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The Art of Communication

Author: Robin Kermode

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This fun podcast series is for anyone who has to deliver a message, tell a story or speak to another human being. We'll cover all aspects of how you connect with everyone you meet - whether you're giving a speech, running a meeting or simply talking with friends. In our Communication Experts series, I’ll be talking to experts in different fields: TV and radio presenters, politicians, auctioneers, writers, professors, lawyers, film directors, actors, art dealers, photographers and designers etc. Everyone will be an expert in communicating to their audience in their particular medium. Robin Kermode, is an actor, best selling author, leading Communication Coach, popular keynote speaker, body language expert, media commentator, and the author of THE ESSENTIAL PUBLIC SPEAKING MASTERCLASS. For more information visit:
13 Episodes
In this episode, Robin Kermode talks with Gitikka Ganju Dhar, India’s most awarded TV and live event host. She’s an actor, orator, TV Anchor, Moderator, Voice Over artist, Live events MC, and now India’s most in-demand Virtual MC.  She has shared platforms with Prime Ministers and Heads of State, she has received the Best TV Host for her award-winning TV cookery show and has hosted literally thousands of live events across the globe. Her awards include Live Artist of the Decade at the WOW Awards Asia, Best Live Host India, Best Female Anchor India and has been named by India Today as one of the top 100 Nation Builders in India. 
Sell by not selling.

Sell by not selling.


Sell by not selling.No-one likes being 'sold' to. In this episode, we look at how to sell without selling. Or rather how to sell without looking like we're selling. We should always be helping someone solve a need or a problem they have. That way we ask questions, we build trust and we sell without selling.
The Communication Expert Series: Joanna Trollope CBE, Best selling author.Robin Kermode talks to best selling author Joanna Trollope CBE. She’s written 22 contemporary novels, 11 historical novels and an edited collection of poetry. Four of her novels became TV series. She has been translated into over 20 languages, sold almost 9 million books and was awarded the OBE in ‘96 and the CBE last year.
The Communication Expert Series: Philip Mould OBE, Art Expert and BBC TV presenter.Robin Kermode speaks with art expert and BBC broadcaster, Philip Mould OBE. His TV series, Fake or Fortune, is the BBC's most-watched arts programme. He talks about how art communicates to him and how he communicates art on the world stage. 
The Communication Expert Series: JoAnne Good, Award Winning BBC Radio Presenter.Robin Kermode talks to JoAnne Good, award winning BBC Radio presenter, about how you connect and communicate on the radio. This is part of our Communication Expert series.
The Human Voice.

The Human Voice.


The Human Voice.Many people say they don't like to sound of their own voice. They wish it was stronger, deeper and had more impact. We all can learn to develop our voice quite easily. Here Robin gives us some simple tips to make a real difference to our voice. 
How to Ace a Video Call.   Many of us will be working from home and might well be using video conferencing for the first time. Here, Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen discuss how to ace a video call. It might well be a new skill for us but if we're going to have to use this medium to communicate - let's try to be really good at it! 
Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver


Stand and Deliver.  In this episode, we look at how you can stand on stage, looking and feeling confident, so that your audience listens to what you have to say. We look at how you stand and 'own' the stage so that you look and feel comfortable up there. And what to do with your hands ...!
Creating Chemistry on a First Date!   In this episode, we look at how you can read the body language signals on a first date. Are they really 'into you'? What’s the best venue? Should you arrive fashionably late? What should we wear? How should we behave on a date? And how do you know if you should you go for a second date?! These and many other questions are answered here!
Don't Let Your Nerves Derail You!   In this episode, we discuss why we get nervous in various situations - and we give specific exercises to help deal with those nerves. Whether we're going for a job interview, running a meeting, pitching, presenting, persuading, or standing on the stage and giving a keynote speech we can all learn to deal with nerves. This is a fun and useful discussion.
Don't You Just Love Networking?! Many people say they hate networking events. The idea of walking into a room full of people they don't know fills them with terror. But here Robin explains how we can all learn to get good at these events and even come to love them!
Can you teach Charisma?   In this episode, we look at that elusive quality Charisma. There are times when we want to walk into a room and for other people to feel we have presence. Can you teach Charisma? Yes, it really can be learned - Robin shows us how ...!
Instant Connection

Instant Connection


Instant Connection.   In this episode, we look at how you can have an instant connection with everyone you meet - really fast! Whether you're talking to friends, colleagues or customers Robin gives some tips to make an instant connection not only happen - but happen every time! Instant connection has to start with us ...
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