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Author: Dustin Harris

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Dustin Harris has discovered a way to buck the current trends and be a successful appraiser business owner despite the challenges. He shares his secrets to success with you here.
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Dustin recently got an all CAPS email on one of his podcasts. Problem is, the guy never listened to the episode.
Dustin recently started a new venture - a visitor friendly hobby farm. Though it was a lot of hard work, it also came with a lot of reward and lessons learned.
When we get busy, the small things seem to be pushed to the side. However, paying attention to the cleanliness and order of things around us can make a huge difference in our productivity.
963	Fire Really Fast

963 Fire Really Fast


Dustin has always been an advocate of "Hire Slow; Fire Fast," but recently he fired an employee after 79 hours. Does that even give someone enough time for an honest evaluation?
A recent experience on a ladder reminds us that life gets a little tipsy-turvy once in a while. That is okay as long as it is not the norm.
Isaac Peck (WorkingRE Magazine) joins Dustin to talk about the NAR Settlement and what is means for appraisers.
Temp agencies have their place, but most people are not likely use them long-term. But would you feel differently if they were connecting you with VAs overseas?
Appraisers are always worried about waivers and if they will replace the appraiser. But, what if waivers were causing more defaults on loans? Would that persuade the GSEs to stop using them? What if the opposite were true and what does that mean for the future of appraisers?
If you want to be successful with your goals, find another person to hold your feet to the fire.
Tim Andersen talks with Dustin about the NAR settlement and what it might mean for appraisers moving forward. What about sales data? Will large and small real estate offices change the way they distribute data?
A recent card game with my family serves as a reminder for why it is important to work on your business, not in your business frequently.
In this episode, Dustin gets out his crystal ball again (eye roll) and predicts what is coming in the near future to the appraisal profession. Is he right?
Like doctors, appraisers can (and should) specialize). What are some specific niches and how do you break into them?
With all the change in the industry, it is always good to have Shawn Telford from Corelogic with us to talk about it. What changes are coming to the valuation industry and how can appraisers best navigate that change?
Sometimes appraisers and agents talk past each other. However, meeting the agent at the inspection can have its benefits.  
The reasons given for the development of PAREA range from potential appraisers not being able to find a mentor to not enough appraisers However, what has actually happened in the early days of PAREA is some unintentional consequences, and they are not bad for existing appraisers.
Dustin has lost a little weight recently. Listen to how his journey relates to being a successful business owner.
Today, Dustin and Tim Andersen ( take questions from the listeners in another Dear USPAP Instructor episode. Today they tackle the questions of reporting on prior services as well as how much is just right when it comes to support in your appraisal reports and workfiles.
When you use a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines or somewhere else, have you violated the confidentiality part of the Ethics Rule in USPAP?
In the latest edition of WorkingRE Magazine, there is a great article called Inside Access To Fannie Mae's Complaint Process. The publisher of WorkingRE and author of the article joins Dustin for a deep-dive into how the Fannie Mae complaint process against appraisers works.