does stress live in you? In your head, in your shoulders? In your gut? What are some signs that stress is diminishing your quality of life? What controllable factors compound stress? The ultimate Alpha hacks to cope with stress. Topics discussed: The nature of and purpose of emotion Bodily reactions to stress Hormones and neurotransmitters The body’s stress-response system The connection between stress and fear What makes your body’s stress response worse Ways to conquer the battle with stress Relevant Links: Kelly McGonigal : How to Make Stress Your Friend Alpha Quorum Website TRIBE: Join the Private Facebook Group for Men Follow Alpha Quorum on Instagram Taco Moto Brad Singletary's Website Follow Brad on Instagram Follow Taco Mike on Instagram --- Send in a voice message:
.For those who may be new to our show and our movement, we introduce the Alpha Quorum philosophy.  We also outline the RED9: nine attitudes, actions, and attributes of the ALPHA. Questions answered in this episode: What does it mean to Alpha Up? What is the Alpha Quorum about? Why does this exist? What is the Red9? Other topics discussed: The Red9: Responsibility Resourcefulness Reverence Energy Endurance Engagement Discipline Discernment Distinction Relevant Links: --- Send in a voice message:
Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Some research indicates that 5 years after divorce, people are no happier than they were in their “unhappy marriage.”  While sometimes divorce is the only option, it isn’t always the only option.  Today we will be discussing how separation can, in many cases and when done with the right approach, save your relationship.  We share some insights we have gained from men we have worked with on this, some applicable research on this topic, and some of our own very personal experiences with separation as a means to save a marriage. Questions to be answered today: What are the not-so-obvious issues that make people believe that divorce is the answer? Why is separation something that men should consider as an alternative to divorce? What actions should a man be taking during a separation? What does a successful separation and eventual reunion look like? This segment is about separation as Option C. Stephen Covey talked about continuing to look for alternatives in general until you find something that works. Option A might be to continue to stay miserable in a dead relationship. Option B may be divorce (which can feel like an emotional murder-suicide). Option C is often separation. We aren't encouraging anyone to separate, rather we are encouraging people to consider separation before proceeding with a divorce first. You can always get a divorce; you can file tomorrow.  But once you do, you can’t undo it.  Is there any decision more impactful on your ENTIRE FUTURE and the ENTIRE FUTURE OF GENERATIONS AFTER YOU than whether to not to stay married? Sometimes it is an inevitability.  Sometimes divorce is the only sensible choice.  But let’s talk about how not to BLOW the one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. No Excuses. Alpha Up. --- Send in a voice message:
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