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We all love to share our prized stories at events, parties and with family/friends. We are magnificent storytellers to make people awe, laugh and be entertained by the story, experiences and life lessons.
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Ciara Heneghan - Inner Power Educator, Life and Business Coach/Mentor Ciara Heneghan is the CEO of Ciara Heneghan Consulting, an Inner Power Educator & Life and Business Coach/Mentor Founder of 'Time to Thrive - Unleash Your Genius’ and ‘The Rise of The Genix’ Foundation Direction for The In Essence Foundation, a foundation to help women and girls who have been through sexual abuse. Mother & homeschool educator. Ciara works with people who have a big vision inside them but are uncertain and lacking in the confidene to take that vision from their heads into reality. Working on the genius inside each client, Ciara gets you learning and understanding who you are at the core and the power and potential you really hold and how to unleash that power to create the powerful and successful life you have always wanted. Ciara has worked with many clients over the span of 20 years in a variety of settings from one to one, group workshops, speaking at transformational seminars, hosting seminars and online coaching/mentoring. Working with people who want to take action and are ready to make quantum leaps regardless is where Ciara's passion lies. ‘Realising your genius is only the first step - the next is to own it and live from it until it becomes your new natural state of being where wavering is not an option’ Ciara Heneghan Currently working on two projects, one, a new education program to be rolled out in schools which will teach kids valuable and necessary life and emotional skills called 'SELF' and another to end homelessness in Ireland called 'The Rise & Thrive Project' An avid student of life learning and study, Ciara wants to give back and create change not only in Ireland but on a global scale. 'The beauty of life is in the creation of life for oneself, it is only when we realise our true unique powers and abilities as the gods and goddesses we are, that we can create the life we were truly meant to live' Ciara Heneghan Qualified Life Coach, NLP Practioner, Ho’ponopono Practioner, multiple Q.B.E’s and studies ongoing. ‘Every day is a learning day
Mark McCloskey - Living With a Successful Mindset I'm a Mindset & Peak Performance Expert & have a world-class skill set. An international Trainer/Mentor/Speaker & personal & professional Success Mentor. For over the last 15+ years I have trained with best in the world in the field of Mindset Mastery, Human Potential, Success Traits, Business & Entrepreneurship & I have so far helped thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life, with Personal & Professional Goals. I specialise in assisting people to make rapid and long-lasting change and am a leading Results & Success Mentor for individuals and organisations that want to accelerate their progress and produce Breakthrough Results! Some of best in the world in their fields that I have trained with &/or spent quality time with include, Joe Dispenza, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Tony Quinn, Grant Cardone, Richard Branson, Dan Pena, T Harv Eker, Dr. John Demartini, Brian Tracy, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna, Christopher Howard & others! I am a Top Global Consultant in Personal Development/Growth & Mindset Mastery worldwide! A Law of Attraction Expert. I have trained with Tony Robbins Mastery University. Trained extensively over the years with Bob Proctor. Trained in Peak Potentials Mastery with T Harv Eker & been a trainer for them for a period. I am also an NLP Master Practitioner. I am now also the First Ever Trainer in Ireland in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s amazing work – this is totally ‘Next Level’ Mindset implementation information, with Wellbeing, Resilience, Stress Mitigation, Leadership & Culture Growth & Mindset Mastery! We have worked already with huge companies like Coca-Cola, Apple, IBM, Google, Sony & many others! Exciting times for my clients! As a Professional Coach/Mentor to Change Leaders, Coaches, Consultants, and Business Owners, Network Marketing Reps & Individuals, my trainings continually impact with for eg. Sales Growth and Performance with incredible Results. Because of my Holistic approach, my Expertise extends to all areas of my clients’ lives – Personally & Professionally!
Anne Canavan – Snot Blot

Anne Canavan – Snot Blot


Anne Canavan - Snot Blot
MARK NUDGENT- Spinal Injury Resurrection Miracle Here's an interview with Mark Nudgent. Listen to hi life story and be inspired.
Interview with Tracey Smolinski Tracey Smolinski is the founder and managing director of Wales’ leading independent business network, Introbiz. She offers free training sessions for the members whilst also training in schools on behalf of the Welsh Government and is a proud Big Ideas Role Model. Learn more about Tracey. Go to
The Awesome Mike Armstrong

The Awesome Mike Armstrong


The Awesome Mike Armstrong - A Philanthropic Entrepreneur Mike is “The Awesome Mike Armstrong” - A #Philanthropic #Entrepreneur who loves to help people. He’s also an Author, Speaker, Mentor, Coach, Blogger, Vlogger & Podcaster who loves to help people especially; Struggling Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who need a lift and those suffering with Mental Health issues #MentalHealth #MentalWellbeing #MentalHealthSupport. Mike has spent years cultivating an awesome global network, and is currently building an #AwesomeArmy of similarly minded #Philanthropist #Entrepreneurs and is happy to share the contacts and the love with those who are deserving. If that’s you please get in touch with Mike. Mike Armstrong of Mike Armstrong Ltd | MA Group | MA Consultancy | MA Web | MA Training | Marketing Wales / WelshBiz | Tourism Wales | Things To Do In | MA News | MAN Media | MA Property | Mike Armstrong News & Mike Armstrong’s You Can Do It Podcast. Mike’s areas of Interest and Expertise include Welsh Business News & Events, UK Business News & Events, Global Business News & Events, Business Advice & Personal Development, Rapid Business Growth, Happiness, Success, Goal Achieving, Knowledge Sharing, Elite Performance, as well as Sales & Marketing Mentoring, Coaching, Training and Services inc. Sales & Marketing Strategy & Services, Social Media Strategy & Services, SEO Strategy & Services, Content Marketing Strategy & Services, Ecommerce Strategy & Services, Business Growth Strategy & Services and Property Maintenance, Property Management and Property Development Joint Ventures (JV’s) - All aimed at Biz Owners, Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches, Startups, Networkers, Global Networks and people in need of help, support, love and a pick me up etc. MA Website - #MikeArmstrong MA News Site - #MikeArmstrongNews #MikeArmstrongPoems #PositiveCoronavirusNews MA Podcast - #MikeArmstrongPodcasts #YouCanDoItPodcast #WOLFofWALES #WOWPodcast Co. Websites - #MAConsultancy  #WelshBiz Search & connect with Mike Armstrong in any social media as well as MA Consultancy & WelshBiz! Also pls join one or all of my Facebook Groups, Cardiff Businesses, Welsh Businesses, UK Businesses, Global Businesses, Global Networkers, Entrepreneur Zone. In his spare time he likes Networking, socialising, keeping fit, bike riding, watching most sport and travelling when he can!
Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr. Dr. Tommy Campbell Jr, is a acclaimed author, World-renowned speaker, motivator, coach, and motivational speaker. Dr Campbell, as he is better known, he is making a difference and powerful impact as a motivational speaker, with his creative, and dynamic speaking ability approach to living a successful, satisfying professional and personal life. Dr. Campbell truly has a heart and love for the people and he wants to see every one succeed and reach greatness. Dr. Campbell failed the first grade, he grew up with a learning disability all throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school. Dr. Campbell got into high school and barely graduated high school, his high school teacher overlooked him and told him that he was not smart enough to go to college and that he would not graduate high school. In 2009 Dr. Campbell became homeless and begged for food. And afterwards he was shot multiple times and was pronounced dead at the hospital. And now he is a powerful motivational speaker changing many people’s lives with his story and dynamic motivational speaking. As a motivational speaker, coach, and motivator, Dr. Campbell is changing people’s lives all over the world with his dynamic passion, and energy he has when he speaks, but most of all Dr. Campbell loves people and he wants to see everyone achieve their dreams and become great and successful.
Tom Schreiter

Tom Schreiter


Tom Schreiter   Author of 40+ books, and full of practical marketing tips. Grab your pen and paper and use his ideas for your business.
Donna Kennedy - Bestselling Author & Professional Speaker Donna Kennedy is a six-times bestselling author, highly sought-after professional speaker, psychologist, and mentor. She regularly features in media as an expert in the areas of personal development and her work has been endorsed by many well-known personal development leaders and multi-nationals, including Bob Proctor (The Secret), Brian Tracy (Goals/ Eat That Frog), Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for The Soul), Pat Slattery (Entrepreneur), Google, Boston Scientific, and ENET, to name but a few. She established her first business at age 23 and turned over €1 million in the first year. Her work has been used and referenced by several leading organisations to train staff and market product. Her academic work has also been recognised and published internationally by various faculties, including The American Journal of Psychology and The Irish Psychological Record.
Joseph McGuire - Face Analysis Having practiced, taught and honed his techniques over a period of more than 30 years Joseph has developed a mastery of observational skills. He uses them to add an extra degree of clarity and accuracy to his client’s decision making when negotiating or choosing candidates for Senior Level Recruitment or Promotion. He is also in demand for his assistance in Negotiations, and for group training such as Team Building and Added Sales Skills. In his Profiling Joseph provides clear, detailed and accurate insights into personality, behaviour style, communication patterns, stress triggers and responses and more, of the individuals being profiled. This facilitates his clients in making clear decisions as to the best fit for their organization and culture. He is highly experienced in the role of impartial and unbiased observer, enabling interviewers to focus on asking questions specifically role related.  Author of ‘Face Facts: The Art of Reading Your Clients and Prospects for Sales, Negotiation and Recruitment’  Presents regular seminars in Ireland and abroad using the ancient Chinese tradition of face reading and body language to build relationships both professional and personal  Individual consultations to clearly identify strengths and enhance awareness of presentation  Relationship compatibility consultancy for individuals
Doug Gordon - From Near Death to Perfect Health Doug Gordon is CEO of D&S Performance Optimisation, a coaching, consulting & corporate training company. He is also the Global Goodwill Ambassador for Dublin. He speaks professionally all over the world alongside ex prime ministers, film stars, TV celebs, NY Times bestselling authors, renowned CEOs & sports stars. He runs a radio show on Dublin radio, called “Inspirational People, Inspirational Stories” & has had the likes of Lisa Nichols & Dr John Demartini from the Secret Film, Stuart Lancaster: Leinster rugby coach, Adam Byrne: Irish rugby international, Brian Fenton: GAA star, Dean Holdsworth: former England footballer, Gary McGann, Chairman, Paddypower Betfair & many other stars on the show. Doug worked in the Investment world for 21 years selling Hedge / Mutual funds B2B to Global Banks & Fund Managers. He worked as Sales Director for Columbia Threadneedle ($490BN aum) & Head of Sales & Marketing for Davy Asset Management. During his investment career he grew a sales area from $50m per annum to $1.75Bn in a year in 6 yrs. Between 2008 & 2012 Doug went through major stress, two operations that went wrong & then a near death experience. He has since healed himself completely by using wellness techniques & is now passionate about helping others. Since then Doug has been helping people deliver High Performance Success without Stress focusing on top executives & sports people helping them with accelerated business growth, sales mastery, presentation skills, lifestyle architecture, wellbeing & performance optimisation. His background includes: premier league national league hockey, master teacher of 5 modalities of healing, business/life/performance coach. Plus a highly successful board level career. LinkedIn testimony: Bill Liao, Founder of & coderdojo, 3x TED talker: “Want to know how to get the best return on investment for you & your business? Want to increase your business growth & learn from a guy who tripled his sales to $1.75Bn in 1 year? Want to optimise your performance to get more done in less time with less stress? This is exactly what Doug Gordon speaks, coaches & teaches about. He helps you & your teams get into the “Flow” & be 500% more productive through his mindset programs, his action orientated techniques, his extensive knowledge from his investment career, his radio interviews with global leaders & his energy optimisation program to help you optimise your energy to optimise your performance in business & life.”
Ana Rodriguez and Owen O'Malley: One Million Millionaires Through Investing Ana's greatest passions are personal development, teaching and writing. Her greatest success is her two children, 19 and 17, who grew to be two young men that hold themselves responsible for their health, wealth and relationships with themselves and with others. This is not coincidental, but the result of raising their consciousness providing them with tools to do so and leading by example. Together with her partner, Ana teaches and supports people to learn how to invest in the stock market and create wealth long term. They both deliver seminars about wealth creation and also about health and personal development internationally. Ana is the author of 7 books of personal development. She has also co-authored 3 about the stock market and translated 4 more also about investing in the stock market, all these together with her partner Owen O'Malley. Owen O’Malley is CEO and founder of TICN (The Investment Club Network) whose mission is to create a supportive environment of investment clubs to empower individuals to become abundantly wealthy. TICN has initiated 1,200 investment clubs with 25,000 graduates of its education program in 52 different countries. TICN powerful course material has been taught in 15 different languages.
12:17 PM   Lee Tunney-Ware - Lee's core message is: "Everything you do will come from you!" Lee is an Experienced trainer, business coach, author, entrepreneur and transformational speaker. With a demonstrated track record for successful business management and growth, helping people transform their life or their business beyond belief, enabling them to maximise their full potential. Specialising in one to one coaching, transform masterminds and workshops to help you or your team to develop the necessary insights and self self awareness to enable self growth and mastery. You
Lloyd Chambers - Visualisation to Realisation Lloyd Chambers is an author, speaker and personal development coach who specialises in empowerment and success through the process of visualisation. He is the creator of the course Visualisation to Realisation & has a book out of the same name with foreword by Bob Proctor and is a consummate entrepreneur, guiding others in their pursuit of personal and financial freedom. In combination with the spiritual and mindful aspects of personal development, Lloyd guides his students to dispel limiting beliefs while developing new habits in line with their desired outcomes. He also has a wealth of knowledge on diet and nutrition and a number of approaches to getting healthy through our daily habits.
Declan Dowling - Believe Elevator Declan is a Personal Development Trainer specializing in people empowerment through collaboration, masterminding & belief elevation. After spending 25 years working in NUIGalway primarily in the field of Neuro-Anatomy he quit his job to start his own personal development business. Six months later he was in debt to the tune of two years salary. His life was cracked! A 6 month contract with AIB Finance & Leasing developed into a 17 year career that provided a platform to fine tune his coaching & mentoring skills in an array of different business sectors. His strong sporting background ranges from high level achievements in solo sports such as table-tennis, snooker (offered professional deal) to team sports achievements in Basketball/ GAA Inter County Senior football/Soccer, including coaching.  He retired from the corporate world at 59, two years ago to be more present for his beautiful wife Anne & 3 children & to follow his passion, to live his life purpose inspiring others to do the same. Keep an eye out for his book “Cracked” in 2020! Declan can be contacted on 087 6692235 or
Caleb O’Dowd Caleb O’Dowd is a copyrighter. He and his brother John run the company Caleb grew up in Ireland and at 16 dropped out of school and became a carpenter. How does someone go from being a carpenter to an expert in copywriting and direct selling? Through fearlessness and persistence Caleb became a protege of Gary Halbert. For years they worked together on marketing campaigns. Caleb talks about his journey to copywriting and entrepreneurship, the fundamentals of selling and the impact of the changing state of media. Getting into training horses as a teenager (01:26) Leaving school at 16 and what led to him turning things around (03:10) Going from carpentry to copywriting (08:22) What copyrighting is and how Caleb found his mentor (11:50) Annoying Gary Helbert until he agreed to work with him(16:10) The experience of learning with Gary Halbert (21:48) That understanding the fundamentals of how to sell is untransferable to all the different channels and platforms (28:08) The uniqueness of selling through newspaper ads (30:24) Some of the notable newspaper ads Gary did (32:24) The art of selling and persuasion (33:34) Finding the problem your product will solve (36:41) The changing state of media (39:01) That the fundamentals of selling work across all media (42:09) Moving from writing to being a teacher and his teaching philosophy and approach (44:22) Institute of Entrepreneurship  Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill  Tony Robbins  Brian Tracy  Manifest Your Destiny: The Nine Spiritual Principles for Getting Everything You Want by Wayne W Dyer  Gary Halbert
Jim Allen is the Accessibility Coordinator the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. He was the webmaster at the school for 18 years. Jim was an itinerant TVI in public schools for 10 years and an assistive technology specialist for 10 years. He has worked in the field of assistive technology and accessible information access for more than 38 years. Jim is committed to accessible web design; and, the development of accessible multimedia textbooks, online-learning materials, and assessment. An instructor at AccessU for 10 years, he has been teaching developers how to create accessible forms and tables. Jim helped modify Space Camp to be accessible to visually impaired students, and has been bringing students for 23 years. Jim is a participant in the World Wide Web Consortium’s-Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C - WAI). He is the current Chair of the User Agent Working Group that developed browser accessibility guidelines. He attended the University of Texas and has a PhD in Special Education.
Andrea Cullen

Andrea Cullen


Andrea Cullen Andrea Cullen is a Nutritional Therapist, Functional medicine practitioner, Pharmacist, and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. She is also participates in spirit, land, healing, and ancestral work. Andrea comes from Newport, Tipperary. She spent 9 years training, working, and studying in the UK, and returned to Ireland in 2003 to set up practice. She currently runs her A-C Health Solutions clinics by appointment from 13 Newtown Mews, Newtown, Annacotty, Co. Limerick. Although the bulk of Andrea’s work is private individual consultations, Andrea also enjoys giving seminars, workshops, and lectures to small and large groups of all ages, sports disciplines and health backgrounds; as well as getting involved with charitable work. Areas Andrea is most passionate to present about are the truths on medicine and health and why we really fall ill; how to heal chronic fatigue, anxiety, IBS and other chronic gastrointestinal conditions; how our environment, emotions and experiences influence our health and what to do about it; how to eat; ante-natal and pregnancy nutrition; and she has a special passion for working with athletes of all ages and experiences. Andrea has a rarely spoken about gift to work with the energy of past trauma, spirit, the land and animals, babies, and lost loved ones. Andrea has twenty years of experience in the health and medical industry and draws on a vast toolkit for each and every patient. Qualifications: Pharmacist (ex Welsh School of Pharmacy, University of Cardiff, Wales, 1997). Nutritional therapist (Raworth College, Dorking, Surrey, 2003). Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine (London, ongoing). Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine (Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2016). Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Level I (Health and Medical Professionals Certification) (Littleton, Colorado, 2016). Developer of her own custom range of plant and healing tree essences: Healing Flower & Tree Essences of Ireland Energy healing, land healing, and an ability to connect with the story and emotional/ trauma/ ancestral line of each patient’s body or baby when it feels intuitively right. Experience working with herbs, aromatherapy, crystals, PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic wave frequency therapy), body composition assessment, interpretation of blood and other medical tests, functional diagnostic medicine. Andrea herself is an active person with a huge curiosity about what drives people – she love’s sport and participates to a decent competitive level; drawing on her own personal experience to add to her clinical science, years of experience working with athletes and practical recommendations. People Andrea has worked with. “I love life – every day is an opportunity to be something more, to learn something bigger and to somehow figure out what it all means. Some say that living is one step closer to dying; I say living is one more day experiencing miracles and learning about people and their journeys. This is the most rewarding classroom: life. I tend to see people as individuals to be honest and am not a big name dropper. I have worked with”: Hundreds of people over 13 years in nutrition and 20 years as a pharmacist. Many sports disciplines from amateur to professional and olympic level in more than twenty different sports disciplines (track and field, rowing, long distance running, short distance triathlon, long distance triathlon, extreme challenges such as rowing across the Atlantic, slalom canoe, rugby, swimming, GAA football, hurling, professional soccer, boxing, martial arts, para-olympic (rowing, track and sprinting), high jump, sailing, power lifting, body building, race walking, cross-country, Irish dancing, basketball). I have journeyed with many world-class athletes through rugby world cups, Heineken cups, Olympic games, World championships,
Aron: Hello and welcome. You're listening to "Rowing Down the River." On today's show we have Sean Wolf. He is a rower who rowed for the United States of American but not in the Olympics. He has a website called "Rowing Illustrated." He works with Wintech Racing, and King's Racing Shell. He is the national sales director and Wintech performance team coordinator. In this interview, we talk about him as a rower; equipment such as boats, oars; coaches and many more. To check out Sean's website Rowing Illustrated, go to or you can head to Wintech Racing where you can find out about the boats and the equipment we talk about in this interview. That website is or Hello Sean, and welcome to the show. Sean: Thank you. Aron: How did you get involved in rowing? Sean: I got involved in rowing a long time ago in the fall of 1988 when I was asked to be a coxswain at Northeastern University. I got a little bit ... after several years of coxswaining I got a little bigger, I tried my hand at rowing, and I've been rowing ever since. Couple national teams, bunch of medals, bunch of races and meeting a lot of fun people. Aron: I see, and what is it like to be a cox? Sean: It was fun. It was ... we had some aggressive times out there in the river. You know, it was a little hard keeping the weight down after a while, so I had to get out of it. Aron: I see, and where did you transition after the cox. Sean: I transitioned. I ended up rowing my final year at Northeastern and then I end up rowing for Riverside Boat Club. Aron: Okay, and was it in a single, a double, a pair, a quad, a four, an eight? Sean: I've done them all. I've done everything from a single, double, pair, eight, I've raced in every boat in every weight class. Aron: What has your favorite boat you like to row in? Sean: Probably the single or the pair? The double is fun, too but sometimes as you get older you just don't want to deal with all the ... you could say the other egos in the boat. Aron: Were you a lightweight or a heavyweight at that time? Sean: I've always been a lightweight rower, I do race up in class to heavyweights as well. Might as well get double the amount of racing in. Aron: Did you find that a problem with race time? Sean: No. Not at all. I don't mind racing heavyweights. I've taken down my share of them. So, no problem racing heavyweights or lightweights. Aron: When you went into University rowing, where did you go after that? Sean: I went to Riverside Boat Club, and that's where I laid most of my bones in rowing. Done all my racing, pretty much at Riverside Boat Club, for Riverside Boat Club. A couple times on the national team. Aron: I see. Looked back, did you enjoy it or do you regret it? Sean: I still enjoy it everyday. I still row once or twice a day, everyday. Even to this day. Aron: You know, today is about strength training, and endurance and so when you were rowing at your time, was it the exact same, or was it different? Sean: For strength training? I mean, I've done both depending on the time of year, I guess I would say is when you would do endurance training to when you would do endurance weight lifting, to when you would do strength training which is mainly for those long hard months during the winter. Aron: Tell us how you got into Wintech. Sean: Let's see, I run a website called Rowing Illustrated, they purchased some advertising space off me, and connections started there. Then I heard they were looking for a regional representatives and a couple conversations later I was then brought on as the Northeast regional rep. Aron: Were you finished rowing at the time both club and internationally, or were you still tipping away? Sean: I finished up rowing internationally by that point. I was ... I'm just really I'm a mesh. I was retired as an elite rower, you could say, at that point and just rowing for the fun of it.
Transcriptionist Kristan H. You are listening to Rowing Down the River, where you will hear about nutrition, rowing tips, technique improvements, equipment, bio-hacks, and become the beast where you have the edge in any competition. Here is your host, Aron O'Dowd. Aron: Hello and welcome. You're listening to Rowing Down the River. On today's show, we have Paulette Egan. She is a SportsYoga therapist. She works with many athletes in different sports. She does some work with rowers, and on today's show, we're going to talk about rowing, SportsYoga, flexibility, and everything that enhances the athlete's performance through yoga. Hello, and welcome to the show, Paulette. How are you doing today? Paulette: Fine, thank you. Aron: I like to start off with, how did you discover SportsYoga? Paulette: Five years ago, I came up with the concept of sports and yoga. I have always been a fanatic of sports, and I've been practicing yoga for twenty-five years. I used to work with athletes, and I decided that there is a void there in sport that there is something that I could do through yoga to help their performance. Five years ago, I decided that I was putting both together, as in SportsYoga. Now at this stage, it's become a very international name, I suppose, as more countries realizing that sports and yoga should be together. The whole concept of SportsYoga is creating balance, basically in a person's life. Number one, you need to be able to balance between training and lifestyle. You also, when you are training, you need to be able to balance between muscle balance, emotions, and how the person is feeling right now. Mindfulness, visualization, external factors. It's not all just about physical training. I have divided the SportsYoga program into different levels. My first one would be prevention of injury. Maybe just talking about the physical side of it for a moment. Aron: You deal with physical, emotion, and let's just say spiritual, for a moment. Paulette: Right. Aron: How does it affect those individual segments or pieces with yoga? Paulette: I think I might start with my first concept, would be Prevention of Injury. I'm going to talk just for a few moments about the physical aspect of SportsYoga. Number one, I think that a lot of people, and rowers included, they train, it's all very one-dimensional. They're training in one way, they're moving their bodies even though they do have a variety of different physical activities involved in their sport, but to actually get the benefit out of it, you do need to be able to move with awareness. This is where the yoga comes into it. Yoga is about moving with awareness. Starting your program by becoming totally centered, and then moving from there into whatever stretching program that you're moving into, as long as you are including breathing. That's what makes a difference in a yoga class compared to, say, a workout in the gym? Is that you're tuning in to your body. Once you tune in to your body, the important thing is that you're aware of if you've got any ... aches or pains that you may not have had before. This is where you work into and you realize "Okay, I can actually work around this," or, you're more aware of how the body is working. You only go so far and you will not push your body over the limit. The program would include a full range of movement for the body. It's not just any particular strengthening or speed or agility, it's an overall balance in an athlete's training. That would be the first, would be prevention of injury. The second would be the awareness, and how somebody can be totally aware when they're in their sport. In rowing, this would be of very much interest to a rower. A lot of rowing can be very mindful. When you are in your boat, it's important that you can become totally in your zone, and that you're not getting distracted by, say, for example, external factors. Like you just don't know, you could become distracted and lose the race by just si...
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