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Author: Jeremy Fisher

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Side hustles? The Gig economy? Legitimate work from home jobs? The world of work has changed. And the ways that people are making money is changing. This show is about opening our eyes to the new world of work. This is The Aworkening from
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Yes! The Aworkening is back. In this episode you'll hear a preview of what's to come in Season 2 and what the heck I've been up to over the last several months.
What's Next?

What's Next?


Just a quick message from me at the break of season 1 to give you an idea of what's in store for the next season. Check it out. 
Today's show is all about questions. Some you should ask and some you shouldn't. Which ones are which?
On today's show we'll talk about an idea that has produced millionaires across the country. The only catch is, it's not sexy at all.  
On today's show we'll talk about why we should often do the opposite of what we think we should do. Why? You'll find out.  
On this episode we'll talk about a few ways to earn a side income renting everything from baby items to your driveway.
On today's episode we'll dive into a reasons why you might want to leave a job and reasons why you might want to stay.
Today we have a question from a listener that would like a creative way to get paid to coach privately.  
How to Avoid Burnout

How to Avoid Burnout


So many people are burning out. One of the primary reasons is, they are finding themselves on the assembly line of life. Let's talk about how to get off. 
Getting fired is terrible, right? On this episode we'll dive into the world of getting fired and find out.
On today's show we'll be answering a question from a listener that impacts every single one of us.   
America's prison system has one of the highest return rates of any other country. Why? Sometimes it's because committing crimes is easier than trying to find someone who will hire a felon. On today's show we'll offer a simple alternative. 
On today's show we'll cover a few of the work from home jobs that are available from several different companies. In fact, there are over 350! For the full list check out the article below.    
Franchises seem like turn key business ideas. But are there franchises that we should avoid? You'll find out today.
On this episode we'll hear from Nick Loper the chief side hustler at He'll be giving us insights on everything side hustle related.
On today's show we'll talk about a few techniques you and I can use to flip bicycles as a side hustle.
Some people think governments rule the world. I disagree. On this episode we'll talk about why branding rules the world, and why your product being good is not enough for it to be successful.  
Opportunity knocks. Will you open? Probably only if you know who is behind the door. On today's show, you'll find out how you can make money from that question.  
Successful or Lucky?

Successful or Lucky?


On today's show we'll talk about whether or not successful people are lucky, hardworking, or somewhere in between.
On today's show we'll talk about a simple way to get paid for other people's junk without the need for any degree, certifications, or experience. All you really need is a phone and a truck.
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Randy Lee

Glad you're back Jeremy. I look forward to hearing what you have for us Next. Since you "were gone", I kicked off Flipping Genius. It's a podcast on something you also know. I have also opened Flipping Genius groups in 5 major cities. My dream is growing. ...I am not telling you this to brag or get exposure. I am telling you because YOU ARE THE GUY who taught me the term SIDE HUSTLE. You are the CAT THAT KIT A FIRE under me. Seriously! Thank you. Do not stop. If I can HELP YOU, reach out. -Randy Lee

May 28th


By the way your show is great, keep it up , you inspire me alot. And Iearnt alot lot listening to your show.

May 14th


I always fall in the same trap , for me I always set a goal that needs a great amount of work and I have high expectations, I rush to start it , and after two or three weeks , I get tried and leave it because I fear that I never get what I expect and frequently ask myself that what if I fail ? I have tons of projects that left halfway, and after about 10 years I still couldn't figure out a way to remain motivated while doing a project.

May 14th

Anthony Salas

Sign Hustle is not a course. It's a very brief eBook that basically just let's you know what the business is, rather then really explaining what to do in any kind of real detail.

Jun 11th
Reply (1)

Patrick Garreyn

Best podcast on the net!! Enjoy your break and i will be waiting patiently for season 2. Thank you for season 1 greetings, Patrick Ieper BELGIUM

Jun 6th

Fletch Sanders

I'm so happy to hear someone talk about things in a real way instead of always sugar coating it or making it seem like creative work options are easy. It's not easy. Nothing worth doing is. Thanks for not BSing us!

Apr 15th

Tim Raley

i like his voice and style. ive just entered the world of podcasts and this is one of my favorites so far! keep it up Jeremy!

Feb 23rd
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