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Take a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, Jeff Smith ( ( and pair him with an outstanding radio personality and you have the formula for one helluva Golf Talk Radio Show. John Ashton (the show host) has enjoyed success as a morning personality on radio stations from Bangor, Maine to Dallas, Texas. He’s also embarrassed himself on many golf courses in the same locations. John is a hacker, struggling to break 80 (OK, 90) but has a passion and enjoyment of the game, a skewed sense of humor and an outlook that makes this the most entertaining Golf Show around.Jeff Smith, PGA  enjoys the innate ability to create word pictures so, even on the radio, his tips and techniques to improve your game are clear, easy to follow and help listeners cut strokes on their very next round.

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Golf aficionados, brace yourselves for a heated debate! We're tossing the rulebook and questioning the controversial decisions of the United States Golf Association (USGA) that seem to be out of touch with the pulse of the game. From the questionable selection for the Top 100 teachers to the exclusion of Florida State from the college football playoffs, it's a swing and a miss in our opinion. We also can't ignore the stir caused at the Tiger Woods' Hero Open about the use of technology in golf. Hang tight as we take you through the maddening maze of absurd rules and debatable decisions.It's time to call out the elephant in the room - the USGA's perplexing decision to curtail golf ball distance. As PGA professionals, we openly express our discontent and explore the potential fallout. We question the likelihood of bifurcation in rules for professional and amateur players. The ramifications for ball manufacturers and the potential erosion of the USGA's relevance are grave concerns. Adding an extra layer to the conversation, we have Rory McIlroy sharing his thoughts on the issue. In the final act, we scrutinize the looming impact of the USGA's decision on the golfing public. With manufacturers potentially defying regulations by selling non-compliant clubs, we're anticipating a standoff between the USGA and manufacturers. Listen in as we forecast a future dominated by false handicaps due to players using non-compliant equipment. The clock is ticking, and the golfing world is on edge. Prepare to be enlightened, surprised, and perhaps even a little enraged. We're not holding anything back - because we believe the love of the game deserves nothing less.
What if the key to transforming your golf game was as simple as perfecting your grip? We, John Ashton and Jeff Smith, hit the green to bring you the promising techniques and strategies to give you control over your club and, in effect, your ball flight. In the chillier months, when outdoor golf isn't an option, let us guide you indoors to a rich knowledge base of golfing insights to enhance your game.We don't just stop at club control, we go beyond, journeying into the heart of a successful golf swing. From the foundation of a proper grip to the science of alignment and ball positioning, we explore techniques that can turn your swing into a consistent winner on any course. We also take a deep dive into the brain's role in golf, discussing how focus, balance, posture, and intent can dramatically affect the outcome of your swing.As if that wasn't enough, we reveal secrets of the game that most golfers overlook - the art of mastering short shots on and around the green and reading the green. We discuss different approaches to short shots and the importance of predicting distance. We also touch on how to read the green to improve your chances of sinking the ball. And, believe it or not, we discuss the unexpected benefits of practicing in colder weather. So, join us, take these insights with you on your next round, and transform your golf experience.
What if there was a technique that could shave strokes off your golf game? If that sparks your curiosity, then prepare to swing into a conversation that'll transform how you approach golf. From the picturesque veranda of Pinehurst Resort and Country Club, we're observing golfers' reactions as they round off at the last hole, discussing the new face of golf magazines offering valuable advice from golf pros, and exploring a Japanese putter grip technique that could revolutionize your game.Strap in as we then steer the conversation towards golf swing analysis technology, weighing up the reliability and consistency of the products available for the average golfer against professional-grade models. While the price tags may vary wildly, we'll reveal the importance of understanding the accuracy of the technology you're using. It's a fascinating look at how a deeper understanding of your golf swing could level up your performance on the green.Finally we delve into the world of numbers and data, as we demystify what launch monitor figures really mean. We'll break down the concept of the smash factor, and how it links to clubhead speed and ball speed when you hit the ball. With a focus on club head speed, smash factor, and ball speed, we'll reveal their impact on carry distance - knowledge that could give you that extra edge. So whether you're a beginner keen to learn, or a seasoned player looking to refine your game, this episode is teed up to be an enlightening exploration of all things golf. Tune in and elevate your game.
Ever wondered why more golfers are trading their three wood for a five wood? Tune in to our lively discussion where we dissect the differences between the two, and explain why the five wood, with its less demanding club head speed and ball speed requirements, is becoming the new favorite. This switch could be especially beneficial for older golfers, who may find the loft and ease of a five wood more forgiving than a three wood. And if you have an old Callaway's heaven wood gathering dust in your garage, it might be time to give it another shot.Thinking about equipment changes to compensate for a lack of speed? Hold your horses... or should we say, hold your clubs! Before you go splashing cash on new gear, it's essential to understand your physical capability and limitations. We'll share some telling anecdotes about golf buddies, and nasty golf swings and revisit the advantages of switching from a three wood to a five wood. But we're not just about the laughter; we're also about the controversy. The USGA's consideration of golf ball distance limits has sparked a heated debate. Is it fair to take away the fun from the sport? We'll let you decide.Is a lack of swing speed impacting your golf game? We've got you covered. From exercises and training tools to timing your swing and understanding the importance of "body brakes", we'll share practical insights to help you increase your swing speed. And if you're looking to improve your golf distance, we'll explore the importance of getting fitted for clubs, working with a golf teacher, and finding the perfect ball for your game. Join us for an episode that promises to deliver tips, stories, controversy, and, most importantly, a fresh perspective on golf.
Imagine stepping up to the plate in a baseball game. Now, imagine teeing off on a golf course. Two different contexts, two different sports, but surprisingly similar strategies. That's what we're unpacking today - the fascinating comparison between baseball and golf, revealing how the anticipation in baseball closely mirrors the precision required in golf. And who better to shed light on this than our upcoming guest, baseball legend Howard Johnson, who'll share his transition from baseball's 90-degree playing field to golf's demanding fairways.We're flipping the switch from bustling baseball stadiums to the sunny golf courses of Florida. Harnessing the subtleties that set golf apart from other sports, we offer game-changing advice that'll help you triumph on the course. From mastering the art of club selection to delivering a smooth swing, we're serving up tips that'll keep you out of the bunker and on the green. No more making excuses for a bad shot; instead, we'll show you how to surprise your opponents and yourself with your improved game.But it's not all about the swing; we're also getting up close and personal with the green. Warning - don't be deceived by its innocuous appearance. Being aware of the green's slope can make or break your score. We're divulging strategies to enhance your feel of the game and eliminate tension. And just when you thought we'd covered it all, we're taking it a step further with techniques to amp up your short game. So, are you ready to elevate your golfing prowess? Tune in and let's tee off to better golf together.
Ever wondered how the texture of grass and sand can impact your golf game? Join us on a fascinating exploration across different states from Indiana to Colorado, all the way to sunny South Florida. Follow us as we share first-hand experiences of golfers playing on varied surfaces and the subtle tweaks needed to ace their game. We even delve into an intriguing tale from a podcast titled "Can I tell you about my albatross?" that chronicles an impressive albatross made by a tournament-goer on the 18th hole of a par five.Get ready to harness the power of your golf clubs as we discuss the significance of picking the right one for different conditions. We highlight why it's invaluable to consider the golf course's conditions and the advantages of having multiple wedges for varying types of grass. Discover the importance of selecting the right club based on weight, shaft, and bounce, and what pitfalls to avoid when changing the bounce of a wedge. Whether you're an amateur golfer or a seasoned pro, these insights can drastically improve your gameplay.Lastly, we offer a guide on what to include in your golf bag. Understand the importance of having different grinds and soles on wedges, and why it's vital to have two different bounces for the sandwich and lob wedge. Learn how to adapt to diverse conditions and the benefits of having a club designed for different scenarios. Remember, variety is the spice of golf! Don't forget to check out our Facebook page at for more exciting updates and golfing tips.
Ready to knock strokes off your golf score ? Join your hosts, John and Jeff, for a thrilling conversation that swings from analyzing the best bait for fishing, to the latest in the AP men's college basketball poll, and onto the rising wave of college golf. Hear about the college golf playoffs on ESPN, and the suspense of the PGA tour card Finals at French Lick near Louisville - it's a sports fan's dream!Are you tired of watching your golf shots soar into the rough rather than nestling close to the pin? Does the thought of a chip shot make your heart race? If you've been struggling with your short game, this is the episode for you! We're going to help you master those chip and putt shots, reveal why a good short game is a game-changer, and offer practical tips to make your iron shots from the fairway and rough seem like a walk in the park. And the best part? You won't need countless hours of practice!If you've ever been baffled by the break of a putt or left scratching your head over the tilt of the pot, then hold onto your golf caps, because we demystify the science of putting. We'll show you how to tell the amount of break a putt will take, guide you in identifying the tilt of the pot, and share the critical role the middle third of the pot plays in influencing the ball's direction. And just when you thought the green held no more secrets, we'll introduce the Aim Point Green Reading Method - a game-changing technique that helps golfers read the green in just 10 seconds! Buckle up, because this episode is a hole-in-one!
Ever thought about how the fall season changes the dynamics of the golf game? Grab your clubs and join us as we navigate through the beautiful, yet challenging landscapes of Eagle Springs Golf Club during leaf season. The allure of changing leaves and dry grass not only adds a unique aesthetic to your game but also brings in a new set of challenges. From the impact of dry grass on the bounce of the golf ball, to the effect of temperature on the ball's flight, we dissect them all. And here's a thought - wouldn't providing leaf blowers on the course make the game more enjoyable during the fall season?Switching gears, we dive into the world of golf equipment and ball selection in the light of the changing seasons. The type of ball you use can significantly influence your game, and we've got all the insights. We talk about the different types of balls and their characteristics, the economics of purchasing them, and the importance of being prepared for the unpredictable fall conditions. Tune in as we also share our personal experiences, insights about golfing in different geographical locations, and our unabashed love for the game. This is a must-listen for any golf enthusiast navigating the challenges of the fall golf season.
Are you ready to elevate your golf game from good to great? Get ready to dive deep into the elusive world of golf, with a special spotlight on the importance of mental resilience and the power of positive thinking. Imagine hitting the greens with more confidence, understanding how to cope with varying green speeds, and overcoming the common struggles of irregular practice. Join us as we dissect these challenges and share insights into maintaining your touch in the game. In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome Debbie O'Connell, a formidable sports personality, who brings her expertise to our conversation on the mental aspect of golf. From her journey in competitive tennis, college basketball, and even the NCAA Women's Final Four, Debbie brings a wealth of knowledge on maintaining a healthy mental game. Let Debbie guide you through embracing positive affirmations both on and off the golf course, achieving a flow state, and overcoming limiting mindsets. We also want to take a moment to laud the victory of upcoming golf sensation, Jordan Adams. Adams recently bagged the sectional championship in Noblesville, Indiana, showcasing her commitment to the game. Looking ahead, we discuss the potential of a consecutive championship year for Jeff Smith's students. Wrapping up, we bring on board golf instructor Jeff Smith, who shares his perspectives on the role of mental resilience in golf. Together, let us embark on a journey to elevate your golfing performance, one putt at a time.
Hold onto your golf clubs and prepare for an enlightening journey through the appealing beauties and subtle complexities of Long Island's varied golf courses, with our esteemed guest, James Hong from Palmer Golf. We're not just talking about the fairways and greens, but also the engaging histories, the peculiar charm of the Bethpage tee time system, and the challenges of weathering the storms. This isn't your average golf chat, as we weave through tales of playing golf in the midnight sun of the Arctic Circle and delve deeper into the winter prep necessary for golf courses.Ever wondered how college football season and the Ryder Cup impact the professional golf scene? Or why golf courses are now adjusting their rates more like airlines than traditional sports facilities? Come explore these fascinating perspectives with us as we take a detour into these intriguing aspects. We'll stir up some hearty conversations about changeable lesson rates, bad decisions often made by experienced players, and the persistent ego of male golfers. As we round off this episode, we invite you to improve your swing and decision making on the course. We'll discuss some tips to break bad habits in golf, shed light on the importance of understanding the nuances of your swing, and ensure you're not falling into the pitfall of overestimating your skills. Listen in as we tackle the hard truth about golfers' misconceptions and discuss how mobile videos can be a handy tool for improvement. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, this episode is packed with insightful discussions and practical tips that could revolutionize your game.
This week on Those Weekend Golf Guys, The Second Best Golf how In The World, our guest is Tony Ruggiero, Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher and Golf Digest Top 40 Teacher.  Tony leads a team of golf instructors called “The dew Sweepers” He and Jeff spoke together at the PGA Merchandise Show this past week very very early in the morning. So early in fact, John couldn’t get his lazy butt out of bed. Tony leads an entire team of folks who work to make everyone who has he desire the best golfer they can be. Tony works with amateur and professional golfers, including tour players Lucas Glover, Zach Sucher, Robby Shelton. and Bill Haas. One hour of listening to two of the best golf instructors in the world can teach you a lot. All you have to do is listen! 
Those weekend Golf Guys, The Second Best Gold Show In The World, this week answers a bunch of question you may (or may not) have been asking your self for quite q while. Questions like: What is Smash Factor, and why do I care? Do golf clubs ever wear out? Can a $350 launch monitor work right? And even more things you never knew or never knew you needed to know.
This week on the Second Best Golf Show In The World, Those Weekend Golf Guys. A couple things of interest. First, Golf Magazine contacted Jeff Smith after Colin Morikawa chokes and chunked a few chips to lose the Sentry Tournament of Champions. Jeff then contributed 3 ways to chip successfully every time/ Jeff reiterates the instructions here. And then we welcome in a guest, Ron Sullivan, who had an idea that we bet every single one of you has also had except Ron did something about it. He created Pro Tips Golf which is a phone app that helps you play a course more easily with suggestions on how to play the course from the course pro. It makes playing a new course, or any course, so much easier. 
This week on the Second Best Golf Show In The World, Those Weekend Golf Guys, Jeff explains how changing the grip size for a client changed his whole game. And once again explains the importance of getting fitted for your clubs. He also assures us all there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do things. It is an individual fit and that everyone must become “a feel player”.  Listen to this week’s show and all of this will make perfect sense.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Since it’s a holiday we here at Those Weekend Golf guys take the time off to reflect on the past year. We hope you now understand why we were recognized as The Second Best Golf Show in the world, Number One in USA! This week we present the BEST (That We Could Find) of Those Weekend Golf Guys. We repeat a show from back in October that featured one of our favorite guests and one helluva gold instructor, Kellie Stenzel. Make 2023 your year to break (insert your target number here) with tips and tricks from Jeff Smith and the rest of the crew of Those Weekend Golf Guys.
Get Up And Down every time! As daunting as it is, those two shots from off the green for par (hopefully for par) are knee knockers. But if you follow Jeff Smith’s instructions this week, you should be getting that ship close enough for an easy par putt. It’s not as hard as you might think to get up and down if you listen to Jeff Snith’s chipping and putting instructions. Also, if you have a business with 5 employees or more we have our new client, Jonathan Pittard from explain how you can get up to $26,000 cash back from the government if you stayed open during the pandemic. Another great episode this week on Those weekend Golf Guys: The Second Best Golf Show In The World.
The answer to your putting woes may be the grip of your club! Yup, the flat part may not be best  laying at a 90 degree angle from your putter face. Your arms hand differently from person to person. It could be that your arm’s natural hang is incompatible with your grip position. This means that you may never be able to aim the putter right until you change the orientation of your putter grip. Jeff Smith and our guest instructor, Sara Stone discuss this and other techniques that are revolutionizing the golf instruction field and may just ne the secret to you actually getting better after all these years.
Your Golf Game is a MESS! MESS, the Mental, the Emotional, the Social, and the Spirit side of golf. Brooke Watts from Round Rock Texas joins us on this weeks program and talks about how “MESS’d” Up your golf game can get from many outside sources. So often, if you are off mentally (maybe there’s a work thing going on that’s messing up your thinking) or you’re emotionally challenges these problems manifest themselves as performance problems. Maybe a glitch in your swing or you aren’t turning completely, or some other element of performance is affected. But it isn’t a performance issue! In order to fix the performance, we need to identify the cause which could be any of the elements of the MESS!
Your Golf Game is a MESS! MESS, the Mental, the Emotional, the Social, and the Spirit side of golf. Brooke Watts from Round Rock Texas joins us on this weeks program and talks about how “MESS’d” Up your golf game can get from many outside sources. So often, if you are off mentally (maybe there’s a work thing going on that’s messing up your thinking) or you’re emotionally challenges these problems manifest themselves as performance problems. Maybe a glitch in your swing or you aren’t turning completely, or some other element of performance is affected. But it isn’t a performance issue! In order to fix the performance, we need to identify the cause which could be any of the elements of the MESS!
Strange as it may be John and Jeff actually agree with the new rules that take effect on January 1, 2023. They all seem to make sense but really only come into play in some serious competition. And speaking of serious competition, a very serious competitor, Ava Bunker joins us in studio. She is one of Jeff’s students and won the Junior World this past summer and a bunch of other tournaments plus the Indiana High School Girls Championship. We talk about routine, preparation, and practice with a champion. Another opportunity for you to get a lot better this week on the World’s Second Best Golf Show, Those Weekend Golf Guys
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