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Great conversations with thoughtful and creative makers who are passionate about what they do — visual arts. We’re all creative at heart — this show taps into that.
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Plus artist Leon Pericles speaks about his wife Moira's experience of Alzheimer's in a new documentary film, light and sound installation artist Haroon Mirza on his electric new work at ACCA and weaver Elisa Carmichael is our studio artist.
Plus, the legendary artist Christo reflects on his first Kaldor Public Art Project, data journalist Mona Chalabi translates spreadsheets into powerful artworks, and jeweller Susan Cohn on making jewellery with a political message.
Sci Fi artist Lucy McRae

Sci Fi artist Lucy McRae


Plus, Hong Kong painter Chow Chun Fai tells Ed about the 'Lennon Walls' popping up around the city, art critic Sebastian Smee explains Renoir-loathing, and Chinese-Australian artist Badiucao is accusing the NGV of self-censoring.
Liu Bolin the invisible man

Liu Bolin the invisible man


Plus, Tate Modern's Yasufumi Nakamori, Aysha Huq on winning a Young Archie, and ceramicist Vipoo Srivilasa on making playful sculptures on serious themes.
with curator Franchesca Cubillio, ANKAA chair Christina Davidson, artists Candy Nelson-Nakmarra, Colin Puruntatameri, and Lisa Waup, and arts workers Elwin Ward, Dora Griffiths, and Lynley Nargoodah. Plus,producer Rosa Ellen takes a look at the rise of Aboriginal textiles in fashion.
Art, money, and ethics

Art, money, and ethics


Plus, Danie Mellor is up for another NATSIAA, Justine Bonenfant on embroidering for Beyonce, and Anthony Yung from Asia Art Archive.
Plus, V& A curator Victoria Broackes on pop culture exhibitions, and what is a bookwork?
Plus, Ashley Perry and Samuel Kreusler reimagine Michelangelo's David in First Commissions, and Hannah Reich looks into The Cost of Art.
Plus art meets science for the 150th birthday of the periodic table, Veronica Kent's squid ink on Bruny Island, and Tarn McLean paints the 12 flowers of the zodiac.
In this special highlights episode, Ed visits Queensland Children's Hospital to speak to children, emergency doctors, and artists to find out how art is not only on the walls, but literally built into the hospital from the ground up.
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