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The BCR Rural Preparedness Show
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The BCR Rural Preparedness Show

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Denise Ziemba is a current Emergency Manager for multiple counties in the rural midwest.
Her show, BCR Rural Preparedness will focus on specific issues in the farming, ranching, mountain and plains communities of the US. Denise most recently worked the devastating spring 2019 floods in the Midwest.
The show airs on Saturdays.
4 Episodes
Doug is a retired artillery officer with the ROTC. Emergency Management and Veterans Service Officer seemed to be his best “fit” for a career. The Sturgis Bike Rally in Meade County increases the population from 7000 to over 400,000 for a couple of weeks every year. Doug explains how all personnel prepares for this large-scale event yearly.LinksFacebook - Blue Cell
Whole Community

Whole Community


Weld County, CO has started a project to build resiliency in all their communities. Their concept is that preparedness starts in your own backyard and will also end in your own backyard, and they want to bridge the gap between city officials and the rest of the community by opening the communication lines within each community. LinksFacebook - Blue Cell
Doug Fox

Doug Fox


North Central Nebraska Emergency Manager covering 5 counties measuring over 600 miles. Has experienced 19 disaster declarations ranging from tornados, blizzards, wildland fires, and most recent flooding. During the March ’19 storm, he was experiencing a blizzard in his west counties and major flooding in his eastern counties simultaneously.LinksDoug Fox, LinkedIn Blue Cell
Planning Insurance Policies for Rural Preparedness. Different Blanket policies and what to look for with deductibles.Links LinkedIn: / SponsorThe Blue Cell
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