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The Art of Communication

Author: Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen

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This fun podcast series is for anyone who has to deliver a message, tell a story or speak to another human being. Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen cover all aspects of how you connect with everyone you meet - whether you're giving a speech, running a meeting or simply talking with friends. Our Communication Experts series includes experts in many different fields: TV and radio presenters, politicians, auctioneers, writers, professors, lawyers, film directors, actors, art dealers, photographers and designers etc. Everyone will be an expert in communicating with their audience in their particular medium. Robin Kermode, is an actor, best-selling author, leading Communication Coach, popular keynote speaker, body language expert and media commentator. For more information visit:

37 Episodes
How to Behave When You Meet One of Your Heroes.  It can feel awkward meeting one of your heroes - whether they’re a movie star, an author, a public figure or an important person from your past. What do you say? How do you behave naturally? And is it OK to ask for a selfie? It’s all a bit of a minefield. Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they discuss some interesting ways to make sure that if you do meet one of your heroes, you feel you've behaved well and done yourself proud!  
How to be a Great Host at Home and at Work.We've all been to great events, whether it was a party or a video conference call. It was probably great because it was hosted well. What makes a great host? Can you learn to be a better host? What are the basics?Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they discuss some interesting ways to become a great host in another fun episode of this podcast. 
Introduce Yourself in Any Situation.How can we best introduce ourselves in any situation, confidently and calmly?  How can we come across as being impressive without being arrogant? Should we give our job title? Or underplay our success and be a little humble? We do it every day, but there are many factors to keep in mind when introducing ourselves.Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they discuss some interesting ways to introduce ourselves in another fun episode of this podcast. 
Final preparations

Final preparations


Final preparations.So, your big day has finally arrived. It may be a speech, a presentation, an important meeting, or a job interview. How should we prepare ourselves so we feel relaxed and confident?  How do we deal with any last-minute nerves? And are there specific things we should look out for so we don't get derailed?Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they discuss some interesting and fun ways to help us feel confident and make sure we do ourselves proud on the big day.
Communication’s Secret Weapon - Poetry.Reciting a poem can feel a little scary but it needn't be that way. How can we become more confident in using poetry in our speeches and in our everyday life? Poetry can build our connection with our audience and boost our communication power.  Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they discuss some interesting ways to help us all feel confident when reciting poetry.
Keeping it Fresh

Keeping it Fresh


Keeping it Fresh. How can you deliver the same message over and over again and still keep it fresh? From presentations to pitches, from Town Halls to talks, it can be a real challenge. And, of course, actors face this problem every day when on stage or filming take after take. Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they find some interesting ways to keep it fresh in another fun episode. 
First Impressions

First Impressions


First Impressions. How important is it for us to make a good first impression? How harshly do we judge other people on the first impression they make on us?  And is it possible to reverse a bad first impression?  Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen for the 30th episode of this fun podcast. 
The Communication Expert Series: Shirley McGrath, one of Australia's most successful theatre producers.In this episode, Robin talks to  Australian theatre producer, Shirley McGrath. Previously she was an actor, singer, and dancer. The so-called triple threat. Now she’s an international theatre producer, having produced shows on Broadway, in London, across Asia, and in her homeland Australia. I’ve heard it said, unofficially, that she is one of the ‘best dressed and most frightening women in theatre'!Join Robin and Shirley for this fun episode.
How to ace a Q + A session.So your presentation has gone well. But what happens afterwards if someone asks you a difficult question you don't the the answer to? Or nobody asks you a question at all?  And how do you stop someone from talking too much and taking over the Q + A session entirely?  Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they discuss these and other questions in another fun episode. 
The Delicate Etiquette of Food at Work.Is it acceptable to eat on a Zoom call, to slurp spicy foods at your desk or to crunch crisps in a business meeting? And what about formal lunches with clients or your boss?  Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they tackle the delicate etiquette of food at work in another fun episode. 
Socially Awkward Moments.You know those socially awkward moments, when you just want the floor to open up so you can disappear. You're at a party and you forget someone's name. And then you have to introduce them to someone else. Whose name you also can't remember.  You bump into your ex, and you have to meet their glamorous new partner. You're in a restaurant and you discover you've left your wallet at home.  Then there's the awkward silence in a lift ...Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they tackle these and other awkward social moments, that we have all had,  in another fun episode. 
How much can our Hair affect our Confidence?In this episode, Robin talks to one of London's most sought-after celebrity hairstylists, Gustav Fauche. From his stunning salon in Notting Hill, he's created looks for red-carpet events, TV commercials, and magazine covers. As well as looking after actors like Kate Hudson, singers like LeAnn Rimes ... and ordinary people like Robin! How much does hair affect our confidence? How can we deal with a bad hair day, especially if we have a hot date? And what should we do with our hair when we go for an important job interview? These and other questions are answered in this fun episode.
Going Blank

Going Blank


Going blank. What happens when you're giving a speech or going for a job interview and your mind goes blank? It's a horrible feeling. You can't even remember your own name! How can we prepare ourselves so this doesn't happen and how do we deal with it when it does? Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen as they discuss these and other questions in another fun episode. 
Difficult Conversations.We all have to have them. Most of us dread them and some of us put them off. How can we make them less difficult and less awkward? Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen answer these and other 'difficult' questions. The conclusion? More voice, less emoji! Join them for another fun episode. 
Successful Job Interviews.In this episode, we look at how to be successful at a job interview. What should we say? Or not say? And how should we say it? How do we sell ourselves without looking desperate?  How can we stay calm and relaxed? And can anyone become a successful interviewee? Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen answer these and other questions. Join them for another fun episode.  
The Power of Storytelling.In this episode, we look at storytelling. Why do we love stories and why do they help make our messages more memorable?  What's the best way to tell a story? Is there a magic formula? And can anyone tell a story? Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen answer these and other questions. Join them for another fun episode. 
Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness


Random Acts of Kindness.In this episode, we look at why kindness, and especially random acts of kindness, help us connect with other human beings and communicate successfully with them. What can leaders do to build a 'kinder' culture?  Is kindness important and relevant for companies at this time? Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen answer these and other questions. Join them for this heartwarming episode. 
Can your Physical Fitness Help Build Your Communication Impact? Robin Kermode talks to legendary fitness guru Josh Salzmann. Josh has been a fitness instructor for over 40 years. He is a published author and popular media commentator working with senior executives and leading entrepreneurs, members of the Royal family, sports personalities and actors such as Sir Kenneth Branagh, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, Pierce Brosnan. Together with John Cleese, Sir Paul McCartney and ... me!
Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches


Wedding Speeches.When you're speaking at a wedding you probably want your speech to be emotional, and you might want it to be funny, but you definitely don't want it to ruin the big day. So how can you make sure your speech lands well with the happy couple and goes down a treat? Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen for this special edition of The Art of Communication podcast on Wedding Speeches.
How to tell a joke

How to tell a joke


How to tell a joke.Can anyone be funny? What about timing?  What if no one laughs?! When should you tell a joke? Should you laugh at your own jokes?! Is it best to tell jokes or funny stories?  In this episode, we take a look at how to tell jokes and funny stories. Join Robin Kermode and Sian Hansen for this fun episode.
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