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Alison Seponara, MS, LPC and Taylor Marae MS, RDN are diving deep into a the reality of anxiety, nutrition, and mental health! Listen as Alison and Taylor explore all things anxiety healing while keeping it REAL...including their own struggles with mental health! Alison and Taylor bring their expertise as healing professionals to the conversation while discussing the tools and strategies you need to heal the anxious mind. Follow Alison along with 450,000 healers on Instagram @theanxietyhealer & Taylor's healing community at health_anxiety Support this podcast:
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Alison and Taylor are keeping it real in today's episode...and tell you why it almost didn't happen! Due to their recent bouts of high anxiety, the Chicks felt compelled to make an episode all about how the healing process can cause anxiety in and of itself. Taylor explains why her health anxiety is at an all time high from this past weekend and Alison shares the intrusive thoughts that have felt most powerful lately and discusses her fear of exposing the reality of her anxiety with her boyfriend. Alison feels exposed and vulnerable in today's episode, but knows that there is so much healing in speaking the truth! Also...Alison says "LIKE" and "LITERALLY" way too much in today's episode - SORRY!! Remember: give yourself grace and compassion always... Sponsored by Bettherhelp - get 10% OFF your first month! CLICK HERE! Follow the chicks on IG - @theanxietychicks Alison - @theanxietyhealer Taylor - @health_anxiety --- Support this podcast:
Taylor and Alison discuss the reality of why we fixate on our body responses when anxious and how it automatically creates irrational fears about our health. Taylor shares her top 3 healing tips on how to feel more in control of your body, even if you struggle with health anxiety.  Sponsored by Betterhelp. CLICK HERE to get 10% OFF your first month. Follow The Anxiety Chicks @theanxietychicks Follow Alison @theanxietyhealer Follow Taylor @health_anxiety --- Support this podcast:
Taylor, Alison and Carin speak on a topic that could be a trigger to some people: trauma. If you feel triggered talking about trauma, I encourage you to listen to another one of our amazing podcast episodes. In this podcast, we speak with a psychologist who has not only experienced lots of trauma herself but also now helps others with their trauma.  Carin Rockind is a leading happiness expert, media personality, and the creator of PurposeGirl, a movement to empower purpose-driven living. She has taught thousands of people real-life strategies to reclaim their happiness, and live to their fullest potential of success and well-being. Having survived domestic abuse, divorce, and armed robbery, she teaches others to be resilient through stress and grow from trauma. After fifteen years as a marketing executive, Carin pursued her great passion: teaching women to thrive. Carin was one of the first 250 people in the world to earn a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Carin has appeared on NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, the Huffington Post to talk all about her expertise in anxiety and trauma.  This Episode is sponsored by Betterhelp. CLICK HERE and receive 10% off your first month! Follow us:  @theanxietychicks @health_anxiety @theanxietyhealer  Carin's website: Here's a link to sign up for Carin's newsletter: Carin's Facebook group: Carin's podcast: --- Support this podcast:
Alison and Taylor get real about why traveling and being on vacation can actually increase anxiety. Ever thought "I need a vacation from my vacation?" Yep, us too! Listen as The Chicks give their best healing tips on how to help you not only get through your vacation days, but actually enjoy them!  Sponsored by Betterhelp - CLICK HERE to get 10% off your first month. Follow us on IG @theanxietychicks @theanxietyhealer (and TikTok) @health_anxiety --- Support this podcast:
(This is a deep and personal current episode for host Ali) This episode starts with Ali updating the audience on what her life has been like these last few months taking care of her dad. Ali and her family have faced a lot of battles these last few months ever since he broke his femur. Ali takes the audience through the emotions and guilt she often faces during these times. She explains the anxiety you go through thinking "youre not doing enough" or that you have to give your whole life to help. Ali and Taylor share tips on how to handle taking care of a hurt/sick loved one but also how to take care of yourself during these times. You are important and deserve care too.  Don't forget to rate and subscribe!  Sponsored by Betterhelp. Click here to get 10% OFF your first month follow us: @theanxietychicks @health_anxiety  @theanxietyhealer  --- Support this podcast:
Alison and Taylor get REALLY real in today's episode. The Chicks discuss how our inner critic can get the best of us at times and why they feel like they are constantly disappointing themselves...and others - which plays a huge role in their anxiety. Taylor talks openly about imposter syndrome and never feeling good enough. The Chicks also discuss the recent news of Olympic champion Simone Biles dropping out of the Olympic games to prioritize her mental health & why this decision has sparked some controversy.  This episode is sponsored by Betterhelp. CLICK HERE to get 10% off your first month.  Follow the chicks on IG @theanxietychicks @theanxietyhealer @health_anxiety --- Support this podcast:
42. Online Dating Anxiety

42. Online Dating Anxiety


The episode begins with lots of updates from Taylor and Alison. Taylor updates everyone on her recent trip and all the anxiety she encountered but also shares the motto that helped get her through. Alison updates everyone on her dad and the anxiety she has been having being a caregiver. The two then get into the topic of Online Dating. They deep dive into all the apps and share what they have heard/observed about each and give a game plan on how to reduce anxiety when starting to online date. Alison shares her personal experiences and how she has been online dating a long time and how she got comfortable with it.  Todays episode is sponsored by Betterhelp. CLICK HERE to get 10% off your first month! Join us next week and follow us on instagram @theanxietychicks @health_anxiety @theanxietyhealer  --- Support this podcast:
Alison and Taylor dive deep into all things intrusive thinking on todays episode! Taylor describes the first time she felt like her intrusive thoughts caused a panic attack and how it contributed to her panic disorder. Alison uses her expertise as an anxiety healer and therapist to normalize intrusive thinking and tells you more of what you can do to help quiet those thoughts down once and for all!  Todays episode is sponsored by Betterhelp. CLICK HERE to Get 10% off your first month.  Follow The Anxiety Chicks on Instagram @theanxietychicks Follow Alison on Instagram @theanxietyhealer Follow Taylor on Instagram @health_anxiety --- Support this podcast:
40. Work Anxiety

40. Work Anxiety


This week Alison and Taylor deep dive into all things work anxiety. The episode begins with Alison and Taylor catching up with you guys on life then leading into all the common signs of work anxiety. Alison and Taylor share personal experience's with work anxiety and how they handle it. The two then dive into what work anxiety can look like. Ending the episode with sharing ways you can cope from work anxiety.  join us for next weeks episode and make sure you've listened to all 40! We love you guys!  -The Anxiety Chicks  Looking for a counselor? CLICK HERE to get 10% off your first month on the top online counseling platform Betterhelp Follow us on Instagram: @theanxietychicks @health_anxiety @theanxietyhealer  --- Support this podcast:
Alison and Taylor break down the truth about high functioning anxiety and what it takes to heal. Alison shares an update on her new dating adventures including a breakthrough she had after her breakup. Does anyone know how to connect with Michael Phelps? You'll understand once you listen to the episode. ;)  Sponsored by Betterhelp. CLICK HERE for 10% off your first month!  Follow Alison @theanxietyhealer  Follow Taylor @health_anxiety 7-Day's of Anxiety Healing: A Mental Health Masterclass: CLICK HERE for 20% OFF (use code 7DAYHEALING at checkout) --- Support this podcast:
Taylor is going solo this week as Ali was feeling under the weather. This week Taylor touched on the top fears she experienced with health anxiety and gives some tips on how she helps herself with them and the thoughts. Taylor talks on cardiovascular fears, neurological fears and last but not least BLOOD CLOT fears. I promise after listening to this episode you will feel less alone in your struggle with health anxiety. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! Sponsored by Betterhelp. Get 10% OFF your first month! Just CLICK HERE: Instagram: @theanxietychicks @health_anxiety Website: --- Support this podcast:
The episode that you've all been waiting for! Alison & Taylor have received DMs daily to cover this topic so we wanted to get an expert in for todays special episode. The Chicks are so excited to welcome licenced therapist and EMDR expert Taylor Klump to the pod! Taylor K. provides a huge wealth of information about a recent well-known therapy called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR. Taylor K. talks all about how EMDR helps heal anxiety, trauma, dissociative disorder, and more. She also breaks down exactly what an EMDR therapy session looks like and what you need to know in order to try the process for yourself.  Sponsored by Betterhelp. CLICK HERE for 10% off your 1st month.  Follow Taylor Klump on Instagram @taylorklump_ Follow The Chicks on IG @theanxietychicks 7-Day Anxiety Healing Challenge begins July 12th! CLICK HERE to enroll - use code HEALING15 for 15% off! --- Support this podcast:
Taylor is back this week and explains why she missed last week's episode. Alison updates everyone on her life from her dad's surgery, her dog izzy and possibly dating again?? Taylor and Alison then jump into Today's topic: Derealization and Depersonalization. Alison starts the segment by explaining what both are, the characteristics and the differences between the two. Taylor then shares her experiences with them and how educating herself on DR/DP really helped her. Taylor and Alison end the episode with some helpful tips if you do struggle with Dr/Dp and Taylor provides a quote to take with you through the week. Sponsored by Betterhelp: CLICK HERE for 10% off your first month  Follow us on instagram: @theanxietychicks @health_anxiety @theanxietyhealer Websites: (code "memorialday" for $25 off Purity) and (code chicks20 for the 7 day anxiety healing course)  See you guys next week!  --- Support this podcast:
Alison is solo today talking all things ANXIETY AT NIGHT! Alison dives deep into her own sleep patterns and what tools she uses to help get an average of 8 hours a sleep every night. Alison discusses what a nocturnal panic attack looks like and how to heal your panic in the middle of the night. She also shares her top nighttime anxiety healing tools so you can get a more restful sleep and a quiet mind. Podcast is sponsored by Betterhelp. CLICK HERE to get 10% off your first month!  Follow on IG @theanxietychicks 7-Days of Anxiety Healing: A Mental Health Masterclass - CLICK HERE TO ENROLL (use code CHICKS20 for 20% OFF at checkout) --- Support this podcast:
Alison and Taylor welcome special guest and healer, Dr. Jen Wolkin, PhD in todays episode! Dr. Jen is a neuropsychologist who specializes in using mindfulness based practices and neuroscience to help heal the anxious mind and the body. Dr. Jen gives us her expertise on why the Vagus Nerve plays a huge role when healing anxiety, especially when it comes to heart rate, breath, and the gut. We also discuss the connection between ADHD and Anxiety and how they can often be misdiagnosed.  At the end of the episode, Alison shares her healing tip of the week and Taylor mentions her favorite quote that has played a vital role in in her healing. Sponsored by Betterhelp. The top online therapy platform in the world! CLICK HERE for 10% OFF your first month. Follow The Chicks: @theanxietychicks Follow Dr. Jen: @drjenpsych_ The Anxiety Healing School Peak of Panic --- Support this podcast:
33. The Sunday Scaries

33. The Sunday Scaries


Alison and Taylor begin the episode by updating you guys on how they have been. They then jump into this weeks topic: SUNDAY SCARIES. Alison shares what she thinks of when she hears the words "sunday scaries" and Taylor shares what she always thought sunday scaries meant. The duo then both share how they deal with and prevent sunday scaries and provide ways you can prevent it too! Alison ends the episode with a healing tip of the week. Taylor ends the episode with a quote of the week to carry with you the rest of the week. Sponsored by Betterhelp: CLICK HERE to save 10% OFF your first month! How to find us:  instagram- @theanxietychicks @health_anxiety @theanxietyhealer  website-  Stay tuned for next weeks episode with a special guest!  --- Support this podcast:
Alison and Taylor are joined by fellow healer, podcaster, and meditation guru Mary Meckley. Mary is the host of The Daily Meditation Podcast which offers over 2000 daily guided meditation techniques that manage stress triggers. Alison talks about her struggle with learning how to meditate and the difficulty of sitting with her anxious thoughts. Is meditation really something everyone can do? How does meditation really work? What happens when you try to meditate and your brain won't shut off? Mary answers all of these questions and shares a short guided mediation for health anxiety at the end of the show!  Mary Meckley: The Anxiety Chicks: @theanxietychicks This episode is sponsored by Betterhelp. Struggling with you mental health? Find a licensed counselor to talk to online...from anywhere in the world. CLICK HERE for 10% OFF your first month: --- Support this podcast:
This week Taylor and Alison take you on a journey of how they have and do handle getting results from a doctors appointment that maybe wasn't what they wanted or expected. Taylor shares her recent journey with getting a high Vitamin b12 level results and her instant googling and how she got herself out of that mindset. Due to Taylor's recent skin cancer screening exam and mole removal, Taylor shares her thoughts during this and she got there with her thoughts. Alison shares as to how she too has to get moles removed and her mindset around it. The two hosts lastly share how important preventative health and taking care of your health is and the 5-6 ways you can based on age and gender. Tune in to make sure you stay up to date with you health for a long disease free life!  LASTLY, we announce our giveaway winner towards the end of the episode! Find Us At:  Instagram- @theanxietychicks @health_anxiety @theanxietyhealer website- Sponsored by Betterhelp. Online affordable therapy...anywhere in the world! Click here for 10% OFF your first month. --- Support this podcast:
Listen as Alison and Taylor dive deep into their experience with anxiety and friendships. Taylor talks openly about her struggle socially fitting in as a child and what she's been going through with her current friendships. Alison shares why its taken most of her late 20s and 30s to realize what a true friend is & what she did to figure this out. Listen as Alison discusses why her anxiety has actually been a helpful tool in helping allow new friendships and trustworthy people into her heart. Head over to our Instagram for more healing content! @theanxietychicks Sponsored by Betterhelp: Get 10% off your first month! Follow: @health_anxiety @theanxietyhealer  --- Support this podcast:
Join us this week on a RIDE. Alison and Taylor use this episode to update the audience on LIFE, real life. The stuff people don't want to always talk about. Alison talks on her recent struggles with extreme acid reflux, IBS, visiting multiple doctors, the approach she plans to take towards healing. Taylor updates the audience on things she is noticing in her life and her current state with anxiety. Alison and Taylor have some common breakthroughs towards the end of the episode that many possibly can relate to. Ending the episode letting the audience know next week we will be elaborating more on the last topic: FRIENDSHIP ANXIETY. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Sponsored by Betterhelp...the #1 online counseling platform in the world. Find counseling right away with Betterhelp. Click here for 10% off your first month: Follow us on Instagram: @theanxietychicks @health_anxety and @theanxietyhealer Website: and  --- Support this podcast:
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