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The Australian Finance Podcast is your crash course guide to sorting out your finances, one episode at a time. Owen & Kate bring you actionable information that you can put into practice today, so you can smash those money goals and set yourself up for success. Catch Owen @RaskFinance or @owenrask on Twitter, and Kate @HowToMoneyAUS or on the How To Money Australia website.
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Ethical Investing

Ethical Investing


Ethical investing. Sustainable investing. Impact investing.What is ethical investing and why is it such a big deal? In this Australian Finance Podcast episode Kate and Owen talk about the types of ethical or sustainable investing, how you can do it, what to look for and consider, and whether it's worth it at all.Topics include:What is ethical investing?How can you have an impact with your investments?Is it expensive to invest ethically?What should you be looking for? (or not looking for), andWhose ethics are we talking about?RASK INVESTOR EVENTS & WORKSHOPS: This episode was kindly sponsored by The Rask Invest ETF program, Owen's guide to investing. Find out more at: SHOW NOTES:'t forget to send us your questions at up to Owen's FREE investing masterclass:
When it comes to money, humans have (slightly developed) monkey brains! Behavioural finance is a topic everyone needs to hear because, chances are, unless you've worked hard to identify your biases, you won't even know your biases or habits are impacting your decisions. In this Australian Finance Podcast Kate and Owen discuss the most common behavioural biases and psychological tips to help you succeed with money, investing -- and life!SPONSOR: This episode was kindly sponsored by The Rask Invest ETF program, Owen's expert money strategy and best investment ideas. Find out more at: INVESTOR EVENTS & WORKSHOPS: SHOW NOTES:'t forget to send us your questions at on Twitter @OwenRaskKate on Twitter: @HowToMoneyAUS
Nicole Haddow is a Melbourne-based journalist and author of Smashed Avocado - How I Cracked The Property Market & You Can Too. Buying her first home led Nicole to become passionate about helping people enter the property market. She was the executive property writer for the Australian Financial Review. She documents alternative methods of purchasing your first home at This episode was kindly sponsored by The Rask Invest ETF program. Find out more at: INVESTOR EVENTS & WORKSHOPS: SHOW NOTES:
Warren Buffett is the Co-Chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He's one of the richest people on earth. Probably the best investor ever. But why does he matter? Kate and Owen discuss their favourite Buffett quotes, why he's probably your best investing source (and freely available!).SPONSOR: This episode was kindly sponsored by The Rask Invest ETF program. Find out more at: INVESTING MASTERCLASS: A free four-day email series Owen designed to break down each of Buffett's steps for picking shares/companies to buy. Sign up now: INVESTOR EVENTS & WORKSHOPS: SHOW NOTES:
Don't leave setting financial/money goals to January each year - this is something you can do at any time, and review on a regular basis. Your money goals don't have to only focus on saving money, one of your goals might be to learn more about investing or understand how your super works.SPONSOR: This episode was kindly sponsored by The Rask Invest ETF program. Find out more at: SHOW NOTES:
Need some tips on how to negotiate your salary and get a pay rise? Whatever do you, don't put it off!SPONSOR: This episode was kindly sponsored by The Rask Invest ETF program. Find out more at: rarely approach you with their best offer, they'll have a scale that they can negotiate between. You might not ask for the higher amount, which means more savings to them. Working harder isn't enough to get most of us a raise - we have to ask for it.***FULL SHOW NOTES:
Let's Talk Taxes!

Let's Talk Taxes!


Did you know, if you pay 25% tax you're effectively working 3 months (25%) of your year just to pay the Tax Man?Ugh...Kate on Twitter: on Twitter: this episode of The Australian Finance Podcast, Kate & Owen talk taxes, why we pay them, how we pay them and when we pay them. Topics covered include: • Income tax • Capital gains tax • Company tax • Franking credits • Tax deductions • How to find an accountant • Private health insurance • The Medicare Levy
How To (Side) Hustle

How To (Side) Hustle


Like money? Got time? Have a hobby? Get a side hustle! Earning extra money without having to give up the stability of an existing job is a powerful motivator. In this episode Kate drops her wisdom on side gigs and Owen chimes in with some nuggets too.***FULL SHOW NOTES:
In this Australian Finance Podcast episode we discuss how we go about using and consuming financial media, and discuss some of the ideas the experts have on how best to filter through the mud.***FULL SHOW NOTES: • Who should you listen to? • Do they know what they're talking about? • Are my previously held opinions incorrect? • Are their claims based on fact, fiction or FLUFF? • Have they cherry picked their numbers and statistics?Kate on Twitter: on Twitter:
Kate and Owen from Australian Finance Podcast were joined by Alec (Ren) and Bryce, co-hosts of the Equity Mates podcast for an Australian finance podcast extravaganza!We share our introduction to finance/investing, and experiences with our podcast series since. Kate on Twitter: on Twitter: Full show notes: hope you like it!
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Nigel Polzin

just finished all the episodes very helpful. highly recommended

Nov 13th

Sam Bailey

Love this podcast for realistic and relevant advice for young investors! Also an abundance of resources available to make the most of

Oct 23rd

Ana Karoline Souza

very good. But I'd like to listening with the transcript

Jul 31st
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