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Laughs, chills, and tentacles abound as this bumbling group of lifelong friends battle their way through the Lovecraftian horrors of the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. Professional sound effects, music, and editing add the full audio drama flavor to this actual play experience with the CoC Boys.

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30 Episodes
As the sun starts to sink, the group heads toward Motley Hills Sanatorium, hoping for answers. But time is running out - for finding the horde, for Tallahassee's diamond skin, and seemingly, for the town of New Salem.
Some startling facts about the monsters become clear as diamonds when the CoC Boys dig deep into some serious business. They might not get far but some incredibly serious conversations are had when after turning the creature into a cool customer they’re given a rough lesson in anatomy.
Answers are finally in their hands but burned and tattered; will they be able to make any sense out of them? Dr. Simeon, with the help of his friends, hopes to piece something together in time to pull this town back from the edge, but with a horrific discovery, it appears they may already be on the precipice.
Phantom fires, hidden passageways, and the smell of death await the investigators as they search for the answers to all of Mr. Corbitt's riddles. Will the hardness of Tallahassee's skin be enough to protect them from whatever horrors they might encounter in their dark descent?
A night passed in 5 luxurious rooms at Denny's brings an illuminating conversation with a new acquaintance. The group, especially Dom Druncard, gets some long-awaited answers, but is this new acquaintance telling them everything? Is he trustworthy?With an early-morning trip to the cemetery, the Arkham Boys might just find out sooner rather than later.
The dawn of an American Classic. Grand slams are served all around as some big discoveries are made and open the way for a clear path home. But sanities are fraying as a revelation in the red room changes everything they thought they knew about the situation in New Jerusalem.
The cracks in Tallahassee Turner’s sanity continue to widen as events further tax his fragile mind. Even though they have only just arrived in New Salem, Tallahassee’s actions cause an event that might set them down a path of no return. An event whose repercussions only the old ones may know. An event known as: “The Huggening”
It's been ten hours since the events in Orchard Run. Holed up at the backwoods cabin of a friend, the investigators from Arkham are battered, bruised, and exhausted. With the previous night still weighing heavily upon them, they are hoping to take a breath and regroup, but startling revelations will show that they may not have as much time as they originally thought. With unknown nightmares looming ahead in New Jerusalem and too well-known regrets from Orchard Run following behind, sometimes there can be no rest for men such as them.
Dead Light 205: Lights Out

Dead Light 205: Lights Out


It all comes down to this. As the investigators head towards their final confrontation with the villains of this night, both mundane and... otherwise, they quickly learn that sometimes there are no good answers. That when the lights go out, all that’s left is darkness. There are dark places in this world and, as the investigators discover, maybe inside of all of us
As the CoC Boys, fight, run, and scramble for their lives, they’re left furiously pondering: “can anything stop the Dead Light?” Tallahassee Turner believes he may have found a solution but will they have to delve into even darker places to finally snuff out the Dead Light?
One thing that all CoC Boys fear. Another is the unstoppable, murderous entity, bent on consuming every living thing in sight. Isolated, separated, and left with few options, the CoC Boys will have to dig deep if they hope to escape the good doctor’s cabin and see the sunrise beyond this night with no moon.
Shelter and a slight respite lead to more questions, suspicions, and ultimately, back out into the nightmare storm looking for help. Can there be any help for what stalks them?
The Arkham Boys are faced with an unexpected encounter on their way to New Jerusalem. Could this be part of some sinister plan, or is it just the wrong place at the wrong time?
This is it. Don't get scared now.
Tonight, the Arkham Boys are going over that fence and they’re not coming back until they find a dead body.
After witnessing the bloody effects of Corbitt’s warped mind on one of their own, the investigators regroup and decide that enough is enough.
With an address and a will, the investigators head over to confront the notorious rat-faced trunk bungler, and a desperate need for answers drives one of the Arkham Boys to a rash decision that may prove to be his last.
The net tightens in on Tomaszewski, the man with many names, as the investigators start reaping the results of their tenacious sleuthing, and Dr. Kantstandyobitz is forced to dig deep into some radical therapy when one of his allies gets caught with his pants down.
After a long night of being grilled by the police, and a near death experience, the group reconvenes back at Dr. Kanstandyourbitz' home to decide what to do next. A new recruit joins the crew as they seek to uncover the truth of what really happened to Dom Druncard over at Mr. Corbitt's house. A shocking discovery is made that will force them to question their sanity and push forward.
After a night of fumbled rolls and ridiculous mishaps, Dom Drüncard goes missing while Tallahassee and Co. find themselves being interrogated by the police. Is Mr. Corbitt really up to no good, or did the group just have too much non-alcoholic water to drink the night before?
Comments (20)

Robert Morrison

This was hilarious😂😆! Keep up the good work!!

Jun 17th

Jake Wain

this podcast show is so fun! and funny!! I give it 5 ☆☆☆☆☆ all day long!

Apr 16th


LOVED the Jaws-inspired Duck-story! :D

Dec 3rd


I love this show but this episode had me rolling with laughter at times. You have to love the connection these guys have.

Nov 1st

Rune Mecham

The first season did a great job of bringing the characters together, and that final episode was epic. Halfway through the first episode of Dead Light and already can't wait for the next one to get posted. Brilliant work my dudes.

Aug 17th
Reply (1)

Lukus Oh

Hi. What are your episode/content plans moving forward? Once per week/month etc? I can see 11 episodes. Am I missing some? My personal Cthulhu podcast Innsmouth gold standard is, Into The Darkness, but you guys have set off well. Keep up the good work. I thought Cantstanyerbits was an eye roller at first, but had me chuckling every time. The humour - roleplay - keeping - production balance works well.

Aug 15th
Reply (1)

Lukus Oh

Hello. Really enjoyed what I've heard so far. The atmosphere/production works well.

Aug 13th

John Schmeltzer

I'm enjoying it a lot. I got a few co workers listening too. great for passing the time at work.

Aug 9th
Reply (1)

Jessica Marie

Great listen. The production is put together really well. Love the intro and character voices. I’m not a gamer so it took a minute to understand the concept of the game and how it all worked. I was sucked in after the second or third episode. Very comical yet suspenseful.

Mar 10th
Reply (1)


Great show! it took a bit to get used to the format, but it brings me back to my gaming days.

Jan 6th
Reply (1)

Philosopher Stones Minerals and Jewelry

will do. I never had a chance to play call of cthulhu, so I'm stoked that you are broadcasting. stay safe and sane. for as long as you can, anyways. bwahahaaaaaa *slithery sounds*

Dec 14th

Gorilla Sanchez - Protector of the Jungle Kingdom

Great show so far. Music and sound effects are well done. Looking forward to more episodes.

Dec 9th
Reply (1)

Philosopher Stones Minerals and Jewelry

Cool, a new cthulhu podcast for my birthday, thanks!

Dec 2nd
Reply (1)
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