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App Show Canada’s friendliest tech expert Mike Agerbo is expanding his radio presence with The App Show, which rates the latest apps and unlocks software secrets for smartphones, tablets, TVs and more.
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SIM swapping scams are on the rise across Canada. Find out how criminals execute this particularly invasive cybercrime, what to look for and how you can protect yourself. Joining Mike and John to discuss this is tech expert Carmi Levy of Info-Tech Research Group.   See for privacy information.
Ever wonder how much information you're giving away when you search using a web browser? Ted Kritsonis joins us for the first half of this week's show to explain how various popular browsers track your data on the internet. He also suggests browser alternatives that protect your privacy and data.  Later in the show, Tasia Custode joins us to talk about the new social networking app, called Clubhouse, taking the internet by storm. Find out what all the fuss is about and whether you should rush out to get an invite.  See for privacy information.
In preparation for Drink Wine Day coming up on February 18th, we speak with wine expert, Leeann Froese about the best wine apps. Find out why you should use a wine app and learn how to track your favourite wines and find new ones.  Mike and John also speak with Ben Cooper from Vancouver Mural Festival about how his team is using an app to make the festival more accessible to everyone/  See for privacy information.
This month, the Competition Bureau launched their Switch Week campaign offering Canadians practical tips on how to save on their telecommunications, banking, and insurance services. Deputy Commissioner of the Competition Bureau, Anthony Durocher, joins Mike and John to discuss the campaign and offer you tips to save on your services.  See for privacy information.
Wearables and fitness tech are incredibly popular for consumers but what about professional athletes? Sage Watson, Canadian Olympic Hurdler, joins us this week to talk about how she uses fitness tech to support her training. Sage shares some of her favourite fitness tech features and even offers some training tips for those of us just starting out on our fitness journey.  See for privacy information.
In this week's episode, we cover talk about the hottest mobile tech from the first-ever virtual CES. Amid the biggest tech event of the year, Samsung hosted their Unpacked event announcing a new line of Galaxy S21 mobile devices. Don't miss our first impressions of the the new line!  See for privacy information.
CES 2021 starts Monday and this week's episode is packed with predictions about what we'll see at this year's show! For over two decades, the year's most innovative technology has been introduced at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Traditionally hosted in Las Vegas, this year's event may be virtual but we still expect to see the year's coolest consumer tech. Ted Kritsonis joins us as we discuss our predictions about the mobile devices and technology we expect will be announced.  See for privacy information.
If you received a new smartphone over the holidays, we can help you set it up the right way. On this week's show, Mike and John discuss the most important steps you need to take to set up your device securely. We also talk about how you can improve your experience by deleting pre-installed apps and downloading some new ones. Covering both Android and iPhone devices, we'll help you get the most out of your new smartphone in 2021. See for privacy information.
This year has been challenging for many of us. To help us kick 2021 off with fun and optimism, we share some great mobile apps compiled by the experts at the Apple App Store. Discover a new hobby, find a new way to connect with loved ones, and enjoy new forms of entertainment all on your mobile device.  We also discuss Apple's new privacy policy, what Facebook thinks of it and how all of this affects you.  See for privacy information.
Education is changing rapidly and technology plays a big role in shaping it. This month, we celebrated Computer Science Education Week and in honour of that, we speak with an educator committed to teaching kids how to code in Ontario. Brent Yacoback tells us about the importance of learning how to code and how it gives students a leg up in other areas of academic work.  We also touch base with local Vancouver restaurateur, Brandon Grosutti, to get an update on his new at-cost food delivery service, FromTo. As lockdowns continue, Brandon and his team are committed to helping restaurants thrive by offering a delivery service with a sustainable pricing model.  See for privacy information.
Gifting a smartphone this holiday season? Then you'll want to listen to this episode where we review the best smartphones of the year. With the help of Ted Kritsonis, we discuss the hottest iOS and Android devices of the year to help you make a purchasing decision.  See for privacy information.
Photos with Santa are a little more challenging in 2020 but one Winnipeg Mom has created an app to help you bring Santa to your living room. We welcome app creator, Sharon Knutson, to the show to discuss how her augmented reality powered app is making it possible for families to get photos with Santa in the comfort of their own homes.  Later in the show, we talk about some hot mobile devices from Huawei with guest Paul Dayco.  Don't miss next week's show where we'll discuss the hottest smartphone gifts for the holiday season.  See for privacy information.
As we shop online during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush, it can be easy to forget that staying safe online is just as important as staying safe in real life. This week, we're taking a look at the worst passwords of 2020 and offering our expert advice on staying safe throughout the shopping season.  Later in the show, we're opening the mailbag and answering your app, mobile and smartphone related questions.  See for privacy information.
The pandemic has impacted countless jobs across Canada. But can Canadians get back to work and do it safely with the help of technology? Find out how Staffy, an app designed for the hospitality sector, has pivoted to help unemployed Canadians across several industries connect with employers. Next, we look at CANATRACE, an app helping small businesses easily and efficiently implement contact tracing.  See for privacy information.
Black Friday might be a little different this year but you can still take advantage of some great deals. We get some practical strategies on getting ready for one of the biggest shopping days of the year from the CEO of Flipp,  an app that gives you access to thousands of deals from over 2,000 stores. The hosts review the new Apple iPhone mini and we look at a new app from TD that helps Canadians reach their investment goals.  See for privacy information.
With growing concerns about the health of our planet, technology companies are starting to pay attention to sustainable design and production. This week, we speak with an up-and-coming smartphone maker that's on a mission to make smartphones more sustainable. CEO of Teracube, Sharad Mittal, joins us to talk about the company's newest sustainable smartphone, the 2e. See for privacy information.
With promises of faster network speeds and improved reliability, 5G has been a hot topic lately. But is being on a 5G network really that different? Mike and John share about their experience with 5G. Graham Williams also joins us to talk about HomeBridge, the solution that runs on any computer and bridges the gap between Apple HomeKit and other hardware devices. If you're looking for hardware support for your smart home devices and you have an Apple ecosystem set up at home, you won't want to miss this! See for privacy information.
While many Canadians are passing on Halloween festivities this year, the big day needn't be dull. Bring back the Halloween spirit with our roundup of the best Halloween apps for users of all ages. Mike and John also share their first impressions of the year's hottest smartphone, the Apple iPhone Series 12. Is it worth the upgrade? See for privacy information.
This week, Apple held its last event of 2020, announcing the iPhone series 12. But is this version worth upgrading to? We take a deeper look at the iconic smartphone and its most promising features. Ted Kritsonis joins us later in the show to discuss another iconic smartphone, the new Google Pixel. Will this smartphone measure up for Android lovers? See for privacy information.
On this week's episode of the App Show, Mike and John spend some time discussing a new scam that takes advantage of consumers who trade in their Apple products for recycling. Find out how enterprising third party resellers are refurbishing these technology gadgets and reselling them. John also shares a little bit about his passion for 3D printing with an introduction to some great 3D modeling apps: Tinkercad and Fusion 360. See for privacy information.
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