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The Artword Podcast is a series of dynamic interviews with artists, curators and all of the inspiring people Jenny Danielsson find around the world. Each episode focuses around a particular theme. The conversations are edited by Eric Persson.
18 Episodes
Director of Individual Giving at MOCA, Brooke Devenney gives us some proper behind the scenes information about the role of fundraising at a large museum. She talks about different layers of engagement with the museum. How the museum invite individuals and companies to become a part of the community. We learn that she works closely with the curatorial team and the importance of a strong mission statement. MOCA is the only collection institution in Los Angeles that completely rely on private donations. Brooke has since we did the interview changed jobs. Today she is Director of Development at USC Roski School of Art and Design.
Basically, glaze is a glass made out of three elements applied to a ceramic form. Ceramists Brian Chambers put the surface in focus, and we learn everything we ever wanted to know about contemporary glaze. Varieties and mixes of glaze have changed over the centuries, adjusted to geographical differences. But, without vessels to hold liquids our history on Earth would look different.
Todd Lerew, program manager for the Library Foundation of Los Angeles, speak about his book Specific Museums of Greater Los Angeles. How Google Maps has been a surprising, but significant help to find the over 600 museums in the area. He has been hunting for sites on a mission to visit each an every one. We speak about a specific Fire Lookout Tower in San Bernardino and the variety of museums. Also, an interest in hyper local history seems to have something to do with age.
#15 - Chris Kraus on Film

#15 - Chris Kraus on Film


In this episode writer and filmmaker Chris Kraus speak about the difference between writing and film making, her influences and of the summer she got her first camera. The Los Angeles-based writer and I met in Stockholm a couple of days before the opening of her show at Index, which coincided with the launch of her book Summer of Hate in Swedish.
Gallery educator William Zaluski talks about the imaginative experience of visiting a museum and the fabulous tram ride up the hill to the Getty Center. We discuss contemporary panel conservation, a typical tour of the museum for students, and a couple of objects that were once in Sweden, a stolen painting gifted to Christina, queen of Sweden in 1649 and a brilliant allegorical painting by Titian. Apparently, 4 hours is a typical time to stay at this massive art institution. Aside the many galleries I recommend the garden tour.
Tracy Kinnally is an art advisor practicing in New York City and internationally. After the first edition of Frieze Los Angeles, we sat down to discuss the fair. Covering what was special about it and the art on display. Tracy also talks about the world of art collecting and the role of an art advisor. Do you have to be super rich to collect art?
Dapper Day is an organization celebrating refined style by organizing social events with various locations. The founder Justin Jorgensen tell us all about the first outing at Disneyland. We discuss life and art and what a good party must include. There’s soft piano playing in the background. Sit back and enjoy - this is an uncut conversation.
In this episode I speak with the artist Ellen Donnelly. A conversation about wellness evolving from her immersive video installation Call Me A Rabbit, on display at Actual Size Los Angeles.https://theartword.com video Call Me A Rabbit, available on Vimeo: Size Gallery, Los Angeles
#10 - Hailey Loman on LACA

#10 - Hailey Loman on LACA


Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA), a hidden gem in Chinatown, is an artist-run repository archive. Director Hailey Loman and I sit down to speak about how the archive came about, what you can find there and what makes the value of residue.,
Jeffrey Alan Scudder is a contemporary artist who travels and spends his time performing, programming and making pictures. In this episode we discuss Jeffrey’s lecture performances on Radical Digital Painting. A conversation around technologies, media and the history of painting. When has a digital painting found its final form? Can we understand systems by thinking about them as musical scores? Our conversation took place in Los Angels, outside LACMA on a semi sunny day in December 2018.
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