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Jessica Seiders - Being FearlessIn this week's podcast episode, we introduce a fearless mum who will inspire you with her courage and personal growth: Jessica SeidersAfter becoming an empty nester in 2018, Jessica struggled hard with empty nester syndrome. She was sad, lost and confused as to what she wanted to do with her life. In January 2019, she made the decision to sell all of her belongings and quit her job to travel the world where she went on a journey of self discovery, made Bali her home and ultimately found her purpose for helping empty nester mums.A must listen for empty nesters struggling to navigate through a major life change, or for anyone who is apprehensive of taking the next step in life, career or relationship.We know you will love and be inspired by this podcast episode with Jessica. Enjoy! Key points of this episode with Jessica:(02:03) Jessica’s background as a single mum(04:38) Sinking into the empty nester syndrome(05:38) The biggest first step for Jessica(08:20) The impact on her daughter(08:45) Building confidence through social connections and contribution(11:00) No passport, no job and on a plane to Spain(13:20) Surrendering to the Universe(14:30) Inspired and paying forward the inspiration(16:00) Her South East Asia adventure on search for her purpose(17:15)  Getting “stuck” in Bali after borders closed and flight canceled(19:30)  Creating her course to inspire empty nester mums(20:00) Focusing on enhancing her health despite having POTS(26:30) Balancing structure and flow(30:45) Jessica’s definition of an awakening soulConnect with Jessica Seiders:Website: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Elly Hurley I Transition with PurposeIn this week's podcast episode, we introduce a lady who in her 54 years has embraced many facets of life, flowing effortlessly through many a transition: Elly HurleyElly is a strong family-oriented lady from New Zealand. She began her first major transition in her 20’s when she landed in Australia to play softball. Since then, her personal life, career, and relationship transitions have been significant. Not one to shy away from change, Elly takes each of these transitions in her stride.  Her life tools to transition with ease and grace are numerous: having a purpose, being open to growth, challenging the status quo and many more that you will discover in this conversation.Elly is a lover of many things including coffee, movies, technology, and rugby. However, her biggest love is to serve and help humanity. She contributes and connects with her many satisfied clients through her two businesses, Nudge Marketing and Green Balance Health.A must-listen for empty nesters struggling to navigate through a major life change, or for anyone who is apprehensive of taking the next step in life, career, or relationship.We know you will love this podcast episode with Elly. Enjoy! Key points of this episode with Elly:(01:25)  Reflecting on 2020, its challenges and benefits(04:10) The transition from high level softball in New Zealand to playing for Australia(06:00) Transitioning from civilian life as a sales and marketing to the police service(07:40) Navigating transition in relationship with Helen and her son(08:03) Personal development, and her transition from the police force to hypnotherapist(09:50) More transition from hypnotherapy to business sales and marketing mentoring(10:25)What is Nudge Marketing(13:40) Elly’s many life tools on how to transition more easily(16:05) No end vision(17:53) Power of core values and living in the present(21:28) Embracing growth, and challenging the status quo as tools for life and business(29:00) Knock on your neighbour’s door!Connect with Elly Hurley:Email:elly@nudgemarketing.comWebsite: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Michelle Lee I The 3 CupsIn this week's podcast episode, Michelle Lee reflects on 2020/21, the impact world change has had on humanity, and how through deep reflection and revelation, many have come to more deeply crave one thing: freedom.So can we reclaim our freedom? Absolutely!We invite you to explore the 3 Cups teachings as Michelle applies this wisdom to each of The Dream Architects’ ECG teachings of Experience, Contribution, and Growth.  Living with a strong ECG pulse is your way to your personal freedom.Michelle is an empty nester of two daughters who are in their mid-20's. She has experienced many physical transitions in her 52 years, moving countries, houses, careers, and transforming her emotional, mental and spiritual being through conscious learning. She is an experienced Personal Development Coach and has for more than 12 years dedicated her time to helping youth & their parents through challenging times, both through her business and at a voluntary level.Michelle is an author, speaker, and now the Dream designer at The Dream Architects where together with Mark O’Toole, her partner in love, life, and business, they help empty nesters to add more life to their life.  We trust our messages drop lovingly into your heart. Enjoy! Key points of this episode with Michelle:(02:15)  Reflecting on 2020 and 2021 and our(03:10)  Acknowledging the downside of the world shake-up(05:30) The opportunity and gifts presented to us(08:10) We seek to be free(09:30) Applying the 3 Cups wisdom to the ECG life pulse(10:25)  The cup of Experience(12:12) The Cup of Contribution(15:10) The Cup of Growth(17:57) How to do the ECG life using the 3 Cup wisdomConnect with Michelle Lee:Podcast:The Awakening Empty Nester Podcast Group:  Awakening Empty Nesters PAGE: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Ashley Gonor I Awaken To Your MagicIn this week's podcast episode, we speak with a passionate inspiring mother of 2, whose personal development trajectory in previous years has led to her successful podcast launch and growth “Uncover Your Magic” in 2020:  Ashley GonorAs Ashley transitioned through different phases of her life, she awakened to brand new possibilities, uncovering her personal magic through a deep dive into personal development.  She is passionate about helping others live with passion, purpose and gratitude. Host of “Uncover Your Magic” podcast, Ashley facilitates conversations with amazing guests about an array of insightful topics.  Ashley inspires and encourages others, especially her two girls to always look for the magic around and within them. This has led her to be launching her brand new course in January 2021 called “Raising Confidence” to help parents teach their children the important tools of life.We know you will enjoy this easy flowing conversation with Ashley whose many powerful messages will land lovingly into your heart. Enjoy! Key points of our conversation with Ashley:(02:35)  Living fully in each moment(04:50) Imprinting valuable life tools at an early age(07:15)  We have a choice in our creation(08:15)  A shift in the education system would be a game-changer(09:25) The power of gratitude(10:08) Uncovering Ashley’s own magic(12:20)  The magic of trusting(13:25)  The incredible love story of the Hallmark card(16:22)  Setting a clear intention and focusing on the emotion(17:53)  Being specific about how we feel(19:00) Expanding the ripple of gratitude, positivity and abundance(20:06) The impact of Ashley’s “Raising Confidence” course(25:40) The importance of having a mentor(26:50) We are not done at 52!(28:00) Love, love and love again!(29:40) Embracing this blessing we call life(31:00)  How Ashley defines an awakening soulConnect with Ashley Gonor:Podcast:Uncover Your Magic PAGE: [under construction at time of recording]Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Kate Eason l Awaken To Healthy EatingIn this week's podcast episode, we speak with a lady whose passion and zest for healthy living is leading her on a mission to build a healthy world through educating what true health feels like. Introducing: Kate EasonKate is the owner of Food deFined. She helps empower people to create an eating lifestyle that helps them balance their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life. Outside of her work, Kate lives what she teaches by creating scrumptious wholefood recipes, regular hiking, netball, singing, enjoying the sunrises, and engaging in continuous self-development. A country girl with a keen sense of adventure, Kate had by her mid 20s,  travelled around the world taking in many different cultures and experiences. She personally knows the positive value of community and contributes with regular volunteering in her own community on the Gold Coast.  We know you will be uplifted by Kate’s passion for healthy food, just as we were. Enjoy!Key points of our conversation with Kate:Kate’s journey towards healthy nutrition (03:20) The majority of people don’t eat real food (07:00)Reasons many have lost the art of nourishment (11:43)People don’t realise how good they can feel (13:09)The importance of balance and community (14:40)Know what works for YOU (16:16)Using biochemistry to pinpoint physiological imbalances (21:31)The Dream Architects link arms with Kate (28:00)How healthy eating applies to empty nesters (30:00)3 healthy tips to awaken to healthy balance for our audience (34:00)Connect with Kate:Website: PAGE: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Annette Cruz-Padilla I Awaken To A New You In this week's podcast episode, we speak with a truly amazing lady who embodies the ECG pillars that add more life to life; Experience, Contribution and Growth. Introducing Annette Cruz-PadillaAnnette has managed to fit into her 50+ years of life more than most people have. She calls herself a quasi - empty nester with her son having left, returned and left again, and a special needs daughter who is finding her own way in life.  When you listen to the number of career roles Annette has had prior to retirement, added to that being wife, mum, Ombudsman and much more, you will not be alone in wanting to crown her the Queen of Transition!In this episode, discover how this extreme human who was a Law enforcement professional for 30 years, first responder, hostage negotiator, a DoTerra Oils Director, peer support mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor, Girl Scouting Leader, Ombudsman and more, continues to make a positive impact and is creating a legacy through her role as a lifestyle coach at’s inspiring passion, energy and enthusiasm fuels her mission to help retiring and retired first responders to navigate through the uncertain and at times chaotic post retirement period. She wants to help change the narrative for first responders, using her own life learnings, guiding them to peel back their old identity to discover who is truly within, whilst honouring the non-negotiables of life.We know you will be uplifted by this conversation, just as we were. Enjoy!Key points of our conversation with Annette:Growing up of both sides of the law (02:20) How debt opened up her career in law enforcement (03:53)Jails vs prisons (05:55)The many different roles Annette had as a first responder (06:47)Annette, proud mum, wife and empty nester (09:24)Empty nest to full nest, due to Covid (10:00)Experiencing her son in a totally new way (12:27)The different gifts her daughter brings (18:52)Education expectations, and self-growth (24:47)Annette’s mission and passion for empowering retired First Responders (29:00)The magic of self-discovery and personal growth (29:50)Taking her health more seriously (31:07)How WildFit, Baby Groot and DeadPool helped her change her relationship with food! (35:36)Annette’s mission of serving and mentoring First Responders through URSoBusted (41:25)Annette’s definition of an Awakening soul (46:02)Connect with Annette:Website: PAGE: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Tanya McQueen I Awaken To Being CuriousIn this week's podcast episode, we speak with a truly special soul, a lady who has overcome many labels throughout her life, through resilience, humour and curiosity. Introducing Tanya McQueenTanya is on a mission to help awaken others to their soul’s purpose and to create and deliver poignant heartfelt messages that deeply influence through their authenticity.  This is possible through Tanys’s unique kaleidoscope of life experience. Tanya’s choices, her addictions, her highs and lows, the love, joy and humour she shares, her curiosity for humanity, and her skills for photography, videography, numerology and much more, have woven a tapestry for those who choose to be awakened to their life’s calling.Tanya lives her life out loud and is acutely perceptive.  Born in the South Island of New Zealand Tanya followed her soul calling to move to Queensland Australia in 2019, broadcasting her mission of expansion and living life deeply. On Episode #29, Tanya shares her incredible journey of pure resilience. She is now at a place of balance between her dark reminders and her fun playful joy of living.Mark and I are grateful and honoured to have experienced the love, kindness, abundance and magical energy of this truly beautiful and compassionate soul, on both a personal and professional level in 2020. We know you will be uplifted by this conversation. Enjoy!Key points of our conversation with Tanya:How Tanya turned labels she was given into a gift (02:42) Drinking, drugs, bad food and the 20- year journey of learning to love herself (06:50)How curiosity saved her life (08:30)The voice on the beach (10:10)The phone call that jolted Tanya to a place of deep gratitude (13:25)Heeding the call of the soul (16:40)Getting curious and having fun (20:33)Sharing our soul purposes with the world through video (24:19)Soul purpose video using modern technology and ancient wisdom (28:08)Numbers and their energy vibration are everywhere! (29:31)Choosing your preferred “radio station” (33:20)Honouring the dark and the light (35:34)Tanya’s funny take on what is an awakening soul (38:00)Connect with Tanya McQueen:Email:tanyamcqueen8@gmail.comPhone:+61 428 393 480FB PAGE: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Mark O’Toole - Awaken To Food FreedomIn this week's podcast episode, we explore the mission of The Dream Architects which is to add more life to the lives of empty nesters. We chat with the co-host of this very podcast, WildFit Nutrition Coach: Mark O’TooleWhen Mark became an empty nester, he knew this time of transition was his opportunity to find the answers to a challenge that had been haunting him for years. That challenge was born out of an extremely tough time in Mark’s life. For 11 years, he cared for his very ill wife, as they both struggled to raise their first-born, twin daughters.Mark shares why he is doing what he does as a WildFit Coach, and what the WildFit program is about and how it is helping people to transform their relationship with food..Key points of our conversation:Becoming Nutrition Coach not on his radar (02:20)How Mark’s late wife’s cancer led to his mission to create change (03:09)Mark’s ice cream cravings (06:35)Ice-cream and rocks & fun times (07:10)Discovering WildFit (09:40)Overcoming physical limitations (11:42)What is WildFit? (15:11)Hope for people in their 40s and beyond? (17:38)Greg halved his insulin levels and got rid of ulcerative colitis (17:53)Naise shed weight plus heart and blood pressure medication (19:02)Mike dropped 15 kgs in 90 days (19:16)What is your North Star? (20:08)Expectations of health based on an already sick society (21:15)Connect with Mark O’Toole:Book a chat: PAGE: Group: [The Awakening Empty Nesters]FB Biz Page: 7 - 'Awakening to Your Body's Vitality' with Eric Edmeades (Founder of WildFit)'How to Change Your Relationship with Food' this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Annie Kallis I Awaken To Relationship FreedomIn this week's podcast episode, we speak with a passionate Relationships Architect who boldly calls out the bullshit stories we tell ourselves:  Annie KallisAnnie is on a mission to help her clients build strong relationship foundations that will withstand the storms of life. She works primarily with men to help them overcome their hurt, resentment and fears by using a system called the AKRA system. Annie supports them with tools that focus on building romance, passion and meaningful bonds into their lives. She knows that with the fulfilment and personal freedom they gain, they have the fuel to manifest the delicious relationships that they truly desire.Annie experienced, navigated and eventually thrived after her own crisis of a 21 years broken marriage.  Going through this challenge created a burning desire to help prevent others from going through the same devastating emotional pain, the financial stress of a divorce, and repercussions in the lives of the unspoken casualties - the children, who often unknowingly will perpetuate the cycle and repeat it in their own lives.We know you will enjoy this lively, dynamic and passionate conversation with the “No BS Relationships Architect” whose message to the world is “Forgiveness is Freedom.” Key points of our conversation with Annie:Where Annie’s story began (03:44)The value of interdependent relationships (05:30)Beginning her awakening through Landmark (08:22)The impact of Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Blair Singer (10:20)How she navigated her marriage break down (12:38)The AKRA System & its applications (20:00)The courage to say sorry (28:20)Redesigning the empty nester relationships (30:20)Changing the stories and becoming present (34:20)The Golden Zone (39:00) Why she is passionate about coaching men (41:30)Awakening to forgiveness and freedom (49:40)Connect with Annie Kallis:Email:annie@anniekallis.comFB PAGE: [under construction at time of recording]Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Dr Akoje Omo Okonkwo I Awaken To Your ImpactThis week's podcast episode was such a blast! We have not laughed so much in one sitting before!! We welcome from the UK:  Dr Akoje Omo OkonkwoAkoje is such a beautiful shining light! She is mum to 3 gorgeous young children, an educator, a motivational speaker, a transformational business and personal coach, a clinical teacher, and an accomplished and highly accoladed dental surgeon, with a very soothing voice.Throughout this wonderful insightful chat, Akoje reminds us of the importance of being open to change and process and acknowledging that life is happening for us. Akoje’s mission is to be a source of hope and strength and to do acts of inspiration that transform the lives of many women around the globe.Akoje shares stories of rising from setbacks in her life, using her resilience and courage in the face of adversity, her love for learning and growth, and her contribution to helping women embrace their potential for leadership. She inspires us to live lives filled with fun, joy, laughter, clarity, truth, confidence, alignment, authenticity, awakening and most of all, LOVE.Akoje’s most powerful saying is, ‘In your breaking point lies your biggest breakthrough if only you will walk through it.” Enjoy! Key points of our conversation with Akoje:A shocking yet defining experience at the young age of 12 (03:45)Transforming as a leader (06:00)How her love for helping and nurturing people was ignited as a young child (07:55)Equipping, inspiring and empowering women to take ownership of their lives (11:27)The many gifts gained from many transitions and challenges (19:20)Learning to trust again and the power of love and gratitude (23:00)Embrace the present moment and squeeze the juice out of every day (24:30)Inspiration from Victor Frankl (27:50)Helping empower women to step up as courageous leaders (29:45)Akoje’s next big experience (35:28)Her dream contribution (38:13)Some of her biggest fears revealed! (41:20)What is an awakening soul? (47:15)Connect with Akoje Omo:FB PAGE: Group[a platform set to celebrate women from around the globe]  Unted Sisters Podcast Resources Mentioned in Podcast:“Man’s Search For Meaning” [book] by Viktor E. FranklSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Janette Morris I Awaken To A Really Good LifeToday’s pod guest is a young 57 year old grandmother of 4, Jackson [11], Imogen [9], Lachlan [6] and Albury [10 months]. She is wife of 37 years to Steve, a massage therapist, a Zumba and yoga instructor, social butterfly, and cruise junkie who has been navigating the constant changes that come with a growing family, a love for growth and adventure and recently Steve’s early retirement : we welcome Janette MorrisWhen Janette’s two daughters left home age 18, she transitioned through the empty nester period without batting an eyelid. She attributes this to getting involved with things she is passionate about. Over the years, Janette has learned to make choices that are best for her.  No longer does she run around and attend everything including “the opening of a chip packet”, as she jokes about. As she has gathered more wisdom through the years she now chooses a different way of being, does what she wants to do, and flows through the constant changes around her.We start Janette’s life story from the age of 20 when she married Steve and moved from Sydney to a mining town called Singleton, and explore her life’s transitions, culminating in a powerful message from her mum who died this year aged 76, so make sure you listen in till the end.  Key points of our conversation with Janette:Raising family in Singleton for 36 years (03:30)Easier transition in your older years (05:00) Rock n roll, social life and massage - how they helped her flow through the empty nest period (09:00)The importance of finding a job you are passionate about (13:30)Cruise hungry! (18:25)10 pound Poms and the Big Brother Movement (21:40)Australian Ant Attacks (22:15)How loneliness triggered Janette to help others through their loneliness (25:00)Combining cruising with contribution  (26:00)Zumba & Yoga contribution with the University of the Third Age (27:20)Don’t live life with regret (31:50)The beautiful gift Janette’s mum gave her [and all of us] on her deathbed (32:40)Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Onneile Thamuku I Awaken Self-LoveToday’s pod guest is another dear friend of ours. From the exotic land of Botswana Africa, lives a wonderful soul who is helping awaken young and old to the beauty of loving relationships. We welcome to our podcast: Onneile Thamuku  Onneile Thamuku, affectionately known as Mr Thams in some circles and as Onnie in other circles, is a success coach who is passionate about helping people develop loving relationships with themselves, and therefore with others. He also helps his clients to become successful in the areas of personal finance, health and recovery from divorce.  Onnie contributes much time in inspiring and helping empower youth in Maun, where he resides, a town known as the tourism capital of Botswana, a gateway to the Okavango Delta.In this episode, Onnie dives deep into the foundation of what makes relationships work, highlighting the many ways in which people, animals and plants reflect back to us their wisdom.                                                                                                                                                                                              In a time when travel and face-to-face connection is restricted, it is always so deeply satisfying to engage in deep conversation about things that matter, with friends from around the world. Enjoy!Key points of our conversation with Onneile:How divorce inspired Onneile on his mission today (05:09)How the relationship you have with yourself matters (09:00) You are the central processing unit of your life (12:35)Connecting to nature in Maun Botswana (16:54)Born in a cattle post (18:05)Living near elephants, lions and giraffes (20:55)Relationships with animals (22:45)7 types of relationships in life (28:50)Relationships with cats and dogs (38:01)The experiences Onneile wants for the future (42:50)Onneile’s legacy (47:00)What is an awakening soul (52:30)Connect with Onneile Thamuku:Email: successthams@gmail.comFB: PAGE: GROUP:  [Thams Success Coaching]Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Paul Benson I Awaken To Financial AutonomyToday’s pod guest has been passionately helping Australians achieve their financial goals for over 20 years. Empty nesters, if you are wondering about how to master your financial future, and live your best lives now, instead of waiting till you retire, this is the podcast for you. We feel very honoured to welcome our guest: Paul Benson.Paul is a Financial Planner for Gen X & Y Australians, Author of a brand new book, and Producer of the hugely successful Financial Autonomy Podcast. He resides in Melbourne, Australia.  Paul’s podcast is centred on an observation, that what we all really want is choice in life. That might be a choice as to when we retire, a choice as to where we live, maybe a choice in what we do and how many hours we put into income producing activity.The podcast led to a book deal, which is helping Paul reach even more Australians achieve their version of Financial Autonomy. The book is called Financial Autonomy - The Money Book that Gives You ChoiceIn a time when our certainty in many areas is being shaken, financial uncertainty has been on the rise for many. Paul addresses this and offers some strong foundational wisdom for everyone, wisdom which always involves autonomy, your choice. Enjoy!Key points of our conversation with Paul:Empty nester time is the best time to focus on when we want to have the choice (04:10)Education around clarity of goals and mindset (06:10) Developing a trusting relationship with a financial planner (08:05)The Financial Autonomy Podcast (09:47)Reflecting on what success means for you first (10:44)Exposing those unnecessary expensive purchases (11:30)Where do we derive happiness from (14:15)Understanding the market during uncertainty (17:11)Financial Autonomy - The Money Book that Gives You Choice (24:18)Exploring 3 financial strategies for building wealth (25:30)Seeking freedom in all aspects of life (29:12)Thoughts on virtual currency (30:20)3 ways to getting started with investing (31:20)The importance of your “Why” and Paul’s “why” (34:30)Final positive optimism for empty nesters (38:55)Connect with Paul Benson:Email: Resources Mentioned in Podcast:Financial Autonomy Podcast Autonomy Book[also available on Amazon & Kindle]Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Marc-John Brown I Awaken To Plant Spirit MedicineToday’s pod guest is a Shamanic Practitioner and Plant Medicine Integration Coach. He is closely partnered with a retreat centre in Peru's Sacred Valley collaborating with the Shipibo tribe: Introducing Marc-John BrownMarc-John works hand-in-hand with the country's indigenous populations to educate the modern world on the ancient ways of utilising sacramental plants for personal discovery and growth. The teachings centre around living in harmony with nature and with Pachamama, our Earth Mother.Marc-John travels the globe regularly, taking indigenous tribe members with him on a mission to take their Earth-based wisdom ways powerfully to the wider world. He collaborates with several non governmental organisations which seek to protect the indigenous way, as they grow in popularity around the world.Marc-John's message is one of high vibration and inspiration in a modern setting, whilst remaining well-rooted in the ancient ways of the tribes with which he works.We are so pleased to be bringing you a fascinating and uncommon topic, which raises questions and controversy, only because the majority of the world’s population is unaware of the value and magic of plants as a natural healing and spiritual medium.Key points of our conversation with Marc- John:Life beginnings in Edinburgh (03:00)Marc John’s South American childhood influence (03:10) Scotland to Argentina and his first spiritual awakening (04:20)Heart learnings and relationship with spirit (07:40)An eternal apprentice of the path of shamanic healing ways (13:03)What is a Shamanic practitioner? (14:07)Different types of Shamanic practices (16:14)Who would choose Shamanic practice? (19:13)What does drinking Ayahuasca do? (21:00)The ripple effects of the jungle medicine (24:49)Facilitation, plant communication and healing (26:00)Maturing along the path (29:15)Exploring and honouring Empty nester transition (32:30)The Eagle & the Condor (37:00)Australian retreats planned (43:00)Connect with Marc-John Brown:Email:hello@marc-johnbrown.comWebsite:www.marc-johnbrown.comInstagram: Resources Mentioned in Podcast:The Teachings of Don Juan -A Yaqui Way of Knowledge by anthropologist Carlos CastanedaThe Eagle And The Condor Blog by MJ: Book The Teachings of Don Juan this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Michelle Sorro I Awaken To Being Seen & HeardToday’s pod guest is truly a rare soul, a bubble of joyful energy, a lady who lights up the room and your hearts, whose every word is so very precious: introducing Michelle SorroMichelle has a list of accomplishments longer than all our arms put together. She epitomises what we believe are the 3 pillars essential for living with a vibrant life pulse. Our connection with Michelle has been all about awakening to a deeper experience, witnessing heartfelt contribution and more than anything, she has helped us to grow out of some pretty stubborn self-limitations. Had it not been for Michelle’s expert guidance and mentorship, as well as the support of her team at Ginni Media, this podcast would possibly still be on the to-do list! You would not be listening to the stories our amazing guests are sharing, and we certainly would not be having as much fun connecting and having conversations, as we have been over the past 4 months!Born near Seattle and now living in Santa Monica, California, Michelle is on a wholehearted mission to empower millions to be seen and heard, through a high integrity, online impact. Her many and varied experiences over the years, include and are not limited to being an actress on The Young & The Restless, award winning TV show Host, a highly successful real estate expert, author of the successful book, "The Voice of Gratitude - Celebrating the Gift of Friendship", Founder of a not-for -profit organisation for children, host of the highly rated Fire & Soul Podcast, and we must not forget, the obsessive mama of her gorgeous dog Samson.As we graduate with our 21st episode, we are honoured to celebrate and thank this beautiful soul, Michelle Sorro. Please enjoy! The many drop of Michelle’s wisdom:When I look back and connect the dots (04:30)Focusing on honour, gratitude and humility (05:05) The heartfelt fulfilment of seeing her podcast children fly the nest (06:30)Cultivating the empty nester mindset (07:00)Podcaster graduates on a mission to impact thousands of lives (08:30)Finding truth in having a voice (09:20)Action breeds clarity (12:28)Empty nesters owning their power (14:00)Live video is for you if ... (15:35)How Michelle wants to live her 2nd act with more grace, ease and flow (16:20)Why Michelle is on a whole hearted mission to empower million to be seen and heard (20:25)The gateway is giving up control and surrendering (22:00)If we just get out of our way, then we tap into our flow (23:38)Waking up at Date with Destiny (25:20)Everything you want and how you want to feel, is on the other side of consistency (26:44)Contraction is a gift (27:40)It’s all love (30:00)The essence of an empty nester (32:30)Stepping into being a courage activator (37:20)Connect with Michelle Sorro:Email:michelle@michelle-sorro.comWebsite: & Soul Podcast: on Tony Robbins website: Resources Mentioned in Podcast:Podcast Accelerator Program: Live Challenge! Group: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Lawrence Yau I Awaken Future LeadersToday’s pod guest is a dear friend of ours who lives in Melbourne, Australia.Every time we are in his presence, we leave feeling the love, gentleness and care this man has for humanity: Lawrence YauIn this episode, we explore Lawrence's own awakening, which leads him to a changed and more peaceful approach to his life, particularly in parenthood and in his role at The Lions Club Next Gen in Melbourne.Lawrence is the Founder of Blue Hands, a Brand Consulting and Web Design business. Blue Hands’ mission and culture is not only to serve their customers with branding that captures their passion, it is about serving their local community and making a positive impact on people’s lives. This contribution is one of Lawrence’s biggest passions. Lawrence has served in different leadership positions of various Lions Clubs for over 10 years, at both club and district levels. He is passionate about youth personal development, inspiring them to become future leaders who are willing to lead and serve the community. Currently, Lawrence serves through Lions Club Next Gen Melbourne.This conversation will undoubtedly leave you feeling at peace, and inspired. A MUST listen, especially in these times of global turmoil. It was a pleasure and an honour to have Lawrence as our guest, a special man, husband, dad and community leader!Find out more about Lawrence:A shared contribution experience in Melbourne (01:50)Tell us where that spark of contribution came from? (02:40) Tell us about your involvement with the Lions Club? (05:05)How the new Next Gen Club started. (06:00)Serving with love more than with fear. (11:00)Understanding mentorship at the Lions Club (11:30)The true value of Lawrence having a mentor (13:13)The book that has really inspired Lawrence (18:50)What has been your best experience at the Lions Club (22:40)Actively challenging self and youth {26:45)What’s next for the Club? (27:20)Share with us how you would define an awakening soul? (30:00)Connect with Lawrence Yau:Phone:+61 434 207 Club: Resources Mentioned in Podcast:Leaders Eat Last - Author Simon SinekOneness Academy - Fuel - Authors Gino Wickman & Mark C. WintersSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Jason Goldberg I  Awakening Your PlayfulnessToday’s pod guest is a man whose goal is not to simply give more INFORMATION but instead to help people experience true TRANSFORMATION and uplevel that to CRYSTALLISATION, all whilst having FUN at the same time! He is no other than: Jason Goldberg aka JGJG has been impacting thousands of lives with joy and playfulness. Through his top three passions, of personal growth, comedy and rap, JG inspires his clients and many others by breaking down the prison walls of beliefs that keep many locked in a paradigm of seriousness. As JG loves to say, “If you want to level up, you’ve gotta lighten up!”In this conversation, we take a joyous deep dive into the essence of this wise edu-tainer, who operates from his heart and a wild imagination. Lots of laughs and light-heartedness in this episode, so turn up the volume and enjoy!It was an honour to have JG as our guest, we know he will activate more than 5% more joy in you as you listen in!In This Episode Find Out:JG’s Business and life plan (04:22) Conscious sharing of his gift (08:24) Having no frame of reference (09:37)External weight loss does not necessarily equate to internal weight loss (10:14)Reverse engineering emotional mastery (11:43)The addiction of personal development information (13:45)Information vs Crystallisation (15:24)Turning a breach of confidentiality into opportunity (17:45)JG’s coaching programs (20:21)Playfulness vs seriousness (22:15)Understanding Projecting & Protecting (34:00)Personal Growth, Comedy and HipHop (36:22)Waking up everyday and asking “How can I make a difference?” (38:00)Connect with Jason Goldberg:King of Playful Sales, Success, and Self-LeadershipFacebook: Resources Mentioned in Podcast:Creator of Playful ProsperityCreator of The Business UNusual SystemCo-Host of The Not-So-Serious LifeCo-Host of Master's Circle#1 International Best-Selling book: Prison Break: Vanquish the Victim, Own Your Obstacles, and Lead Your LifeWatch JG's TEDx Talk here: “How to Manufacture Fascination”: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Paul Hinchcliffe | Awaken to Community VolunteeringToday’s pod guest is a wonderful empty nester, grandfather of 6, and active and passionate community volunteer here at Tamborine Mountain in Queensland Australia: Paul HinchcliffeBorn in 1956, in Dover in the UK, Paul has had many varied experiences and learned much along the way. He served in the banking industry for nearly four decades, is passionate about sport and especially loves hiking. As you will hear during the conversation, Paul epitomises the three pillars we believe are essential for living an extraordinary life: experience, contribution and growth.Since becoming an empty nester and retiring a few years ago, Paul has immersed himself into travel with his wife Deborah, hiked thousands of kilometres, and overcome a 22 year long health issue. At home on the mountain, he spends much time with his two families, his wife, children and grandchildren, and with his Orange Family, the team at the SES [State Emergency Service].It was an honour to have Paul as our guest, a man who leads with compassion, shows resilience to overcome tough physical and mental challenges and most importantly,  serves his community with pure intent to make a difference. We know that, like we did,  you too will be inspired!In This Episode Find Out:The early years (02:15)Resilience through challenge (03:40)Back of a truck banking in Papua New Guinea in the 1970s (04:30)Family first (08:15)Empty nester musings (09:15)Empowering and loving his children (10:55)The start of Paul’s volunteering journey (12:00)Paul’s love of coaching and teamwork (16:00)Some of Paul’s leadership tips (18:30)Two reasons Paul joined the SES (19:45)What does SES training involve? (22:00)Various examples of how the SES helps the community (25:00)Benefits of volunteering (32:00)Finishing the Kokoda Challenge (34:00)Overcoming Crohn’s Disease (37:00)Connect with Paul Hinchcliffe:Facebook: Resources Mentioned in Podcast:Join the SES [Paul’s Hikes & SES role]UK hike in 2014 = Orange finishing Kokoda Challenge = Orange Training = the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk = Volunteer Video 1 - [Living with Crohn’s + UK Hikes]My life with Crohns - Hike in 2012 - Hike in 2014 - this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Rose Siva | Awaken Your ResourcefulnessToday’s pod guest is a wonderful empty nester, grandmother, and author of children’s books: Rose SivaRose has had a lifelong love of books and reading – and dinosaurs. When her first career choice (looking after the Queen's horses) fell through, she immediately decided she would be an archaeologist so she could dig up dinosaurs.However real life got in the way of her dreams at age six, and many years and two kids later she found herself running a private education business with a focus on learning and reading skills. By chance Rose attended a lecture on Queensland Dinosaurs, which opened up an opportunity for her to volunteer to work on real dinosaur bones in Winton in 2008. With a reliable 4WD, two weeks of spare time, and a can-do attitude, she found herself camped in the shearers’ quarters on the Elliot property some distance from Winton where a number of dinosaur bones had been found. There she learned how to be preparator and is now a lifetime supporter of what is now the Australian Age of Dinosaurs.It was a pleasure to have Rose on as our guest, a woman who takes life in her stride, showing much resilience, resourcefulness and a “can-do” attitude, as she reinvented herself and adapted to many changes along the way. We know you will be inspired!.In This Episode Find out:A “can-do” very normal kind of life (02:50)No waiting for anyone to fix your problems (03:10)Not shackled to any one belief (06:25)Two eyes, two ears and one mouth (06:50)How decision making affects what you do (07:15)Seeing an opportunity (09:10)Immensely proud of her two children (09:45)“I’m really good at packing boxes…” (15:00)Having faith in yourself and resilience (15:15)The power of visioning (17:40)Meditating in nature (19:15)Becoming an empty nester (20:20)“Seriously? Dinosaurs in Queensland?? Get a grip!!” (22:25)Yet another opportunity (21:37)Grinding away rock to find dinosaur bones (24:45)First witness to a 100 million-year-old twig (23:38)Writing for children and young adults (26:30)Supporting the local community (31:45).Connect with Rose Siva:Website: Resources Mentioned in Podcast:Australian Dinosaur Book Series this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
Frank Clark | Awaken Your Orange EnergyToday’s pod guest is a loving father of 3, empty nester, serial entrepreneur and accomplished life, business and success coach from Tampa Bay, Florida. Also known as Mr Orange, we are excited to bring you: Frank ClarkFrank began his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 8. Over the next 50 years, he started, created, and sold many multinational companies, generating hundreds of millions of dollars; working with startups and Fortune 50 companies around the globe.  Recognised by top marketing firms as one of the Top CEO’s in his field, Frank has combined his unique methods of management and sales along with programs like Dale Carnegie, Wilson Counselor, and Sandler Sales to produce accomplished sales and marketing teams.Mr Orange, as you will learn in this episode, is results-driven, and has a no-nonsense, full accountability approach to life and business. Frank is an avid and passionate student of personal development and NLP, and for the past 25 years, has had the privilege of training with inspirational leaders like Anthony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Keith Cunningham.We have had the pleasure of getting to know Frank through a couple of courses we completed over the past year, and have been highly inspired by this man’s drive, humour, and go-getter attitude.In this episode, Frank shares how he became known as Mr Orange, and shares a ton of wildly incredible nuggets along the way, which empty nesters will find extremely valuable.An absolute pleasure to have Frank join us for this truly orange conversation. Enjoy the ride! In This Episode Find Out:“99% is a bitch!” [07:02] Becoming a personal development junkie [09:30]The unfolding of Mr Orange and what is orange energy [18:32] What Frank loves doing best [22:47]How crazy shit turns into the greatest moments of his life [28:13]Letting go of identity [28:54]“I am in control of the meaning.” [30:51]Forgiveness as a way to change the meaning [31:10]How to navigate the next chapters [32:37]How Tracey navigated the empty nest [28:20]Harness the courage [33:36]The secret joy of penguins [34:47]  Connect with Frank Clark:LinkedIn: Group: Channel: this show See for privacy and opt-out information.
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