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#408: The Incredible Story of One of WWII's Most Daring Escapes
Ed Dyess was a smart, talented, athletic kid from Texas who had a passion for flying, movie star good looks, and a flare for acting. Thanks to a chance encounter on a highway in the middle of nowhere, he went on to become an ace fighter pilot, lead men with guns-a-blazing in America’s first amphibious attack during World War II, survive the Bataan Death March, and escape a harsh Japanese POW camp. All the while, Dyess kept quietly inspiring and leading everyone he encountered.Today on the show, I discuss this real life GI Joe with writer and filmmaker John Lukacs. John is the author of Escape From Davao and made a documentary about Dyess called 4-4-43 (narrated by past AoM podcast guest Dale Dye). John shares how Dyess started his military career as fighter pilot during World War II, but ended up leading men on the ground in the earliest infantry battles in the Pacific. We then dig into Dyess’ experience during the Bataan Death March and how he continued to support his men during this crucible. John then shares how Dyess, along with nine other men, escaped from one of Japan’s harshest prison camps and how he fought his way out of the jungle to let the world know of the atrocities going on in the Philippines. We end our conversation with a discussion of why Ed didn’t win the Medal of Honor despite his heroic actions, his tragic death, and the leadership lessons we can all take from him. Get the full show notes at
#402: Why Honor Matters
In today's world, honor is typically thought of in terms of integrity -- doing the right thing when no one is looking. But traditionally, honor meant having a reputation worthy of the respect of others. If people think about this type of honor at all these days, it's usually in a negative way, associating it with pistol duels, honor killings, and toxic shame. But my guest today argues that for moral life to be robust and vital, a culture of honor is absolutely necessary. His name is Tamler Sommers. He’s a professor of philosophy at the University of Houston, co-host of the podcast Very Bad Wizzards, and the author of the new book "Why Honor Matters." Today on the show, Tamler and I discuss honor— what it is, why it disappeared from our moral ethos and vocabulary, and why we should bring it back. Tamler makes the case that honor culture fosters community and encourages risk taking for the sake of excellence, while our modern dignity culture atomizes us and encourages us to play it small. He then makes a counterintuitive argument that the contained aggression and violence that honor promotes can have real benefits and shares one way honor is making a comeback in the form of the “restorative justice movement.” We end our conversation discussing why stories of honor are so appealing to humans and whether it’s really possible to revitalize honor in modern Western society. Get the full show notes at

#402: Why Honor Matters


#401: Everything You Need to Know About Diet & Fat Loss
When it comes to fitness and nutrition, the nutrition part can cause a lot of confusion. There’s so much information out there about the best diet to follow and often the advice is contradictory. My guest today is here to clear up some of the confusion. His name is Robert Santana, he’s a registered dietician, a PhD candidate in exercise and nutrition science, a Starting Strength coach, and the nutrition coach at Starting Strength Online Coaching. Today on the show we discuss all things diet and nutrition. We begin with a big picture overview of the three main macronutrients our body uses to function, and the science of their effect on the body. Robert walks us through how our body partitions nutrients as we consume them, and explains exactly how we get fat. In the process, Robert debunks a lot of popular ideas people have about nutrition these days, like eating carbs makes you fat and eating fat is an easy way to lose weight. In fact, he argues that you should probably be eating a lot more carbs than you are now. He then walks us through the science of fat loss, and gives practical examples of what a diet needs to look like, whether you’re wanting to lose fat, while maintaining muscle, or gain weight that's more muscle than fat. We end our conversation discussing my experience in cutting weight, what I eat from day to day, and why trying to get six-pack abs isn’t necessarily a healthy goal. Get the full show notes at
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jeremy williams

I hate when there's a whiny liberal on this program.

May 5th

Gustavo Sosa

jeremy williams Talking about #402? Yeah, me too.

May 24th

Blake Howard

Healthy inconvenience... good stuff

May 2nd

Christopher Alan Mcintyre

no shit

Apr 23rd

Chris McMahon

Great content today Brett.

Apr 9th

J.Miguel Tapia

Great Channel

Mar 31st

James Morrison

I think a lot of the episodes are really interesting and I'm glad this podcast exists

Mar 24th

Lucas Assunção

Great podcast it help me a lot

Mar 23rd

Darius Brown

guy sounds annoying

Mar 8th

Luke Jones

Brett, your work is so helpful. I'm a young dad of two, and this is my first stop resource on marriage, fatherhood, finances, and character building. five stars. May God bless you and your family!

Feb 22nd

Gaurav Deo

Is there a list of all the books mentioned?

Feb 12th

Gaurav Deo

J. Francis Thanks.

Feb 27th

J. Francis

Gaurav Deo there is on their website

Feb 19th

Benjamin Roberts

I tell everyone about the art of manliness. Thank you for starting this it has been very insightful. Five stars all the way keep up the good work.

Feb 2nd

Joseph Suratt

Hey Brett, just a note about comment smart home devices at the end of the segment. I've wondered if they listen ambiently too. What I appreciate about the Google home mini is that it has a switch on they side to manually turn the mic off if that's a concern

Jan 21st

Kevin Hamann

I very much like the podcast but I did not enjoy this guest at all.

Jan 12th


Fun fact, I'm a direct descendant of Ulysses S. Grant

Jan 4th

Joshua Reed

TheSkyDraconian me too

Jan 18th

Yakuza Dinosaur

Great episode. Thank you.

Dec 27th

Jo Sam

I don't get it sometimes I could spend all day on something stupid like a.... a stick or braking a toy car but when I have to or want to do something that'll help me I just don't do it.

Nov 26th

sai sasank

Jo Sam absolutely true

Dec 18th

kevin reeve

...tuned out when the guest started quoting Ben Carson...

Oct 16th

Luther Taylor

kevin reeve You realize Ben Carson is still an incredibly intelligent neurosurgeon, regardless of whether or not you agree with his politics?

Jan 17th

Dillon Purvis

Without any sort of framework for thinking about violence, I've long had this uneasy feeling that I won't know how to respond to an aggressive situation. This discussion helps to lay some of that necessary framework. Very helpful.

Sep 14th

Pradeepta Bhattacharya


Aug 27th

Kevin Appleton

This podcast here was a real eye opener. I am raising a teenage son and life is far too "modern". I enjoyed the information provided and cannot wait to read more into this book as well as "The art of worldly wisdom".

Aug 16th

Zabid Shaikh Fauzan

Kevin Appleton ok

Jan 3rd
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