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Your inner child belief systems determine your initial feelings and whether you perceive your environment in a safe or threatening manner. Today we'll become aware of the traps the inner child sets to keep us in a familiar state of fear and suffering. Begin your health anxiety healing journey today through the Health Anxiety Recovery Program.
Today is the day I share with you an honest update on your anxiety disorder. Get ready for a powerful rant that will take you deeper into anxiety healing than you've ever have gone before.  Your inner child healing journey begins now: CLICK HERE
When you can differentiate between a feeling and thought coming from the inner child compared to your higher self you will move yourself away from living anxiously in the past to living creatively in the present.  Ready to bring resolve to the unresolved feelings in your body which are manifesting as anxiety symptoms? Learn How Today. 
A powerful breathing technique to counter feelings of anxiety and panic that you can begin using today. Begin your anxiety healing journey today at
Imagine, turning your anxiousness to excitement or any negative emotional state to a positive in a heartbeat. Today I'll share with you how to do it based around asking yourself the right kind of questions.  Done managing your anxiety symptoms? Begin your health anxiety recovery today Here. 
Imagine, seeing the components of anxiety as a teacher rather than a burden. Naturally you would begin working with it, understanding its messages, and become a better version of yourself because of anxiety. Today I show you how.  Begin your natural health anxiety healing today right here.
This one constant and unconscious pattern has the potential to keep you away from making progress over your anxiety disorder. Today we dive deep, today we take a major step forward in your anxiety healing journey. It's time to heal your health anxiety naturally, learn more here. 
Today I share with you the very moment when I knew I was no longer ever going to be dragged around by an anxiety disorder anymore. This anxiety guy podcast episode will inspire and inform you. Enjoy!  Ready to put your understanding into practice and leave behind a life of anxiety for good? Visit The Anxiety Guy Website and learn more today. 
Today i'll share with you a different mindset to others not fully understanding your anxiety struggles. With this mindset you'll be able to focus on your mental health healing and clear your fears of responsibility once and for all. To learn more about the #1 health anxiety program available online today Click Here. 
Today we dive deep into understanding the inner child and connecting it to our present anxiety and mental health more deeply.  Ready to begin your health anxiety healing? Learn more today.
Anxiety can still survive and thrive even if the conscious mind believes something different from the subconscious mind. Today we dive deep into the differences between anxiety and fear as we understand our own sufferings more deeply. Learn more about the #1 health anxiety recovery program today by Clicking Here. 
Putting your anxiety to the test translates into questioning the elements that create a hightened state of anxiousness. Today I'll show you a few ways you can begin testing your anxiety and bringing about a balanced state of mental health.  Stop Coping Start Healing Today at
Today we take some time to oursleves and absorb these powerful health anxiety affirmtions into our subconsicous minds. These health anxiety affirmations will give you the permission you need today to believe in ideas that go against fear and catastrophic thinking. Enjoy. 12 Weeks To Health Anxiety Freedom Begins Today. Click Here To Learn More.
Today we dive deep into the world of health anxiety and understand some very crucial health anxiety tips to take on. These new attitudes will make a lasting difference towards your emotional and mental health. 12 weeks to health anxiety freedom can begin for you today: Click Here
These 5 questions are ones I regularly ask people going through my recovery programs just prior to starting their anxiety recovery journey. Get ready  for clarity, depth, and anxiety understanding. All your anxiety healing needs are at
Today we look at box breathing as a vital technique to use daily for anxiety and panic attacks. As much as these types of breathing techniques may feel unfamilar to an anxiety sufferer they must be utilized regulary to reach inner peace in time. Visit today for all your anxiety recovery needs. 
When these 6 aspects are consciously approached your life will have meaning and the label of anxiety disorder will be eliminated.  All your anxiety healing needs can be found at
In this interview with self development coach Johnny Lawrence I talk about why and how to clean up your past so that you don't have to re-live anxiety over and over again. A powerful episode that will speak deeply towards your mental health healing. To learn more about any of the #1 anxiety recovery programs online visit
Along the journey of anxiety healing there comes many conscious and unconscious challenges we will face. Today we look at these challenges along with solutions during your anxiety recovery journey. Begin your health anxiety healing journey today: Click Here
Responding to symptoms of anxiety is much different than reacting to them. In today's podcast episode I'll share with you some of the options you have to tame these bodily anxiety symptoms fast. Learn more about the #1 Health Anxiety Program available online today Here.
Comments (15)


great point

Apr 28th


This episode is great. thank you

Apr 27th

Justin Photo Coe

thank you for your gracious words, I been struggling for a while now and listing to you helps me so much. thank you.

Jan 11th

Elizabeth Spry

This podcast really spoke to me. I wasn't aware I was definitely "feeling" I am my car. She's an old beater. So I have felt people would judge me by my car. Also, I am always telling people I have always had anxiety issues. Good grief!! You are so right. I am not my car or my anxiety. Thank you ❤️

May 3rd

Cathy Higgins

It would be nice if when you interview a great resource, you let them speak more. Also, it might be worthwhile to try to end your verbal tic of ending so many sentences with..."right?"

Jan 3rd

Rommel Gatchalian

I was scared to listen to the podcast. Good thing i opened it and listen. That was a good point of view to see life and death cycle. Thanks.

Jun 20th

Mark Dolan

this will no longer play

Oct 9th

Christal Anger

I didnt dwell as much on death until I had kids.. I think my thoughts lay around, I cant leave them so young.. what would happen to them.. I know it's crazy but I always say.. please let me live until they are old enough to take care of themselves. do you have an episode on setbacks?

Mar 19th

Christal Anger

I love your podcast!

Mar 14th

Chelsea Brown

i go through each one of these stages....very valuable information. Thank you

Dec 26th

ka jong venus Park

same here!

Jun 30th

Wendy Wernlund

Is there anyway to access your first 4 podcasts? I just discovered you and wanted to start from the beginning.

Apr 25th

Brian Newman

man! this is awesome! i have LOTS of work to do... but i do know this... excercise is a must with nutrtion... when i dont problems arise quickly...

Dec 23rd

Ash Leigh

this just triggered an anxiety attack for me haha. I have existential anxiety so any talk about reality or thoughts rewiring my programming etc... I suddenly become hyperaware of reality and it just sets me off. what can be done about this? it doesn't seem to have a solution.

Oct 23rd

Samantha Ann

thank you for this. I was feeling pretty down on myself and having some pretty dark thoughts. you calmed me down and made me present

Oct 23rd
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