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Author: Emma-Louise Parkes

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Hosted by Business & Mindset coach Emma-Louise Parkes, this podcast is for ambitious introverts, empaths & highly sensitive entrepreneurs looking to build, grow & scale an online business, & switch overwhelm for clarity, confidence & clients.
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It’s a special thing to come across someone who has the same business origin story, serves the same clients, and runs the same type of business as myself. This is exactly what’s happening on this week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert featuring Stacey Hagen, a business coach for female entrepreneurs. In our conversation today we’re talking about the key things that introverts can do to find success in their business. If you’re feeling stuck about where to go next with your online marketing, this episode is for you. Stacey and I Discuss:The things that Stacey finds her introvert clients struggle with most when beginning their online businessesHow you can be an introvert and love public speaking and/or social mediaThe damage that can happen to your nervous system when you constantly push throughHow to recognise and utilise your introverted qualities as gifts Breaking the “overnight success” narrative that is prevalent in the online business worldRemember that whatever you do, consistency is keyVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Stacey on Instagram: @create_coaching
Welcome to this week's episode of the Ambitious Introvert! Today, Sarah Anderson is joining us to talk about email marketing. I’m surprised we haven’t covered it because email marketing is something that's been really important to my business success, but is something that I didn't utilise very well at the start. Now however, I cannot imagine my business without it! So I'm excited to bring email marketing to the forefront as a tool of introvert friendly marketing as well. Sarah and I Discuss:Why the first few emails of a sequence are the most importantHow to effectively use an email autoresponder, especially as an introvert What to include in your welcome sequence to set yourself up for successThe average open rate to aim for Quick and easy steps to get your welcome sequence started today Visit this episode's blog post here: with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Sarah on Instagram: @sarahmarieglobal 
Welcome to the first episode of The Ambitious Introvert in 2022! I thought I’d share a bit more about me in this episode that’s not necessarily business specific. This is somewhat of a part 2 episode from last week’s so be sure to tune into that one, too. If you're here, hopefully you find something that resonates with you, interests you, or prompts you to change how you do things. Maybe it'll give you some ideas of ways that you can look after yourself even more as an ambitious introvert, empath, or highly sensitive entrepreneur. Listen in and enjoy!Topics:Friendly exercises for HSPs and why Emma focuses on yoga and pilatesHow Emma-Louise first learned that she was a highly sensitive person by accidentThe ways in which Emma-Louise’s daily mindset practice have changed over the yearsWhen Emma-Louise first learned of coaching and the first steps she took to become a coach herselfHow Emma-Louise views goal setting and how she stays focused through completionEmma-Louise’s word of the year last year, how she chose it, and the successes she found from it Visit this episode's blog post here:  Connect with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkes
As we finish up this year, I’m sharing an episode that you can listen to without being directly in your business. A few weeks ago, I asked my email list to submit any questions they had for me they’d love to hear answered on the podcast. So, this episode and the next one will be just that. Today’s episode will focus more on business related questions, we’re diving into everything from investments to how I protect my energy as an online business owner. There’s a bit of something here for everyone, enjoy! Topics Discussed:Unplanned things that ended up going really well in my business in 2021 and how to overcome resistance The best (and worst) investment I has made this last year The commonalities I’ve found in my most recent clientsMy top tips for breaking out of your comfort zone How I protect my energy while owning & running an online businessVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkes
I’m so excited for today’s guest episode of The Ambitious Introvert - Samantha Touchais is a business and mindset coach, and was recommended to the podcast by previous guest Karen Kissane who knew we’d have so much in common. And she was right - including the way we believe our businesses should be run, agreeing on why introverts can be successful, and the importance of healthy boundaries. I feel like I’ve known Samantha for years, so I can’t wait for you to listen in to our friendly chat!Topics:Approaching coaching with a money mindset vs. a passion mindset The ways in which your energy and emotions can be affected as a business ownerHow Samantha navigated new boundaries when first starting her businessHow your “why” and tight boundaries can made decision making faster and easier Which country is most friendly for sensitive introverts in Samantha’s opinionVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Samantha on Instagram: @samanthatouchais
Matthew Pollard is on the show today and this introduction is pretty amazing -  Matthew is someone who has been named “The real deal” by Forbes, a best-selling author of some of the best introvert books of all time, and responsible for helping create 5x million-dollar businesses. I invited Matthew on the show because, since niching down into introverts, I’ve found this amazing and welcoming community of other introverts and those who want to support introverts. I feel like Matthew is someone that has genuinely helped me succeed, so I’m  excited for you to hear our conversation todayTopics:Why Matthew believes introverts can be the most successful speakers and business owners The importance of knowing our niche so we don’t become a business owner for everyone Why passion is paramount in business, even to the point where you won’t have to worry about making money The impact of stories and how a good one will help you own your niche and grow your business How we can stop overcomplicating sales and business todayVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with me on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Matthew on Instagram: @matthewpollardspeaker
Welcome to this week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert Podcast, featuring a guest who has had a huge impact on my life and business - Kyle Haskins. Kyle is an Energy Code practitioner who I’ve worked with numerous times and I’m really excited to share this because his approach to energy work cannot be found in the mainstream. We discuss The Emotion Code, how it works, and the impact it’s had on me and my business. So much to learn in this episode, enjoy!Kyle and I discuss:What The Emotion Code is and how Kyle became a practitionerHow The Emotion Code can help you create a clean slate and heal past traumas How emotional healing is connected to different types of mindset coaching  The basic process of a healing session with Kyle and how to actually release things that are holding us back The recalibration process after you’ve changed your energy frequency from emotional healing Kyle’s favorite client resultsVisit this episode's blog post here:  Connect with Kyle on Instagram: @heal.connect.thriveConnect with Emma on Instagram: @emmalouiseparkes
Hello hello, welcome to this week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert. Today we’re talking about something that’s close to my heart as an introverted business owner - building community and relationships. My guest today is Michelle Vroom, marketing coach, and podcast host. Michelle has more than 15 years of marketing and PR experience which she uses to help small business owners grow their businesses on their own terms. Michelle and I discuss:Relationship and community building vs. creating new leads The importance of a support system as a business ownerGentle, introvert friendly ways to build your online communityHow human connection will help you stand out onlineVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Michelle on Instagram: @marketlikeabossmv
Welcome to episode 61 of The Ambitious Introvert, in this episode I'm sharing some of the things that are working really well for me in my business at the moment. As we're approaching the end of 2021 I’ve been looking back to see which aspects of the business are working really well, where there’s growth, where I feel aligned, what is bringing in more business, where I've been spending a lot of time without seeing results, et cetera. I've honed it down to four things that I’m excited to share with you today.Topics Discussed:Why I’ve has fallen in love with email marketing the last few months and how it’s boosted my business The need for a solid project management tool and how you can use it in your business My process for repurposing my podcast episodes How referrals and recommendations can be the key to business growthVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma-Louise on Instagram:  @emmalouparkes
Welcome to this week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert. Today I’m talking with Agnese Rudzate who helps entrepreneurs and online business owners become more productive. If you’re on my email list, you may remember me talking about the overwhelm and anxiety my own to-do list caused me earlier this year - this is exactly what Agnese and I are going to dive into. This episode is for you if your own to-do list leads to stress and procrastination rather than productivity.Agnese and I discuss:Why Agnese doesn’t believe in the traditional to-do listHow to create actual productivity and move the needle in your lifeRemembering we are in charge of our distractionsThe link between sleep, diet, and productivityWhat Emma-Lou did when her own to-do list became too overwhelmingVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Agnese on Instagram: @agneserudzate
Welcome to this week’s episode of The Ambitious Introvert - today’s guest is the one person who may geek out about Myers-Briggs and personality types more than I do… With an audience of almost 850K YouTube subscribers and many of his videos hitting over 1 million views, I think it’s safe to say he knows what he’s talking about. Welcome fellow INFJ, Frank James! Frank and I Discuss:How Frank first became interested in all things Myers-Briggs and how this grew his careerThe way Frank fights back on the thought that typing people only puts them in a boxHow being aware of your personality type can help you accomplish moreConstantly balancing sensory and intuition Why understanding personality types is especially valuable in businessA brief overview of the different personality types Frank’s thoughts on whether your type can change or notVisit this episode's blog post here: with Emma on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Frank on Instagram: @yourboyfj
Welcome to the newest episode of The Ambitious Introvert. Today I’m joined by Sarah Santacroce - we’re talking about a subject that's really close to my heart as a business coach and is important to you as an introverted business owner - marketing. Sarah believes that marketing should be approached with kindness and can truly be something that is introvert-friendly. I loved hearing her take on how we can revolutionise marketing to be focused on connection. Enjoy!Why Sarah’s mission is to bring more empathy and marketing back to online businessHow Sarah overcame an expected re-brandFilling the gap between humanised sales and modern marketingWhy you should only work with your ideal clientsPrice transparency and why Sarah believes you should always post your pricesLinkedIn as the premier platform for introvertsVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma on Instagram: @emmalouparkes
Welcome to a big celebration episode of The Ambitious Introvert Podcast! First, the podcast is now one year old. Then, we also hit a huge milestone of downloads back in September.Today I'm going to share a little bit with you about the story of why I started the podcast in case you're not familiar, what I've learnt from a year of creating a podcast and how it's helped me grow within my business and as a person. Also, I'm going to share with you how you can help me celebrate and be in with a chance of winning a prize, so be sure to listen to the end.Topics Discussed:My process for booking guests on her show in a way that honours everyone’s timeWhy I decided to not monetise the podcastHow batching episodes helps me stay consistent The most recent milestone the podcast has hit and why it both does, and doesn’t, matter!The importance of celebration and why it’s a non-negotiable for meVisit this episode's blog post here: with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkes
Welcome to this week's episode of the Ambitious Introvert. Something I’ve learnt in my own personal development and self discovery journey is that there are so many different ways that we can understand ourselves. The more awareness and understanding that we heave helps us to better understand ourselves and give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are. With this said, I am a big fan and proponent of using numerology in life and business. So when I came across Jo Soley, owner of Bizology, I knew that I had to have her on the podcast. Today she’ll be sharing more about the practice and doing a live reading of my own numbers, enjoy!Jo and I discuss:How learning numerology helped Jo understand herself better and ignite her passion to help others A live session of my numerology reading and how I’m living in alignmentThe history of numerology and how it can show us who we are on a deeper levelHaving the confidence to own your woo, especially with those who don’t understandThe non-monetary results and changes Jo’s clients have seenVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Jo on Instagram: @josoleybizology
Can you imagine success as a public speaker, even as an introvert? On today’s podcast episode Marielle Legair, keynote speaker and trainer, is joining me to share her story with paid public speaking. She has an enormous amount of experience, making her deeply qualified to share her tips for fellow introverts who are looking to increase their PR. You’ll also hear a bit on the power of visualisation and why she also loves LinkedIn.Marielle and I discuss:How Marielle got started with paid public speaking and her tips for introverts who have to speak publicly Marielle’s tips for getting started with PR and really knowing your storyThe power of visualisation and how it can help your dreams to manifest themselvesHow being introverted has helped Marielle in her businessWhy multitasking is a lose-lose for introvertsThe success that Marielle has seen with LinkedIn and why she recommends it for fellow introverts Visit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Marielle on Instagram: @mariellelegair
Welcome to this solo episode of the Ambitious Introvert. Back in April I interviewed Gemma Went for the podcast - I had just signed up for Gemma's Conscious Consultant Certification. So today, I’m taking this opportunity to give you an insight really into what the last six months has been like for me on that journey, what I have learned from it, why I decided to do it, how it's changed my business, and whether it's something that I would recommend to people or not. You know I like to be transparent about what my investments are and whether they have been of good value or not, so let’s dive in. Topics Discussed:A bit of background on the Conscious Consultant Certification and why I decided to do itWhy you have to know your strengths and weaknesses as a business ownerThe value of a smooth onboarding process How the Conscious Consultant Certification has affected my business Who the Conscious Consultant Certification is forConnect with Emma on Instagram: @emmalouparkes
On this week's episode of the podcast, I’m chatting to another epically successful ambitious introvert, Sabrina Philipp. Sabrina is one of the people that comes to mind when I think about what it means to have a ‘bulletproof mindset’ - and you’ll see why after hearing this conversation. Sabrina is sharing how owning her introversion has led to success, the importance of separating yourself from your business, and why balance is the key. Sabrina and I discuss:How separating yourself from your business and social media can help youWhy you have to spend time and effort with your team members to gain successWhen Sabrina decided to become a coach and how she scaled to six figuresBeing proactive in taking care of yourself and focusing on your zone of geniusThe reminder that you’re completely in control of your lifeThe common thread that Sabrina sees in your most successful clientsVisit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Sabrina on Instagram: @sabrinaphilipp
This week on The Ambitious Introvert we are talking podcasts! So many of my clients and & audience say they'd love to be a guest on a podcast, but don't know how to do it, or have never been invited onto any. So I couldn't think of anyone better to come and talk us through the ins and outs of podcast guesting than my friend and podcast guest expert Mai-Kee Tsang! Mai-Kee and I discuss:What Mai-Kee learned from pitching herself to 101 podcasts in 30 daysThe first thing you need to do before you ever pitch a podcastHow to choose which podcasts to pitch and be a part ofMai-Kee’s framework for successful guest pitchesHow to separate your worth from rejections you may receive Visit this episode's blog post here: Connect with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkes Connect with Mai-Kee on Instagram: @maikeetsang
Today I’m going to talk less about business and more about the nervous system. Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with an auto-immune response to many different foods, so I began to look into different practices to help balance my nervous system. A friend mentioned that I should share a bit about this since many people don’t realise these tools exist - physical and mental things that you can use to improve your daily life, and entrepreneurship in general. I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me! Topics DiscussedBreaking down blue light and how it can interrupt our sleep patternsHow constant noise can wear down your nervous systemWhy I love my weighted blanketNon-physical (and free) things you can do to protect your nervous systemThe importance of subtle energy and how it can affect you day to dayVisit this episode's blog post here: with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkes
Today on The Ambitious Introvert, we’re talking about a topic that’s really close to my heart - business finances. I’ve found that so many online business owners are not transparent about this, so Dominique Mullally, Profit and Wealth Strategist, is joining us today to break it all down. She’s sharing what wealth actually looks like, and smart metrics to set for yourself to achieve business success.Dominique and I discuss:Why women tend to avoid business finances and why this has to changeWhat having wealth actually looks like and creating a money mindsetHow your mindset and EFT are related to wealthWhy you have to build a business on your terms and defining what success looks like for youThe legacy vs. the lifestyle business and why we have to think about the end gameSimple steps you can take today to get clarity on the financial side of your business and create personal wealthVisit this episode's blog post here:  Connect with Emma-Louise on Instagram: @emmalouparkesConnect with Dominique on Instagram: @dominiquemullally
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